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Warming your hearth and home

Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras James D’Angelo

Louisa Mills


nce again, I write to you from the branches of my thinking tree. Autumn is setting in and this big old oak is tired now. His leaves graciously shake themselves free and scatter playfully in the breeze. I watch the flurry of amber and fiery reds and remember how I felt as a child as the trees grew more bare. How I would wish that they would stay lush and vibrant and that their leaves would not desert them so. With innocent compassion I would usher comforting words ‘it’s okay tree’. Now, as I lean back into the embrace of the wide, welcoming trunk, I feel that actually all is very well. If anything there is a sense of relief. Through the spring and summer months, this tree gladly shared his energy to help maintain the health of those leaves; he held them lovingly, his vitality flowing into every one, so that they might grow lustrous and green. He has played his part; he is content and ready for the long sleep of winter. Finding their way A brisk breeze carries the rusted leaves further along the mountain path to where the wild horses lazily huddle together. They rush and rustle along and I imagine that they are excitedly pursuing a new journey. Who knows what is in store for them, what joy they will be a part of, in autumnal child’s play, how far and high the winter winds will take them before they eventually become a part of the earth and maybe even go on to form a fairy circle of mushrooms ... who knows maybe they will return to the elemental form of the fairies that they were all along! I smile. Everything is just as it is meant to be. Everything is perfect. Homeward bound The wind has picked up. It is nippy. Home is calling. I will take my notebook home and come back to you from the warmth and comfort of my sofa. There is nothing like that feeling is there? The feeling of coming home. I love to come through the door, dosed up on fresh air, fingers cold and my cheeks pinched and rosy. Then to sink into my cushions, my nest. If there’s a hug and a smile waiting for me, well that is all the better. Where have I been?! I’ve been going along busily missing

Calling You Home such simple pleasures recently. It’s not just that I’m busy though. It’s more than that. I’ve been deeply distracted, just as I am guessing you have. Everyone’s feeling the shifts in energies. We all have different interpretations of them but I think I would be safe to say that we have been reacting the same way. Our souls are stirring; we feel there’s something we ought to be doing ... like saving the world! And so like rabbits keeping watch, we keep sticking our heads out of the burrow, frantically and clumsily ‘doing our part’. This is why it was such a relief for me to be reminded that everything is just as it is meant to be. Everything is perfect. The world doesn’t need saving any more than my thinking tree or the autumn leaves. Bring it back to the family So I’ve decided to stop poking my head out there and to take a better look around here, in my home, instead. I’m going to feel my roots again. The way I see it, to appreciate, to bless and to love what I have right here at home is playing my part. Charity starts at home after all. If we can’t fill our homes with love, how can we ever expect to fill the world with love? As I write this, the perfect music is playing in the background. I used to play The Cave Of Gold by Lynn Morrison [Cygnus code D100733] for my son Cian, when he was a baby. Listening to the CD now I am washed over by the warmest sensation of pure love. I remember the feel of my baby in my arms, the sweet baby smell, the closeness of sharing a special moment completely – heart to heart, consciousness to consciousness, so that there is nothing else but the focus of love, there is nothing else but love. This strikes me as a good cure for distractions – to simply refocus, recall and receive the love that my family bless me with and to reflect love back to them from my heart. What about the vision Sometimes the distraction can get people pretty hooked. But remember that visions and callings are always, always born of love and founded on the principle of serving the good of all. We have to be careful that we don’t forget where our vision or calling stemmed from, that we don’t forget what is at its core. How much are we willing to sacrifice in the name of love … and at what point does the name of love replace the truth of love? I think it’s a good idea to be

conscientious and honest with ourselves, in these relevant times, about whether we are sacrificing a happy home, a happy family … love … for our vision. Surely any vision that requires you to sacrifice love has become distorted wouldn’t you say? It is okay to let go What if the tree hadn’t given up his leaves? He’d have expended all his energy trying to keep those leaves green and for what? The leaves would miss their time and their opportunity for adventure! If we keep feeding our energy into a distorted version of our calling, we will expend our energy and our vision would miss it’s opportunity to manifest into exactly what it was always meant to be. If you’re having trouble letting go of something that isn’t serving you and your loved ones well, I recommend you read the book The Jacket Technique which teaches a simple, extremely effective technique for this (see page 7 for more information). Keeping warm My mother reminded me today that ‘all you need is love’ (she even sang it to me!). With this I am reminded that all I ‘ought to be doing’ is to let love flow. I mean real love – the kind you can cocoon yourself and your family in, the pure love that can fuel your hearth fire and keep your home warm and happy. I bet if everyone was to dedicate themselves to the vision of a happy, healthy home – it would spread enough peace and love through humanity to satisfy that soul calling and ease us through these times. Gretchen Rubin shares W B Yeat’s sentiments on happiness in her book Happier At Home (see page 10). ‘Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing’. The seasons are perfectly aligned to promote growth so I say we go with it – lets lighten our load, shake free the pressure of the world and trust that our leaves of true love will set out and be shared on the universal winds, falling exactly where they are meant to and manifesting into exactly what were born to do. Wishing you an autumn full of love, life and laughter … don’t forget to keep warm! With love and smiles, Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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Neale Donald Walsch


omething very unusual is occurring on this planet right now. You have no doubt noticed it. It may be producing a more than normal amount of challenge and disjointedness in your life, and perhaps even some major upheavals. You are probably noticing it in the lives of others as well. For a while you may have thought that this was all just your mind playing tricks on you; that things were not really happening any differently, and that you’re just a little tired, a little overcommitted, a little oversensitive. But now, as each day presents itself with obstacles mounting and challenges increasing and more and more personal issues coming up to be faced and healed, it is apparent that all of this is not an illusion, not an exaggeration. So you may be asking: ‘Why is all this happening? What am I doing wrong?’ And here’s the answer . . . You’re doing nothing wrong. AND . . . there is something very unusual going on right now in your life, and all over this planet. Call it an energy shift, call it a cosmic cycle, call it the overhaul of humanity, or whatever you will, but what’s occurring on Earth right now is, you can be sure, very real. It’s touching lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Some lives more than others, but none are immune. The danger is not in what is happening, but in how you may construe what is happening. The danger is that you will view what’s going on as ‘bad’, and then react from utter frustration or fear, or even anger (which is Fear Announced), doing exactly the opposite of what would serve you. The biggest danger is that because of the inaccuracy of your perception, you will miss a once-in-a-lifetime (literally a once-in-alifetime) opportunity. The good news is that your Soul is working hard to make sure you don’t do that. It is working at this right now, in this moment. Do you really think it is happenstance that you are reading this . . . ? Your Soul already knows what really matters When your Mind pays attention to your Soul, and your Mind and Soul thus carry the same data, hold the same idea, and possess the same perspective, you might be said to be fully conscious. Your Consciousness is expanding as the Awareness of your Soul comes to the Attention of your Mind. Now here’s where the danger of misinterpretation exists: Your increased Consciousness brings along with it an increased sensitivity to every aspect of life. This has no doubt

The Only Thing That Matters resulted in an expansion of the effect that all of Life has on you – and this could feel as if everything’s in your way, standing between you and peace, because the same kinds of life experiences that you encountered with little difficulty just a short while ago now feel like they’re going to put you on ‘overload’. You’ve probably been wondering what’s going on, and why you don’t seem to be ‘handling things’ as easily anymore. Well, it’s all very simple: You’re not becoming less able, you’re becoming more capable than ever. As spiritual teacher Mary O’Malley wonderfully and succinctly puts it: ‘What’s in the way is the way’. Your Soul knows the way Everything you’ve ever needed is where you are, within you, right now. What must happen if you wish to live a life that serves its actual purpose is that your Mind must bring this into its database, all that of which the Soul is already aware, so that you can produce the experience of it. The Soul holds Knowledge, while the Mind creates the Experience of what you call Reality. Completion Survival is a Basic Instinct. It is what makes flowers turn toward the sun. It is what makes birds fly to warmer climates. Survival is not, however, the Basic Instinct of human beings nor of any sentient creatures in the cosmos who have evolved into Self Consciousness. For such beings, the Basic Instinct is Divinity. If your Basic Instinct were survival, you would run away from the flames of the burning house. But you run into the flames, because you’ve heard a baby cry. In that Moment survival is not the issue. If your basic Instinct were survival, you would turn away from the man with the gun. But you stand between the man and the person he is assaulting. In that Moment your survival is not the issue. Something deep inside of you, something you cannot describe or name, calls to you in such Moments to demonstrate at the highest level Who You Really Are. People who have done this, when interviewed by the newspapers later, never put it that way, of course. They say they simply acted on instinct. But it surely could not have been survival instinct, for their actions defied survival. Yet they had no fear at the time, because Who They Really Are knows that survival is not the issue. It knows that their survival is guaranteed. There are no questions about whether they will survive, the only questions are: How? In what form? Why? And for what purpose? These become, in moments of self-realization, Life’s Only Inquiries.

And in moments of self-realization, the Mind and the Soul answer as One. Instantly. The only thing that matters This fundamental impulse of every human is Divinity or call it anything you wish. The highest expression of Life. The greatest expression of Self. The grandest expression of Being. It is, in the end, The Only Thing That Matters because it really is What One Desires – the One that is you, and the One that is One with you. Feel the hug And now God is waiting to give you the biggest hug. For blessing the lives of so many others, so many times, so many ways, allowing Divinity Itself to be made manifest, just as God had planned – on Earth as it is in Heaven. God will give you that hug right now if you will let God do it. In this, as in all things, God must work through you. So gently place your hand over your heart even as you read this. Then feel the hug. There now. You are complete. You’re home. Without having to go anywhere. For it is true... Home is where the heart is. From The Only Thing That Matters© 2012 by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hay House.



‘98% of the world’s people are spending 98% of their time on things that don’t matter.’ This is the opening line of Neale Donald Walsch’s latest book. According to him, this is the reason people all over the planet are feeling a more than normal amount of challenge and disjointedness in their lives. Also, something very unusual is occurring on this planet right now, causing major upheavals and mounting obstacles in everybody’s lives. Why is all this happening and why does it hurt so much? Are we doing something wrong? With compassion and humanity, Walsch answers these questions and reveals to us The Only Thing That Matters. By finding your own personal answer to life’s most important question, you’ll be able to free yourself from a myriad worries, concerns and burdens, and at last feel truly free, truly content, and truly yourself.

240pp, 151mm x 228mm, softback, 2012, RRP 10.99

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These beautiful Ascension Cards are designed to assist you on a personal ascension path and to accelerate your journey to the light. With an accompanying reference booklet, these cards offer support in multiple ways – as a daily source of guidance and inspiration, a point of study for a group discussion, to highlight which areas of an ascension path require attention, or as a 52-step study course. Each of the 52 cards is based on a specific ascension energy, Ascended Master and one of the 12 chakras with guidance on its use, and an affirmation to help you receive the wisdom. Working with the gold and silver violet flame, fire through Commander Ashtar, and Mother Mary’s aquamarine mantle you raise the energy in yourself and others, call in unconditional love and bring hope, peace, and love to the world.

80pp booklet, 130mm x 187mm, 52 cards, boxed set, 2012, RRP £14.99 Code: 221003, Cygnus Price: £9.99

BIRTH 2012 & BEYOND Barbara Marx Hubbard

If ever there was a book that has the potential to be epoch-making, it is this one. Barbara Marx Hubbard shares her conviction that, if we join together, we can ‘gentle the birth’ of a Universal Humanity and guide our Earth community into its next evolutionary stage. Explaining how the planet’s myriad crises are actually the birth pangs of a new Earth, Barbara makes a prophetic call for a planetary shift to a new level of consciousness and a new global culture. For decades she has heralded the coming planetary renaissance and transformation of human consciousness. Now, she explores in depth her vision of what that transformation will bring. She also introduces a global movement to co-create a massive transition around a symbolic ‘Planetary Birthday’ event on December 22, 2012. In addition to Barbara’s own powerful and inspiring writings, this volume features 12 evolutionary pioneers’ commentary on the key themes of collective birth and conscious evolution, aiming to foster the emergence of a sustainable planetary civilization. Featured contributors include Ervin Laszlo, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Jean Houston, and Neale Donald Walsch.

240pp, 127 x 201 mm, softback, 2012, RRP £13.50 Code: 220804, Cygnus Price: £9.99

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Powerful yet concise, this revolutionary guide summarizes the Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness and offers methods for immediately creating positive effects in everyday life. Exploring the concept that everyone is deeply connected – despite feelings of singularity and separation – four tenets are disclosed for creating peace with oneself and others: I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, and Thank you. Offering practical exercises, this simple four-step system encourages readers to focus on difficult conflicts within personal relationships and heal the past. Final chapters delve into love relationships, health and career, and healing the planet. Owning one’s feelings and accepting unconditional love will transform unhealthy situations into profoundly favorable experiences.

96pp, 114mm x 164mm, softback, 2012, RRP £5.99 Code: 221001, Cygnus Price: £4.75

Heal yourself with sound JEWELS OF SILENCE CD Ashana & Thomas Barquee

Jewels of Silence is meditation music unlike any you have ever heard. This extraordinary CD quiets the mind and gently carries you into a state of deep rest and relaxation by shifting brainwave patterns into alpha, theta or delta states. Ashana’s angelic vocal improvisations, crystal bowl playing and the vocal and keyboard artistry of Thomas Barquee, are accompanied by bansoori flute, esraj and santoor. Jewels of Silence is an incomparably beautiful recording of great depth and exquisite sensitivity making it a perfect accompaniment for reiki, meditation, yoga, prayer and dreamwork. Experience the healing sounds of this divine music to relieve insomnia, anxiety, fear, stress, worry and depression and to enhance creativity and inspiration. Discover a musical journey to the very centre of stillness within your being.

CD, total playing time 66 mins, 2009, RRP £15.99 Code: D221006, Cygnus Price: £12.99


Using the Sacred Alphabet James D’Angelo explores the intimate connections between vowel, consonant, and syllable combinations, each of the 7 chakras, and their corresponding psychological traits. He explains, for example, how the vowel sound uh connects to the root chakra and is found in such words as support and trust, words deeply linked to the emotional character of this chakra. Revealing the voice as the master instrument for transformation, attested by the spiritual traditions of chanting, this book provides an extensive selection of vocal exercises to re-tune and purify each chakra and dissipate any related negative states as well as exercises that incorporate multiple chakras. The accompanying CD guides you through each exercise and the proper toning of each chakra’s sounds helping you to discover how your own voice can be the conduit to blissful union with soul.

128pp, 150mm x 224mm, softback, 2012, RRP £12.99 Code: 221007, Cygnus Price: £9.99

FREE YOUR VOICE Silvia Nakkach & Valerie Carpenter

Free Your Voice offers readers the liberating insights and personal instruction of sound healing legend Silvia Nakkach. With coauthor Valerie Carpenter, Silvia uses her four decades of experience to teach you how to reclaim the healing potential of your voice as a creative force. There are over 100 enjoyable exercises that are steeped in spiritual tradition and classical vocal technique, all backed by the latest science. Free Your Voice invites us to explore breathwork, chant, and other yogic practices for emotional release, opening to insight, and much more. Instruction includes guided practices available as downloadable audio. Science is beginning to prove what ancient cultures fully embraced: your voice can become one of the most powerful agents of transformation in every facet of your life.

280pp, 152mm x 229mm, softback, 2012, RRP £14.99 Code: 221008, Cygnus Price: £10.99

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Serdar Ozkan


n spite of bending her head, Diana still hit it on the lintel of the door. But at least there really was a garden on the other side. A thin mist, pearly pink in the early morning light, covered everything, giving the garden an air of mystery, yet the mist was still unable to conceal the garden’s rainbow colours. A narrow path of hexagonal tiles wound its way among the roses. The light breeze made the roses sway in harmony with the nightingales flying above. Only the sound of the birds and the gentle murmur of the water in the marble pool broke the silence. Diana stood for a moment with her eyes half shut, inhaling the perfume in the air. With each breath, she felt as if she was being drawn closer to some heavenly place. But she returned to reality as Zeynep Hanim took off her shoes and started to rub her bare feet in the earth. ‘Come, dear,’ Zeynep Hanim said, ‘you do the same’. Diana took off her shoes and did as she was told. ‘I know asking this won’t make any difference, but I still want to know why I now have a pair of dirty feet.’

Remembering earth ‘The roses are always wary lest the beauty of a gift should make them forget the giver.’ ‘Of course!’ Diana said, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ ‘Roses never, not even for a moment, forget that their existence and beauty are gifts from the earth. They are well aware that when their time comes, they’ll fade and fall to the earth as seeds, and that the earth will only accept the seeds of the roses which haven’t forgotten where they’ve come from. By touching the earth with our bare feet, we show the roses that we haven’t forgotten the earth, either. Roses appreciate this.’ Waking up to the moment When they returned to their stools, Zeynep Hanim said, ‘Now, Diana, I’d like you to go to that fountain over there, wash your head thoroughly and then come back here.’ ‘But I washed my hair just this morning.’ ‘I can see that, dear. Now please go and wash your head.’ Shrugging her shoulders, Diana walked across to the fountain. The water was icecold and she couldn’t avoid splashing her clothes. As she shivered in the cool morning air, she felt glad she hadn’t come there in

Wake Up and Smell the Roses winter. After wringing the water out of her hair and combing it through with her fingers, she returned to her stool like an obedient schoolgirl. ‘Now, Diana, I’d like you to go to that fountain over there, wash your head thoroughly and then come back here.’ For a minute Diana felt as though she were experiencing déjà vu. It wasn’t just the words that had been repeated, but the expression on Zeynep Hanim’s face was also the same as before. Diana sat glued to her seat for a minute without saying a word. Unable to resist the stern look in Zeynep Hanim’s eyes, she went back to the fountain and washed her head again. As she headed back to her stool, she feared the possibility that Zeynep Hanim might again ask her to do the same thing. ‘There you go,’ Zeynep Hanim said. ‘Now that’s done, we can begin. Oh, before I forget, if this lesson goes well, I have a surprise for you in the next one.’ ‘What kind of surprise?’ ‘Didn’t I say it was a surprise?’ ‘I see… By the way, am I allowed to ask questions in the garden?’ ‘Of course you are. Only I should tell you that you don’t need to understand the reason behind everything we do in the garden to achieve your goal. If you don’t forget what you experience here, sooner or later, all your questions will be answered. ‘During our time in the garden, you’re both the student and the teacher. You already have all the answers. As I said earlier, at one time you even had the ability to hear roses. I’m just here to remind you of the things you’ve forgotten, that’s all. Hearing roses is easy. Very easy. All you have to do is either recall what you’ve forgotten, or forget all you’ve been taught.’ ‘But I still want to know why my hair had to be wet!’

Planting the seed ‘Every question in the garden is like a seed, Diana. In time, it grows roots, stems and buds, and finally blossoms. I can assure you, you’ll never forget for the rest of your life that one cool morning you had to wash your already clean hair twice. Once something is lived it can never be like it was not lived. And the experience of having lived it will sooner or later give you the answer you’ve been looking for. But this time, let me answer your question for you: I wanted you to wash your head because that head belonged to Diana.’ ‘But I am Diana!’ ‘Didn’t we agree to wipe out the résumé?’

‘Well, why did I have to wash it the second time then?’ ‘After the first time you were freed of Diana’s hairstyle. But the mind that gave your hair that shape was still there.’ ‘Oh, so by washing it the second time, I stopped thinking like Diana, is that it?’ she asked with a sceptical smile. ‘I don’t mean to judge, but all this sounds too formalistic.’ ‘You’re right; you can’t cleanse the mind with water from a fountain. But it’s a symbol. Silent at the moment, but if you don’t disregard it, one day it’ll speak to you. A print placed in your heart. It may not be apparent now, but when the right time comes, it’ll be manifest.’ ‘When is the right time?’ ‘Perhaps the day you finally realise that the things you know can no longer help you. Or perhaps when you realise that awareness is like a ladder and in order to climb higher, you shouldn’t retread the steps you’ve left behind.’ From The Missing Rose© 2012 by Serdar Ozkan, published by Rider.


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If you enjoyed The Alchemist or Jonathan Livingston Seagull, you’ll love this beautiful parable, which really does have the power to change your life. It tells the story of Diana Oliveira, a beautiful yet troubled young woman whose desire for approval has made her lose sight of who she really is. When her mother’s deathbed confession reveals the existence of a sister, Diana sets out to find the twin she never knew she had. Her travels lead to a mysterious garden, where she is given lessons that change her forever. The Missing Rose is a poetic yet insightful modern parable about love, acceptance and the importance of remaining true to yourself and your dreams.

192pp, 136mm x 214mm, softback, 2012, RRP £10.99

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THE FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION COOKBOOK Lorraine Nicolle & Christine Bailey

What would it mean to you if you didn’t have to keep grappling with health symptoms? We know that nutrition helps us achieve that by correcting underlying imbalances in the body, yet it can be a tiresome struggle to maintain the right dietary direction on a daily basis. This helpful cookbook, complete with a CD-ROM of printable recipes, shows us that it doesn’t have to be that way! It helps us create good dietary habits with ease. Covering a range of ailments including fatty acid, gastrointestinal and sex hormone imbalances, this book clearly explains the intricacies of each problem and offers useful tips on how to tackle them with diet. The recipes provided for each imbalance are easy to follow and are accompanied by detailed nutritional information. This invaluable resource will be exceptionally helpful to dietary and health professionals as well as lay-people, and will promote in you an enthusiasm to help yourself with food.

240pp, 173mm x 246mm, softback, 2012, RRP £24.99 Code: 221010, Cygnus Price: £16.99


A string of scientific studies suggest Omega 3 fats found in fish oil may be beneficial for heart, joint, skin, brain, and eye health, osteoporosis, depression, age related cognitive support, and much more. But many people are becoming aware of the ecologically damaging and unsustainable effects of fish-oil production, to say nothing of not wanting to consume fish for reasons of taste or dietary choice. Now you can enjoy the benefits vegan Omega-3 supplementation while safeguarding your ethics and the environment at the same time. We’ve managed to source source a pure vegan, vegetarian omega-3 crafted from ecologically sourced algae which contains 100mg EPA and 400mg DHA. Evidence for supplementing with omega-3 fats is now so established that even conventional doctors are convinced of its merits. You should notice how it affects your positive well-being after just one month.

60 capsules, RRP £18.65 Code: 220921, Cygnus Price: £16.99

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Tranquil Sitting is the Taoist Master Yin Shih Tzu’s inspirational testament and practical save guide to the healing power and spiritual ben38% efits of Taoist meditation. The book explores the theory and physiological aspects of meditation and offers practical instruction in traditional meditation techniques. It also documents Yin Shih Tzu’s personal experiences with meditation, his own self-healing which he attributes to his Taoist practice, and his initiation into the Tibetan tantric practice of opening the crown of the head. Deep healing can result if you practise these techniques longterm. Faithfully translated from the Chinese, this is an influential text that belongs on the bookshelves of everyone with an interest in Taoist practice and meditation.

112pp, 138mm x 216mm, softback, 2012, RRP £12.99 Code: 221011, Cygnus Price: £7.99


ESSENTIAL OILS Jennifer Peace Rhind

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In the modern English-speaking world, aromatherapy is used for practices from the aesthetic to the holistic, and everything in between. Taking us on a comprehensive tour-de-force of the essential oils aromatherapy relies upon, from Chinese animal-derived aromatics to Inca incense to Egyptian resins, all the way down to modern practices, techniques, and theory, Rhind stops at nothing to present a solid, useable tome on the origins and latest, most cuttingedge knowledge, practice, and research in the field. Filled with scientific support for aromatherapy claims previously only assumed, Essential Oils educates on real studied effects of compounds used – for instance, that Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment, induces greater relaxation effects in massage subjects with lavender used jointly with sesame oil, rather than mere sesame oil alone. Approachable yet complete, Essential Oils is the must-have text for anyone interested or involved in aromatherapy.

320pp, 173mm x 246mm, softback, 2012, RRP £19.99 Code: 221012, Cygnus Price: £12.99

ENERGY EFT Silvia Hartmann

Energy EFT presents the next generation of Emotional Freedom Techniques, a modern energy based method to remove stress, painful emotions, and to change the experience of pain, illness and suffering for the better by working directly with the energy body, which has been entirely neglected up to now. Using EFT with energy in mind, you can now experience faster, more focused, more logical EFT self help treatments and go much further into the realms of empowerment, mental clarity and having all the energy you need to succeed in life. This must-read for anyone wanting to transform their life for the better with EFT includes a free DVD of two 45 minute Energy EFT presentations by Silvia Hartmann as well as a handy Energy EFT Bookmark featuring a quick-reference guide to the tapping points.

272pp,156mm x 234mm, softback incl free DVD, 2012, RRP £19.99 Code: 221013, Cygnus Price: £15.99

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PAUSE BUTTON THERAPY Martin & Marion Shirran With Fiona Graham

Ever felt dragged down by old patterns, negative habits and subconscious responses? Pause Button Therapy is a brilliantly simple yet an extremely powerful technique that empowers you to make vital life decisions after weighing the consequences. This idea may seem to be incredibly simple, but PBT provides you additional thinking time about the the consequences of your actions, and hence gives you more power to make positive changes in your life. This simple theory is hugely successful in the treatment of a host of issues ranging from eating disorders and depression to relationship problems and addictions. By addressing the vital moment of decision-making, this book has the potential to transform your life!

320pp, 135mm x 216mm, softback, 2012, RRP £12.99 Code: 221014, Cygnus Price: £7.99

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Hans de Waard


ere on Earth, we as people participate in the great Game of Life. We find ourselves in the most physical reality on the Game board. The rest of the Game board, in which the higher realities and players are to be found, is something we cannot yet see. Our baggage has helped us to get here. The game of life The baggage that we carry with us is directly or indirectly the result of unprocessed emotions that we have gradually built up as a result of traumatic events. This stored baggage has weighed down our bodies and blocked a great deal of our initial qualities and options. Fear has drawn us out of our senses and into our heads. Fear and insecurity feed the need for power and control, leading us to cling tightly to each other and to material things. The following parable, shared from ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach², teaches us something about this: The Master answered and said: ‘Once there was a village of creatures at the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river silently ran over them all – young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self. Each creature in its own manner tightly clung on to the twigs and rocks at the riverbed, for clinging on was their way of life, and resisting the current was what each had learnt from birth. But one creature finally said, ‘I am tired of clinging on. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. If I continue to cling on, I shall die of boredom.’ The other creatures laughed and said, ‘Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks, and you shall die before the boredom disappears!’ But the creature disregarded them, and taking a breath, he let go, and at once the current tumbled and smashed him across the rocks. Yet in time, as the creature continued to refuse to cling on, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was no longer bruised and hurt. And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried, ‘Look, a miracle! A creature like us, and yet he flies! Look, it’s the Messiah, come to save us all!’ And the one who was carried by the current said, ‘I am no more a Messiah than you. The river delights in lifting us free, if only we dare to let go. Our true task is this voyage, this adventure.’

The Jacket Technique Just let go This quote describes abandoning the battle and the resistance against everything good that life can and wants to offer us. We’re so used to holding ourselves and one another back and to fight for whatever gives us the best hold. How many people cling to a relationship or job that doesn’t nurture them, just because they’re afraid that nothing better will come in its place? This takes so much effort and exertion. We want to let go so badly, but we’re afraid of the consequences. We don’t realize that life can take good care of us as long as we allow it to do so, and trust it. It is like with a parachute; you have to trust it to open properly and unfold beautifully when you jump from an airplane. When we’ve had enough of struggling, suffering and swimming against the natural flow of Life, one day we’ll give up resisting of our own accord. Believe me, just let go, Life will catch you! Go with your flow In the flow of Total Life, every person has his or her own unique life flow. This leads you towards your destiny, has your ideal life tempo and gives you everything your heart desires. Effortlessly, you link up with the people and experiences that correspond to your specifications, wishes, qualities and characteristics, without having to consciously create them. As soon as you let go and, by surrendering, let yourself be carried along by your flow of life, life takes care of you and lets you see who you really are. Problems and conflicts are nothing more than rocks in the river and you simply pass them by, without a fight, without save exertion, effortlessly! Surrendering is 33% not a passive attitude to life. It is an active attitude, full of trust with which you live and act according to what your positive feelings tell you. On with the game The aim of the Game is to increase our awareness and be able to release our baggage. This enables us to gain more trust and we can let go at our own pace of that to which we have clung out of fear and insecurity. Our environment is a reflection of ourselves. If don’t like what we see, then we must let go of whatever it is within us which has attracted this, in order to then once again be part of the flow of Life. In this way we consciously experience the journey and, step by step, find our way back to where we come from: our Source. Our excess baggage determines how we play the Game and how we see and experience ourselves, our environment and our

reality. Our excess baggage influences the way in which we act and the degree to which we cling to our reality and our way of life. Our excess baggage gives colour to our thoughts and individual characters and also to the way in which we deal with the challenges and setbacks in life. Our excess baggage has helped us to stimulate one another to grow in this reality. What are you wearing? We can choose to simply let go of the excess baggage that is accompanying us. Or we can carry on struggling and continue along the route taken. The choice is ours. The Jacket Technique will help you let go of your excess baggage when you want to. You’ll become lighter, you’ll gradually gain more confidence and you’ll learn to follow your feelings. It’s time to take a close look at our old jackets and, when you want, to take them off and throw them away. Then you can stand up and let yourself be seen again. Point your finger to the referee and say ‘I want to play.’ This will make you visible again, just watch it happen! From The Jacket Technique © 2012 by Hans de Waard, published by Ayni Books.

Book Circle Choice THE JACKET TECHNIQUE Hans De Waard

The Jacket Technique is a professional form of holistic healing that allows us to remove and transform unwanted blocks, such as patterns, fears and insecurities out of our physical and energetic bodies in one session. In this method, our blocks are defined as jackets – for example, a fear jacket or cord jacket. Wearing too many jackets stops you seeing who you really are, what fits you and what nourishes you in life. This book provides a wealth of knowledge and information about the jackets you wear and offers you original and helpful exercises allowing you to simply take them off! If you suffer from traumas, low energy, or feelings of being stuck in work or elationships and if you want to let go of your blocks quickly and effectively this book can help you experience a life that truly fits.

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Alexander Schwab


o woodland walk will ever be the same again once you become aware of the amazing universe of the forest floor, which in terms of colour and life is a match for any coral reef. And the forest floor is right at your feet, so to speak, or at least not far from your door. When in autumn you walk through a beech wood and marvel at the intensity and variety of the colours, think for a moment about those leaves. There are about 3 to 4 metric tons of leaves to one hectare of beech wood. After their job is done on the branches, they fall to the ground. If they did not decompose we would soon be swimming through a sea of leaves. Likewise, unrotted fallen branches would in time pile up as insurmountable obstacles. A leaf falls to the ground, inspiring on its way a poet who happens to be passing by; but on a more practical level, bacteria are the first organisms to get busy. Shortly afterwards, it is fungi, algae and protozoans which play their part in the work of decomposition. Soon, millions of organisms and little animals are at work on that single leaf. In due course the leaf is fully decomposed, its constituent parts recycled back into the forest soil, keeping it fertile by providing the essential substances for all the plants in the wood.


Alex Schwab thought it was about time that the nation got to know how to identify all its most delicious and important mushrooms, without any doubt creeping in. From the pretty purple amethyst deceiver to the prolific and delicious charcoal burner: Alex puts the spotlight on safe identification. Only when you’ve ticked all the boxes on Alex s Positive ID Checklist, which ends each mushroom entry, should you cook your harvest with confidence! Including a section on handling, storage and cooking tips (with a delicious recipe), this is a super easy guide that even complete beginners can follow without fear. Not an exhaustive reference book, but one that puts all the focus on a method of safe and positive identification of our best edible mushrooms. There is not one poisonous mushroom in this book so you are free to enjoy your foraging!

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The Forest Feast The vital role of mushrooms

Fungi are key players in maintaining tree growth and health. The reason the birch bolete is always found near birch trees, and the larch bolete always near larch trees, is that these pairs live in a symbiotic relationship. They need each other. Even the most half-hearted mushroomhunter will soon become aware of the all-encompassing interrelations in the wood. Mushrooming makes you see and appreciate the woodland differently.

What does ‘edible’ mean?

There are few pleasures as exclusive and satisfying as a feast of delicious wild mushrooms. Conventional mushroom identification books promise to enable you to identify hundreds, if not thousands, of edible mushrooms. However, ‘edible’ simply implies ‘not poisonous’ and is no indicator of culinary value. Cardboard is ‘edible’ too! We only want to focus on the very best and most common mushrooms because that makes it easier to identify them safely. It is easier than you may think to feast on what the forest has to offer, untroubled by fear and doubt, which I hope might provoke a deeper interest in the world of mushrooms. Enjoy! From Mushrooming with Confidence © 2011 by Alexander Schwab, published by Merlin Unwin Books.

Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast Anjum Anand

Autumnal Squash, Butterbean and Mushroom Cobbler

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a pie; they are comforting and homey and also special enough for when you have friends around. This pie doesn’t need any more than a salad on the side. I love the rustic cobbler topping, it is really quick and simple, but you can also cover the pie with puff pastry if you prefer. You can serve this in a large dish, or individual dishes. I roast the squash here rather than cooking it in the curry, only because it is easier than cutting roaw squash into pieces! Serves 5 – 6

For The Pie Filling

400g squash (I like butternut, hubbard or acorn) 4 tbsp vegetable oil 1 onion, chopped 20g root ginger, peeled weight, grated 3 large garlic cloves, peeled and grated 3 tomatoes, quartered 3/4 tsp tumeric 1/2 tsp garam masala salt, to taste good pinch of freshly ground black pepper 9-10 large mushrooms, thickly sliced 1 cup of cooked butterbeans 100g baby spinach 6 tbsp double cream 50m whole milk 1/2 – 1 tbsp tomato purée (optional)

For The Cobbler Topping save 50%

We should all be eating more vegetables, and Anjum’s plethora of scintillating flavours and healthy recipes means even the most carnivorous among us will be happy to give meat a miss. As much of the subcontinent is vegetarian by religion, Indian food provides the ideal cuisine in which to discover some seriously tasty new approaches to vegetables, grains, cheeses and pulses. Anjum adapts the true flavours of India, with her trademark concern for healthy eating and a good diet, to make meals that are healthy, light, bright, modern and balanced, providing all the protein and other nutrients we all need for perfect health. This book teaches us all how to eat vegetarian recipes for life. Sandwiches, grills, salads, snacks and appetizers, and of course main dishes and curry recipes with their accompaniments, are all included. Breakfasts, brunches and barbecues supply unexpected treats, such as mile-high chickpea pancakes with Indian purple coleslaw and Delhi-style chargrilled sweetcorn with a spicy lime rub. Many of Anjum Anand’s recipes are family favourites or based on the vibrant street food culture of India, adapted to bring them bang up to date.

176pp, 210mm x 263mm, hardback, 2012 , RRP £19.99 Code: 221018, Cygnus Price: £9.99

175g self-raising flour, sifted, plus more to dust 1/3 tsp salt 70g unsalted butter, cut into smallish pieces 2 eggs, beaten 55-65ml whole milk a few sea salt flakes

Let’s Get Cooking

Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/gas mark 6. Halve the squash, remove any fibres and seeds, but leave the skin on. Place it in a roasting tin and cook until soft, around 30 minutes. Cut into 2.5cm squares, removing the skin if you want. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large saucepan until hot. Add the onion and cook until soft and colouring at the edges. Add the ginger and garlic and cook until the garlic just starts to colour. Add the tomatoes, spices and seasoning and cook down until the sauce has thickened and has released oil back into the pan. Make the cobbler topping. Place the flour and salt in a large bowl, add the butter and rub between your fingers until you have a sandy texture. Make a well in the middle, add half the egg and most of the milk and bring together with a fork to a very soft dough. Turn out onto a flourdusted work surface and lightly bring together. Pat out until it is about 1cm thick and, using a pastry cutter, cut out six rounds. (I use large cutters and make the rounds big enough to cover the filling with just a little showing at the sides.) Place the cobbler rounds on the pie filling, brush with the remaining beaten egg, sprinkle over some sea salt and bake on the middle shelf of the oven until the cobbler topping has turned a lovely deep golden brown, 20 – 25 minutes. Serve. From Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast © 2011 by Anjum Anand, published by Quadrille.

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IN TUNE WITH THE MOON 2013 Michel Gros

Updated to align with 2013 lunar cycles and featuring new illustrations and information, this detailed guide includes information on gardening and living in harmony with the waxing and waning moon, the constellations and the Chinese zodiac. The effects of the moon on plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables are clearly explained along with recommendations for ideal times to sow, transplant and harvest crops. You are shown how animal husbandry, beekeeping, beer brewing and wine making yield better results when done in concert with the lunar cycle. As well as horticultural advice are suggestions such as the optimum time for a haircut or even when to start a detox. An extensive colour-coded daily diary and calendar makes it easy to record reminders and gardening tasks. This biodynamic approach is a simple and green way to boost garden yields and live a better life.

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The Hidden Geometry of Life illuminates the secret underpinnings of existence. Encompassing nature, science, art, architecture, and spirituality, and illustrated with over 700 photographs and line drawings, the book shows how sacred geometry permeates every level of being, manifesting itself in simple shapes and numbers, music and sounds, light and color, even in the mysteries of creation itself. Karen French makes this fascinating subject very easy to understand and sensitively reveals to us that geometrical archetypes are more than the building blocks of reality: they are gateways to profound new levels of awareness.

Steve Nobel knows what it’s like to suffer at work. After working in the banking industry for a decade, Nobel set out on a path of discovery that changed his attitudes and perspectives about his work life. Now, he’s sharing his experience with others who find no sense of purpose in their careers. Pairing ancient Buddhist philosophies with practical ways to improve your mood and attitude while on the job, The Enlightenment of Work is a must-read for anyone who is stressed, overburdened and unfulfilled in their career. Drawing from his own experiences and battle with depression, Nobel’s advice will leave you inspired and informed as you set out to find peace, purpose, passion and bliss at your job. Much needed and very timely, this book will help us all as we seek to align ourselves with our soul’s desire – the main task we have on our agenda for 2012!

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Though widely regarded as the most significant archeological discovery of the 20th century, the Dead Sea Scrolls are still an enigma. A small group of scholars have control over access to the originals and have kept much of their contents a closely guarded secret. Why? Robert Feather uncovers a shocking conspiracy and answers many important questions: Why were the Scrolls found in desert caves in clay jars? Why was the Qumran community isolated from the rest of society? Where did the Scrolls come from, particularly the Copper Scroll with its strange ancient ‘Egyptian’ markings? What is the meaning of all the references to Egypt? Although this book deals with the era of Jesus and, before that, the ancient pharaohs, it comes right up-to-date with coverage of current tensions in the field of biblical and archaeological studies and disclosures that could shake the foundations of belief in all three monotheistic religions.

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This bestselling, illustrated diary series is designed as a holistic resource for enriching daily life that will guide you on a journey of inner growth and fulfillment. Each month offers positive intentions and suggested practices, save projects and goals to encourage 40% personal and spiritual development. The double-page spread for each week features a colourful illustration on which to reflect and an exercise to further your well-being, as well as an inspiring quotation. The general theme for 2013 is Living from the Heart. Every day is an open invitation to savour life. The diary is packed with life-enhancing action calls each month. Within these pages, you’ll receive ample support for living a life that embraces all of you, from your inner wild woman (or man) to your spiritual self – and the full spectrum in between. Available spiral bound or pocket sized.

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In the tough times all of us are going through right now, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to find a peacefulness that no bank or politician or credit card company can take away from you? Stafford Whiteaker, who has spent his whole life exploring the peace that is to be found in simplicity, takes you through all the riches of life that you may have taken for granted, inspiring you to take control of your own thoughts and feelings by choosing to choosing to focus on these blessings regardless of what goes on politically, financially or even socially. There is a chapter helpfully pointing out how to incorporate into your life, simple fundamental things that make you happy and healthy ... so, you don’t have to keep putting them off! Deciding your own mindset allows you to live your life the way you have always deserved.

296pp, 145mm x 218mm, softback, 2012, RRP £14.99 Code: 221015, Cygnus Price: £9.99

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William Bloom


o here are two questions to intrigue you. The answer to both is the same. What do a rabbit and the Queen of England have in common? What do all living creatures need in order to grow and fulfil their development? The answer that I am looking for here is: a home. We all need homes. We feel sadness, compassion and a sense of injustice for those who are homeless. A home is a natural and God-given right for all sentient beings. Rabbit or monarch. Swallow or human. We need homes, I suggest, because we are rhythmic beings, pulsing between expansion and integration. We experience this tempo second by second in our bodies in the rise and fall of our breath. We do activity and we do rest. We go out and then we come home. We need safe and nurturing spaces in which we can rest and do the more vulnerable and personal activities, such as rearing our young and recovering from challenge. We need space for reflection, refuge, relaxation, contemplation, warmth and sleep. We experience this tempo too in the cycle of birth and then death — decades of human activity followed by a blissful rest in heaven. It is not only humans and other creatures that have this rhythm. We live in a cosmos that is pulsing to this tempo of in-breath and out-breath. The universe is expanding and will contract. There are stars and constellations that have emerged and expanded, and are now sinking back into black holes. The tempo of these heavenly beings is numbered in millions of years. How long will our Sun shine and radiate before sinking back into a nurturing slumber?

Heart of your home This cycle of activity and repose is especially relevant as we enter Autumn and the cycle of the seasons reaches a consummation in harvest time and is followed by a period of rest. I have many friends who feel deeply influenced by this in their own lives, using Autumn and Winter as a period of reflection and seeding new growth. It is also at this time of year that we look back to the hearth in our homes and, if we are lucky enough to have open fires, start to prepare them. In my own home,


The Heavenly Hearth when we moved in almost twenty years ago, I wanted to knock down the whole wall between the kitchen and lounge and create a larger open space, but there was a sealed fireplace in the wall and the cost of removing the chimney and placing in new props and beams was prohibitive. I spoke to two architects and they both said the same. ‘Be grateful that you have a home with a fireplace. See the hearth as the heart of your home.’ So I did some feasible knocking down, opened up the old fireplace, retiled it and put in a wood-burning stove. I remember very well the day that we first lit a fire in it. The atmosphere of the whole house changed. A warm and cosy and safe ambience glowed through the space. We were touched by this obvious shift and felt very grateful. It seemed as if the heart of the home had earthed. Heart plus Earth equals Hearth.

The cosmic womb There is a very important and reassuring insight that emerges from appreciating that in-breath and out-breath are cosmic rhythms. The insight here is that this wonderful quality of atmosphere, which we call the hearth or home is not something just restricted to humans or other crea- save tures on Earth. Home — a place 35% and space to rest, reflect, nurture and grow quietly — is also a cosmic dimension or archetype. A planet or star or galaxy — even a universe — has its rhythm and in-breath and home. The home, the hearth, is a multidimensional and very big … what word can we use to best name it? Idea. Archetype. Angel. Archangel. Dimension. Spirit. God or Goddess. Energy field. Matrix. Platonic perfect form. Whatever word we use to describe it, we know what it means and what it feels like. We find it in a wee bird’s nest, a rabbit warren, a bed-sitting room and a palace. And we find it in the cosmos too. It is universal. The heavenly home. The cosmic womb. When I opened up the fireplace in our home and we lit the fire, we were engaged in an ancient household ceremony. We were doing physical actions — placing fuel, lighting flames. We were also acting symbolically, linking with the great cosmic archetype and dimension of the hearth and

the home. This happens too when you might pause and light a candle on your home altar, which could be temporarily on a kitchen table or mantelpiece. In that mindful and sacred action you connect with and call in the angel or spirit of your home. So it is, of course, that all across the world and in most spiritual traditions, households have home altars and daily make an offering or light a flame to the spirit of the home, the angel of the household. Understanding the cosmic context, you can see that your local household spirit is, in fact, connected to the cosmic energy field of the great heavenly spirit of the cosmic home. So — here is the crucial point — when you light your candle and connect with your local angel of your home, you are also connecting with an enormous cosmic spirit of help and support. Nest, bedsitter or palace, you are part of the great heavenly home. Enjoy the Autumn. Enjoy your hearth. All my love. William BOOK FOR GIVING: MULTI-BUY OFFER

HAPPIER AT HOME Gretchen Rubin

Would you like to embark on a personal project to make your home a happier place? Wouldn’t it be best to do so while appreciating how much happiness is already there? That’s what Gretchen Rubin did and in this book she shows you, step by step, how she did it. Taking a good, honest look at issues such as possessions, marriage, time and parenthood, she dedicates nine months to making her home a place of greater simplicity, comfort and love. Each month, a different theme is tackled as she experiments with concrete, manageable resolutions – coaxing her family to try some resolutions, as well. With her signature blend of memoir, science, philosophy and humour, Rubin’s passion for her subject jumps off the page, and reading just a few chapters of this book will inspire you to find more happiness in your own life.

288pp, 134mm x 214mm, softback, 2012, RRP £13.99

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Claire Nahmad


century-old mystery surrounds the little Pyrenean mountain village of Rennes-Le-Chateau. Many will have heard something of it, for in spite of the effort of a range of debunkers, it persists. The village church, dedicated to Mary Magdalene, lies at the heart of the enigma. Fairy presence has been reported there, sightings of angels, of strange lights in the sky – and an intimation of something darker. Yet those who have visited it all agree that it is a magical place. The village priest at the turn of the nineteenth century was Bérenger Saunière, and the renown and intrigue of Rennes-Le-Chateau centres on him. He became unaccountably wealthy and celebrated because, it was rumoured, he had unearthed an incomparable treasure, although exactly what he had found remained a secret. The whispers of conjecture spoke of a spiritual mystery, an esoteric treasure that could change the world. Yet the remote mountain village was well known to history many centuries before Saunière arrived there. It was once an important hilltop retreat of King Dagobert II, officially considered to be the last of the significant Merovingian dynasty which was said to be spiritually enlightened. Officials from the Vatican conspired with Pepin the Fat, of a mayoral line of authority which held sway in the king’s absence when he was kidnapped and abducted to Ireland in his childhood, to have Dagobert killed so that he could again supplant him. Dagobert died in a forest, impaled by Pepin’s henchmen to a tree. It was spoken of as a sacred death, a travesty reflecting that of Christ, for Dagobert was lanced through the eye in a successful attempt by the worldly and materialistic mayor to put out the spiritual vision of the nations. If Dagobert had lived, legend says, France, Britain, Europe, indeed all the world, would have been very different – free, infused with the dynamics of the spirit, ablaze with truth. For Dagobert, not in his own time but via his bloodline and when the world was ready – perhaps about the turn of the first millennium – would have delivered to the world the secret of the Grail. The journey of the Grail According to my guidance, Dagobert was among the chief guardians of the Grail, having brought it secretly from Ireland. On his death it was buried at Rennes-Le-Chateau in the crypt of the existing church which, in Dagobert’s time, was his private chapel. It was buried with his heart, for his sacred trust as guardian continued even after his death. During the time of the Crusades, the Grail was transported in haste, in secrecy, and in the nick of time, to faraway Lincoln because its whereabouts had been discovered by those of ill-will. A hiding-place had been prepared for it in the grounds of Lincoln cathedral, which stood on the site of a

Blue Apples little wattle and daub church that had been erected in A.D.60 and dedicated to Mary Magdalene. My guidance has always cited Mary as the feminine Christ and the keeper of the secrets of the Grail, for the Grail is a wholly feminine energy. The danger to the Grail was so acute that no trace of where it had gone could be left behind. Yet of course there was always a small, secret contingency who knew. And when the time was right, Saunière found within his little parish church a cache of documents, which seemed to be a conundrum whose solution would lead to the site of buried treasure. Saunière probably never knew where or to what the clues pointed. However, he received detailed directions to create a perfect mirror reflection of the site at Lincoln in his decoration of the interior of the church and his building of the famous Magdalene library nearby, which was housed in a tower dedicated to her and which is a replica of the castle tower in Lincoln that stands near the cathedral. Its name is the Lucy Tower – ‘the tower of light’, an identity it shares with the Magdalene. It was here in Lincoln that members of the Knights Templar were imprisoned at the time of their extermination, and here that they scrawled mysterious graffiti on its rounded interior walls. Saunière was paid for his work, and became rich, and made the save church a centre of lasting 33% controversy and speculation, just as he was meant to. Clues in the light It was not until Callum Jensen arrived at the village in the 1970’s that the clues were at last understood. He perceived with true ingenuity that he was looking into a mirror at the creation of an imaginal chessboard. Perhaps the most evocative among the clues is the very last one to be cited on the cryptic documents, which reads ‘At midday blue apples’. Callum realised what it meant in a thrilling discovery when he found that, at midday on 22nd July, Mary Magdalene’s feast day, the sun’s rays struck down through a blue segment of a window in the cathedral and created what he describes as a ‘dazzling and dappling effect’ which gives the impression of blue apples twinkling across the floor! Moreover, this window is directly next to the elevated exterior statues of King Edward and Queen Eleanor, which gave Callum his ‘key’ chess pieces in his discovery of the location of the Grail. The King and Queen Who are the king and queen, in truth? To me, simply, they are Jesus and Mary Magdalene. When I first saw the dancing blue ‘apples’ or dapples, I saw them as a symbol of grapes of the ‘true vine’ referred to in the Song of Solomon. They dance in the

formation of the Sacred Ring – such a stroke of genius on the part of the clue makers, as the dancing ring shows which way to move round the ‘chess board’ outside the window and get to the Grail. They form a truly exquisite pattern on the cathedral floor. Yet there are not only blue apples in evidence, but rose-coloured apples too. Together, as they dance and weave and intermingle, they create the purple of exalted royalty. They depict Mary and Jesus dancing, Mary being the rosy apples ( from the sacred tree, for roses and apples belong to the same genetic family) that glance across the floor in the form of reflected lights from the window, and Jesus the blue apples. Together they create the true vine – the sparkling wine of the spirit that they are pouring even now into new wineskins, and which will have its culmination in the secrets ready to be imparted to us via the Grail. Its secrets are those never given to the earth before in their totality – secrets that quietly wait beneath the shadow of the oldest cathedral in Britain. And when we at last move to claim them – as we will – the truth shall set us free. © 2012 by Claire Nahmad.


THE COMING OF THE HOLY GRAIL Claire Nahmad & Michael Revill

What is the Holy Grail? Who created it? Who stole it? Who rescued it? Who hid it away for safekeeping? How will humanity recover it? And what will the consequences be? If these questions are close to your heart, you need to read The Coming of the Holy Grail, which shows how the whole of history has been secretly influenced by numerous attempts to keep humanity in the dark about the truth surrounding this most precious of all divine gifts. Why? To obstruct, delay and if at all possible to utterly divert humanity in its God-given quest to establish a full and perfect connection with the divine on Earth. However, the time has irrevocably arrived for the clouds of illusion surrounding the Grail to be dispelled once and for all, bringing to an end the ethos of control, slavery and cruel self-seeking that holds sway today, and heralding a new world order that cherishes all life, enabling every human being to assume the full mantle of her or his soul.

360pp, 156 x 234 mm, softback, 2012, RRP £14.99 Code: 220803, Cygnus Prices: 1 copy £9.99 2+ copies £9.49 each

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In Planetary Healing, shamanic healer, Nicki Scully, and visionary, Mark Hallert, reveal how to make a difference in the world through active participation in healing ourselves, our families, our communities and the planet. This book serves as a guide to navigate the coming global transformation and help co-create a new Golden Age. Compelling shamanic responses are shared, to such epic disasters as Chernobyl and 09/11. With tales of personal healing, initiatory journeys and visualisation exercises (with an accompanying visualisation CD) that empower readers to engage in physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental healing across time and space. Powerful shamanic tools, such as the Heart Breath, Breaking Reality Barriers and Transforming Fear, inspires us to explore individual and shared consciousness. Achieving this deep transformation will result in a potent release of energy, creativity and healing for ourselves, our children and our world.

288pp, 152mm x 229mm, softback incl free CD, 2011, RRP £15.99 Code: 221021, Cygnus Price: £12.99


The Shamans Quest is a stirring tale about four shamans who come together, from different corners of the world, to witness the healing of the Earth. Nevill Drury vividly takes us through the profound journeys of the Inuit shaman Enoyuk, Aboriginal elder Kalu, Japanese shamaness Saimei and the Amazonian shaman Baiya. Exploring universal themes of spiritual renewal, in such compelling expression, The Shamans Quest shows us how we can find the Great Song of Life and learn to value the sacred qualities of Nature and the Universe. Are you ready to see through the eyes of healer, magician and visionary and to move between the everyday world and the shamanic realm of gods and spirits? The impact of a story as powerful as this could lead you to do the world of good.

111pp, 140mm x 216mm, softback, 2012, RRP £6.99 Code: 221023, Cygnus Price: £4.99

SPECIAL OFFER: buy ‘Planetary Healing’ & ‘The Shaman’S Quest’ For £16.98


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This oracle accesses the wisdom of trees, helping us tap into the insights they can provide. The card deck is structured into four suits: Roots, focusing on trees that can help us become grounded and aware in the present moment; Trunk, highlighting trees that can help us heal and grow; Leaf, looking at trees that can enhance our knowledge and awareness; and Fruit, Seed and Flower, exploring trees that can help us manifest our power in the world. Each card features a beautiful illustration of the tree, while the accompanying book provides a detailed guide explaining it’s significance and how to interpret the card you have drawn which can be placed on the tree ‘map’ for specialised readings. Trees are wise and enduring spiritual entities that can teach us much about ourselves and our role in the world, if only we will listen to them.

88pp, 137mm x 188mm, softback, 2012, RRP £16.99 Code: 221024, Cygnus Price: £9.99


Post to: Cygnus, PO Box 15, Llandeilo, SA19 6YX



Psychology of a Medium is a look at the paranormal from two very different perspectives, with a consideration of the skeptics as well as the devotees of the paranormal. It explores the implications and advantages of the paranormal, giving you an informed perspective on the subject and the ability to pinpoint the most genuine messages from the other side. Billy Roberts also looks at the so-called ‘Haunted House’ phenomenon and the psychological factors behind those with an interest in the subject. Psychology of a Medium contains anecdotal evidence as well as the author’s own experience and considers ‘fake’ as well as genuine mediums, with an analysis of various styles and techniques. Any conscientious medium would do well to accept the challenge in these pages to take an open look at how they can reveal only the best that they have to offer in order to use their gift for the greatest good.

136pp, 137mm x 213mm, softback, 2012, RRP £9.99 Code: 221026, Cygnus Price: £6.99


This time, instead of a book telling you about an author’s relationship with angels, how about a book showing you how to establish your own? The Angels Book of Promises is an easy to follow handbook doing just that. It contains chapters on Angel Meditations, Scrying techniques, Rituals and Hand movements as well as anecdotal accounts of angels by other people. On one page the aspirant writes exactly what he or she wants from their guiding angels, and on the opposite page what they are willing to do in return. Once you have followed the clearly explained ritual, the book should then be wrapped in black silk or velvet and not seen or touched by anyone else but the user. and works on the premise that one good turn deserves another. This book tells us that angels infiltrate our lives without us even knowing ... to see it is to believe it.

165pp, 137mm x 211mm, softback, 2012, RRP £11.99 Code: 221027, Cygnus Price: £7.99

SPECIAL OFFER: buy ‘Psychology Of A Medium’ & ‘The Angels’ Book Of Promises’ For £13.98


Learn how to perceive subtle energies and develop your innate psychic abilities from one of the leading experts in the field. Drawn from research and first-hand experience from thousands of consultations and teaching sessions over many years. The Psychic’s Handbook will reveal to you how very rich and rewarding this area of exploration can be. Each chapter ends with interesting anecdotes to illustrate how the teachings work, making this the perfect course on receiving and following psychic and intuitive guidance. With Julie Soskin’s help, you can learn to use your subtle perceptions to move towards greater wholeness: a new dawn in your life based on working with the heart and the energy of unconditional love. This in turn will radiate out to affect the whole of our society. Psycho-spiritual powers can enlarge your life beyond measure.

272pp, 152mm x 234mm, softback, 2012, RRP £10.99 Code: 221028, Cygnus Price: £7.99

Orders: 0845 456 1577

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Maddy Harland


ne of my simplest of pleasures takes me from the great outdoors to the heart of the home, fire. I have been collecting firewood, home grown, gifted from friends with land or bought by the cord for 20 years. Meeting Ben Law in the early 1990s and appreciating how he has restored acres of coppice and created a beautiful, biodiverse yet productive woodland ‘farm’ has had a deep influence on me. I love woodland and all things woody. Providing your own logs is an activity that generates heat fourfold. I cut the wood with a chainsaw (yes I have my own!), and split it myself with a handmade Gransfor Bruch splitting maul (a real tool for life) or, when more challenging, a hydraulic splitter. We have woodpiles in various locations around the house and others where the wood dries and seasons. I love stacking wood and feel a real sense of wellbeing when the store by the house is full for the winter. This is physical work but after a day at the office or on a sunny crisp winter’s morning there are few better activities to raise the spirits and reconnect with the body. Home comforts When we first moved to our house over 20 years ago we had an open fire in an Inglenook in the main living room. It had rarely been used as it smoked but we got it drawing well. I will always remember a visit from two American permaculture eco-warriors who took one look at our archaic, inefficient fireplace and tut-tutted at us. How could we burn wood so inefficiently? It was my profligate dark green secret: I was deeply attached to the experience of sitting by a roaring open fire and feeling such a deep connection with the element. Then one year our village was cut off by deep snow fall – very usual on the gentle southern slopes of the South Downs. A power cable was felled and the electricity went out intermittently over the next few days. The gas central heating stopped working, the electric cooker stood inert, and suddenly we were in enforced state of ‘powerdown’. All vehicles were snowed in but we quickly adapted and our children celebrated – no school or college or work for any of us! We were snowbound. Then we realised that if we heated the house with the inglenook we would quickly run out of wood, it was such a greedy beast. At subzero temperatures with no means of heating or cooking food that was no option. We shut up the kitchen, dining and living room and moved into the little snug where sits an old wood burning stove. It was a cozy space

Coppiced Wood and the Blessing of Fire for five but the woodburner became our cooker and kept us warm. We made an oven out of a biscuit tin, baked pizzas and potatoes, cooked casseroles and grains and we also had some hot water from the solar system. Neighbours who usually kept themselves to themselves came out and socialised while we kept a close eye on the more vulnerable elders in our village. One friend even visited on snowshoes and we played music, shared food and enjoyed an unusual few days of leisure without any gadgets whatsoever. A good ‘powerdown’ It got me thinking deeply about ‘powerdown’ – global supplies of oil and gas supplies have already ‘peaked’ and in time they will be so expensive that ordinary people will not be able to flick a switch for heat or light (that time has already arrived for many). I decided to create a ‘powerdown’ shelf in the house for times when the electricity goes out. I collected candles, a windup radio and lights, a cob oven, my adapted biscuit tin, a storm kettle and our camping gas stove in one place. Now when the lights go out we are ready and actively enjoy ‘powerdown.’ A lighter shade of green After that winter, we decided to give up the Inglenook and install a woodburner that would help heat a considerable portion of the house. Made in the UK, it is highly fuel-efficient and can burn just one kilo of wood per hour. If you are choosing a woodburner there are a number of important considerations. Firstly, it needs to be smokeless and have a double burn system. This means the stove is designed to allow a fresh supply of oxygen above the fire. When you burn wood in a hot stove, wood gas is released. Add oxygen and the gases are burnt rather than being sucked up the chimney. This creates a secondary combustion and produces extra heat, whilst reducing emissions. The manufacturers of our stove add another clever design by heating the supply of air before it reaches the firebox by drawing air through channels next to the box in the hot stove. The gases ignite, creating a beautiful aurora borealis effect, which also increases combustion and efficiency. Added to this, they developed the ‘air wash system’. This basically draws air from above the fire over the glazed door, preventing tar depositing on the glass. The outcome is a far warmer house, far less wood used every year, a flat top to cook on and we get to see the flames! We do not miss the open fire at all. Coppicing People are increasingly installing woodburners and the price of wood is rising too. The positive outcome however is that coppiced woodlands are coming back into rotation, more local

English charcoal is being produced, woodland crafts are seeing a resurgence and community schemes are emerging. Coppicing groups have been set up to train volunteers who are then able to share the crop. They often form good social bonds. Wood owners get their coppice worked and this benefits nature as opening the woodland canopy to coppice creates habitat for more species of flora and fauna. There are many yields here. Fire element Fire cleanses, regenerates, warms and traditionally creates the centre, the heart and hearth of our homes. The annual cycle of the seasons and the process of gathering, cutting, splitting and seasoning wood is like the storing up of good karma for the colder months. It also reconnects us to an ancient part of our psyche. It is one of the most grounding activities that we can do. Every time I light a fire, I honour the woodland, the wood itself and the gift of warmth and I feel a deep gratitude for the ability to live in intimate contact with this powerful element. I thank Fire and feel blessed. Maddy Harland co-founded and edits Permaculture magazine – inspiration for sustainable living – and runs a busy website that has 1.2 million pageviews a year BOOK FOR GIVING: MULTI-BUY OFFER


If you love trees and are captivated by the idea of spending more time among them, you will love this beautiful book, which is illustrated with stunning colour photographs, The Woodland Year is an intimate month-by-month journey through Ben Law’s yearly cycle of work in the woodland where he is privileged to live. Each month also includes guest contributions from woodlanders in other parts of England and Wales. The Woodland Year provides a fascinating insight into every aspect of sustainable woodland management: the cycles of nature, seasonal tasks, wild food gathering, wine making, mouthwatering and useful recipes, coppice crafts, round pole timber frame eco-building (pioneered by Ben in the UK), nature conservation, species diversity, tree profiles and the use of horses for woodland work. Describing a way of life that is not just deeply satisfying but also economically and ecologically viable, this book holds some fundamental keys to how we can achieve a lower carbon society.

176pp, 210mm x 297mm, hardback, 2008, RRP £19.95

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Letters and poems from Cygnus members Star Letter

Dear readers, When you receive The Cygnus Review do you feel blessed? Blessed by its beautiful images, its broad brushstroke of lovinglyselected titles and thought-provoking articles and delicious array of products and services in its Classifieds? It has blessed my life since its inception in 1991 - lighting my path during times of darkness, reminding me to simply delight in the majesty of life and guiding me to transformative courses which continue to uplift and heal. If you feel blessed too, and have yet to become a Supporter, then I ask you to look within and please consider showing your appreciation by doing so now. Your material

Dear Friends, I see you, the people in my life who are truly here. Masks removed of those I hold dear. I feel you beside me as I walk the many mountains, your hearts shining pure love like clear fountains. Stepping forward to hold me and mine, and encourage us to keep faith through this hard time. I am blessed to call you friends, you inspire me, your magical presence never ends. Thank you for your golden hearts, your courage to be here, thank you for walking beside us, for being near.... Sarah Churcher Owen The Earth’s Prayer {to the intonations of The Lord’s Prayer}

Our Gaia, whose art is nature abode of our life, Your time has come, your battle won for people’s planet-consciousness. Teach us each day, how to be and live through observing nature’s models. Those models that bring us into harmony and not into conflict with life’s source. Home to humanity, in sacred diversity. Deities in unity, our dream. Our Gaia, whose heart feeds all creatures alive on this Earth. Attuned to that flow, our knowledge grows of how interdependent we are. Give us this day a new way to be Born guardians of all life forms In a heart-based nature - nature at its heart. Our new role in life to honour them Respect and protect, share in the caring to sustain the future Their destiny our own, at-one. Our Gaia, as a part of you We are your nature Your kingdom of life, your will survives. Give us, this day, new eyes to see Eyes that embrace the whole world and not just me. A metamorphosis.


contribution will help ensure the future of Cygnus, enable its exciting plans to become reality and empower more lives with its grace; we are all on this journey together. Already a Supporter with Internet access? Why not release your paper copy to someone else by going paperless? Equally if you receive the free magazine but no longer share its vision then please tell Cygnus to remove your details and allow others to benefit. I care deeply about this unique and visionary review and its future - it deserves to be saved, savoured, shared and celebrated. It is so much more than a mail-order bookstore. Penelope The land, like our bodies, The sun our inner fire, Rivers, life-blood of earth. Parallel universe, wholistic perspective, oneness. Ann Palmer

To a Tree Look at you in your summer clothes Sparkling shades of yellow and green Such a shame some don’t see you Walking past with eyes unseeing. Look at your branches so firm and strong Reaching up to a cloud free sky Makes me wonder what’s hidden beneath Those smaller boughs way up high. Look at the creatures hidden inside In winter too tired to leave and roam Makes me ponder what else you hide Providing all with a cosy home. Look at the weather how it treats you A gentle wind making you sway You stay strong as it swirls around you Tickling your leaves in a playful way.

THE WRITER OF OUR ‘STAR’ LETTER OR POEM WILL RECEIVE A £10 VOUCHER. WHY NOT WRITE TO YOUR CYGNUS FRIENDS? Write about whatever inspires you. If you have an insight, experience or poem, please write it down in not more than 250 words (or, if it is a poem, in not more than 24 lines) and send it by post or email. If you send it by email, to, please include ‘Chat Page’ in the subject line, dropping your text into the body of the email. IF YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS PUBLISHED ON THIS PAGE, OR ON OUR WEBSITE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A £5 CYGNUS VOUCHER

I am more than any concept or word conjured up by limiting mind, More than what has been realised outside the box. I am more than mind, body, soul, spirit, essence, the lot. I am more than. Only by being still, very Still in silence will tell. How much more than I really am. Gloria the Gloworm

This Last Request When thru my years allotted me, I reach the end we all must see, Then I shall say a fond farewell To kin and friends I love so well. The road has had its hillocks high, But sweet streams too, have followed on by. Of all blessings I have accrued, The one most precious I’ll not preclude, And that was faith, each prayer evoked, Which brought its calm To troubles stoked. So as each care shall fade and pale, And as each joy shall leave its trail, I offer thanks for life that’s gone, And hope God blesses my journey on. Regina Burns Love and Gratitude This is no platitude: ‘Get the right attitude’ Foremost is gratitude, Melded with love.

Look at you in your winter clothes Covered in a coat of white How could anyone not adore you You beautiful majestic wondrous sight. Joy Fox

I am more than I know I am more than joy, beauty happiness and laughter. Alive consciousness, compassion. Mother, grandmother, sister, friend and daughter. More than all the money, wealth and success of this world. More than what the mind can tell about the concept of God. I am more than. I know I am more than all of creation. The sun, The stars, The moon. The planets, galaxies and space in between. I am more than all the astral travels. More than mother earth and all that dwells on her. I am more than.

Love is pure light, Shining so bright. In the darkness of night, Always, there’s love. Give thanks for each day And, come what may, Love sends fear away, So, welcome the love. Love is all you need; In thought, word and deed. In life you’ll succeed If you live it with love. For life, I say ‘thank you’ For death, I say ‘thank you’ For everything, ‘thank you’ Thank you; with love.

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Catherine Blount

Noticeboard CYGNUS EVENTS DIARY 2012

Cygnus will have a stand at the following events: Mon, 1 Oct – Sat, 13 Oct – Sat, 27 Oct – Sun, 11 Nov – Sat, 24 Nov –

Patrick Holford - Ten Secrets of Healthy Aging Andrew Harvey - Return of the Divine Feminine Julia Cameron - Creativity Bootcamp Deepak Chopra - Spiritual Solutions Joe Dispenza - Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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October – Prescot [Liverpool] 13th Healing Code November – London 3rd, Healing Code; Warrington 14/21st [mid-week] Healing Code; Stratford On Avon 17th, Healing Code, 18th Succes Code 6 Minutes To Heal The Source Of Any Health, Success Or Relationship Issue

ANNE & JACK STEWART Offer 1 To 1 Coaching By Skype Or phone Watch Demo’s at, 01925 479257


•Connect us to the natural energy grid-lines •Enable spiritual & evolutionary advancement •Increase vibratory levels for healing & development Practitioners trained by Eric Pearl – Each healing experience is unique Valerie Sutherland Aberdeen 07769 730054 Kathy Price Aberystwyth 07968 803776 Frances Beasley Banff 01261 861259 Jane Duggleby Bristol 01935 862243 Pushpa Hillman Bromley 01689 861668 Jean Clack Cardigan 01239 682683 Christina Cherry Cambs/Beds 07913 405007 Charlotte Voaden Carmarthen 01994 453316 Mayke Hogestin East Sussex 01323 871150 Birgit Horrolt Ely, Cambs 01353 968079 Jill Dunsford Exeter 01392 877554 Dawn Taylor Glastonbury 07971 826944 Brenda Rouse Hereford 07738 261301

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What is prediction without the right guidance? Let me help you through life’s journey, let me help empower you to take control of your life

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RADICAL LIVING COACH And Spiritual Counsellor

The Colin C. Tipping School of Coaching & Healing Offers a five-day training in Milton Keynes with author

IN SEARCH OF THE SOUL Re-connecting with your Inner Self through the Seven Directions One-day Guided Retreat Sat 3rd November, Evesham £35 with Kate Bird, Dip BSoM, Spiritual Companion Being Centred – New twilight class starts Oct 2nd Evesham Touch your core essence, get to know your deeper self

Colin Tipping, 16th-21st October, 2012 + Online Study Program. No prior qualifications required. Affordable.



THE INCREDIBLE CHI MACHINE (Beware of imitations)

We specialise in ‘love and relationship’ We choose only the best psychics to help give you direction and guidance. All readers have been tested to an exceptional standard.

‘Phone today to find out why our clients say we are the UK’s best psychic line’ Credit card readings: 0800

138 44 22

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All calls recorded & cost £1.53 per minute from BT landline – 18+ – PO Box 387, CT9 2WD

We’re open every day of the week Entertainment only

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The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the only one to have been the subject of extensive clinical trials and medical research. The Quantum Magnetic Analyser – a device for analysing and determining a person’s physical health status and problem areas without blood tests, giving 85% accuracy in one and a half minutes! (Therapists) The iMRS Mat - uses the square wave which has been shown by NASA to be the most effective for joint/muscle pain, circulatory, respiratory and digestive problems. New to this country – Exciting, simple and affordable! The Cobjack Body Ioniser – For Pain relief, Energy, Stress, Arteriosclerosis, Arthritis, Hypertension, Acidity, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, and so much more!

Tricia Dickens CMH, CHyp,

Tel. 02392 793720

Issue 11, Nov – Friday 12th Oct – doormat day Wednesday 31th October Issue 12, Nov – Friday 9th Oct – doormat day Wednesday 28th November


ANGEL CARD READINGS Align with Life Purpose Clarity - Wisdom - Healing Clare Taylor - Angel Practitioner (Cert) 07765 996173 DIANA DIVINE HEALING WORKSHOPS October – Crediton [Devon], 20th; Langho [Blackburn], 27th. December – Dublin, 1st; Morecambe, 8th; Prescot [Liverpool], 15th ‘Connecting very deeply into people’s hearts and feeling love from spirit. And the feeling of love from me. People will feel my presence, and people will have a wonderful change in energies. And they will go away feeling different, feeling empowered.’ [Diana, April 8th 2012] ANNE STEWART Uniquely channels [Princess] Diana’s messages of healing and does 1-2-1 readings Go to 01925 479257

The EMERALD HEART Spiritual Path Work with Practitioners to open your heart, expand your consciousness and change your life for the better. Gatherings, Retreats, Books, Spiritual Tools for Transformation. Bring this Light into your life and learn to Host Gatherings. Regular FREE GUIDANCE on the BLOG Follow the Blog:

ARE YOU LOSING YOUR HAIR? Did you know there’s a Natural Solution? The Unique Irene Royal Jelly Formulation – over 40 years experience Thousands have reversed their hair loss worldwide, as well as prevented and reversed the greying process, naturally

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HOW DYNAMIC CAN PASSIVE EXERCISE BE? Just 5-10 minutes on this Passive Exerciser gives an energising workout while releasing tension The Surge of Chi Exerciser combines the energising aspects of early chi exercise machines with the gentle therapeutic effects of Continuous Passive Motion (“CPM”) – equipment used by osteopaths in the treatment of spinal problems. CPM utilises oscillatory motion to reduce inflammation and ease back pain by encouraging the flow of fluid between the spinal discs. Research shows that back pain often results from an inability to relax, physically or mentally. Research also shows that a rocking motion helps to synchronise brain waves and calm our nervous system. While CPM is for specialist use, the Surge of Chi is affordable and simple to use. Its heavy-duty DC motor gives a long life and a smooth ride over a broad speed range. Its adjustable speeds make it suitable for a wide spectrum of health conditions and ages.

Watch our video at Quote CR2012.10 for FREE Info Pack* & 20% discount *Case Studies available to Health Practitioners

Discounted prices: £149.60 (Mk1) / £181.60 (Mk2) Energy for Health – 08456 120129 Approved Suppliers to Complementary Medical Association

00 16

THE HOLISTIC PRACTICE We are looking for Holistic Therapists to bring an existing business or a new business to our new Practice based in Sutton Coldfield. If you have been drawn to this advert maybe this is an opportunity for you. For more details please contact Yvonne on 07583 185259

PERSONAL Interested in developing the therapeutic use of music for alleviating depression? Please contact myself, Gordon to collaborate together: Tel or text (not voice message please) 07432 330599 or e-m Gordon Delgarno INTERESTED IN DEVELOPING THE THERAPEUTIC use of music for alleviating depression? Please contact myself, Gordon to collaborate together: Tel or text (not voice message please) 07432 330599 or e-m ATTRACTIVE, PROFESSIONAL AND SPIRITUAL MALE, 40’s, Seeking spiritual female, 30-45, for true connection and to share life’s adventure. Looking for my life partner and soul-mate. I know you’re out there, we just haven’t met yet ! London / South-West. Text/Tel : 07754 016779

EVENTS, COURSES & WORKSHOPS DOWSING FOR BEGINNERS IN AVEBURY With Master Dowser Adrian Incledon-Webber Use pendulums, L-rods etc. Learn about health, earth energies, spirits and finding water. 6-7 October 2012, for further details DATE SOMEONE SPIRITUAL Every relationship has a reason and lasts a season or a lifetime. To learn more visit 7th Path Self-Hypnosis 1 Day Classes, Programme yourself for success with Carol Sheridan. Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, 25th August 2012 & 21st September 2012, 01702 330666 DAYS OF LIGHT Complete days of guided inner journeys and New Light skills with Christopher Sell and Carrie Harris. Available throughout UK and online. Visit or Tel 07748083549 THE ‘RADICAL EMPOWERMENT EXPERIENCE’ A 2-Day workshop with author and workshop leader Colin Tipping, teaching you how to heal your past and manifest your dreams.19th – 20th Oct. for details Writing From Your Heart Online Gathering, 23 October-22 November 2012. Register for free include Julia McCutchen,Lynn Serafinn, Raphael Cushnir. August Gold, Sheila Steptoe, Tom Evans. ANGELS, Ascension, Golden Atlantis & Transformational Teacher Training workshops with Diana Cooper School – courses in Scotland with Elizabeth Ann. Also spiritual coaching and angel readings etc. Tel: 01592 743417 visit DIANA COOPER SCHOOL teacher training courses and workshops 2012 and Beyond, Golden Atlantis, Angels, Ascension, Unicorns and Transform Your Life, in Warwickshire with Principal Teacher Jillian Stott 01926 851898 07989 676 648

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Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage & Retreat Day, Cilcain, North Wales. October 28th. Unveiling The Cosmic Heart. Ancient teachings from Mary Magdalene: past lives, inner, outer and cosmic journeying. £40 01516781487

Geopathic Stress Healthy Home Surveys includes EMF’s. & Feng Shui Consultations – good health, improve career, good fortune, relationships all UK and Europe. More information 01277 203180 mob: 07885 945008

Seminar on the spiritual and medicinal aspects of plants, ( Spagyric medicine, based on alchemy) presented by Dr. Naidu from Switzerland. Central London. 25 November 2012. Email :

UN-HUN TUVAN THROAT SINGING with Dr. Vladislav Matrenitsky 3-4 November. Awesome technique for rejuvenation, self-healing, spiritual development. Primordial sounds for contacting the Spirits of Heavenly Power. Near Aberaeron, Wales. www.theolyncortens/welshweekends

KARUNA REIKI® The next step for Reiki Masters (all lineages) seekers of Universal Truth and Compassion. 3 day classes set in beautiful Peak District. Contact Janet Roome (UK Karuna Reiki Rep) Tel. 01629 733227 email: visit

EGYPT SACRED JOURNEY – LUXOR, 27 February – 6 March 2013 – Regressions to Ancient Egypt; Star Rituals in Temples; Sekhmet Activations; Dendera and Abydos trip; Quiet West Bank hotel; Tomb Paintings – with Amuna Ra, regression therapist, channel, spiritual teacher. 07532-195256

REIKI RETREAT, NORMANDY, FRANCE – Workshop package all year round, includes foot passenger ferry ticket, pick up, 3 nights accommodation, full board & 2 day workshop from £375.00pp – visit www.raynbowendretreat. com Chakra Balancing & Aroma Healing Course. A unique healing therapy pioneered by Elizabeth Halbert Oct 9th 10th & 11th. Mystic Yoga Breathing Workshop for power & inspiration instructor Diane Ramsden of the Aetherius Soc Oct 20th 2pm – 5pm. Thurst House Farm Retreat 01422 822820 Crystal Therapy Diploma. Learn with Lauren D’Silva of Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy, an ACHO school. Next Intensive Course starts 19th23rd November, Mid-Wales. Call Lauren 01597 822749,

STAR CONNECTING COURSE – with Amuna Ra, channelling Metatron and the Star Councils of Light. 20-21 October: – Empowering Life – Star Origins; 17-18 November: – Channelling Star Beings; 15-16 December: – Ascension Processes – Star Portals. £140 per weekend 07532-195256 SPIRIT OF THE INCA. Train to be a shamanic practitioner. Learn ancient wisdom teachings from the Inca tradition, and powerful healing techniques to shift the matrix of the energy field. Training to become a healer, a coach, an inspiration to others and a catalyst for change in the world. 07765 258 614 email: The Workshop A full day of teachings Using Symbols, Colour & Sound With the Intent of Healing the World and Ourselves Venue: Moreton & Kelsall 13th October 2012 @ 10:00-16:00 Cost £50:00 Contact Janice 01829752810 – 07724495963 or Romley 0151 6050116

LEMURIAN CRYSTAL ATTUNEMENTS & Egyptian Healing Course weekends in Buckinghamshire. Certificated including comprehensive manual. Change your life with these two amazing courses. Tel: 01908 240400, e-mail or

LIVING FROM YOUR HEART WORKSHOPS – Let the wisdom of your heart guide you to your full potential, be your authentic self, heal inner blocks and fill your life with love and joy. Ilkley, Yorkshire. 23rd September/ 21st October. 01943 839941

THE UNICORN CENTRE FOR SPIRITUAL LEARNING, Somerset. Angels, Unicorns, Ascension, 2012, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Reiki, Teacher Training, Healing Practitioner. Spiritual and Unicorn Correspondence Courses. Tel: 01460 53699 Visit

Spiritual Self Development Course for those wanting to commit to a deep spiritual journey. Group work facilitated by experienced practitioner in Sheffield with 12 monthly meetings starting October & focusing on individual spiritual growth, healing & development. Julia 07864960046

YOU WANT TO WRITE A NOVEL but dont know how. Come to Cyprus for 4 days in November 15th-18th. £550 All included. Visit for more info. You want a better life for yourself but lack techniques. Come to Cyprus in November 9th – 13th on a Law of Attraction Workshop: £550 all inclusive Stephan Card reader offers guidance advice and direction using the law of attraction principles. Works only on fridays .. 20-30 Min £35 45-60 min £50 visit to book a session Rhythmic Healing to release people from the anchor of their shadow’ Guided communication Introduction: November 16-18. Rhythmic Healing Training 2013 – 2014 ten non-residential weekends Further information: 0777539 6236 INNER PEACE.....NOW!! Meditation and healing day workshops held regularly in Yorkshire. Be present, stop the mind chatter and preserve your energy during challenging times. Contact Sally 07884 332644 ZIMBATE HEALING Practitioner Level I and Level 2 weekend workshop with Carolyn Snyder UK visit 20/21 October 2012, London W14 Tel: 07824 364898 or email DISCOVER YOUR DIVINE CONTRACT: Step into your destiny with Theolyn Cortens 27-28 October. Astrology, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Nephalim. Deeply transformative spiritual technologies, wood fires, yummy lunches. Near Aberaeron Wales. www.theolyncortens/welshweekends

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES HIGHEST RATED SUPPLEMENTS IN THE WORLD! Business partners needed. Improve your health, increase your wealth and enjoy helping others. Be part of a team that makes a difference. 01179 425044 NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES Organic Health & Beauty require Consultants/Therapists. Voted Best Organic Brand 2012. No experience/targets, flexible hours, free training/support, free website, low startup. Contact Heidi 07918147446 Award winning Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic. Organic Health & Beauty require Consultants/Therapists. Voted Best Organic Brand 2012. No experience/targets, flexible hours, free training/support, free website, low startup. Contact Heidi 07918147446 CRYSTAL KI WORKSHOP ORGANISERS REQUIRED WORLDWIDE – Earn 15-20% commission Visit for more information about Crystal Ki Workshops Contact Tel: +44(0)75 4781 7808 or Email: WHO ELSE WANTS TO WORK FROM HOME creating a freer life and pension-style income from helping others? Simply watch FREE online info video or call me: Pamela G Glynn: 01803 867390 WRITTEN A BOOK? Phaedon Media accepts all genres of fiction and non-fiction. Unit 101, 26 London Road, Twickenham TW1 3AZ,”


SHEFA HEALING STAGE ONE with Theolyn Cortens 24-25 November. Powerful, fast, gentle, high-vibration technology uses ancient angelic symbols for accelerated healing and spiritual development. Certificated. Near Aberaeron, Wales. www.theolyncortens/welshweekends

APRICOT SEEDS, which contain high levels of B17, direct from the Himalayas, £20 for 1kg bag and £12 for 1 lb bag plus p & p, Apricot Seed Cream £10 for 50g jar. Please call 0800 374 976 during office hours.”

LIVING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION RETREAT GLASTONBURY, 16TH18TH NOVEMBER: Experience life-changing techniques and insights with this programme of intensive workshops. Facilitated by the Law of Attraction Centre, Europe’s largest Law of Attraction community.

Happy Tummy® Charcoal is probably the world’s best gastric conditioner. It adsorbs toxins, reduces wind pain and helps rebalance the digestive system. It can be of benefit with PMT and most tummy problems. Telephone: 01600 712496 or go to and click on ‘our species’.”


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Stunning, Mountainous Spain, Luxury villa sleeps 2-12, panoramic views, roof terrace, hot-tub, 1hr Malaga airport, Alhambra, Cordoba, skiing, coast. Perfect for healing retreat or touring Andalucia. Tel 01989 566677 £495pw.

THE BEST READING I’ve ever had ‘You get straight to the point with helpful, meaningful messages.’ ‘I totally agree with everything, I couldn’t be happier.’ ‘Spectacular – it’s all true.’ Channelled readings and mediumship by phone. Corinne Jeffrey 01594 829491

SUFFOLK COAST On the edge of Dunwich Forest 2 holiday cottages, walks – beach,forest,heath,marsh,bird watchng;good eateries, therapies onsite, also space to run workshops! tel 01728 648880

IVY – GENUINE ROMANY Clairvoyant & Medium. Est.35 yrs. Is your future uncertain? I have the answers you seek! Immediate telephone consultations: 01843 866862 Not an agency!

Reconnect to your soul’s purpose in rural Carmarthenshire. Retreat to our beautiful log cabin with Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection. This energy knows exactly what you need. or tel:01834 811639

COMPANION ANIMAL LOSS LISTENING LINE (CALLL) Christine cares and truly understands the pain of pet loss. She is fully trained in pet bereavement. Calll 0115 840 2737 visit email:”

GLASTONBURY, SHAMBHALA RETREAT on the Tor. A beautiful clear energetic space with loving, joyful people waiting to welcome you. 01458 834811 – 831026 website: Detox & De-stress in the tranquil Suffolk countryside with juices, yoga, meditations, mini nutrition consult, personal changework, luxury lodge accommodation for 5 nights. Next retreat 9-14 November. Fountains Court SCARBOROUGH. A haven for rest & recuperation and bespoke health breaks, perfect venue for residential mind-body-spirit workshops. B&B, half/full board. vegetarian. tel 01723 381118 HEALING RETREAT in the beautiful Pennines of West Yorkshire with holistic treatments to bring harmony & relaxation for mind body & spirit. For programme dates go to: – 01422 822820 VegiVentures Holidays, tours and short breaks in Britain, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, India and the Caribbean. Great vegetarian/vegan food, small friendly groups, environment oriented.. Tel: +44 (0)1760 755888, email visit MAGICAL PEMBROKESHIRE Two idyllic s/c cottages, sleeps 2&5. Four poster. C.H. wood burners. Fully equipped. Spiritual, Reiki, Seichem Healings available during your stay in these tranquil surroundings. Tel Pam 01994 419439 visit email WELSH BORDERS. Delightful holiday cottage in peaceful location with garden. Sleeps 4. Woodburning stove. Broadband. Pets welcome. Ideal base for walkers and lovers of wildlife. See online availability or tel 01547 330003 COMFORTABLE B&B, HAMMERSMITH, LONDON. Central, quiet, close to river, pubs, restaurants, all attractions. Ideal base holidays, courses, exhibitions, business. Double/twin/triple £27pppn. Single £42. Tel. Anne/Sohel Armanios 020 7385 4904 visit Loch Ness Highland Cottage Boutique Bed & Breakfast. All rooms with a view of Loch Ness. Spiritual, peaceful, mysterious. Ancient Caledonian Forests, mountain walks, boat trips, canoeing, fishing, Skiing (Winter Nevis Range), horse-riding. 10% discount Cygnus readers. or 01320 351363

PROPERTY FOR SALE – TO LET – WANTED Detached Bungalow;stunning views; 2/3 beds.2 reception; shower room;bathroom;utility;conservatory. Suit wildlife lover. Hastings,Sussex. £275,000 Tel.01424, Delightful 2 bed 2 bath ‘B’ Listed property in the lovely town of Whithorn. Large enclosed garden, great for kids and pets! Only £85,000. Call 01988 500795 evenings. LONDON ACCOMMODATION WANTED Quiet comfortable room wanted in London or surrounding area by professional and respectful male. Contact Neil on 07754 016779 Or email : WEST NORFOLK HOUSE FOR SALE, SUIT ARTISAN Eco-renovated 16thC 2-bed cottage with former shop and 3.5x8m workshop. Popular village backing farmland. Good road/rail links (11/2 hrs Kings cross) £220K. FOR SALE – 2006 SWIFT MOSELLE 2 BED STATIC CARAVAN, CH/ DG,FENCED GARDEN-BEACH 5MINS WALK,TRANQIL SITE-HORNSEA-12 MTH SITE-FEES PAID UPTO DEC 31ST 2012. OFFERS £25,000 – TEL 07904864334 Hastings/Battle Magical family home based on 2 ancient cottages with amazing add-ons 5 beds 2 baths beams /huge fireplace /rock garden/pool/ sauna/woodland/large yew tree/lush gardens .Quirky Shabby Unique . 6 mins Battle station £650,000 01424 870296

00 18

ASTROLOGICAL CHILD PROFILE Beautifully presented in a luxury silver hardback cover, this 45 plus page detailed report is a wonderful gift. It will help all parents to understand their children better and make more suitable choices for them as they develop. Tel: 01540 661828 KRYSTA-ANNA. Mature, compassionate, psychic personally giving all readings, 9.45am to 8.45pm. Helping you understand and deal with your situation. 30mins £29, 45mins £39 Tel. 01273 78 2049 (local call rate cost) payment by card. AFFECTED BY NEGATIVE ENERGY? Professional remote scanning safely releases negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, pastlife issues, spirit attachments, cutting ties etc for people and property. Contact Margaret Payne 01458 835317 ASTROLOGICAL guidance and support. Reports, charts. Highly qualified and caring professional astrologer. Western and Vedic Astrology. Birth chart, prediction, relationship and child. Michael Conneely Email Tel 07799296821 EVER FELT YOUR ISSUE ISN’T ACTUALLY YOURS? Nikki Wyatt, The Karma Coach, helps release ancestral issues. Karmic Flower and Crystal Essences. Learn your gifts with a FREE soul flower reading available at: ANGEL GUIDED TELEPHONE READINGS AND HEALINGS, £20. Accurate, Uplifting and Inspirational. Help with issues including relationship and decision making. Get your life on track with Rhona 01738 624917 Psychic, Past Life, Spirit Guide readings email/post or CD(additional) £20, Reiki Healings remote and direct by Sarah Tel: 0161-969-2081 and email, Free sample readings available, genuine, caring FREE ANIMAL REIKI DISTANCE HEALING. I distance heal any animal free. e-mail or tel 07752-702247 JESSICA – CLAIRVOYANT/MEDIUM. Professional, Experienced – Readings for relationships, career, direction etc. also natural medium – communicate with loved ones who have passed over. Telephone readings: £22 per 30 mins/£30 per 45 mins. Tel: 0117 3737 405 or 07800 929257 True Life Conversations with Susanne Austin: Your true life calls – the time to answer that call is now. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? Susanne guides, enlightens, supports, inspires and empowers. Tel: 07770-766538 e-mail:

PRODUCTS & SERVICES continued GEOPATHIC STRESS – CAUSING ILL-HEALTH? Professional British Society of Dowsers registered, Mike & Maureen Rawles, investigate and rectify your house’s Earth Energy. /Signs include: / Poor sleep, Reclusive, Irrational Anger, Depression, Headaches, Regular ill-health, Tiredness. Tel: 01460 281450 AURA-SOMA COLOUR SYSTEM – ‘You are the colours you choose’. Online Shop with full range of products. Consultations and advice. 15% off first order use code CYGNUS. 01503 263412 RAINBOW MOON. Gorgeous, recession-friendly gifts for Mind, Body & Spirit! Homewares. beauty products, ethnic clothing, jewellery, tree-free cards. Please visit us at Counselling, Humanistic Integrative Counsellor, professional, caring and ethical. Experienced in Divorce, loss and trauma. Please contact on T:01822 870853 to discuss how I can help. Complete confidentiality assured.

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PAGE THREE The Only Thing That Matters Book For Giving 2 copies or more PAGE FOUR Ascension Cards: Accelerate Your Journey to the Light BIRTH 2012 & BEYOND: HUMANITY'S GREAT SHIFT TO THE AGE OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION. 221003 & 220804 together Ho'oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life's Fulfillment Jewels of Silence CD Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras Free Your Voice: Awaken to Life Through Singing 221007 & 221008 together PAGE FIVE The Missing Rose Book For Giving 2 copies or more PAGE SIX The Functional Nutrition Cookbook Vegetarian/Vegan Omega 3 EPA & DHA 221010 & 220921 together Tranquil Sitting: a Taoist Journal on Meditation and Chinese Medical Qiqong Essential Oils Energy EFT: Next Generation Tapping & Emotional Freedom Techniques Pause Button Therapy PAGE SEVEN The Jacket Technique Book For Giving 2 copies or more PAGE EIGHT Mushrooming with Confidence Book For Giving 2 copies or more Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast PAGE NINE In Tune With The Moon 2013 Book For Giving 2 copies or more The Hidden Geometry of Life Black Holes in the Dead Sea Scrolls Mind Body Spirit Pocket Book of Days Mind Body & Spirit Spiral Bound 220915 & 220916 together The Enlightenment of Work Good Living in Hard Times 221005 & 221015 together PAGE TEN Happier at Home Book For Giving 2 copies or more PAGE ELEVEN The Coming of the Holy Grail Book For Giving 2 copies or more PAGE TWELVE



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Cygnus Review, 2012 Issue 10  

The October 2012 issue of Cygnus Review, entitled 'Warming your hearth & home'

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