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Why Kindness is Good For You David Hamilton Angel Messages: The Oracle of the Birds Claire Nahmad The Art of Meditation Matthieu Ricard

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The Physics of Miracles Richard Bartlett Walking the Faery Pathway Harmonia Saille William Bloom on Esoteric Healing

Opening Your Mind to Miracles


Dear Friends, Have you ever wondered how to solve a problem, and in your stuck state you worried and fretted about finding a solution, but in vain? Eventually when you had given up and focused your attention on something else entirely different, the answer came to you in a flash. Or perhaps you were struggling to remember someone’s name and when you stopped thinking about it, in a quiet moment, the answer just popped into your head. It often seems that when we let go of conscious thinking, the desire to analyse and fret over something, the desire to control the outcome, then we begin to gain access to the vast potential of our unconscious mind that seems to know so much more than we do. Our conscious mind is a wonderful tool for logic and reasoning but our unconscious mind has so much more potential than we can ever dream possible. I remember the first talk I gave many years ago. I did a lot of preparation but still didn’t feel happy about how it was shaping up, and I was quite anxious about standing up in public for the very first time (public speaking is apparently the number one fear for most people!). The night before the talk I went to bed and as I drifted into sleep, drifted into that alpha state, it was as if the top of my head opened up and a whole stream of consciousness flowed into it, as if I was giving the talk in that moment, and word for word the whole talk flowed into my mind, like a download of information – all ready for the next day. On the day of the talk I was amazed at how easy it was to tap into it once again. Trusting the unconscious mind And as I gave more talks the process continued to happen. But the journey for me was not about the information given – it was about learning to trust the unconscious mind. And over the many weekend workshops that I have run, I began to trust the process more and more. There were times when I wanted a metaphor or story to start the day and just couldn’t find the right one. And as I drove to the training centre that day, about three quarters of an hour’s drive, almost on auto-pilot, the unconscious mind would ‘download’ the perfect story that embraced all the learnings for the day. I learnt to trust that I could tap in to the unconscious mind, and the answer would be there. When we can still the conscious mind in some way, slow down that busy, busy, chattering mind, whether drifting into that alpha state just before sleep, daydreaming or in meditation, then our unconscious mind can find the space to communicate its wisdom to us. When we let go of fear – often fear of failure, sometimes fear of success – then miracles can happen. Miracles can happen In The Physics of Miracles, see p.4, Richard Bartlett’s follow up to Matrix Energetics, he tells

Opening Your Mind to Miracles

us that ‘By cultivating the habit of asking powerful, mind-altering questions, you are training your right brain to respond to the signals from your unconscious mind.’ He continues by saying ‘Persistence and belief are the keys. Believe in yourself. You have the right to guidance, love, and assistance from the realms of Spirit. Whatever question you ask sends your mind on a search for the answer to your query. As you ask questions (powerful open-ended questions) trust that whatever shows up is useful in some way. If you begin to trust that you deserve whatever knowledge you require, you can have it. Trust that things are just as they are meant to be.’

“When we focus our attention not in our heads but in our hearts, when we communicate from the heart level, extending our heart energy out with positive emotions of love, compassion and gratitude, then miracles show up in our lives.”

As we learn to trust the process, all manner of extraordinary things can happen in our lives. People and situations turn up for us at just the right time and we begin to recognize that inner feeling when we just ‘know’; a knowingness that defies rational explanation but that is invariably correct. ‘Knowing,’ Dr Bartlett says, ‘has nothing to do with thinking, but rather is a quality found in and through the heart. When we are able to suspend conscious thought, however briefly, the field of our heart takes the reigns.’ Thinking from the heart Interestingly, recent research has shown that the heart is not just a simple pump, but has its own nervous system. Scientists have discovered that neurons, once believed to store longterm memory only in the brain, are distributed in a so-called ‘heart-brain’ located deep inside the heart’s tissues (which may explain how some heart transplant patients can pick up on certain memories from their donor). They have discovered that the heart has an electromagnetic field that is several hundred times greater than the brain, that not only envelops every cell of the human body, but also extends out in all directions in the space around us. The heart can send information to the brain through this field. They have also learned that the frequency structure of the heart energy signal correlates directly with our emotional states. How important then is it for us to focus on positive emotions, not only for the sake of our own health,

but for the health of all those around us. Happiness through compassion David Hamilton’s new book Why Kindness is Good for You, see opposite, shows that kindness, compassion and a sense of gratitude has a positive impact on the heart and immune system, as well as altering the chemistry of the brain. He describes several studies of participants split into a ‘gratitude group’ and a ‘hassles group’ in which it was found that those people who practise gratitude were much happier, less likely to be depressed and had a greater sense of well-being. Matthieu Ricard tells us that happiness and a positive mindset are skills that you can learn, just as you can learn to play an instrument. In his new book, The Art of Meditation, see p.8, he shows the significant benefits that meditation, based on selfless love and compassion, can bring to us. ‘The fruition of meditation could be described as an optimal way of being, or again, as genuine happiness. This true and lasting happiness is a profound sense of having realized the utmost potential we have within us for wisdom and accomplishment. Working towards this kind of fulfilment is an adventure worth embarking on. We can begin to appreciate our heart intelligence, that provides us with an intuitive awareness beyond logical thinking, and learn to connect with others from that place that many spiritual practices call ‘the opening of the heart.’ When we focus our attention not in our heads but in our hearts, when we communicate from the heart level, extending our heart energy out with positive emotions of love, compassion and gratitude, then miracles show up in our lives. With our love, Annie, Sarah, John, Sam, Ann, Geoff and the Cygnus Team PS Our lovely calendar [191001] is now available for just £1.50 per copy. Why not add one to your order, to give to someone special?

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We all know that kindness is good for those who receive it, but it is also good for the giver too. Acts of kindness make us happier and healthier, they relieve the symptoms of depression and they even help us live longer, healthier lives. When we show kindness, oxytocin flows in our brains and bodies. In the brain, it reduces anxiety about being betrayed or taken advantage of, encouraging us to be more trusting. This is a win-win scenario for everyone. And in the body, oxytocin is cardioprotective. It protects us from hardening of the arteries, it dilates our blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, encourages wound healing, helps in the construction of foetal hearts and may even help in the regeneration of the heart following damage. It is produced when we connect with each other and a large number of studies now show that good relationships are good for our health. In fact, they are cardioprotective, probably because they produce oxytocin. People in healthy relationships are at lower risk of heart disease than people who are single. Being around people is also good for us. So get good at making friends and be there for them when they need it. Social isolation is also associated with a greater risk of heart disease. Kindness is actually of paramount importance for us even as babies. When a baby is born, the love, care, joy, play, compassion, tenderness and responsiveness of the primary caregiver mould the structure of its brain. The orbitofrontal cortex is formed almost entirely after birth and this is the part that is responsible for helping a child to become emotionally welladjusted and able to make responsible, mature choices. We all have a responsibility to help the children of the world develop through showing them great love and care. Positive emotions are good for us Gratitude is another practice that can make a difference in our lives. It is an expression of kindness because in counting our blessings we are saying thank you to someone or to the world or even to God. Gratitude can make us happier, alleviate symptoms of depression and even help us get a good night’s sleep. It also helps build and strengthen relationships. Forgiveness, too, is good for us. It is a process that helps us to get over emotional pain. It also reduces anger and depression. It is something that we do for ourselves, not the offender. And it can leave us with a greater sense of optimism and hope for the future. Empathy is often the starting-point for kindness. We sense and share another’s pain, compassion arises and we begin to wish them free of their pain, and then we are motivated to do something kind to help. Kindness and compassion help us live longer Compassion also happens to be good for us. It strengthens the immune system. It even buffers the effects of stress and can help us live longer.

Why Kindness is Good For You

Scientists now believe that ageing is actually like a disease, that the possible lifespan of the human body far exceeds what we currently live to. They believe that inflammation is a primary cause of ageing and are excited at the prospect of finding a new anti-inflammatory drug that can combat it. But the drug, as we now know, isn’t a drug but a nerve. The vagus nerve is the primary brake on inflammation in the body. It stops the collateral damage caused by the dripping tap of inflammation.

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Filled with fascinating new discoveries, David Hamilton’s latest book shows how positive states of kindness, compassion and gratitude can have a dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing. When we’re kind, it seems, our bodies are at their healthiest, and we’re actually genetically wired to be kind. In this groundbreaking book, David Hamilton describes new scientific research that proves kindness can have a positive impact on the heart and immune system, and can extend our lifespan. Acts of kindness may even be an antidote to depression, whilst gratitude can make you happier. This unique book blends the research with inspirational real life examples of kindness from ordinary people. It includes short exercises, as well as suggestions for healing or improving your relationships, increasing your social connectedness and being able to forgive. Discover how taking the time to make a difference can transform not only your health – but in the process, your whole world.

304pp, 135mm x 215mm, softback, 2010, RRP £9.99

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We can stimulate the vagus nerve through kindness and compassion. Kindness produces oxytocin that tickles the vagus nerve in the brain and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Compassion also stimulates the vagus nerve. So does the deep breathing that we do in meditation. We have far more control, then, over the ageing process than we think. We have known for a while that having a healthy diet and exercising can prolong our lives. Evidence that has emerged recently shows that having a positive attitude also makes us live longer. But now we must add kindness and compassion to the lifespan. No longer can we just think of kindness as something that can benefit others. At the deepest

biological level in the body, it benefits us too. We’re wired for kindness And this is, as we know, because we’re wired for kindness. Evolution has set up the human body to be at its best, its healthiest, when we’re around friends and loved ones. Evolution has always been about survival. Kindness, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and having friends and loved ones to share with and depend upon are what got our ancestors through perilous times. We are here today because our ancestors were kind to each other. And we will be here tomorrow, and a little bit longer, if we are kind today. So kindness is highly beneficial to us, but it is not just for us. It is for those we help too. In fact our primary motivation, when we are being kind, is to help. At heart, we are good people. We have evolved that way. And when we express our goodness by being kind, everyone around us benefits. The 21-day Kindness Challenge My challenge to you is to do an act of kindness every day for 21 days. Where do you start? First, get a really nice journal – something that feels soft and special, that feels appropriate for what you are filling it with. Then, as you carry out your acts of kindness over the next 21 days, record what you did and how it made you feel. Note how it affected the person, or people, you were kind to – that’s if you know, of course. And try to vary your acts so you’re not doing the same thing every day. From Why Kindness is Good For You, ©2010 by David Hamilton, published by Hay House. 45% off!


In this compelling book, Dr David Hamilton explores the mind-body connection, showing the huge importance of visualization, belief, affirmation and positive thinking in healing the body. Relating amazing discoveries in the field of mind-body science – including evidence for the placebo effect – he goes on to show you how to stimulate your body’s defences and healing systems to combat disease, pain and illness, such as cancer, ME and allergies. He complements this information with inspiring stories – the personal experiences of people who have successfully visualized themselves well – and, in a chapter of pure joy, talks about the power of love in healing. He also introduces Quantum Field Healing, a powerful technique that works symbolically at the source level of illness or disease. It is wonderful to realise just how much healing you can effect. Cover to cover, this is a great read, and definitely worth talking about.

224pp, 135mm x 216mm, softback, 2008, RRP £9.99

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When we measure, most of us judge what we are measuring. We try to analyze it. We try to make sense of it. We try to make it mean something that fits our perception of the way the real world functions. There is something called innocent perception. Innocent perception or practising the patterns of perception means that you notice whatever shows up. Our path of expectation assumes that there is a cause and effect to things: that if we do this then this will happen, and if we do not, then something else will happen. There is no logic to it. But it is a logic we have embraced. Your experience of reality, however you define it, is what you are able to observe and define. This does not mean that you cannot have an experience outside the confines of your reality. What it does mean is that in order to have an experience, you may have to step into a different way of observing, which is fine. One of the things you are going to learn in The Physics of Miracles is how to notice what you notice. I am not referring to your ability to notice what you think you are supposed to observe or think. I will not tell you what the object of the game is but ask you to see with a fresh perspective how to notice what you notice. Trust whatever shows up in the moment If I look at you at a point right between your eyes, but my visual tracking drifts out several feet from your physical form, I am going to pay attention. Employing a soft gaze, I might ask myself the question, ‘What am I unconsciously noticing out there?’ And then I am going to trust that information to be pertinent and useful to the moment. I am going to think that is worth trusting. So I go here, and way out there, and feel that. There. That gives us access to other possibilities. If you find that your eyes go to the floor when looking at someone’s chest, or they are drawn to your ear or someone’s hairdo or a light fixture, then you trust that. When you do that it gives you access to other realities. Once you start to play that way, what has happened is you have encoded for a different experience. You are starting to see more of the information that is not normally accessible to your sensory apparatus until you assign the priority to pay attention. All you need to do for massive change to be available to you is to notice something that gets your attention. It is about trusting and letting yourself go to the place where your attention is drawn. This is a measurement. Allow yourself to notice something in


Tapping Into the Field of Consciousness

the moment, and that will be your first point. The measurement of the feeling or expression or anything that could give you a new reference can constitute the second point. I do not know what that is going to be, and you do not need to know. This is a secret contract and is ‘eyes only’ and on a ‘need-toknow basis.’ Just moving into a space where any aspect of your life can be different opens up a door of possibility for you to be there. You want to be in a space where things can show up differently instead of achieving the observed result of your normal expectations. Don’t be over concerned by what seemingly eludes your conscious attention.

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In this eagery anticipated follow up to the bestselling Matrix Energetics, Richard Bartlett expands further on his revolutionary healing techniques. He discusses how miracles are possible, that they are indications of things already known to exist just not yet proven, and describes their relationship to quantum physics and alternate universes. When we change our consciousness around what is possible, we discover we are able to employ quantum energies in our day-to-day lives in unexpected, fun and miraculous ways. Based on the theories of quantum and scalar physics, the strength of Bartlett’s revolutionary consciousness technology – and why he’s one of the most well respected teachers in modern energy medicine – is that he utilizes advanced scientific concepts while remaining accessible to everyone: you can put his methods to use without needing to understand the actual science. Discussing topics such as time travel, alternate universes, and invisibility, this book is fascinating and instantly applicable. Once again, Richard is reshaping the way we think about our place in the universe, and our capacity for health and healing.

288pp, 155mm x 234mm, hardback, 2009, RRP £16.99

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A relaxed scepticism It’s okay to allow yourself to be perplexed or even to question whether anything I am saying is real or true. That is a healthy attitude to maintain, one of relaxed scepticism. Allow yourself to embrace the sense of not knowing, for that is where the power is. When you release the need to know or to do, you collapse the wave function of the prob-


lem set into the unseen answer. Then you can precipitate within yourself the object or state of your desire. If your outcomes are always predicated on your conscious expectations, then where is the space you have set aside for miracles to occupy? The true nature of miracles The more you intensify and turn up the rheostat of your awareness potential, the more access you are granted to magical realms. Different natural laws function here that allow you to perform feats that to the uninformed might appear to be miraculous in nature. The true nature of miracles is entirely consistent with natural law. It is only natural that universal consciousness is unlimited in potential and scope. Within the enlightened potential state of universal being, the concept of limitation is unnatural. Tom Bearden states that the idea that there are laws that govern nature is just plain stupid. Bearden says, ‘You can do anything at all; it might just take you a lifetime to figure out how to do some things.’ There are no limitations beyond what you can and cannot conceive of doing. Wait a lifetime? Begin now! From The Physics of Miracles, ©2010 by Richard Bartlett, published by Beyond Words.

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Dr Richard Bartlett discovered that by lightly touching his clients, while at the same time applying focused intent, he could restore them to a physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced state, instantly shifting energy blockages and misalignments that had plagued them for years. He found that he could teach anyone how to do this, and here, in Matrix Energetics, Dr Bartlett shows us how to access this process, that merges the science of subtle energy with our innate imaginations. Each of us can shift the way we see and experience the reality around us, to tap into the matrix – in essence, travel in time – and bring a healthy state back into the present for immediate, profound results.

204pp, 140mm x 214mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2007, RRP £8.99 Code: 190906 Cygnus Price £5.40

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Richard Bandler, world-renowned co-creator of NLP, has been described as one of the greatest geniuses of personal change – one of our living greats. In his latest book he summarises his previous work in NLP and hypnosis, and adds a wealth of new material. Richard has helped millions of people throughout the world turn their lives around. Half Now he offers that same help to you, to allow price! you to overcome whatever may have held you back in life, whether it be fear, self-doubt or a difficult and traumatic past, and using simple yet effective techniques he empowers you to become more successful, confident and happy. The book is accompanied by a free DVD, featuring Richard demonstrating and explaining his techniques, and is packed with potent exercises to help you achieve whatever you desire.


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Change is now accelerating around us and within us so rapidly, that what is needed, decided Neale Donald Walsch, is a guidebook for us as we face these dramatic shifts in life. The rate of change will not reverse, so he shows why it happens, how we can live more effectively with it, changing our reaction to change, so that it no longer equals crisis. By following his ways of altering your emotions and perception, you will thrive in life’s challenging times. This timely book is equally relevant for those already finding themselves dealing with tough times, and for those seeking further personal development in these times of rapid transition, and is a must for all NDW fans, too.

304pp, 133mm x 214mm, softback, 2010, RRP £11.99 Code: 200205 Cygnus Prices: 1 copy £6.75, 2 or more copies £6.25 each

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268pp, 152mm x 228mm, softback, 2009, RRP £9.99 Code: 190602 Cygnus Price £5.99 £5.50

226pp, 152mm x 228mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2009, RRP £9.99 Code: 190302 Cygnus Prices: 1 copy £6.99, 2 or more copies £6.49 each

You Can Heal Your Life, the definitive bestselling book on the way that limiting thoughts and beliefs control and constrict us, has transformed the lives of millions of people. This is a book that people credit with profoundly altering their awareness of the impact that the mind has on our health and well-being. Louise Hay offers deep insight into the relationship save between the mind and the body, showing how, 40%! by changing specific thoughts and beliefs, you can improve your relationships, work, prosperity and, most importantly, your physical health. Shift your thinking, make positive change in your life, and realise that all you need to achieve abundance, improved self-esteem and health is already within you. This special box set edition, ideal as an introduction to Louise’s methods, includes her inspirational film, which centres on the affirmation ‘I am willing to change’, and makes her guidance all the more vivid and accessible.

Boxed set, 132mm x 192mm, 266pp softback book + DVD, 2009, RRP £12.99 Code: 191105 Cygnus Price £7.65

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In Stop the Excuses!, Wayne Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. In fact, they’re just excuses. So, modifying habituated thinking patterns means losing the tired old excuses and examining your beliefs in a new and truthful light. In this liberating work, Wayne presents a compendium of conscious and subconscious crutches employed by virtually everyone, along with ways to cast them aside once and for all. You’ll learn to apply specific questions to any excuse, and then proceed through the steps of a new paradigm. You’ll realise that there are no excuses worth defending, ever, even if they’ve always been part of your life – and the joy of releasing them will resonate throughout your very being. When you eliminate the need to explain your shortcomings or failures, you’ll awaken to the life of your dreams.

Can we wake up in time? Exploring human evolution from both scientific and mystical points of view, Peter Russell shows beyond any doubt that we are standing on the threshold of a major leap in our evolution. This leap, he says, could be as significant as the emergence of life itself, and at its core is a spiritual renaissance. We are being called to put into practice the perennial wisdom of the ages, and only through such a major shift in consciousness will we be able to manage successfully the awesome global crises now facing us. We are, says Russell, hurtling ever closer to an unprecedented moment of culmination – the ‘Omega’ of history – when humanity will face its evolutionary moment of truth. And, like every species when faced with deep challenge, we must evolve to survive. We must metamorphose into a species truly worthy of the name ‘wise’, a species no longer fettered by self-centredness, or by outdated attitudes and beliefs. How? This book will provide you with much valuable food for thought as you seek your own answers to this question, and will inspire you with the courage and perseverance you need to make your own personal evolution a reality.



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This important new book is the eagerly awaited sequel to Ageless Body, Timeless Mind [Code: 085134], in which Deepak Chopra revealed the profound connection between our health and our thoughts. Here, he shows us how to create the self we want to be. Dr Chopra explains how the body is actually a reflection of the mind, a ‘symbol in flesh and blood of everything you think and feel’. Be guided now in reconnecting with your ideal sense of self, and venturing through a remarkable process of renewal and discovery, as you explore consciously the places within, putting right what has been created by our unconsious mind. Chopra invites us all to live from the soul, to satisfy our deepest desires in a life rich with joy and meaning.

298pp, 152mm x 233mm, softback, 2009, RRP £11.99 Code: 200209 Cygnus Price £6.99

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The Swan: Bird of the Soul

To draw close to the birds in spirit, to listen with and the spirit often become one. The guardian an open heart to their cascades of song and to spirit is seduced by the lure of human love away attune the soul to their joyous outpourings, is a from its true destiny, until it is reminded by the poignantly beautiful way to embrace the angelic earthly manifestation of the swan and returns streams of life. Through their association with again to its angelic task, which is concerned with the angels, birds can teach us of the hidden both the bird’s physical and soul evolution. beauties and mysteries which are secreted withAs the swan is so deeply associated with Zeus in the human soul. They bring us teachings and Jupiter, gods of the thunderbolt or of the about our own soul and the soul of all creation. dynamic spark of life which forges creation itself, They bear messages from the heavenly worlds, its eggs (which in legend produced so many and through their flight, their songs and their mythical beings) were said to hatch only in thunpresence, they open a doorway to the spheres derstorms, when the transforming kiss of the of the spirit and lift us in our light bodies up into lightening would shatter the shell and bring forth airy heights of invigorating sweetness. the wonder within. save The swan 41%! BOOK CIRCLE CHOICE: Even more This exquisite bird, said to have a human soul, savings when you buy extra copies! is the creature of a myriad myths. If there were not swans, we would surely call them forth from ANGEL MESSAGES: the imaginal world, for our spirit would need to THE ORACLE envisage their grace, their dignity, the enchantOF THE BIRDS ment of their beauty, as we need to envisage Claire Nahmad the unicorn for its similar qualities. Swans on Our dear friend Claire the water contemplating their reflection can Nahmad has dedicated seem to the onlooker as if they are birds of half Angel Messages: The vision and half dream, and the aura of their legOracle of the Birds to end can often seem almost palpable. Ann Napier, because Ann In Scandinavian myth, the swan was the bird encouraged Claire to write of the benign god Freyr and was associated it, knowing that it would with the white cirrus clouds, the clouds of fair be ideal for Cygnus memweather, which formed his chariot. It was also bers and the perfect way for her to share her the bird of valediction, the term ‘swansong’ being passion for the birds as messengers of the familiar around the world. The Valkyries were angels. There is a special link, she tells us, swan-maidens who flew before those they between angels and birds; birdsong is magical favoured in battle, summoning the souls of the and might be said to be a lower harmonic of slain to Valhalla. the songs of the angels. Like the angels too, In ancient Greece, Apollo’s chariot was drawn birds can bring us messages, warnings, inspiby swans when he rode north to the land of ration, comfort and joy, and can guide us everlasting youth. Apollo himself was fathered by through periods of sorrow and loss. Their a swan, together with his twin sister Artemis, for appearance at certain points in our lives can Zeus had impregnated their mother Leda, who speak to us profoundly. Claire explains the was courted by the god Jupiter in swan form. qualities and significance of more than 200 Two eggs came forth from this union, one of species, and describes how to use this as an them producing Castor and Pollux, the Heavenly oracle for divination. She invites you to draw Twins, whilst from the other sprang the mythical close to the birds in spirit, to listen with an women Helena and Clytemnestra. open heart to their cascades of song and to One persistent and widespread legend is that attune your soul to their joyous outpourings. of the swan-maiden, which tells how some Understand the angelic messages that birds amorous swain secretly watches whilst a flock of deliver to us and awaken your heart-intelliswans leave their garment of feathers by the gence by learning the language of the birds. side of a woodland pool and bathe in the waters 224pp, 134mm x 215mm, softback, 2010, RRP £10.99 in the form of beautiful maidens. The young Code: 200304 Cygnus Prices: 1 copy £6.49, man, usually of humble origin, falls in love with 2+ copies £5.99 each one of the maidens and, careful to note which is her feathered garment on the next occasion that the swans assemble at the pool, steals it away. The swan is also sacred to Aphrodite, Orpheus The swan is thereby trapped in her woman’s and Venus. Its purity is a Christian symbol of body, and agrees to marry her suitor. She invariSaint Hugh of Lincoln and Saint Cuthbert. ably finds her swan-feather garment at some Buddha was moved to begin his teachings after point in the future, usually when she has given rescuing a wounded swan, and the northern birth to several children, and leaves her husband constellation Cygnus, the Swan, was placed in without hesitation, leaving him to remember her, the sky by the gods to remind humanity of the love-struck forever, through the unearthly gifts of northward-lying land of everlasting youth. music, song, poetry and dance that have been In Celtic legend, the beautiful queen Yewberry bestowed on her children. changes into a swan every other year at the time The secret of this undying myth seems to be of Samhain, the Celtic New Year, and Oenghus, that the swan’s spirit, or guardian fairy, is of such the god of love, transforms himself into a swan advanced and beautiful evolution that the bird

to woo her. The White Swans of the Wilderness were four children of the Tuatha De Danaan, an ancient magical race linked with the noble fairies. They were turned into swans by their jealous stepmother, and cursed to remain in swan form for 900 years, until Saint Patrick released them after Ireland had become Christianized. Until that time, they roamed the skies and the wild waterways, singing songs of beauty and melancholy with human voices. Swan song The swan is said to sing, once, preceding death, although as a bird of the Threshold, she inhabits the inner and outer worlds, ever entering and leaving the spiritual realms through the sacred Gate which is the mystic link between the two and is often associated with mist or twilight, both of which are symbolized by the swan; and so she sings not only on her ‘death’, those times when she enters the Otherworld, but also on her emergence from it. One old story tells that when a great company of swans wearing silver chains and golden coronets alighted on Lough Bel Dragon, they sang with such ethereal sweetness that all who heard them fell into an enchanted dream for three days and nights. Nevertheless, their mellifluous death-song was mentioned by Plato and Aristotle, the latter claiming that it was often heard by sailors along the Libyan coast, who wept to hear its melancholic strains. When the swan sings at the time of her death, it is said that she does so because her spirit is enraptured by her vision of the heaven-worlds which she is approaching; and when she sings at other times, it is because she is bringing the sublime sweetness of those worlds back to the Earth with her as she once again crosses the threshold between the supernal and the mundane. The swan comes to you to bring you inspiration, especially if you are composing a song, a piece of music, a poem or a story; the swan’s skin and feathers were used in druidic times to make the cloak that was presented to the bard as a signature of his high office. Sometimes the swan appears in order to beautify and bless a farewell, or to indicate that the time is right to make one. She is also the herald of the benediction of love and beauty preparing to come into life, and as a symbol of the soul she bestows those graceful qualities belonging to it which are to do with love, reflection and depth, dignity and beauty, purity and stillness, solitude and self-discovery. When the swan glides towards you, you are being asked to make a polished mirror of your soul so that you may reflect the spiritual worlds; for the swan is the great ensouler, and will help us to build the swift magical chariot that the spirit rides in and drives, which is truly the soulessence. From Angel Messages: The Oracle of the Birds, ©2010 by Claire Nahmad, published by Watkins. See the Collins Bird Guide on p.11 – this is the ideal reference to help you to identify the birds that are bringing messages.



In Walking the Faery Pathway Harmonia Saille introduces you to a remarkable method of divination that helps you connect with the faery folk – the Faery Caille or Oracle of Wands – which draws inspiration from the old Irish Ogham alphabet, and the symbolic meaning attached to trees. A full description of the wand meanings is provided along with detailed instructions on how to use and make your own set. She describes particular places that act as portals and gateways to the faery realms, and includes techniques to help you contact them, including dowsing for leylines, pathworking exercises, and advice on how to attract your own house faery. Walking the Faery Pathway gives you a delightful and intriguing insight into these nature spirits and their world, and how to communicate with them.

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SIGNS FROM ABOVE Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue

Your guardian angels are continuously giving you messages to guide your life choices, frequently through signs, such as seeing rainbows, cloud forms, repetitive number sequences, finding coins or feathers, and hearing meaningful songs. In Signs from Above, Doreen Virtue and her son Charles teach you how to understand the signs that are always save around you. You’ll gain comfort from reading 40%! true stories of how angels answered prayers by giving clear signs of their love and protection. You’ll also have a better understanding of how to ask the angels for signs, along with specific prayers for your relationships, career, health, and other vital areas of your life. There are just two steps to experiencing signs from above: believe in them and notice them! Now, as you read Signs from Above, you will realize just how often the angels have already sent you signs.

128pp, 102mm x 152mm, softback, 2009, RRP £6.99 Code: 190207 Cygnus Price £4.50 £4.20

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In Animal Wisdom, Sioux-descendant Jessica Dawn Palmer explores the legends, rituals, symbolism and magical powers associated with over 70 of our most familiar, loved and revered animals, such as the wolf, owl, otter and raven. She describes their traits and characteristics, their habitat, the myth, folklore and mystical traditions that surround them, and the medicine and healing power – including much from Native American tradition – associated with them. Animal Wisdom reminds us of the importance of human-animal affinity, of seeing animals as mentors who have a unique gift of wisdom for us. This absorbing book is sure to heighten your sense of wonder and enchantment at the natural world.

There are two types of angels: those with wings, and those with leaves. For thousands of years, those seeking advice or wanting to give thanks to Mother Nature have walked the ancient paths into the sacred grove. Because today sacred groves have become scarcer, and venerable old trees in tranquil spots are hard to find when we need them, Fred Hageneder and Anne Heng have created this tree oracle to bring the tree angels closer to us all once more. Experiencing the angelic spirits through The Tree Angel Oracle can enrich our lives and help us to rediscover our true connection to trees. SPECIAL OFFER: buy ‘Walking the Faery Pathway’ & ‘The Tree Angel Oracle’ together for £14.90

Rupert and Kristin Isaacson were heartbroken when they learned that their three-year-old son was autistic. And with each passing day Rowan’s growing isolation, his uncontrollable fits and each failed treatment filled them with despair. One day Rowan escaped and ran into a field of horses. Rupert watched in horror, but saw a miracle occur as the horses responded lovingly to Rowan – and he to them. Could his affinity with the animals save him from his condition? The Isaacsons were moved to leave their home and travel to the plains of Mongolia, the spiritual home of the horse, and the realm of shamanic healers, mountain people and herds of reindeer, risking everything on an arduous epic horseback journey in search of a cure for Rowan and the rescue of their family. Miraculously, Rowan did find a cure, helped by the combined healing powers of horses, and an old Mongolian shaman.

ANIMAL WISDOM Jessica Dawn Palmer

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Boxed set, 158mm x 220mm, 36 full colour cards, 112pp softback guidebook, illus. in b&w, 2006, RRP £14.99 Code: 160415 Cygnus Price £8.25

THE HORSE BOY Rupert Isaacson

334pp, 127mm x 197mm, illus. in colour, softback, 2010, RRP £7.99 Code: 200217 Cygnus Price £3.99

214pp, 138mm x 215mm, softback, 2009, RRP £11.99 Code: 200305 Cygnus Price £7.65

THE TREE ANGEL ORACLE Fred Hageneder & Anne Heng


396pp, 159mm x 215mm, softback, 2001, RRP £12.99 Code: 100521 Cygnus Price £6.50

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GUARDIANS OF BEING Eckhart Tolle & Patrick McDonnell

‘I sometimes call animals – dogs and cats particularly – guardians of being. Dogs fill a vital function in the collective consciousness of humanity... they show us what we have lost and, once we realise that, they can help us in our shift into a deeper state of consciousness.’ Eckhart Tolle From bestselling author and visionary Eckhart Tolle comes this wonderful, heartwarming, enlightening and inspiring work on the importance of dogs and cats not just as pets, but as guides, guardians and beloved friends. Richly illustrated by Patrick McDonnell, creator of Mutts, Guardians of Being shows us that not only can we rely on our pets to help us, but that through their partnership, we can gain a deeper understanding of the universe and its love, as well as ourselves. Through this extraordinary exploration of our relationship with animals, Tolle demonstrates that our relationship with the animals we know and care for is not simply a bond of love, but a spiritual one too, transcending words to form an uplifting, enlightening experience.

66pp, 229mm x 178mm, illustrated, hardback, 2009, RRP £7.99 Code: 191003 Cygnus Price £5.55 £4.75

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Cygnus Books 7


Having a clear understanding of the mind is essential to unravel the mechanisms of happiness and suffering. That is why psychologists, specialists in neuroscience and philosophers investigate the nature of the mind. It is, after all, our mind that we have to deal with from morning till night; and it is our mind, in the end, that determines the quality of every moment of our existence. So if knowing the mind’s true nature and understanding its mechanisms will exercise a decisive influence on our quality of life, then we have good reason to investigate it. If we do not investigate it, if we fail to understand our own mind, then we remain a stranger to ourselves. When the mind examines itself, what can it learn about its own nature? The first thing it notices is the endless series of thoughts that pass through it. These feed our sensations, our imagination, our memories and our projections about the future. Do we also find a ‘luminous’ quality in the mind that illuminates our experience, no matter what its content? This luminous quality is the fundamental cognitive faculty that underlies all thought. It is that which, when we are angry, sees the anger without letting itself be drawn into it. This simple, pure awareness can be called pure consciousness, because it can be perceived even in the absence of concepts and mental constructs. The practice of meditation reveals that when we let our thoughts calm down, we are able to remain for a few moments in the non-conceptual experience of pure awareness. It is this fundamental aspect of consciousness, free from the veils of confusion, that Buddhism calls ‘the nature of mind’. Thoughts arise out of pure awareness and dissolve back into it just as waves arise in the ocean and fall back into it without ever becoming anything other than the ocean itself. It is essential to realize this if we want to free ourselves from the habitual, automatic patterns of thought that create suffering. Identify the fundamental nature of mind and knowing how to rest in it in a non-dual and non-conceptual way is one of the essential conditions for inner peace and liberation from suffering. A meditation A thought arises as though from nowhere. It might be a pleasant thought or a troubling one. It stays for a few moments and then dies away, to be replaced by others. When it disappears, like the sound of a bell fading,


On the Nature of Mind

where does it go? No one can say. Certain thoughts recur frequently in your mind where they create states ranging from joy to sadness, desire to indifference, resentment to sympathy. In this way, thoughts have tremendous power to condition our state of being, But where do they get this power? They don’t have an army at their command, nor do they possess fuel to start a fire with; they don’t have stones they can stone you with. They are only mental constructs, so they should not be able to harm you.

THE ART OF MEDITATION Matthieu Ricard In 2007 we were introduced to Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard’s wisdom and skill in bringing together the teachings of Eastern and Western thought, in the instant classic, Happiness, [170501]. We now welcome his new book, an elegant and inspiring guide to The Art of Meditation, which he was compelled to write because he is so often asked to explain what meditation is, how it is done and what it can achieve. So, in this authoritative and entirely accessible book, he sets out to answer these questions and talks you through the theory, spirituality and practical aspects of meditation. The Art of Meditation demonstrates that by practising it on a daily basis you can change your understanding of yourself and the world around you. He illustrates each stage of his teaching with examples, meditations and sources of inspiration, leading you deeper into your own practice. Through his experience as a monk, his close reading of sacred texts and his deep knowledge of the Buddhist masters, Matthieu Ricard shows the significant benefits that meditation, based on selfless love and compassion, can bring to each of us.

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202pp, 132mm x 184mm, hardback, 2010, RRP £12.99

Code: 200306 Cygnus Price £6.49

Let your mind observe itself. Thoughts arise. The mind exists in some way, because you experience it. Apart from that, what could be said about it? Examine your mind and the thoughts that arise there. Can any concrete characteristics be attributed to them? Do they have a location? Do they have a colour? A form? The more you look, the less you find. You note of course that the mind has a capacity to know, but it has no other intrinsic and


real characteristic. This is the reason Buddhism defines the mind as a continuum of experiences. It does not constitute a distinct entity, it is ‘empty of inherent existence’. Having found nothing in any way substantial, remain for a few moments in this state of not having found anything. When a thought appears, just let it arise and pass away by itself, without either blocking or prolonging it. During the brief time that your mind is not burdened by any discursive thought, contemplate its nature. In this gap, after past thoughts have ceased and future thoughts have not yet appeared, do you perceive a consciousness that is pure and luminous? Remain a few moments in this state of natural simplicity, free from concepts. Let thoughts pass away As we gradually familiarize ourselves with the nature of mind and learn to let thoughts pass away as soon as they arise – just like a letter written on water – we begin to progress more easily on the path of inner freedom. Automatic thought patterns no longer have the same power to perpetuate our confusion and reinforce our habitual tendencies. We distort reality less and less, and the very mechanisms of suffering finally disappear. Since at this point, we have the inner resources to deal with our emotions, our feelings of insecurity give way to freedom and confidence. We cease to be preoccupied exclusively by our hopes and fears and become available to the people around us. In this way, we bring about the welfare of others at the same time as our own. This is a long process that develops in stages until it finally reaches fruition. All the stages of progress are beneficial. So, we should not be impatient, but preserve and appreciate the true and lasting changes that gradually occur in our way of being. From The Art of Meditation, ©2010 by Matthieu Ricard, published by Atlantic Books.

The nature of the mind is comparable to the ocean, to the sky. The incessant movement of waves on the surface of the ocean prevents us from seeing its depths. If we dive down, there are no more waves; there is just the immense serenity of the depths... The nature of the ocean is immutable.

Look at the sky. It is sometimes clear and transparent. At other times, clouds accumulate and modify the perception we have of it. Nevertheless, the clouds do not change the nature of the sky. The mind is nothing if not a totally free nature. Remain in the natural simplicity of the mind, which is beyond all concepts. Pema Wangyal Rinpoche Did you know? You may order from all previous issues of Cygnus Review

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In Decoding the Spiritual Messages of Everyday Life, psychiatrist Paul DeBell offers a unique approach to help you develop your spiritual potential and become more perceptive, creative, and fulfilled. He has found a way of drawing on such rational tools as cognitive-behavioural and developmental psychology to detect and decipher feedback from the deeper dimensions in life. He explains that spiritual messages are inspirations breaking through from your soul into your consciousness. In a thoughtful, practical way, he shows how to make yourself receptive to them, so that you can actively tune in, expand your spiritual awareness, to cultivate and deepen your spiritual intelligence and commitment. In this contemporary, down-to-earth, and thoroughly compelling work, he shows how to bring spiritual intention to bear on your daily routines and specific challenges, such as anxiety or depression, to make the most of the wide range of opportunities for spiritual growth that exist in your life today, and ultimately discover your own true purpose.


BUDDHA AT BEDTIME Dharmachari Nagaraja

The ancient wisdom of Buddhism, with its emphasis on peace, mindfulness and compassion, is the ideal basis for helping children to face challenges with inner confidence and calm. In this beautifully illustrated book, save Dharmachari Nagaraja, a regular guest on 41%! BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought, re-tells twenty ancient Buddhist tales in a way that will transport your children into an imaginary world of enlightenment and discovery. Here they will meet delightful characters and discover simple Buddhist messages to help them apply values such as patience, compassion, honesty and generosity to their own lives. Designed to be read aloud at bedtime, by parents or by children on their own, these compelling stories provide a soothing transition into sleep.

144pp, 191mm x 239mm, softback, 2010, illus. in colour, RRP £12.99 Code: 180510 Cygnus Price £7.65

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In his teachings on the Lord’s Prayer, Rudolf Steiner penetrates the esoteric meanings of a prayer that stands at the heart of Christianity, relating its seven petitions to the seven spiritual and physical bodies of the human being. He also discusses the difference between prayer and meditation, and shows how true prayer is selfless in nature. Rudolf Steiner affirms the power of the prayer given by Jesus Christ himself, and encourages us to begin to understand it at deeper levels. Such an understanding, he explains, is now necessary for humanity’s further development. The Lord’s Prayer: An Esoteric Study also features an introduction by Judith von Halle, whose work is valued for her experiential knowledge of the Lord’s Prayer and the events of Christ’s life.

Gangaji is an American-born teacher who, with her radiant presence and gentle encouragement, shows how simple it is to step through the endless chatter of your mind and enter the silent, utterly peaceful brilliance at the core of your being. She shows you how to experience consciously the motionless, yet endlessly powerful hub of your own being, so that the whole movement of your life can be informed by it. You will find a sanctuary, where the truth of yourself and limitless peace are present, regardless of the physical, mental, or emotional circumstances of your life. Can we stay in it, or must we inevitably lose contact with it again, as we are swept along in the relentless tide of everyday life? Gangaji answers with deep and liberating wisdom. As an added bonus, this book has a foreword by Eckhart Tolle.

SPECIAL OFFER: buy ‘Decoding the Spiritual Messages of Everyday Life’ & ‘The Diamond in Your Pocket’ together for £12.14

In The Source of Miracles, Kathleen McGowan describes the transformative power of the Lord’s Prayer and the secret of the Rose with Six Petals – a shape at the centre of the mosaic labyrinth in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Chartres. Each petal offers a teaching found within the prayer and is the map to discovering the real secret to an abundant, joyous and fulfilled life. For each of these – faith, surrender, service, abundance, forgiveness, obstacles, and love – Kathleen presents a series of questions, meditations and affirmations designed to help you dig deep into your heart and soul. Combining her own story and her rose formula, she offers you a unique spiritual practice to transform your life through the power of the Lord’s Prayer.


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280pp, 150mm x 230mm, softback, 2006, RRP £10.99 Code: 160404 Cygnus Price £5.49


224pp, 144mm x 240mm, hardback, 2009, RRP £10.99 Code: 191107 Cygnus Price £6.09

336pp, 161mm x 233mm, hardback, 2009, RRP £12.99 Code: 200307 Cygnus Price £7.65



85pp, 136mm x 215mm, softback, 2007, RRP £7.95 Code: 200113 Cygnus Price £3.95

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And did those feet in ancient time, Walk upon England’s mountains green? And was the holy Lamb of God, On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

Do William Blake’s lyrics for the popular hymn ‘Jerusalem’ reveal an extraordinary insight into the so-called ‘missing years of Jesus’, the eighteen years that are unaccounted for in the Bible? Archaeologist and classical scholar Dennis Price has investigated these clues, paying meticulous attention to the accounts in the ancient Aramaic and Greek versions of the Bible. He has also conducted an exhaustive and unprecedented study into the myths and legends of Christ in Britain. By viewing this enthralling subject as a modern missing person’s investigation, he has pieced together the puzzle and now presents compelling and highly original evidence that Christ did indeed visit Britain in the company of Joseph of Arimathea ‘in ancient times’. Indeed, the weight of new material suggests that Christ remained in Britain for several years before eventually returning to his homeland in the east.

284pp, 158mm x 240mm, illus. in b&w, hardback, 2009, RRP £12.99 Code: 190411 Cygnus Price £6.99

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Cygnus Books 9


Gathering people who serve to create a world that works for all Human history can be viewed in many different ways. One manner is to see it as a slow march toward unity and the consciousness of the oneness of all forms of life (with steps forwards and backwards) from the tribal consciousness based on separation, to a consciousness which seeks to build bridges and sees common bonds between all things. For generations an invisible nation of world servers has been forming all over the planet; an invisible web of individuals who share distinctive traits and attitudes, the dominant one being a sense of service toward their neighbour, their community and the world at large. This self-constituting serving ‘nation’ without any territory is an expression of the progressive opening up of humanity to a more holistic and unified view of reality. The idea was first envisioned by British historian and scholar Hugh J Schonfield in 1938, who even proposed a nation with an actual constitution – he called A Servant Nation (ASN) – but the world was clearly not ready at the time. Today, with the accelerated leavening of human consciousness and the growing sense of oneness (as illustrated by the amazing international response to the Haitian crisis) we feel the time is ripe to re-launch the idea. The concept is not attached to any political, philosophical or religious movement, nor to a specific current of thought. Its philosophical roots are solely in the idea and practice of world service. One meets the ‘citizens’ of the Serving Nation all over the planet. They have existed since time immemorial. Although they have never heard of it, they belong to it by their spirit of disinterested service and by their way of life. They have pledged themselves to a certain quality of beingness and living. They have made a commitment to human dignity and human rights – not always verbally, but by the integrity of their thoughts, actions and life styles. They strive to ‘walk their talk’. It has been said that ‘where there is no vision, the people perish’ If humanity presently seems to face challenging situations, it is first and foremost because there is no common human, social and ethical vision, which would harness our immense technical, financial and scientific means towards a constructive common goal. As long as we refuse to look far enough ahead, we will be incapable of reducing human suffering. The future will manifest itself through us. There exists only one future, and that is the future of a united humanity, diverse in its expression, but united in service for the common good. Due to the nature of the specific challenges we are facing, it will be impossible to find solutions to world problems based on the old models and

paradigms of yesterday. The greatest moments in the history of humanity are those when a cause situated in the future controls human action and annuls the weight of the past. Both Gandhi and Martin Luther King outlined such visions, which broke the conditioning and apathy born of past patterns of behaviour. The achievements and norms of the past must not prevent us from seeking new ways or aiming for still more meaningful achievements. The vision governing the members of ASN is extremely simple: that of a world that works for all, nature included. For the world to work for all parties concerned, including its so called weaker members, it is essential that humankind strive to generalize ‘win-win’ mechanisms and


Serving Humanity is a collection of powerful instructions and guidelines about how to turn your whole being into an instrument that can truly be of service to those who guide the evolution of humanity. Transmitted by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and channeled by Alice Bailey in the 1930s, this volume is well worth studying in depth by everyone who aspires to be a lightworker. Read with discrimination, combined with persistent effort to put its teachings into practice, Serving Humanity will show you how to gradually purify your aspiration to serve from the taints of self-deception, pride, ambition, selfishness, and unclear thinking, and to place the commandment ‘to love your neighbour as yourself’ at the very centre of your being.

528pp, 120mm x 190mm, softback, 1999 (First published 1972), RRP £11.00 Code: 180525 Cygnus Price £8.99

relationships in every single area of life. We feel this should possibly be the greatest, single revolution of this millennium: replacing the winlose, competitive relationships, which characterize so many human societies and the relations of industrial society with nature, by relationships built on cooperation, synthesis, non-violence, solidarity, respect for human rights, dignity and autonomy of one’s neighbour and a vision of the ‘unbroken wholeness’ of reality. A meaningful future is one built through the inspiration of a vision. It is not only the result of our action, but first and foremost a result of the power of our vision. ASN does not aim at being one more humanitarian organization. It simply aims at empowering its citizens – you, me – to act where they are, but with a new consciousness and understanding that the solution to the world’s great problems does not reside in cleverer technologies, better organisations, greater freedom of

A Serving Nation

world markets, and other similar approaches, but in the worldwide dissemination of the spirit of disinterested world service, respect for human rights and responsibilities, and integrity in action. In the long run, ASN could end up with the creation of a ‘community of consciousness’, which would turn into a spiritual family – the term spiritual, meaning here values of the spirit, without any attachment to a religious institution. By setting the concept of disinterested or unselfed, joyful service at the center of one’s life, one fundamentally transforms the relational mode in a qualitative direction: ‘I serve you’, instead of: ‘I use you for my aims.’ An authentic spirit of service constitutes an unparalleled tool for individual and community transformation. When applied, it can move mountains. At the present moment, we see the concept of ASN as a pedagogical tool to help develop the sense of oneness so necessary to enable us to survive as a species. Many of the readers of this magazine, we are sure, will spontaneously feel in complete harmony with it and may even feel that they are already members of this serving family or nation. As more and more of us develop a clear sense that our ultimate loyalty is not to our passport but to the world community, this will create an accelerating sense of oneness on the planet, because what is happening today on the unseen spiritual level is infinitely more important for our future than any material action, however important it may be. It may well be that, with time, ASN will take on a more structured form and its members develop the ability to significantly influence national and world decisions. We are evidently very far from that now. In the meantime, every single one of us counts. Our every single conversation weighs in the balance of history. You, dear reader, are infinitely important. In the words of William James: ‘I am done with great things and with big things, great institutions and big successes, and I am for those tiny, invisible, molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets, or like the capillary oozing of water, yet which, if you give them time, will rend the hardest monuments of man’s pride.’ Many loving thoughts and blessings, Elly and Pierre Pradervand (in French)

The Gentle Art of Blessing Presented by Pierre Pradervand

At Community of the King of Love, Whaley Hall, Derbyshire Weekend Retreat Fri 23 – Sun 25 Apr 2010 £225.00 per person, incl food & accom Friday Evening Talk 7:30pm, Fri 23 Apr £10 per person For further information, contact: Jacque 01457 863687 Yvonne 07910 118135

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NEW URBAN FARMER Celia Brooks Brown

As the New Urban Farmer, Celia shares her gardening expertise, learnt through a combination of hard graft, trial and error, and shared tips from the other allotmenteers. This knowledge has been distilled into a year-round gardening book that is part-journal, part-gardening manual and part-recipe book with one aim: to inspire you to cultivate and enjoy your own delicious homegrown produce. New Urban Farmer is divided by season, and for each month of the year Celia starts with a rundown of what is both good to sow and good to eat, then highlights the key jobs for that period along with the main stars of the vegetable plot, finishing up with mouth-watering recipes that will put the month’s harvest to best use. For keen growers without an allotment, Celia also gives advice throughout on raising crops in pots, growbags and window boxes. Bright, cheerful, green and honest, this is an ideal book for beginner gardeners, as well as providing a feast for the experienced, too.

208pp, 170mm x 245mm, illus. in colour, softback, 2010, RRP £14.99 Code: 200308 Cygnus Price £7.99

LOCAL FOOD Tamzin Pinkerton & Rob Hopkins

COLLINS BIRD GUIDE Lars Svensson, Peter Grant et al

You may already have spotted Claire Nahmad’s new book, Angel Messages: The Oracle of the Birds [200304] on p.6, which gives the divinatory qualities and significance of over 200 species. We thought it would be wise to offer what we think is a superb bird guide, so that you can identify the birds that are bringing their messages to you. In a wonderful synchronicity, the publication save of Claire’s new book coincides with the publica44%! tion of a new edition of the Collins Bird Guide. With expanded text and additional colour illustrations, this is a must for every birdwatcher. The guide provides all the information needed to identify any species at any time of the year, covering size, plumage variation, habitat, range, identification and voice. The combination of definitive text, up-to-date distribution maps and superb illustrations, all in a single, compact volume, makes this book the ultimate field guide, essential on every bookshelf and birdwatching trip.

448pp, 135mm x 195mm, illus. in colour, 2010, RRP £17.99 Code: 200310 Cygnus Price £9.99


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Many people already buy their vegetables as locally as possible, eat organic and seasonal food where they can, and are perhaps even coming to grips with managing an allotment. However, with current economic pressures and mounting concerns about peak oil and climate change, there is a growing feeling that we need to do more to reduce dependence on the global market. Local Food offers an inspiring yet practical guide to what can be achieved if you get together with the people on your street, the people in your village, town or city. It explores a huge range of initiatives for rebuilding a diverse, resilient local food network – including community gardens and food co-operatives – and includes all the information you will need to get ideas off the ground. Drawing on the practical experience of Transition initiatives and other community projects around the world, Local Food demonstrates the power of working collaboratively. In today’s culture of supermarkets and food miles, an explosion of activity at community level is urgently needed. This book is the ideal place to start.

When you eat an apple, explains Dr Penny Stanway, you are consuming a veritable treasure chest of health-promoting nutrients, and this is why apples are consistently associated with a reduced risk of certain chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and why consuming apples, apple juice and cider vinegar really can make a difference to your health and wellbeing. As well as expounding these healthgiving and practical properties, Dr Stanway provides an A-Z section of ailments and explains which preparation will treat the condition most effectively. She explains why cider vinegar is a popular beauty aid (for example, it helps maintain the skin’s natural acidity) and how it can be used as a cleansing and conditioning treatment for skin and hair. The range of uses of cider vinegar as a substitute for household maintenance products is extraordinary – from air freshening, through cleaning and polishing, to pest control. This gem of a book is completed with recipes for cooking and preserving delicious dishes – including how to prepare your own apple juice and cider vinegar.

160pp, 220mm x 220mm, softback, 2009, RRP £12.95 Code: 190907 Cygnus Price £8.40 £7.75

144pp, 120mm x 182mm, softback, 2010, RRP £6.99 Code: 200311 Cygnus Price £3.99

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Which type of beekeeper, or even beewatcher, do you want to be? A Practical Manual of Beekeeping explains step by step how you can start beekeeping as a rewarding hobby and how, if you wish, you can progress to running a lucrative beekeeping business. David Cramp has gathered together a huge amount of knowledge and information, with particular emphasis on presenting it practically and free from myths, to show that, with commitment, anyone can learn how to keep bees. Discover the history of beekeeping; the intricacies of the honey-bee colony and its inhabitants; producing, collecting and harvesting the products of the hive and bees; obtaining equipment and bees; caring for the colony through the seasons; dealing with problems and diseases; rearing and breeding, and essential help on how to stay organic. This is a fascinating insight into the life of the honey-bee, the traditional and modern ways of preserving the ancient symbiotic relationship between bees, flowers and man, and what it takes to protect their finely balanced existence.

320pp, 170mm x 208mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2008, RRP £14.99 Code: 200309 Cygnus Price £9.75

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Half price!

Grandma’s Remedies gathers traditional homemade remedies, handed down through the generations. It presents an A-Z list, by ailment, of remedies and advice gathered from all over the world. For example, did you know that chewing toasted fennel seeds will help combat indigestion? Grandma’s Remedies is more than a guide to traditional treatments; it also paints a vivid portrait of the world of our grandparents and great-grandparents. It shows how inventive and resourceful they were with the materials near to hand, and how it was the women of the household who, despite being barred from the medical profession, were relied on to safeguard family health. Follow in their footsteps, build your own home pharmacy and make the most of nature’s healing properties.

270pp, 128mm x 195mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2010, RRP £7.99 Code: 190415 Cygnus Price £3.99

SPECIAL OFFER: buy ‘The Miracle of Cider Vinegar’ & ‘Grandma’s Remedies’ together for £7.48

Query Line 01558 825 503 (office hrs)

Cygnus Books 11


I am currently enjoying the third big illness of my life. The first occurred when I was twentyseven at the end of a two year retreat. I collapsed with a severe hepatitis which the doctors thought would kill me. As it was, I lacked all vitality for a while, had a succession of near-death experiences and took two years to recover. It was a wonderful lesson for a speedy young man. I was very grateful. Years later in my mid-forties I had my second major illness, an extreme lower back crisis — three herniated discs and torn spinal tendons — which created pain that made me faint, put me in a wheelchair and crutches, and took eight years before I could walk normally again. This illness too taught me profound lessons about patience, acceptance and forgiveness. Right now I am managing a third very interesting illness, of the parathyroid (not thyroid) which if not stopped, will slowly turn me into a lump of chalk because of a calcium imbalance, the sensations of which I am already experiencing. (In my case, it turns out that minimally invasive surgery under a local anaesthetic is available. Hooray. Of all people, I have a wonderful network of healers, therapists and medical doctors in the UK who are my friends; so trust me when I say that I have explored all possibilities for healing and have great support.) I am currently waiting for the surgery date. Temporarily weakened by the condition, however, I decided to get a tonic from Ned Reiter, a very experienced herbalist who lives locally. During our consultation, he asked: ‘And what story are you telling yourself about your illness?’ ‘Many, many stories,’ I replied. ******* I consider myself very lucky because when I first started studying spiritual healing in my twenties, I read what I still consider to be the wisest and most helpful book on the subject, Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Healing. If you are seriously interested in illness, healing and the process of death, then in my opinion it ought to be top of your reading list. It deals in depth with the relationship between the endocrine system and the chakras, and the various factors that cause malfunction and disease. More than that it provides a crucial overview of the causes of illness. This includes, for instance, a startling and provocative suggestion that the ultimate source of illness lies in the imperfection of God. As part of God’s body, we participate in that imperfection whether we like it or not. (I like this insight because it perceives deity itself to be in a process of change and it also releases humanity from the dismal dungeon of original sin.) Another profound insight from Esoteric


Healing is that the actual material of our bodies comes from earth and will return to earth — dust to dust; and that even while we are healthy and vital, earth exerts an ongoing magnetic pull to reclaim the material that makes up our bodies. From this perspective, when we experience an illness or wound, the tissue of that part of our body is seeking to return to earth. To heal that tissue, what can we do for it, so that it is more attracted to stay in human incarnation than return to its mother? For me, that is a fascinating elemental perspective. Esoteric Healing also provides a truly holistic perspective on the major causes of illness. These include, for example, personal karma, group karma, the karma of the earthly matter in our bodies, negative thinking, negative emotions, war, epidemics and pure chance.


The books of Alice Bailey, written in cooperation with Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul between 1919-1949, constitute a continuation of the Ageless Wisdom – a body of esoteric teaching handed down from ancient times in a form which is always suitable to each period. In Esoteric Healing, Alice Bailey’s unique and holistic approach to healing, the seven ray techniques of healing are described, the laws and rules of healing are enumerated and discussed, the requirements for healing are given in detail and basic causes of disease are shown. We learn, for example, that much disease can be karmic in origin, that certain diseases are inherent in the soil and in the substance of the planet and that many others are psychological, arising in the emotional or mental bodies. The fruits of the book are that it holds the practical physical, emotional, mental and spiritual keys to healing. It explains that health is closely related to the relation between higher self and lower self of the patient. Esoteric Healing is particularly useful for therapists and healing groups, especially those performing absent healing and rescue work.

771pp, 120mm x 180mm, softback, 1999 (First published 1972), RRP £16.50 Code: 200312 Cygnus Price £12.00

So when my friend Ned the herbalist asked me what stories I was telling myself, it was a great question for I had been examining a multitude of possibilities. One cluster of stories focused, of course, on my throat chakra and how my expression, my voice, was in some way inauthentic or constrained. Did this mean I should express more


Esoteric Healing

love or that I should release it to full expression? More humble or more assertive? Was the source of this constriction in my emotional life, my work, my family or was it ancestral? Another cluster of stories worked with elements to do with the environment. I had been drinking coffee over the previous year and the pH of my body had become far too acidic. Or perhaps there was a speck of asbestos from some rebuilding I had done. Or a grain of LSD from my youth. Or the electromagnetic pollution from all the mobile phones and computers. Was this illness purely my stuff or ancestral or collective or just one of those things that happens? There were so many possible stories. I could have opted for immediate surgery but I chose instead to move forward at a more sedate pace (a choice I might not have made were it an aggressive cancer.) I chose to give my illness a relaxed and contemplative study so that I could look at all the possible causes. Like our friend, Ann at Cygnus, managing her cancer, I have milked my situation for insights and development — and for the opportunity to learn more about love, freedom of consciousness and healing. ******* Esoteric Healing not only looks at causes but, of course, suggests strategies for healing through a series of laws and rules. The first of these states: All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow...

This leads to the major strategic question: do we know how to harmonise with the soul and facilitate its flow? The basic answer is classic. It means sinking gently into soft breath, open heart and calm mind. The ambience of this state harmonises with the soul and allows the pervasive magnetism of the soul to reorganise and reactivate the material of our energy bodies, bringing healing and development. True soul healing begins in this profoundly soulful atmosphere regardless of the cause of the illness or the healing technique. In this state of awareness, we can also compassionately contemplate the inevitability of our own death. Here in this dimension of consciousness, we can see that true spiritual development does not belong to this transitory identity, which we find right now this second in our gender, our age, our habits, our daily sense of self. Genuine development is ultimately about the progress and liberation of our soul. Always, the strategy comes home to more love, more consciousness, more compassion. From this perspective, each illness is an opportunity for soul growth and liberation. And for this, I give thanks. All my love. William Be my Facebook friend: williambloomglastonbury Did you know? You may order from all previous issues of Cygnus Review



Andreas Moritz presents a radically new understanding of cancer: it is a survival mechanism, physical symptoms reflecting your body’s final attempt to deal with lifethreatening cell congestion and toxins. He believes that removal of these root causes and trusting in the body’s wisdom to heal itself can help to bring complete healing of your body, mind and emotions. Moritz also considers the problems associated with conventional cancer treatments, what actually causes cancer, and how you can remove the obstacles that prevent your body from healing itself. Cancer is not an attempt on your life: to the contrary, cancer is trying to save it. Follow these radical concepts and methods, including dietary and exercise advice, and alternative treatments, to turn your feelings of victimhood and despair into those of empowerment, self-mastery and health.

Scientist Michael Werner is the managing director of a research institute in Switzerland. However, there is something quite unusual about him: in 2001 he stopped eating and has survived perfectly well without food ever since. In fact, he claims never to have felt better. Unlike the rare individuals who have achieved this feat in the past – usually monks, nuns or other people devoted to the spiritual life – he is an ordinary man who lives a full and active life. In this book, he tells his story, not as a way to encourage other people to stop eating, but as a way of inviting us to reconsider the way we think about eating and drinking, and how we absorb nourishment. Werner describes how and why he came to give up food, and what his life is like without it. The book also includes other reports from people who have attempted to follow this way of life, as well as a thoughtful consideration of possible scientific and spiritual explanations of how one could ‘live on light’.


LIFE FROM LIGHT Michael Werner & Thomas Stockli

232pp, 135mm x 215mm, softback, 2007, RRP £12.99 Code: 170707 Cygnus Price £8.99

244pp, 152mm x 228mm, softback, 2009, RRP £12.99 Code: 190708 Cygnus Exclusive Edition Price £6.99

ANTICANCER: A NEW WAY OF LIFE Dr David Servan-Schreiber


‘A new way of life’ is what Dr David ServanSchreiber decided he had to find. His cancer – a brain tumour – was treated conventionally and went into remission, but he relapsed. Then he determined to learn everything he could to help his body defend itself against the illness, and he has now been cancer-free for over seven years. Our bodies are equipped with defence mechanisms which curb defective cells that could, if unhindered, save 40%! become cancer. Anticancer shows how environmental and dietary change, the healing of emotional wounds, and creating a relationship with the body to stimulate the immune system can all have profound effects on the mechanisms of cancer and of being free of cancer. Dr Servan-Schreiber does not dismiss conventional medicine, nor is he anti-pharmaceutical: he empowers you with the understanding and tools to tackle cancer alongside any conventional treatments you opt for; or, better yet, to help avoid cancer altogether.

As an alternative medicine practitioner and medical intuitive, Andreas Moritz has found gallstones congesting the liver to be a very common but rarely recognized cause of illness. These stones, he says, are generally too small to show up on ultrasound, but clog the livers of most adults living in the industrialized world, and especially those suffering chronic illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, MS, cancer, or diabetes. Andreas Moritz explains their causes and telltale signs, and guides you through his seven-day liver and gallbladder flush programme to remove them painlessly at home using fruit juices, Epsom salts and olive oil. He also gives practical guidelines on how to prevent new gallstones from being formed, to optimize your longer term physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

238pp, 152mm x 228mm, softback, 2009, RRP £12.95 Code: 190709 Cygnus Exclusive Edition Price £6.99

304pp, 150mm x 232mm, softback, 2008, RRP £14.99 Code: 181017 Cygnus Price £8.99

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An ever-present reliance on medications to cure what ails us is at the core of western health crises. Drawing on more than thirty years’ worth of scientific research, naturopath Dr Michael T Murray has assembled evidence that the pharmaceutical treatments for our most common diseases are often ineffective and result in serious, widespread side effects save – the existence of which is frequently hidden 44%! from the public. Both a call to arms and a practical guide to the holistic, natural treatments that could revolutionize both your health and the well-being of entire nations, What the Drug Companies Won’t Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn’t Know provides clear guidance on the steps needed to help you lead a fitter, happier, and healthier life.

346pp, 160mm x 234mm, hardback, 2009, RRP £15.99 Code: 191024 Cygnus Price £8.99

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SPECIAL OFFER: buy ‘Life from Light’ & ‘Anticancer: A New Way of Life’ together for £16.98


Patrick Holford has carried out Britain’s biggest ever health and diet survey to find the top ten lifestyle habits that will help you thrive – not just survive – in the 21st century. His highly informative and practical book covers ten areas crucial to a healthy – and happy – life, including the key to gaining energy and losing weight, how to slow down the ageing process, keeping your body and mind well oiled, sharpening your mind and improving your mood, keeping fit and supple, and finding your purpose in life. With in-depth questionnaires and personalised advice tailored to your results, inspiring case studies and the latest findings of nutritional science, he offers a simple and effective means of transforming your health and wellbeing.

318pp, 152mm x 234mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2009, RRP £12.99 Code: 200104 Cygnus Price £7.65 £6.99

Query Line 01558 825 503 (office hrs)

Cygnus Books 13


Connecting with the Animal Kingdom

Animals connecting children to our world When John was six he couldn’t manage school and had no friends. Joshua, my cat, always joined John in the woods. He climbed trees with John, was very affectionate, becoming his first friend, helping him to feel playful and joyful. Joshua bridged the gap between John’s isolated world and our world. He has helped all sorts of children, despite nearly losing his life in a traffic accident – his work was not finished. I am finding more and more children with this connection to animals, and it seems to connect them naturally to Source at a level that took me years of adult learning and experience. Working with all types of children, I was very drawn to The Horse Boy, by Rupert Isaacson, [200217], see p.7. It is about the connection Rowan, his autistic son, has with horses, and their journey to see shamans in Mongolia. It has many similarities to what I have seen with children, animals and healers – my heart leapt with joy as I read it. I would like to recommend this book to all parents and teachers, as it shows the special qualities and awareness that many children are born with nowadays, and the wonderful journey that many families can take towards enriching their lives. It is an excellent book and a wonderful read for anyone. Felicity Evans, NatureKids Horsepower Some years ago, my eldest step-daughter was involved in a near-fatal car accident. About two weeks into her stay in Intensive Care, a muchfeared phone call came, stating that the next twenty four hours would be critical in determining her survival. My husband flew to be by her side, to give her healing and keep vigil outside the room in which she lay. With my spirits at an all-time low, I went to visit our two horses, mother and son, knowing that I would derive some comfort from them. Indeed, I felt much calmer as they both muzzled up to me and I felt the warmth of their breath on my face and saw what I understood to be love and compassion emanating from their eyes. Turning to walk back, Bourbon, a full half ton of Irish draught thoroughbred, put his head on my shoulder and kept in perfect rhythm with my step as we both made our way down the long, bumpy field. During our walk, I started to feel Bourbon transmit a strong energy, bringing with it a sublime sense of peace. By the time I stopped to say goodbye, with tears of gratitude running down my cheeks, my spirits were raised and my heart was full of hope, knowing that a significant turning point had been reached in a number of people’s lives. When I reached home, the phone rang with Stuart saying that the crisis had peaked and that Emma was going to recover. Estelle King Talking with cats Dear friends I read somewhere that cats think in images so I talk to my cat in pictures when I want her to know something important, like if I’m going away for a trip or people are visiting the house. I taught her how to use her cat flap that way. Plonking her outside, from the inside I visualised how she should move through the contraption into the house. Halfway through this visual trip, I started to feel very silly and ‘what’s the point of all this’ so I stopped and opened my eyes. There was my cat with her nose pressed up against the plastic flap ready to push, it was such an accurate reflection of where I’d been in my visualisation that I carried on and she’s never had any problems with it at all. When I tell her a dog is visiting, she reacts visibly, looking around her at the point that I visualise the dog, so I’m pretty sure she’s getting what I’m sending her. Jo Brierley

The Lost Ring I lost my old horse after a wonderful partnership of thirty eight years. She was born on a midsummer’s day, and died on the Spring Equinox 2004. Her coat shone like sun and fire. We were often telepathic and I would know if she was in need, even from a great distance. We shared many wonderful times together, galloping in the ancient pine forest with only her muffled hoof prints and the sounds of the forest around us. I was with her for the births of her many foals and with her when she died on the new moon of the Spring Equinox. In my grief a few days later, I sent a silent plea to her to let me know that she was all right. I spoke to her spirit and I remember asking for her help in finding my eternity ring, which I had lost some eighteen months before. I carried on with my day and forgot all about it, but when I went up to her field, there, sticking out of the mud, was what I thought was a gold bottle top, shining in the sunlight. I reached down – and picked my lost eternity ring from the mud, exactly where I used to feed my old mare! I cried with joy and amazement and thanked her wonderful Spirit. On my ring is a mark from her hoof. Sarah Austin

CYGNUS EVENTS DIARY 2010 Cygnus will have a stand at the following events

THURSDAY 11th MARCH, 7.30pm-9.45pm

JOHN DeMARTINI From Stress to Success Alternatives, St James’ Church, 197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL Tel. 020 7287 6711 email:

SUNDAY 30th MAY, 10.30am-5pm

DEBBIE FORD Breaking Through the Shadow of Love & Money University College London, Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1, Gower Street, London. WC1E 6BT. £75/£55 concs. Tel. 020 7287 6711 email:


- LIFE SKILLS & INTUITION TRAINING Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

• Reduce Stress & Anxiety • Eliminate Unwanted Habits • Overcome Limiting Beliefs • Develop Intuitive Abilities • Influence Healing in Yourself & Others • Discover your Life Purpose • Ongoing Workshops in Ireland



Isbourne Holistic Centre - March/April 2010

Diana Cooper, 2012 and Beyond; Tim Wheater, Profound Sound; Simon Parke, One-Minute Mystic; Steve Taylor, Waking from Sleep; Judy Hall, Crystal Prosperity; Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Shaman Within. Further info/bookings:; 01242 254321; EXPERIENCE HUNA AND HAWAIIAN SHAMANISM

with SERGE KAHILI KING, London, May 2010. Last opportunity to see Serge King in the UK! Two unique and powerful workshops: Living in the Light: accessing the Higher Self for a Greater Life Using Huna in Times of Change Visit or call 07905 487198

WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE TO OUR CHAT PAGE? For Issue 4, the theme is Life-Changing Experiences (copy deadline 1 March 2010) and for Issue 5, the theme will be Kindness and Compassion (copy deadline 7 April 2010). If you have an insight, experience or poem connected with any of these themes, please write it down in NOT MORE THAN 250 WORDS (or, if it is a poem, in NOT MORE THAN 24 LINES) and send it to reach us by the copy deadline. If you send it by email, to, please include ‘Chat Page’ and the theme in the subject line, dropping your text into the body of the email rather than using attachments IF YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS PUBLISHED ON THIS PAGE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A £5 CYGNUS VOUCHER


An e-book to be downloaded from

It may be shared with others and converted to wireless reading devices. The Sacred Mystical Marriage is within reach for our troubled planet, and demands inner and outer courage unlike anything experienced before. This is not a time to surrender. It is a time to will the Highest Self. Maria Magdalena and Jesus now appears as one warrior of Love – for all life.

THE INCREDIBLE CHI MACHINE Re-aligns the body to its natural state

The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, the only one to have been the subject of extensive clinical trials and medical research.

Beware of CHEAP imitations WHICH MAY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH! • Stimulates circulation and lymph drainage. • Relieves joint and muscular pain • Gently oxygenates the whole body. • Promotes sound restful sleep • Firms hips, thighs and abdomen. • Supports weight loss. • Re-activates the inactive. • Restores a zest for living

It takes less than 4 minutes to feel good again!

“Lie down and do nothing, this amazing little machine does it for you” Tel: 02392 793720

Enquiries: Tricia Courtney Dickens CMH, CHyp, CPNLP

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Clairvoyants - Psychics - Mediums - Channellers “Let the Spirit Guide You” Your past as it was - Your present as it is Your future as it will be! Credit Card Line:

01840 230165

10am - 11pm, £27.50 for 30 minutes

Premium Rate Line:

0906 111 6621

(Live - £1.50/min. Age 18+)

Republic of Ireland :

1580 106 835 Euro 2.40 per min

Text HOPE + question to 84184 each reply costs £1.50 Entertainment purposes

THE GATHERING OF THE TRIBES a workshop with Jhadten Jewall

Saturday 3rd April or Sat & Sun, 3rd & 4th April 2010 The Celtic Royal Hotel, Caernarfon, North Wales

Come join us in the celebration of the Celtic tribes uniting the Emerald Isles - England, Ireland (North & South), Scotland and Wales. Opening the Stellar Dolphin Heart of Mother Earth ~ birthing a new experience of Source and Twin Flame Light ~experiencing new levels of body consciousness. More details at or call Claire on 01483 813641 email:


We specialise in ‘love and relationship’

We choose only the best psychics to help give you direction and guidance. All readers have been tested to an exceptional standard.

‘Phone today to find out why our clients say we are the UK’s best psychic line’ Credit card readings :

0800 138 44 22

8.30 am - 1.00 am

0906 11 11 912

All major credit/debit cards accepted

24hr premium line readings, tel:

All calls recorded & cost £1.50 per minute from BT landline - PO Box 387, CT9 2WD

We’re open every day of the week Entertainment only

HEALING RETREAT WEEKEND for Mind, Body & Spirit 20th & 21st March 2010. Thurst House Farm, Sowerby Bridge,

W. Yorkshire HX6 4NN. Lovely Pennine scenery. Walk the country lanes or simply relax by a blazing log fire. Full board with gourmet food, £80. Treatments £25. Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy available. Tel. 01422 822820/07759 619043 ; PROPERTY FOR SALE

FRANCE, Normandy. Fully converted old village school - near Mortain. Historic building, lovingly restored into a high standard family home. Ideal for a stylish B&B and/or Reiki/Healing sanctuary. Price £255,000 + Notaire’s fees. More information at: email: HOLISTIC RETREAT FOR SALE. Set in beautiful countryside. Meditation studio, hot tub in garden, sauna, lovely treatment rooms, 7 guest rooms. Contact the owners on. Tel. 01751 417219

RETREAT/COURSE/HEALING CENTRE. Could be holiday flats/v.large house etc. Wales stunning coast. Comprises 6 apartments plus group rooms/facilities. Large organic gardens, solar panels, spring water, natural paints, good public transport. For sale as a whole. 0845 539 9938;


LOVE YOURSELF, HEAL YOUR LIFE. Empowering residential weekend workshop based on Louise L. Hay’s work. Release negative patterns. Develop confidence. Create the life you truly desire. South Devon, 26th - 28th March 2010. Edie 01548 821484 / 07968 850136 or Angela 01548 821293 COLOURS OF THE SOUL® Colour Therapy Specialists. Providing Certificated Courses, Workshops, Karmagraphs, Mandalas and Products. June McLeod the founder offers inspirational interactive fun workshops. View "Workshops and Courses" at LomiLomi 29th April – 2nd May 2010. Give and receive gentle, profound Hawaiian massage. Shamanic ritual, chants, circles. Healing initiations promote freeflowing life force and joyous fulfilment. Call 01452 813241 MARKO POGACNIK London Workshop.’COSMOGRAMMES - Communicating with Other Dimensions of Life’. Geomancy and Earth Healing. Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th May 2010. £270/£295. Contact Lizzie 0845 6435852 email: visit ONLINE ANGEL COURSE. Web based, self study. Enhance your connection with the angelic realms and bring these beautiful beings into your life. Susan Ann Palmer. ANGELIC REIKI Attunements with Archangels and Ascended Masters, in West Wales (near Cardigan). 1st & 2nd Degree, 23rd-25th April; 3rd & 4th Degree, 29th-31st May 2010. Contact Anne 01239 621796 CHARLES SIDDLE FOUNDATION FOR ANIMAL HEALING. Certificated courses for those interested in the healing of animals and their environment. Also introducing ‘Flow’ workshops - an amazing new healing technique for animals and human beings. Contact Felicity Wilson - Tel 07811 859025; KARUNA REIKI, Buckinghamshire. Enhance/empower your Reiki Energy with this connection to enlightened beings through the Compassionate action of Karuna Reiki. Progression for Usui Masters, FFI Louise 01296 696285 or visit DIANA COOPER SCHOOL. Teacher training courses for 2012 and beyond, Atlantis, Angels & Ascension, in Warwickshire. Jillian and Peter Stott. Tel. 01926 851898 email: USUI REIKI Attunements at sensible prices (Reiki 1 - £60 incl refreshments). Geraldine Hammonds, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexology etc practitioner. Wombourne, West Midlands. Call: 01902 324064 email: TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. Follow the Wisdom Way. Be younger live longer. ANDY ECKLEY offers the amazing Bowen Technique for pain relief at Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, including a FREE Children’s Clinic on Wednesdays. Call 01253 726222 email: visit LEARN REIKI in Lytham St Annes with Reiki Master Cath Eckley. Also Reiki Treatments, Reiki Drumming & Reiki Crystal Grids. Call. 01253 726222 email: visit FAST TRACK YOGA TEACHER TRAINING. Become a fully registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance 200-hour professional certification. Valid around the world. Buddhist based. Call Daizan 07904 319952 visit LIVING MORE FULLY - An opportunity to reflect on the ending of our lives. Frances Crampton, trained counsellor and healer. 12-14th March 2010. Course, accommodation, vegetarian meals, £170. Claridge House, Surrey. Tel: 01342 832150 visit SETTING UP A FRIENDS HEALING GROUP - A course for Friends interested in setting up a healing group, with Pat Pique, Cherry Simpkin. 12-14th March 2010. Course, accommodation, vegetarian meals, £145. Claridge House, Surrey. Tel: 01342 832150 visit WORLD CIRCLE DANCE - Dances and evocative music to lift our spirits and open our hearts, with Eve Corrin. Some experience useful. 19-21st March 2010. Course, accommodation, vegetarian meals £170. Claridge House, Surrey. Tel: 01342 832150 visit QUIET STAY WEEKEND - Recharge your batteries in the peaceful, tranquil surroundings of Claridge House. 26-28th March 2010. Accommodation, vegetarian meals, a bargain at £120 or £220 for two sharing. Claridge House, Surrey. Tel: 01342 832150 visit PSYCHOCALISTHENICS® reduces aging by promoting vital energy throughout the entire body, increasing agility, mental clarity, emotional balance, and natural physical beauty. 5 hour gentle training workshop (Monthly in Worcestershire). 01299 823743 / 07866 471596 ; ; KARUNA REIKI. The next step for Reiki Masters (all lineages) seekers of Universal Truth and Compassion. 3 day classes set in beautiful Peak District. Contact Janet Roome (UK Karuna Reiki Rep.). Tel. 01629 733227 email: visit DIANA COOPER SCHOOL Teacher Training. Unicorn and Angel Healing Practitioner. Reiki (all degrees), Preparing for 2012 and other courses at The Unicorn Centre, Somerset. Tel. 01460 53699 visit: HAFAN Y COED Courses 2010. March 21st-26th, Experimenting with Mediumship with Sheila Green; April 1st-3rd, Learn About Physical Mediumship with Jay Love; April 9th-11th, Practical Mental Mediumship with Susan Leybourne. Tel. 01639 730985;


ALL ANGELS DAY WEEKEND, 15-16th May 2010. Mind Body Soul event with an Angelic difference. Holistic exhibitors & therapists, taster sessions & an opportunity to spread Love & Light throughout the community. Athenaeum, Angel Hill, Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk, IP331LU. Entrance £3.00 U12’s Free. Tel. 01284 752907 or visit THE WEST WALES HEALTH SHOW, 17th & 18th April 2010. Withybush Showground, Haverfordwest.10am - 5pm. Over 50 stands. Holistic therapists offering FREE sessions. Entrance £3-50, Under 12’s FREE. For more information, tel. Rosemary 01348 881269 visit LEARN REIKI at the peaceful Natural Health Clinic on the banks of the River Dee, Llangollen. Enjoyable and uplifting day or weekend certificated courses. All levels taught, from Level 1 to Masters. Contact Jean Hesketh, Reiki Master/ Tutor. Tel: 07753 108146 email: CRYSTAL HEALING THERAPIST DIPLOMA, March 2010 Intake. Two year BCMA recognised Crystal Healing qualification. 24 monthly, full day, tutor led sessions in Great Eccleston, near Preston. Contact 01253 508165 mobile: 0783 407 2273; ANGELIC REIKI. Weekend courses, afternoon shares, and treatments in Derby, elsewhere by request. Please contact Andrea tel: 01332 559458; email: full details at MANGREEN LIGHT CENTRE, Mangreen Hall, near Swardeston, Norwich. NR14 8DD. Hands-on Healing,1st and 3rd Monday, each month.10am-12.30pm. Tel. Norfolk Healers Association; Maria 01603 713264 or Janet 01953 604019 ANGELS, Ascension, Golden Atlantis & Transformational Teacher Training workshops with Diana Cooper School – courses in Scotland with Elizabeth Ann. Also spiritual coaching and angel readings etc. Tel: 01592 743417 visit SACRED MYSTERIES OF EGYPT. Nile cruise plus optional luxury hotel. Spiritual workshop programmes, powerful ceremonies to connect you to the ancient wisdom of your soul. Call Christine on 020 8305 2317 THE REIKI DRUM TECHNIQUE. Learn Reiki Drum Journeying, Healing & Mental/Emotional Reprogramming. For Reiki II practitioners and above. Workshops held throughout the UK. Contact: Sarah Gregg 01279 600104 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE, Spain, with Spirit of Yoga. Intensive one month, 200 hrs and 300 hrs certification courses. Venue in beautiful Andalucia. Teachers fully trained at Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, India.; MATTHEW MANNING, Healing Intent Workshop, Sunday 27th June 2010. 10am-5pm, £60 inc. refreshments (not lunch) in Steyning, West Sussex. Early booking essential! To book: 01903 814988;; STOP THE MIND...I want to get off!! Wellbeing day workshops held regularly in Yorkshire. Learn to stop the mind’s chatter. Empowering blend of meditation and healing to discover the power of NOW! Tel. 07884 332644 CRYSTAL& SOUND HEALING by Correspondence. Crystal/Sonic RejuvenationTM – natural face-lift; Sound Healing to practitioner level; Past Life Regression. All courses with professional accredited College. 01984 633597 visit ANGELIC REIKI. Experience the absolute joy of working with the Angels. 1st & 2nd Degree Workshops being held in Staffordshire/Derbyshire – March 2010. Contact Alison on 07962 219275 or 01283 520707 email: BEAUTIFUL PEMBROKESHIRE Coast National Park - ‘The Poplars’ Retreat Centre. Workshops and Retreat Weekends during 2010. First Workshop 7th March, ‘Exploring Spirituality’ with Jules Steinson. Full Details/2010 Schedule: Tel. 01834 811851. CALLING ALL BODYWORKERS IN SCOTLAND! Ready to take your practice to the next level, building your reputation as a powerful therapist? You can, with The Essential Bodyworker’s Toolkit. Learn these time-tested techniques in Scotland this May. Visit for details. DISCOVER DOWSING! Two day Foundation courses around the country for novices and complete beginners: 6/7th March, Northleach, Glos; 24/25th April, SE England; 12/13th June, Yorks; 17/18 July, near Warwick; 16/17 October, near Malvern, Worcs. £135. Tel 01684 576969; DOWSING FOR HEALTH COURSE. An Introduction for individuals and holistic practitioners. 27 & 28th March. £145. The British Society of Dowsers. Tel. 01684 576969; ENVIRONMENTAL HEALING and Earth Energies Courses: A whole new series of dowsing courses encompassing geopathic & geopsychic stress and geomancy from The British Society of Dowsers. Tel. 01684 576969; ANAM CARA Retreat Centre, Scottish Highlands. Residential workshops and retreats in Buddhism, Shamanism, Bushcraft, Sweatlodge Ceremonies, Soul Quest, Ancient Crafts, Healing Arts and working retreats. To request a programme, tel. 01463 711702 email: visit:

Teachings from the Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Tradition

SANGYE MENLHA, plus Tibetan Chakras and Pulses 23rd – 29th September 2010, Glastonbury.

Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche will lead a 7-day retreat on the Bonpo Medicine Buddha for personal healing and learning to share these energies with others.

01489 575279 / 07801 273768


Usui and Usui/Tibetan Reiki • Karuna Reiki© • Shamanic Reiki Glastonbury, Somerset; Aldsworth, Hampshire and in the Himalayas. Including Meditation and Chakra Courses, Mantra Workshops, Reiki Days, Evening Courses and Sharing Circles.

Karen Williams, 01489 575279 / 07801 273768

HEALING THE HOLES OF HURT Workshops 2010 with Sue Clempson

20th March, Unleash Your Potential with the angels and cosmic ordering 17th April, You are Loved - linking with the angelic realms Cost per workshop: £20 (£18 conc.) 11am - 4.30pm at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry CV1 5QP. Contact Sue:

01295 690501/07766 375183 email:

Who are the Nephalim? see What is The Angels Script? see Why does your Guardian Angel need you? see

• Join internet classes starting April • Weekly videos, downloads, discussion boards • International students • Become a friend of Theolyn Cortens’ eclass on Facebook or visit

UNIQUE COLOUR THERAPY RETREAT in the Algarve, Portugal, April 2010 with Trudi Day

Colour breathing and meditations, Mandalas, Karmagraphs. Stay in a lovely Portuguese Quinta, with pool. Own room, en-suite in quality apartments.

Refresh your Inner Light... and experience the beauty of Springtime in Portugal Experienced Teacher and Colour Therapist, Trudi Day, Dip.Col. TS Master

01761 463644 • •


IPAA Award winning is coming to the UK.

SJR UK is looking for ATP’s, psychics, astrologers, and lightworkers of all kinds to host their own shows starting in Spring 2010. For full details

email: or call 01273 726549



Sound Healing Practitioner Training and Sound Healing Workshops.

Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Sacred Drumming, Mantra, Mongolian Overtoning, Nada Yoga, Raga, Shamanism, Sound Art, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Voice.

Tel. 01588 620449 email:



We offer weekly retreats at ‘Morning Light’, set amidst some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery.

Small family home, 10 miles west of Inverness. Reasonable terms, group reductions. Free Counselling/ Inner Child Healing/ Past Life Regression therapy to guests on weekly retreats. Join resident family for great film/music evenings. If this is what you need, ring Clive 01463 782389 REGULAR Lineage with up to 30 words costs £40 and EXTENDED Lineage using up to 40 words costs £55



Via House (nestled between the standing stones of Brodgar &the North Atlantic)

Tai Chi, Chi Kung & the Four Elements: 12-18th March,

9-15th April; 24-30th April. Via Two Island Retreat: 1st-7th May;


(Beginners welcome) Contact: 01856 841207 or visit

IndigoSilk – Lovely Spiritual Retreat Centre Relax, Unwind, Recharge and Re-connect.

Cottage Retreat Centre in rural East Lothian, Scotland.

Twin rooms, home cooking, spiritual books to browse or buy. Beautiful garden, supportive and caring environment. Many therapies available on request. Courses, classes and events ongoing. Tel. 01620 829728 •


Colour Reiki brings a new dimension to your Reiki healing combining two dynamic therapies.

Workshops: 1st & 2nd May 2010 - Isle of Man 15th & 16th May 2010 - Derbyshire Peak District Contact: Janet Roome on 01629 733227 email:


2010 Programme with Hue Le Huynh

"So-Is-It Healing" training courses to become a practitioner in 3 days: Sat 24 April, 22 May & 26 June or Sat 18 Sept, 16 Oct & 13 Nov, in Hove. "Quick-Fix Light Therapy" training courses to become a practitioner in 4 days: Sat 11 Sept, 9 Oct, 6 Nov & 11 Dec, in Hove.

01273 911876

TEACHER TRAINING COURSE Based on the work of Louise Hay

Learn to Teach: A two-day Workshop ‘Love Yourself, Heal Your Life®’ and a 10-week Study Course. Tel: 01372 460182 email:



Write or send your manuscript to:


Queen’s House. 2 Holly Road, Twickenham TW1 4EG, England


TEMPORARY, Free rural accommodation, 20m from London, and NatureKids experience in return for part-time support: Indigo kids, pets, house, groups. Adventure and Ascend towards 2012, creating your own visions and lifestyle, having fun, reaching potentials, achieving success. Felicity 01707 275451


FEMALE BUSINESS PARTNER WANTED to set up and run a holistic health centre and retreat in the West Country. For more details contact Neil on 07754 016779 or email:


JANET - NATURAL INTUITIVE, Detailed in-depth readings plus healing crystal. Send details, questions, DOB & photo (returnable) plus £25 cheque payable to J. Norton, 25 Laurel Road, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 2ES. CLAIRVOYANT, Paul offers spiritually guided consultations in Brighton & Eastbourne and also by telephone. My work always helps those ready for change. Please telephone Brighton 01273 602929 for further details.

COMPANION ANIMAL LOSS LISTENING LINE (CALLL) Christine cares and truly understands the pain of pet loss. She is fully trained in pet bereavement. Calll 0115 840 2737 visit


FIND YOUR IDEAL CAREER AND LIFE PURPOSE NOW. Stop struggling. Find the right path for you. Be inspired. Practical and loving channeled guidance. Sessions by phone. Highly experienced. Call Darren Linton 01245 460057 visit READINGS AND MEDIUMSHIP: Clear, accurate, relevant, waffle-free guidance plus contact with people and animals who have died. "You get straight to the point with meaningful, helpful messages. Deeply healing and reassuring." Phone Sessions CORINNE JEFFREY 01264 791071 / +44 1264 791071 COUNSELLING/PSYCHOTHERAPY. Senior accredited practitioner with British association for counselling and psychotherapy. SW London. Wide experience over 21 years. Tel. 020 8541 0580. See my website: SEE BEYOND - Clairvoyant readings and predictions, also acclaimed medium, Sue, internationally known as Ruby, tel 01202 431397; mobile 0781 332 5729, £1 per min. Life coaching counselling and positive direction for the future. Tel. Julie 01202 428208; mobile 07986 520449 £25 per session SOUL PROFILE READINGS & CLEARINGS. I will tune into the ancient wisdom of your soul through your very own, personal blue-print in the Akashic records. Please tel. Janet 01629 733227 email: or visit JESSICA - CLAIRVOYANT/MEDIUM. Professional, experienced, specialising in mediumship. Communicate with loved ones who have passed over. Telephone readings: £22 per 30mins/ £30 per 45mins. Also Personal Readings & Party Bookings. Central Bristol. Tel. 0117 373 7405 or 07800 929257 ASTROLOGICAL CHILD PROFILE: Beautifully presented in a luxury silver hardback cover, this 45 plus page detailed report is a wonderful gift. It will help all parents to understand their children better and make more suitable choices for them as they develop. Tel: 01540 661828 ERIN, GIFTED PSYCHIC & MEDIUM. Telephone readings: messages, guidance & healing available immediately, day or evening with experienced reader visit Tel. 01239 615299 or 07786 906576 EVER FELT YOUR ISSUE ISN’T ACTUALLY YOURS? Nikki Wyatt, The Karma Coach, helps release ancestral issues. Karmic Flower and Crystal Essences. Learn your soul gifts with a FREE soul flower reading available at: TRANSFORMATIONAL SPIRITUAL HEALING alleviates deep, painful physical, psychological and relationship problems (many of which other therapies are unable to resolve) at source. Jane Houseago MIPTI, BCMA (Ind.) Tel: (+44) 07905 888843 PSYCHIC TAROT CAN HELP: Confidential, insightful, one-to-one readings. Call anytime 0906 570 6483. Calls cost £1.50/min. PO Box 16, TN37 6YE


RHYTHMS OF NATURE RETREATS in a forest in Brittany. Our bodies and emotions have rhythms and seasons just as nature has. Take a 2/3 day weekend or week retreat designed to harmonise yourself back into resonance with the Earth. Tel. 00 33 299 078 654 email: BULLOCKS LEY. Residential venue. Diss, Norfolk. Comfortable, elegant, welcoming barn conversion in peaceful countryside. Hosting life enhancing activities for groups of up to 36. Contact Mark on 07803 611653 email: COME AND SHARE MY IDYLLIC PARADISE in the heart of the Cotswolds, where peace, healing and personal growth abound. Ring 01285 760684 or visit STREAM RETREATS - Cliff top Scandinavian style lodge, Kingsdown, Kent. Short walk to beach. Relaxing, two night stay, three holistic treatments and wholesome breakfast, £189. Tel. Kirsty 07963 288093 visit FIND JOY, Fulfillment, Balance. Meet your real needs. Move on with a individual retreat. Peace, safety, 1:1 therapy, walking, silence, sunshine, a mountain paradise from £199. Tel. 00 34 958 785 712 WEST DORSET VEGETARIAN GUESTHOUSE. Village by the sea. Personal healing retreats, special diets, juicing, massage, body alignment. Log fires, en-suite bedroom. 01308 898788 email: visit ISLE OF SKYE, Foxwood B&B. Inspirational setting amid mountains, sea, islands. Delightful accommodation. Sauna, jacuzzi bath, therapies. B&B £30 pppn. Tel. 01470 572331 visit GLASTONBURY. Everything you ever wanted! Shambhala Healing Retreat on the Tor. A sacred site; sunny rooms, organic food, superb treatments, peace doves, water gardens and lots of love! Good Retreat Guide Gold Star Award. 01458 831797 email: or visit MID WALES, 2 berth caravan on secluded hill farm. Ideal for meditation, hill walking, bird watching, £85 per week, or bring your tent. Sorry no pets. Tel. 01597 860244 or visit THE ORANGE TREE, North York Moors. Relaxation weekends, fully catered, vegetarian menu. Two relaxation workshops, sauna, hot-tub, choice of therapies. Tel. 01751 417219 MAGICAL PEMBROKESHIRE Two idyllic s/c cottages, sleeps 2&5. Four poster. C.H. wood burners. Fully equipped. Spiritual/Reiki/Seichem/ Healings available during your stay in these tranquil surroundings. Tel: Pam 01994 419439


BIJOU COTTAGE, Near Bath. Ideal for 1-2 persons. Use of indoor pool. Lovely lake for picnicking. Possible weekend retreat or longer. Prices on request. Tel. 01749 813890 email: visit Y BWTHYN BACH. Cosy, one room, self-catering, barn conversion with wood stove, in a beautiful garden, with immediate access to wild north Pembrokeshire countryside and 1 mile from the coast. Inexpensive. Tel. 01348 811282 visit VEGIVENTURES. Holidays, tours and short breaks in Britain, Turkey, Peru, Caribbean and Guatemala. Great vegetarian/vegan food, small friendly groups, environment oriented. Tel. 01760 755888 ; or visit COMFORTABLE B&B, HAMMERSMITH, LONDON. Central, quiet, close to river, pubs, restaurants, all attractions. Ideal base holidays, courses, exhibitions, business. Double/twin/triple £25pppn., Single £36. Tel: Anne/Sohel Armanios 020 7385 4904 or visit DAISY CENTRES Angelic Healing Retreat, Glastonbury. Close to all the Sacred Sites & High Street. Open your heart to love with Angel Vortex Healing R. Call Daisy 01458 834587 visit CHARMING WELSH COTTAGE. Warm well appointed & highly recommended by previous guests. Great for walkers. Dogs welcome. Broadband. Recently awarded 3 star status by Visit Wales. Spring bookings available now. Tel: 01547 330003 or visit SCARBOROUGH, Fountains Court. Specialising in wellbeing, relaxation & spiritual development. Vegetarian, no children, holistic treatments, Zen garden & workshops. 5 mins North Bay. Tel. 01723 381118 visit LOVELY, Self-contained, one floor cottage near Bath, Longleat & Stourhead. Sleeps 4. 48ft lounge, flat screen tv, indoor swimming pool, fishing, glorious countryside. No children, no dogs. Tel. 01749 813890 email:


ARCHANGEL GREETINGS - beautiful eCards for all occasions. Musical, artistic, animated, poetic. £9 per year, endless cards. Recipient can print sender’s message. Gift cards, too. Please preview cards on: AFRICAN POTATO CREAM gives relief from Eczema, joint pains and other inflammatory conditions. Truly an amazing product! For myself and others it has really worked. Please phone Verona 01892 513618 email: ART FOR THE SOUL. Buy prints of beautiful, mystical watercolour art on-line. Perfect for contemplation, meditation and soothing your soul. For these Soul gifts, and also Poetry for the Soul go to: ORGONITE for space-clearing, EMFs, electrical sensitivity, mobile masts, chemtrails, computers, negative energies, raising vibration, meditation, personal protection, food, plants, pets, harmony, balance and transformation. The Blue Sun, 01570 493207 visit: DREAM BOTANICALS. Rainwater and glycerin soaps, soothing balms and Angel Essence: a natural, mainly organic range designed for wellbeing. Mail-order, on-line or visit our shop. Tel. 01249 445446 visit ALOE VERA ONLINE - Aloe vera drinks, deodorant, propolis creme, gelly, toothgel etc. Fast delivery to your door. FREE ALOE BROCHURE. No minimum order. (Distributors needed all areas!) Advice/Helpline: Pamela 01803 867390; - inspirationally hand-made meditation beads, created using healing crystals/woods (bespoke service offered). Stockists of Spiritual Arabian Oils, Resins inc. Oman Frankincense, Burners & tools for your spiritual journey. Receive 10% off with coupon code SHIFA10, visit BLUE SKIES - Meet interesting, spiritually/environmentally aware friends/ penpals. Connect with friendly people of like mind. Very reasonable rates. All areas. Tel. 01691 662471. PO Box 212, Shropshire SY10 1BL. GEOPATHIC STRESS - causing illness? Professional British Society of Dowsers registered, Mike & Maureen Rawles (Dragonstone UK) analyse your house’s Earth Energy, using remote dowsing, with rectification on-site. Symptoms: reclusiveness, irrational anger, depression, headaches, insomnia. Tel. 01460 281450; THE CINNABAR Gem & Gift Shop in Norwich. A cornucopia of crystals, gems, jewellery, buddhas, fossils, shells and spiritual gifts. Free uk p&p, mail order. Tel. 01603 478263 visit APRICOT SEEDS, which contain high levels of B17, direct from the Himalayas. £20 for 1kg bag, £12 for 1lb bag plus p&p. Apricot Seed Oil, £5 per 100ml bottle. Please call 0800 374 976 NEW WATER PURIFIER - Simple, safe and effective using ozone generation. For drinking, bathing, youthful-looking skin, alkalising, aids respiration. No replacement parts required, one off payment £90.50 + P&P Tel. 01267 281161 BIOFLOW MAGNOTHERAPY products for people and animals. A drug free approach to easing aches and pains. Unique, rewarding business opportunity, part/full time. Call Glenda Procter, Independent distributor, 01797 226100; www.bewithusonline/glendaprocter




•Connect us to the natural energy gridlines •Enable spiritual & evolutionary advancement •Increase vibratory levels for healing & development •Enhance and renew the functions of the body

Each healing experience is unique UK Reconnective Healing Practitioners trained by Eric Pearl

Stuart Brown 01629 580272 Matlock, Derbyshire Helen Parsons 07734 153426 Skegness & London Jean Whitebread 01949 81755 Nottingham & Leicester May Johnstone 01786 834071 Scotland & distance Lucca Occelli 07802 308289 Stockwell,Oval, London Jane Duggleby 01935 864007 Somerset, Dorset & Devon Lillian Bason 01695 728842 Skelmersdale, Lancashire Leonard Mutch 0114 288 8160 Sheffield, South Yorkshire Nicola Ramirez 07793 203224 London Alison & David 01283 921580 Uttoxeter, Staffordshire Stuart & Julie Mallinson 01535 634629 Keighley, Yorkshire Louise Lewis 07720 706091 Leamington, Warwickshire Julie Kaloczi 07854 799193 Southern Scotland & Carlisle Jill Dunsford 01392 877554 Exeter & Devon Catherine Wallace 07960 036608 Scarborough, N. Yorkshire Birgit Horrolt 01353 861285 Littleport Cambridge Emily Davies 0113 210 9171 Leeds, W. Yorkshire. Helen Reid 07775 611791 Alderley Edge, Cheshire Kathy Price 07968 803776 Aberystwyth, Ceredigion Helen Francis 01686 626948 Newtown, Powys Sally Phillips 02380 555441 Southampton, Philip Wade 01677 460037 North Yorkshire Frances Beasley 01261 861259 Banff, Scotland Denise Davis 01582 416605 Luton, Bedfordshire.& Hertfordshire Julia Williams 07939 120531 London NW6 Caroline Lane 07815 735313 Greenwich/Blackheath, London Emily Larkin 020 8348 6660 N. London N8 Miranda Wilson 07941 339612 Covent Garden; Lewes, Sussex Sara Hayselden 07973 453808 Clitheroe, Lancashire Mark Hamling 07503 486750 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire “If you’re fortunate, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really fortunate, your healing will come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of - one which the universe specifically has in mind for you.” Eric Pearl

For more information visit


The Holistic Lifestyle Guide for Wales

AURA, the ONLY holistic resource guide of its kind in Wales, is specifically aimed at readers, practitioners and advertisers interested in complementary health, personal development, a spiritual lifestyle and responsible green living. AURA is a free A5 full colour publication currently distributed over South, West & mid-Wales.

For more information, to subscribe or for advertising rates, please contact Sandy on or visit our website to view an issue 01446 793316

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Cygnus Review - March Issue 2010 - Opening Your Mind to Miracles  

Opening Your Mind to Miracles

Cygnus Review - March Issue 2010 - Opening Your Mind to Miracles  

Opening Your Mind to Miracles