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TITLE in the spotlight THE ALLERGY SOLUTION by Dr Leo Galland

JEAN HAINES Life often has a way of leading us in new directions without us even realising what is happening. Call it fate, destiny, or luck, but I found myself writing a new book aimed in a totally different direction from anything I have ever written before. My previous bestselling books on how to paint in watercolour were gaining me recognition in ways that I had not expected. It may be hard for friends who know me now to believe that I started life as a very shy person. I had little self-confidence and I definitely had no feeling of self worth. So I have to admit that years ago I could never have imagined myself standing on a stage in front of hundreds of strangers to give a talk. Or see myself travelling all over the world to give presentations on my painting techniques without any feelings of stress. I never imagined my life would be like this at this age. But it is and it is wonderful. All because I have shared my way of using painting to enjoy life, and thus overcome the obstacles thrown in my path.

Like many people, I have faced many hiccups in life and each time I have turned to my art as an escape. When I paint I feel relaxed and happy. This carefree feeling comes across when I am working in colour. I use colour to lift my mood on a daily basis, and I wanted to help others feel the same way. Peaceful, calm and more confident from the quality time they take to spend relaxing using my painting techniques. I do feel that painting for a few minutes each day can be likened to meditation or yoga. You don’t have to be talented, gifted, or a master artist to enjoy my new book. All you need is the will to try. Perhaps as a reader you are looking for something new, or you are going through something in life that is upsetting you. Maybe you are facing an illness or someone you know is ill. Perhaps your life is just so busy that you find it hard to relax at all when you do have free time. Paint Yourself Calm is a way of life as much as a


‘Over the years I have learnt that painting is therapeutic. It does calm the soul’ hobby. It is about finding quality “me” time to allow your mind to re-energise. I find people often put themselves at the bottom of the priority list in things they need to do each day. I know from experience that even a ten minute colour escape can do wonders for the soul. I have been guided to write this new

MIRROR WORK by Louise Hay



publication by life experiences of my own, and others, who helped me to reach this point in my life as an artist and author. I am aware that readers of my previous instructional art books have discovered that painting with watercolour is a truly magical and enjoyable experience. But I have also been receiving many more messages letting me know that I was changing readers’ lives. They felt far more relaxed. More importantly my painting exercises were helping them either face or overcome traumatic hurdles in their lives. My calming techniques were helping them find a temporary escape or release from what was troubling them. I have heard endless stories of how reading my books and using my ideas have helped patients deal with cancer, for example, or bereavement. Readers and followers of my art style have been able to overcome stress and so much more. Painting has changed my life for the better. It is richer. I am calmer. I deal with problems so much more easily. In fact, I believe I see problems as far smaller these days than I used to years ago. And through my teaching workshops I am meeting people who are letting me know my way of painting is helping them in so many life-changing ways. I know that when I paint I feel differently. Whatever has been happening I can change my mood or calm down simply by moving a brush. I want others to feel the same way. Over the years I have learnt that painting is therapeutic and calms the soul. I do believe painting is a tonic that everyone can enjoy. No matter what age you are, no matter how healthy you are. No matter what you are going through. Painting this way is for everyone. And anyone. ❖ And so, this new book is about just that. It shows you how to “Paint Yourself Calm”. I do paint myself calm, and I would love others to as well.

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THE SOUL’S AGENDA by Michelle Stevens

This is a book that started as a blog. In 2012 Michelle Stevens began sharing the channelled messages she had been receiving since childhood. She believes that guidance, tools, and support are available to us all, at all times. The messages included here aim to expand our awareness of this, and they offer a lovely reminder of all those things we actually know already but are constantly forgetting to remember. There is plenty of good solid advice here in bite size portions, which can help us all in our quest to live a more satisfactory life. The only slight irritation for some could be the constant repetition of ‘Dear One’ which tends to shift the mood of the book from wise advice from a distance to slightly over-personal lectures. But other readers may of course like the way this style implies a closer link to the guides. Paperback, RRP £12.99 ❖ Code: 260203 Cygnus price: £8.99

Anyone new to Louise Hay’s In meditation we withdraw, step You are reading this because work will find this a great back from the frantic outside you have chosen to read about place to start exploring her world into an inner land, with this book, it is calling you to be philosophy. Mirror Work is a intensify our mindfulness is BOTH £20.49 FOR we inspired. The message here BUY 21-day course, a step-by-step presence in the moment. This that we can all acknowledge the guide to self-transformation the unique book is much more than ultimate calling to connect with Louise Hay way. That means another guide towards achieving our spiritual essence, what Dr affirmations, daily positive selfthose goals of refuge, calm and Dyer calls In-Spirit. This is what talk, meditations (also available awakening; beautifully illustrated, puts us in touch with inspiration. as audio downloads), and much it has the power to take us deep We can all be inspired, all the more, all drawn together in GIFTS into peaceful places. Christophe ENSO MORNING: DAILY MEDITATION time, and it is not just something 21 chapters, each with a daily André has chosen classic by Jacob Watson reserved for odd moments or for theme. Every chapter is compact, great the of paintings by some artists and gurus. He explainsTHE ARTIST’S WAY FOR and designed to be practised masters and through them he minister and how we choose everything from RETIREMENT Every morning Jacob Watson, an interfaith each morning in front of a mirror. quietly to reader the encourages outside, and our physical body and parentsby Julia Cameron spiritual teacher, would meditate and walk During the day every glimpse in the inner meaning of contemplate our brief meditations, years ago Julia before birth, to all aspects of Twenty-five after a while he received the gift of these the mirror becomes a reminder as a ray of sun, such details small are There Way, own inner picture throughout Cameron wrote The Artist’s which he would then share with his colleagues. to repeat the affirmation and a magpie in the snow, the solidity calm and peaceful; life. We can choose to connect which put countless people in more than 160 of them here. They are revisit the lesson. The themes is a book to own This wood. of coastal of to and landscapes people creativity. the and own with inspirational touch with their they use images from nature cover familiar territory for Hay and love, to constantly return to intense poetic be aware of habits that trap us Now she is 65 and, while much in life that Maine; and they are expressed with an followers: building self-esteem, occur occasions when the ones these letters in Elder, of be an can is most we the she so and make In-Ego, can different too is We sensitivity. loving yourself and your inner the deeper meanings of these and to set a calm who live as inspiration to others. the same principles apply: the Already the morning, to set the tone of the day child, healing relationships, and great paintings reflect. of life in all its The positive style of Dr Dyer’sbasic tools are the Morning mood. They will increase our appreciation overcoming fear, now all brought hugely successful in aFrance, this share them with writing carries the reader through Pages, writing memoir, having is complexity and beauty, and we too can together in an easy to follow series of 25 lessons a work of material that is not new, but weekly Artist’s Date, and walking those around us. programme. art in its own right. presents concepts in a fresh –for twenty minutes twice a week Paperback, RRP £9.99 Paperback, RRP £16.99 and inspirational – way. without distractions. The book Paperback, RRP £13.99 ❖ Code: 260202 price: Cygnus 260204 ❖ Code: Paperback, RRP £10.99 is structured in twelve sections ❖ Code: 260145 Cygnus price: £6.99 £13.99 ❖ Code: 260201 covering twelve weeks. Julia has Cygnus price: £10.99 Cygnus price: £7.99 a vast amount of experience to guide us through this daunting looking are time of life. Most of us for meaning and, because she BUY BOTH FOR £22.49 THE AHA! FACTORhas aged too, she can use all by Mariana M. Cooper her experience to coax us to be sometimes that we can only be taught them what you desire but it seems There are ways of getting creative even in our retirement. elusive, intuition but again our image of it is of something all know about in a vague fashion. We RRP £12.99 Paperback, a precise fashion However, The Aha! Factor describes in unpredictable. hard to grasp, and even 260231 Cygnus price: ❖ Code: System to receive the answers to she calls the Energetic Communication how we can utilise what £8.99 and she also all sorts of ways of using our psychic powers our prayers. Mariana describes in detail in and turned which indicate that our Aha! Factor is “tuned of 101 signs listARTIST’S WAY passes on an invaluable THE me enthused about a palpable inspirational energy which left on”. Clearly written, this Cameron Juliahas bybook my life. live I how over WATERCOLOUR IN control LIGHT some & exerting COLOUR finallyand greatest – this and trying out the exercises original The PAINT YOURSELF CALM by Jean Haines RRP £10.99 Paperback, is the book that started it all. The by Jean Haines first This is a new edition of Jean Haines’s❖ art, for 260229 Artist’s Way provides a twelveThere are many of us who just don’t do for it Code: and bestselling title. We have includedCygnus price: £6.99 is that week course that guides you whatever reason. The beauty of this book into people who want to go a little bit deeper purposes through the process of recovering it coaxes us into painting for therapeutic painting and learn more skills and techniques. 594 375 your creative self. It has changed advertising@cygnus 02078 and takes away the pressure of any self-judgment Email: 375 ❖line: Service Calm, this is also 02078 594 & Customer Order ❖ Phone: Just like Paint Yourself Calm book BOOK YOUR AD TODAY sing thousands of lives with its simple for what we create. I can’t recommend this info@cygnus-books com/pages/adverti .com Email: www.cygnusreview. large format and full colour. It’s not intended www.cygnusreview information: in More Website: Most importantly techniques. highly enough. It is large format and rich certainly for absolute beginners but there was a 6thataremake with the inner critic, engages it stunning illustration (of course). The author this no concepts or requirements teacher which disables us so profoundly painter first, then she became a painting impenetrable to someone new to watercolour in our perfectionist western and now she is teaching calm through painting. painting. activity – culture. When you become fully absorbed in an – your Paperback, RRP £14.99 and painting is a supreme example of this Paperback, Published 1995 mind becomes much quieter. RRP £15.99 ❖ Code: 090849 Cygnus price: Paperback, Cygnus price: £11.99 ❖ Code: 260145 £11.99 RRP £15.99 Cygnus price: £11.99 ❖ Code: 260146

TITLE in the spotlight

TITLE in the spotlight 594 375 advertising@cygnus advertising@cygnus 02078 Email: ❖Email: 375❖line: Service 594375 02078594 02078 & Customer Phone: ❖❖Phone: TODAYOrder ADTODAY AD YOUR BOOKYOUR BOOK sing sing info@cygnus-books com/pages/adverti com/pages/adverti .com Email: www.cygnusreview. www.cygnusreview. www.cygnusreview information: Moreinformation: More Website:




It’s great to have a book which addresses the health issues confronting ageing and which is so direct and straightforward. The author is a medical doctor and his previous titles include bestseller The New Health Rules. There are stories that make the journey more fun, and lists that make processing the information much easier. He also includes recipes at the back, which fit in with a week-by-week nutritional plan, plus both exercises and yoga sequences which have been formulated by highly qualified third-party contributors. All in all this is perfect for anyone who wants to take on the spectre of middle age and enjoy many more decades of healthy life. Paperback, RRP £10.99 ❖ Code: 260208 Cygnus price: £7.99

his working life he Allergies are this author’s speciality. In some obvious, some has stumbled across them everywhere, modern phenomenon obscure. This comprehensive look at the HOW TO BE WELL from symptoms the of allergies will appeal to all those suffering by Abby Wynne describes some doctors can’t seem to pin down. Dr Galland A review on the inside cover the rock musician who of the many cases he has treated, like calls this “not a self-help book, guitar strings, and developed an allergy to the nickel in his but a self-care book”. It’s about of aubergine, combination a where allergy the nightshade wellness, rather than stress. It Close study tomato and tobacco hospitalised a woman. looks at positive states. It’s health everywhere, of this book might lead one to see allergies as in relationships and spiritual with us, but read with a responsible for everything that’s wrong practices, rather than nutrition balanced approach it offers and supplements. The language a tremendous amount of and concepts are delightfully useful information. Everyone simple. She talks about social can benefit from working to media and mobile phones as achieve a more balanced modern inventions that can sap immunity through attention the energy from your life. This to nutrition and lifestyle, is an ideal book if your life feels especially those plagued generally out of whack, but you with asthma, eczema, have nothing specifically wrong, sinusitis and other classic except that you need to revitalize symptoms of allergic and reassess. There are many reaction. exercises that are drawn from her Paperback, RRP £12.99 The author is The goal of the Cygnus Candlelight shamanic practice. Cinemas initiative is to ❖ Code: 260205 create and demonstrate a new in Dublin. baseddemand for transformational Cygnus price: £8.99 £10.99 films. Jean-Paul Martinez, aPaperback, Cygnus RRP member, knows many other filmmakers like himself❖who 260206 Code:are making such films. So he and his network are developing Cygnus price: £6.99





Quisque A wonderful varius documentary scelerisquecelebrating nunc eget the rhoncus. natural Aeneanfulltristique world, of beautiful enim images ut ante of dignissim. lush plant life consectetur and pure natural adipiscing abundance. elit. Mauris How do vitae welibero relate to volutpat viverra elementals, fairies felis. andVestibulum other nature velitspirits? nisl. Mauris The luctus mauris voices are all diverse sedem. but RRPthere £00.00 is a unity behind it❖all, Code: one of 00000000 love for life Cygnus in all its price: vibrations. £00.00Also includes great music.

an international network of 1000 informal cinemas in village halls, pubs, and schools. These can be gathering spaces

for all who want to see and share BUY BOTHwhat is possible. FOR AND RELAX TO OVERCOME £20.49 A candle is lit toBREATHE remind STRESS, us ANXIETY, DEPRESSION

who crave This is the perfect book for people like me with a weekly a course book, who benefit from a curriculum can always let the routine programme of daily lessons. After all, you the process! It’s printed go for a day or two – this does not invalidate space to make your own in classic workbook format, with plenty of notes, and is thoroughly interactive. If there’s a hint or an observation in a certain of point a as that use can you chapter, departure for further spiritual exploration. The author has been a yoga teacher for more than thirty years and a mental health professional for most of her working life.

that we are all part one source, we all bear that light within us, either side by MaryofHeath of the screen. The host of the evening primarily consists of book. introduces to her CD the film byIttelling This is the companion us a little about the filmmaker plus a 25 minute and what inspired exercises, breathing them to make two Pranayama-based theexercises film. We watch the film together takes us through andThe author then afterwards bring the creative visualization. our chairs into small groupsherself a non-American voice and share hearrevealed it’s great ever, the filmtohas and, aswhat in us. We hope that throughan and the background means ofCD. very skillful She’sfilms, these experiential we can on the provide atospace you to meet addition her for invaluable like-minded folkIt’s and luminous. in an your locality. music is calming

NAME OF FILM TO GO HERE DVDXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by RRP £17.99

❖ Code:varius Quisque D250222 scelerisque Cygnusnunc price:eget £14.99 rhoncus. Aenean tristique enim ut ante dignissim. consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris vitae libero volutpat THE CURE viverra IS?felis. Vestibulum velit nisl. Mauris luctusbeautifully This mauris sedem. presented RRPDVD £00.00 reminds us how ❖ Code: our thoughts 00000000 and emotions Cygnusaffect price: our£00.00 physical body. This is a powerful package, well worth taking onOF NAME board FILM whether TO GO youHERE are healthy and wantXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by to remain so, or currently in poor health. Also includes Quisque variusthree scelerisque affirmational nuncjourneys eget rhoncus. on love, forgiveness Aenean tristique and empowerment. enim ut ante dignissim. consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris vitae libero DVD RRP volutpat viverra £17.99 felis. Vestibulum velit nisl. Mauris ❖ Code: luctus mauris 260126 sedem. Cygnus RRP price: £00.00£14.99 ❖ Code: 00000000 Cygnus price: £00.00

in wonderful workbook. She is well-versed feel OCCUPY all the therapeutic LOVE paradigms and you very safe hands. This is about a revolution ofinlove, about love in RRP £9.99 inc VAT political One CD, action. Can revolution be spiritual and does spirituality ❖ Code: 260209 help revolution? Hopefully this film will encourage a price: £7.99 peaceful revolution in all Cygnus of us. Full of inspiring people demonstrating better futures.

Paperback, RRP £9.99 ❖ Code: 260207 Cygnus price: £12.99

DVD RRP £17.99 ❖ Code: D250221 Cygnus price: £14.99 594 375 02078advertising@cygnus ❖ Email: 594 375 line: 02078 Service & Customer ❖ Phone: BOOK YOUR AD TODAYOrder info@cygnus-bookssing .com Email: com/pages/adverti www.cygnusreview. www.cygnusreview More information: Website: NAME THE HERO’S OF FILM JOURNEY TO GO HERE by Joseph Campbell


While by Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the writings of Joseph Campbell are rarely daunting, truth be told Quisque varius he scelerisque was an academic nunc eget and they rhoncus. are serious Aenean and relatively tristique enim heavy ut anteworks. dignissim. This,consectetur on the otheradipiscing hand, is the elit. essential Mauris vitae companion libero lacus, to hisvelown hendrerit books,nisi! an oral Maecenas history ofquis his velit rich life, full nisl, volutpat of photographs viverra felis. of influential Vestibulumartworks, luctus mauris illustrative sed sem images, and encounters dapibus luctus quis between velit nisl. Campbell Maurisand vitae other significant libero lacus, vel hendrerit figures like nisi! George Maecenas Lucas and Robert quis velit nisl, Bly.volutpat I can’t viverra think of felis. a better introductionluctus Vestibulum to thismauris great teacher sed semwho dapibus has so much influence luctus quis velit over nisl. our inner cultural lives today. P.S. THIS IS A BOOK Paperback RRP £00.00RRP £16.99 ❖ Code: 00000000 260213 Cygnus Cygnus price: price: £12.99 £00.00


£00.00 £26.49

SPIRITUAL BALANCE SMILING MIND by Jane Martino and James Tutton


“I don’t believe that people areby looking Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the meaning of life, Quisque as much varius as theyscelerisque are lookingnunc for the eget experience rhoncus. of Aenean being alive.” tristique A group enim of contemporary ut ante dignissim. spiritual consectetur teachersadipiscing pay tributeelit. to Mauris Josephvitae Campbell, libero lacus, outlining velinhendrerit particular nisi! his Maecenas image of the quis Hero’s velit nisl, Journey. volutpat It’sviverra hugely felis. inspirational Vestibulum andluctus beautifully mauris shot, sedfull sem of radiant dapibus brightluctus colours, quisand velitincluding nisl. Mauris delightful vitae libero re-enactments lacus, vel hendrerit of mythsnisi! and Maecenas stories led by kids quisinvelit everyday nisl, volutpat landscapes. viverraIt felis. also Vestibulum illustrates the luctus quest mauris via classic sed sem movies dapibus like The Wizard ofluctus Oz and quisStar velitWars. nisl. DVD RRP £16.99, ❖ Code: D220733 Cygnus price: RRP £14.99 £00.00 ❖ Code: 00000000 Cygnus price: £00.00

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Amoda invites us to embrace the “oneness” within, reconciling everyday life with spirituality. Her honest and authentic insights will appeal to those searching for a different way of being, in place of life’s usual “fight or flight” struggle. She examines the opportunity of personal transformation that’s accessible within the here and now, and suggests that we are each being called to “give up the small me” to change our relationship to humanity. The idea of non-duality is essential to her if we are to bridge the gap between personal and universal consciousness in an increasingly unstable world. Ultimately, if we can embrace every moment in order to awaken from that dream of separation, we can get closer to the divine essence in our everyday life. Paperback, £9.99 ❖ Code: 260216 Cygnus price: £6.99

THE BOOK OF HO’OPONOPONO by Luc Bodin, Nathalie Bodin Lamboy & Jean Graciet

Ho’oponopono comes from Huna, the traditional healing and spiritual shamanism of Hawaii where it was traditionally used to promote reconciliation within communities. One short phrase encompasses the practice of compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. On the surface this appears to be something very simple, and yet on deeper study it is found to touch many elements of the world’s philosophies, spiritual practices and science, even dreaming. Ho’oponopono can be applied to anything from traumatic past events to minor daily annoyances, it seeks out and breaks negative cycles such as destructive thought patterns and difficult family dynamics with the power to resolve the negative and bring harmony. Paperback, RRP £11.99 ❖ Code: 260217 Cygnus price: £7.49

START HERE NOW by Susan Piver

This little book is almost perfect, as long as you don’t mind it being unashamedly Buddhist. And anyway – mindfulness is Buddhism. If you want to take your practice a bit further in that direction, this book forms a perfect introduction. Susan Piver is a high-profile teacher in America and her teaching here is tolerant and intelligent. She tells stories about how she has failed and how she has picked her life up again. Buddhism is the great technique for helping you start again. She helps you work out which form of Buddhism is best for you. I found this book so inspiring in coaxing me gently to build up a resilient meditation routine. I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough. Paperback, RRP £9.99 ❖ Code: 260215 Cygnus price: £7.49

A glorious little handbag-sized book that is a handy guide to any newbie meditator venturing into the, often complicated, world of mindfulness. To some, the term mindfulness can be quite daunting as its meaning is not always easy to determine, but Jane and James explain all in an accessible and conversational tone. With easy, practical exercises and bite-sized explanations, this book is for anyone interested in starting their journey into mindfulness. The book itself is beautifully designed, with a bold and varying format, which makes each turn of the page a new and unexpected delight. In fact, the only drawback to this gorgeous little blue breath-of-fresh-air is that the text can at times become slightly too small. But if this wouldn’t affect you in a huge way, it is well worth persevering until the end. Hardback, RRP £7.99 ❖ Code: 260218 Cygnus price: £4.99

NOT I, NOT OTHER THAN I by Russel Williams

Our world is full of books on all aspects of spiritual teaching, from the serious academic to the borderline flaky, but now, suddenly, this little book appears like a jewel in the rock-face of inspirational literature. Throughout his long and challenging life Russel Williams has been quietly dispersing his unique teachings to small groups, seeking no recognition or reward, just quietly changing lives. Now, well into his 90s, he has agreed to allow Steve Taylor to put together and publish both the story of his life and the essence of his teachings. A jewel of a book to read from cover to cover, then read all over again. Russel received almost no formal education and there is an immense freshness and clarity of thought here which seems to rise from an uncluttered mind. Paperback, RRP £9.99 ❖ Code: 260214 Cygnus price: £7.49


The little book is a team production, a visually attractive compilation of pithy and inspiring quotes put together to energise and inspire. Some are by famous names, others are anonymous, but each quote has its own colourfully illustrated page. Begin on the first page with a photograph of London and the Shard towering above all the other buildings with the words “Reach for what you think is unreachable”, and when you come to the final page you will find the reminder “Don’t be inspired. Be inspirational.” Keep this little book by the kettle to choose a daily thought to ponder over with your morning coffee, or slip it into your bag or pocket for a quick lift at any time of day. You could even cut a page out to make a mini-poster. Paperback, RRP £9.99 ❖ Code: 260219 Cygnus price: £6.99

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