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11-03-10 RECAP #IFD10CHAT Topic: Start developing a resource list. Next week’s topic: Stay tuned – we’re still working on it – DM @CygnetUpdates with suggestions! Time & Location: Wednesday, 12 noon ET (GMT -5 starting this week) sign in using your Twitter name please Great discussion this week & thanks to everyone for the suggestions to Larisa as she branches out. Q1: WHAT BLOGS DO YOU RECOMMEND? • Copyblogger is of a course great resource for writing copy • is by far my fave on freelancing. • I've been getting an awful lot of help from Mari Smith's writing. • Mashable is the cornerstone for social media related content • I subscribe to a ridiculous number of blogs in my feed reader. • I haven't read Chris Brogan but I see his site looks very good. • I find a lot of good posts through the people I follow on Twitter. • Top Five Internet Marketing Blogs: (an article I wrote a while back) • I have so many blogs I follow - art, freelance, business • For help with my newsletter, I like Aweber's blog, Inbox Ideas • I've seen enough great stuff from Mari Smith on that I'll be following it more closely. • Great idea to corral them into an article, maybe even as a buzz piece • I love Marie Forleo - she is a smart and funny business woman (if you don't mind a little cussing!) • I also love Naomi Dunford's IttyBiz, more for marketing philosophy (& outrageous humor!) than practical tips • Social Media Examiner, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Chris Garret • I wish I had time to read all the blogs I like though ... I so need 36 hours in a day... • She doesn't have a blog, but Daphne Gray-Grant has a good newsletter for writers. • Bottom line for me is that informational blogs that I follow help me to never stop learning about my industry. • You'll love • I understand that there is a publication called "the Printed Blog" that will create a print version of excellent blog posts • Ah yes, the twitter newspapers are all the rage! • The Internet Marketing Profs group in LinkedIn is also good • I've heard of the "Printed Blog" too. I really want to see that.

• • • Jill Konrath from our IFD webinars publishes one For the time being, I'm mainly getting tips & info from links I see other people posting. I keep reading sites like Treehugger and Mother Jones- good for keeping up on my target sector

Q2. WHO SHOULD WE BE FOLLOWING ON TWITTER? @copyblogger! @wendycholbi - she wrote an interesting article about Oingo Bongo and marketing - I love the creativity of that. @chrisguillebeau –Art of Non Conformity @joblessmuse - a big inspiration for me @theredhead @AlexFranzen is interesting to follow. IFD SPEAKERS (missing some Twitter names) @dmscott (David Meerman Scott) @MarketingProfs (Ann Handley) @copyblogger (Brian Clark) @smexaminer, @mike_stelzner (Michael Stelzner) @JasonWomack (Jason Womack) @MikeMcDerment (Mike McDerment) @jillkonrath (Jill Konrath) @pamslim (Pamela Slim) @lizstrauss (Liz Strauss) @caroljsroth (Carol Roth) @Robertbly (Bob Bly) @MariSmith (Mari Smith) @DanSchawbel (Dan Schawbel) @TheRiseToTheTop (David Siteman Garland) @steveslaunwhite (Steve Slaunwhite) @petesavage (Pete Savage) @EdGandia (Ed Gandia) @DanPoynter (Dan Poynter) @wellfedwriter (Peter Bowerman) @RemarkaBlogger (Michael Martine) Jonathan Fields @NickUsborne (Nick Usborne) Michael Huggins @RebeccaMatter (Rebecca Matter) @michelfortin (Michel Fortin) Other ideas: • Here's a suggestion - look at who your competitors/peers are following.

• • • •

I've created several lists on Twitter (most are private). I scan each at least once a day to see what that "group" of people is talking about I do have a problem with list management. I have lists, both public and private but don't look at them often. This needs to change You can also search twitter bios for industry keywords With respect to Twitter, I find that I do not have much time to check it. Otherwise I end up procrastinating from work too much

Q3 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING QUESTION--HOW DO YOU BID IF CLIENT WANTS 2000 FOLLOWERS? • You can get 10000 followers if you want to. What you should be shooting for is conversations. That's the metric for Twitter • People that want a high number of followers just don't 'get' Twitter. • So you switch it and bid on conversations? • How about bidding on time and level of involvement? • IMO yes.Conversations with real people..say how many times the brand has come up in tweets when you search. Tweets by real people WAYS TO GET TRAINING • Best bet is to look for articles that feature examples • If you're looking for help with Twitter the #140Conf workshops are awesome. One-day, held around the country • There are local business seminars in my city - if you google it, I am sure there will be some info that comes up as well FACEBOOK • I think for FB pages I will keep on checking social media examiner. They have nice FB pages • Blogs and articles also are a source for FB pages. • I'm trying to find examples of well-done FB pages for some case studies - need to find a way to search for them • I've been looking at FB fan pg examples lately. • Hit social media examiner for that • FB lets you create business pages and assign admins to them. I use my personal login, but can manage many business pages. • You can create business or fan page and no one who joins it would know it was you administering. Totally separate. • I have people who like my page but are not my friends. So they can't see my personal info. Your personal and fan pages are separate • I manage my business page, but I use my personal acct. to like and follow things. • @RedStepchild You could set up a separate business page as an individual, but FB frowns on that.

Hubspot has an eBook on Successful FB pages

GOALS FOR THIS WEEK • Continue to focus on work during work hours - and leave time for leisure • Continue with developing continued contact program for prospects (made some progress on it this week) & another newsletter • Outline a basic "How to use Twitter" for a group of tourism merchants, work on blog • Keep working on "free report" I want to offer on my website. So behind on that. • Get more jobs. I'm open for more projects! • Build/update my prospects list. • Finish on a client website rewrite. I have a target of 100 hours for the project THIS WEEK’S PARTICIPANTS (let me know if I missed someone) @LarisaRedins – freelance editor/writer (copywriting/technical/articles), reserarcher @DaphneDrescher – virtual/freelance paralegal @CygnetUpdates @Shiny_Ideas – editing and web writing @bhas @nightwriter @HopeJoy @derekmantzdsgn – graphic and web designer and more @JacquelinPeters - copywriter @redstepchild- graphic designer & illustrator @busybee_VA – virtual assistant @cmandigital ADDITIONAL RESOURCES 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (@mike_stelzner) Kick ass social media report from Hubspot which showed which industry is favoured on which internet channel (including socmed) Virtual Assistant Podcast. offers some cool stuff (marketing, design help etc) for $5 Hubspot is awesome. So is Marketing Sherpa.They have tons of free ebooks and resources Chris Brogan's app - Awesome resource. Check out this flowchart -

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