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01 December 2010 recap - IFD10Chat We talked Tourism this week – lots of great conversations, ideas, and collaboration potential. Next chat topic (08 Dec 2010, noon ET) – Handling the holidays/vacations HOW WE’RE DOING ON OUR GOALS: • My goals got derailed last week by the holiday! I'm hoping for better productivity this week! • I've made some progress with my website update - someone I'm following on Twitter asked me to guest blog for them & maybe do a project • Shameless plug, I knit scarves. Check my shop out For you cold region folks! • I'm starting to hate updating my website - taking too long • One of my recent goals has been to try NOT to work on weekends. Which I (almost) managed, last week. • I am feeling accomplished, I met my goal of getting established on LinkedIn! • I've also been trying to figure out a way to update my blog/website, which has really suffered since I've been so busy. • Another goal I have met. I have picked up a new client that I am working as a VA! • I wrote an ebook (workbook style) to walk people through writing their Christmas letter. Check out the ebook at my website. I'd love feedback TOURISM EXPERIENCE @TheresePope I work for a hospitality-based marketing agency and hotels are one of their target markets. Also worked indirectly with tourism-type orgs. when I was a fundraiser in my "past life" in non-profit lol @KCsez Marketing, business development, destination marketing - tourist board, ground handler, airlines, private island, hospitality. @CygnetUpdates Community & tourism consultant TALKING TOURISM • One thing that is critical to understand - tourism is an excellent economic development tool for communities • Absolutely ...and it is one of these industries that can only grow (like health and food)! • Another point is that in most states/countries the budgets are being cut dramatically resulting in staffing cuts • The need is still there for work to be done so they're out-sourcing rather than having staff • The things that y'all do for other clients are the same type of work CVBs and DMOs

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need help with There are lots of small family run agencies (e.g. travel agencies) especially in US that could use outsourced VA work. Writing too - maybe not travel agents, but tour operators, hotels, leisure park operators all need to get their products and messages across Don't just think of CVBs (Convention & Visitors Bureaus) and DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations) - there are so many tourism experience providers and travel agencies - they need U and travel magazines, blogs So it's finding those who need the writing done that's the challenge. Remember - it's about figuring out what their needs might be and letting them know you're the answer to what is keeping them awake at night Travel magazines i think are cutting back on freelancers BTW There are many, many travel agencies that are home-based today Join the local hotel and tourism assoc as an associate member to get access to their forum Think about an area that really interests you - outdoor recreation maybe - something you are passionate about People in the travel industry are energetic, enthusiastic - they're the huggy people in the world - they focus on helping people have fun I am a yoga student and there are a ton of yoga destination retreats, etc. - very popular Check the local tourism bodies US has ASTA, UK ABTA. Tour operators produce brochures, websites, etc. plus documentation for their clients -destination pieces, travel tips, etc I have a friend who books cruises and she's a blast. Think about how you can make their lives easier so they can be more profitable. They probably don't even know they need you – With tourism, it might help to think "niche" - Pick an area which interests you. I'm enjoying all of these ideas. I might not have thought much about this industry before. smaller CVBs need someone to organize their photos - tag and caption them. They need databases updated and info inputted Here's a niche - most places have not taken the time to register their logos. The process is cumbersome, not complicated. registering service marks can be done by anyone, just needs followup and attention to detail I have an event planning background and thought this might be an area where I could meeting & event planners w/writing - know their l Marketing, PR, Client relationship depts are good places to start I have a huge interest in wine - part of the reason I live where I do. I want to turn that interest into a biz some day, not sure how yet Event planning is another area - professional orgs have small staffs - they need help with materials, SM, websites For writers, web, brochures, fliers, ads etc.Restaurants, hotels from menus, welcome letters, guest questionnaires, inroom directories Wine tourism is huge in many areas - WA, NY, MI, France :) Think about the tools they

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need to become more profitable One of my upcoming projects is editing a Wiki for a wine company. :-)\ Wow. Tough comments! :) maybe look for a niche, small boutiques, upcoming trends? Restaurants, hotels, bars also need this expertise. A wine bar I know in Dubai gives brief history, descrip of the wines they serve -fun! When people say they don't have the money - maybe they can co-op with others. Can 10 wineries chip in $100 or $50 each? and airlines too! Good idea. Making wine more gucci accessible at other venues. I actually wrote a wine list for my friend when she owned a local coffeehouse-that was fun What about creating "Fun Facts" for them and designing coasters, bookmarks, menu pages, website tidbits I started a wine blog but it went to the wayside because this person claimed I stole her wine title as "vino girl" - people are nuts ha! That's what I do for this hospitality agency for a big restaurant tradeshow - wrote copy for coasters, etc. So fun! :) Daphne, they're still creating my access, but I'll basically be taking answers an expert has emailed to people who asked him questions and rewriting into wiki-style format This is a field where your really can unleash your creativity. Downtown merchant associations are always looking for new tools Chambers of commerce need value-added pieces for their members. Previous experience in tourism isn't what's important as much as showing them what you can do/identifying their needs Do some sample pieces for your hometown Tourism is about communication releases, product updates for their clients. It's all about promotion and enhancing the experience. Look at a community's brand what would reinforce the experience they're promising Think beyond the traditional brochures - what are tools/experiences you can help them provide? Re: sample pieces. Having a display blog for your work can be great to show examples. I like doing work for tourism. Maps a favorite project! Maybe they need someone to enter all the contacts they gathered at a conference Done some fun rack cards, posters, mailers. Let's collaborate! Ghost blogging would be another area as travel and tourism blogs are huge -I'm always checking them out and dreaming. :) Absolutely, new approaches to maps are desperately needed They may need someone to be their liason with designers, printers, production people to help them brief and manage their comm. projects. - proj. mgt. liaison As tourism is not place-specific, it's a great opp for teaming up. Helping with their SM would be good - at least feeding them content or offering to Tweet or post a certain amount Designed a custom map for a visitor's council in WY. Think about how busy these people are - esp. the decision makers. They have to worry about their guests, employees, etc. So they need our help. :)

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Yes, one of my previous roles from within organisations - most do not have the expertise or the time -they are busy running their businesses Many CVBs, etc do trade shows, what fun things can you create for them that are different from the traditional giveaways? The trade shows are true for attractions as well. Do you have an idea for something that will set them apart? Maps, layout plans of rooms, resorts, cruise ships. Not easy to find people who can design these. Yes, trade shows - they need a ton of chotchkies - or what we used to call it in event planning "trinkets and trash" lol I love bookmarks as giveaways. Cheap, fun, and useful. Suggest them for lodging biz, too. With my events background I think I could really make a mark with tourism and trade shows hmmmm thinking Think about the things you hang onto after an event. Can you create a powerful one for someone? Social media for events is an idea too... live blogging/tweeting at events, using content across platforms, etc. Think fun, interesting, experiential. Create events for communities that have no staff, but need the occasional event organized. I have no desire to plan events anymore. I want to write or help them with marketing but I know the lingo so I'd be a good match. Let's see - ideas for Lauren . . . audio tours, messages while people are on hold, audio describing itineraries on their website Audio tours!! Good idea!! Like I said, be passionate, creative and FUN. What a great area for cross-pollination and work share. People driving, not flying. Lots of opps in remote areas, too. For legal work, most companies need help to deal with complaints -difficult guests -to ensure they comply with procedures and timelines I "look" at all this talent and think - how can I put them together with the folks who need them? Lauren - lots of museums, historical homes/sites have audio tours Think niche: people in search of hot springs, geocachers, ghost town fanatics. There are so many niche destinations and markets. Etc My thought, too, Vicky. How to make a Virtual Agency of this talent? I’ve always wanted to do audio tours, it goes well with my passion for history. Absolutely. ..niche marketing. Wine, eco-, family, children, Lauren- Great clips on your FB page, you'd be good at audio tours Just saw the remark about history. I'd love to do audio tours about what USED to be there. I haven't thought about going directly to a tourism association and approaching them. That's a great idea.

GOALS FOR THIS WEEK • Goals: nail down my video style, sell some ebooks, send first newsletter, start prepping for new year launch • Goals, hm. Two client blog posts. An article about Canadian philanthropists. • Goal: Explore more opportunities for virtuall assistance in varies markets. • Goals: same as last week, newsletter, LinkedIn company page, plus push out a blog series I've been preparing. • Goals: following up with past clients, leads, etc to see if they need help for New Year • I'm still trying to write my "free report" for people visiting my blog. *sigh* • Goals: same as before. Making no progress. Work on site. Newsletter started in March still DOA. Work coming in, however. • Finalise membership of local hotel and tourism association. Tweet on tourism news. • Continue approaching Prod. Comp. that focus on Book trailers, Explore tourism market (historical sites, etc), REMAINING QUESTIONS: • Can we create a virtual agency? • Can we have a tourism community group within the main IFD one? • Tourism twebinars? • Do you know of any directory apps for FB pages? I want to create a listing for all member of the Friends of IFD page RESOURCES: • Map created by @toptomato - • Good site/forum for travel writers.... • Soundwalk audio tours - • Tourcaster - • CityListen - THIS WEEK’S PARTICIPANTS @hopejoy @TheresePope @lpmccullough @DaphneDrescher @nightwriter @Shiny_Ideas @bhas @tiffsilverberg @toptomato

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