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Christian Youth Camps Waihola Incorporated

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Labour Weekend 2013

Celebrating our 50TH ANNIVERSARY

1963 - 2013

d Register for the Weeken CO NT AC T DE TA IL S Nam es: Add res s:

Celebrations Schedule Friday 7.00pm

Arrivals / Registration / Meet

Friday 8.00pm

and Greet

CYC Variety Concert

Saturday 8.30am


Saturday 10.00am

Morning Tea

Saturday 10.30am Hom e Pho ne Num ber : Em ail Add res s:

Thanksgiving Service

Saturday 11.30am


Saturday 11.30am OTHER OPTION S We will require accommodat ion We will only require meals

Celebration Lunch with speeches & cake cutting

Saturday 2.30pm - 4pm

Tree planting and camp-site vi


We will be bringing a caravan or campervan

ationis available to those who d o m m o c Ac our dation nk-rooms d accommo Please register no later than 12th October 2013 by email or post to address on rear of form

u e There is limit ily in our chalets and b ording to the acc fam be allocated attend as a l il w n o ti a d mmo on-site acco most need. stay off y choose to a m u o y r o ts ’s. caravan poin unds or B&B ro g CYC also has g in p m a c otels, site in local m

Weekend Cost Th

ere is no fixed charge for the celebration weekend however it will cost CYC to run so it is expected those attending will contribute wh at they can.

50th Anniversary Registration Form  

50th Anniversary Registration Form