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Paul says in 1 Timothy 1:15-17 “What I say is true, and you should fully accept it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. And I am the worst of those sinners. But I was given mercy. I was given mercy so that in me Christ Jesus could show that he has patience Adventure Camp Search and Rescue without limit. And he showed his patience with me, the worst of all sinners. Christ wanted me to be an example for those who would believe in him and have life forever. Honour and glory to the King that rules forever! He cannot be destroyed and cannot be seen. Honour and glory forever and ever to the only God. Amen.” NCV According to tradition, Christmas trees and decorations should be taken down by the twelfth night after Christmas. Everything neatly packed away in a box ready for another year. Unfortunately many New Zealand homes do the same with the shepherds, wisemen and the baby Jesus, all carefully put aside until Christmas comes again. Fortunately Christian Camping has the privilege and opportunity during the rest of the year to help change that. We can tell the Good News, that the baby Jesus who was born that first Christmas is not still in the manger, He is now the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! During 2012 we will have children’s camps, family groups, school groups Church groups etc, etc coming to our facility. Our goal is to share with them by word and example the Good News that Jesus is the Lord of Lord and King of Kings! Do pray that our mission and ministry will do everything in a way that will siege every opportunity to extend the Kingdom of God! Lord may your Kingdom come and your will be done through CYC in 2012. Grant Bullin

Executive Officer’s Comment

Greetings from the CYC office. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, a refreshing New Years and are now looking forward to the years challenges and prospects. We in the office are ready to face this year full-on, the calendar is already jam-packed having our first school group through at the end of January! God is doing a good work through camping, from the number of kids and teenagers who made a commitment to follow Jesus over the summer! Take a look at the photos here and on the website.

PAINTBALL Princess Training at Summer Girls Camp

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10 March 2012 Compete for The Trophy

youth gearochupeprson e m a g r e p 5 1 $ lic pubperson $20 per game - general each


What a summer we have had at CYC Waihola - the sun has shone for almost all of our camping period. It is a real blessing having fine weather at summer camps and we give thanks for this. The last few months have been really busy with many important events in the camping calendar.

Kicking off the summer back in November was our bi-annual paint-ball day. This was an incredible day of competition, rivalry and great fun between 7 different youth groups from Otago and Southland. The sun shone for us all day and everyone had a great day with our new paint-ball guns. Competition was hot for the new CYC Paint-ball Trophy and at the end of the day the Wyndham Warriors of the Wyndham Evangelical Church took away the honours however mention needs to be made of DCBC youth group who came a close second.

Competing for the Paint-ball Trophy

What Cavacade Camp lacked in December in numbers it made up in quality - 5 campers and 4 leaders trekked around the back country of North Otago - through mountain and valley staying at a farm homestead and a back country musterers hut. They had an amazing time and we have been told we must run this camp again. Our family stayed on site with extended family at Christmas and were blessed with warm sun and good times. Two other families also utilised the CYC property for their family get togethers. It is great to have such a wonderful property for families to use in addition to our kids camps.

Horse Trekking through the Forest

January started with a bang - the Horse Trek and Adventure Camps both started on 2nd January and the campers had a blast. From horse trekking and swimming to river tubing and Ultimate Octopus (think Ultimate Frisbee with a fresh Octopus) - you name it we had it at these camps.

The Summer Boys Camp the following week reminded me of the good old summer boys camps I attended back when I was a kid. Uncle Wallace would be proud of the quiet orderly dining room that was achieved every mealtime. The new GPS units used for geocaching proved a hit along with all the other

activities that make CYC summer camps great. The campers watched a Pilgrim’s Progress serial movie in the evenings and the generated discussion from this was a real blessing.

Summer Girls Camp was themed as Daughters of the King and had kingdom themed princess activities all week. This great girly camp was full of great times and was topped off on the last evening with a Princess Banquent and Ball - an evening of dressing up like a princess and being waited on by the leaders. Check out the photos of this camp on our website and see if you recognise the main hall with all the decorations. The calibre of the summer camps was ammensly high and future camps will be have to work hard to measure up. We can only pray that the campers enjoyment and memories from camp will be used by the Holy Spirit to draw them closer to God. Many thanks to all the people who volunteered holidays to help make the camps a great success. After camps Rochelle, Evie, Faith and I travelled to a wedding in Takaka and took the opportunity whislt up there to stay at and look around a couple of other camp-sites in the Nelson region. We have come back with a new vigor for the Christian Camping ministry here at CYC Waihola and look forward to implimenting some great ideas from these camps. Tim Wiel

Arriving at the hut on Cavalcade Camp

Fellowship Day



Speaker Mike Buckley NZ Director of Childrens Bible Ministries Looking at tackling the issues of the heart and how to see Jesus set our children free.

Seminar 1 @ 10am How to reach the heart of a child through life changing teaching Seminar 2 @ 1.30pm The pastoral care of the child


A free ministry event from CYC

Please bring a plate for a shared lunch

a must be at seminar for those involved in youth and children’s ministry


70 Finlayson Road, Waihola

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Church Families Camp All Ages

9 - 13 April

Pony Camp

Girls Yr 8 - 10

16 - 20 April

Hunting Camp

Boys Yr 9 - 12

16 - 20 April

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Fellowship Days - February 25th Paint-ball Day - March10th

February 2012 Newsletter  

February 2012 Newsletter of CYC Waihola

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