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Recently we were informed that if we wanted to continue to gain access permits to utilise forestry roads our public liability and forest fire suppression insurance cover would have to double! Initial quotes for this were three and a half thousand dollars but exploring various options the price has come down to about thirteen hundred dollars. Still a huge amount for us to find, but if we want access permits we have to jump through this hoop.

Work camp although smaller in number than previous years still achieved a huge amount of work. The Tack shed walls and roof went on with three quarters of the floor area being concreted. Tussock plants kindly donated by our neighbor were up-lifted and planted around the entry signs making the area quite stunning.

Executive Officer’s Comment

2 Chronicles 34: 3 “In the eighth year of his reign, while he was still young, he began to seek the God of his father David. In his twelfth year he began to purge Judah and Jerusalem of high places, Asherah poles, carved idols and cast images” Oh that the Lord would bless us with outcomes like this from our Summer Camping Programme, that's only seven weeks away now. You will find in this mailing our 2012 camp form and a 2012 calendar, these are also on the web site to download, though we do have more hard copies available at our Office. There are some great camps coming up and we eagerly look forward to this joyful time of working for the Lord. Do see if you can interest young folk to attend these camps and let us know of any senior leaders that maybe available. Please pray for these camps (i) That all our efforts will be channeled in such a way that campers will want to know t in a p f ts o se Christ personally. (ii) That the Bible will be w e n e 4 er d1 explained in an interesting, contemporary p. They w purch ase m e a v c a h e h e W and life changing way. (iii) That our leaders se at t u r o f s would be excellent role models for practical b all gun Christian living. We do need your prayerful lar u p o p y r ve support over this busy time. t

During the Spring holiday camps we had our fourth OSCAR audit. Again it was pleasing to progress through this smoothly. With all our policies, procedures and documentation being able for viewing electronically shortened and streamlined the auditors visit. We are now waiting the final report and approval once we have furnished pending paper work from various camps staff – this CYFS approval enables working parents to gain subsidies towards camp fees to. Also it was very satisfying to be notified recently that we have had our MSD assistance funding extended until June 2013 to help cover the costs of compliance.


Just when you thought all compliance matters were covered another one pops up. The new adventure activity safety regulations came into force on 1 October 2011. They clarify which activities are covered by the regulations, and which are not and who are 'in scope' of the regulations. So now we have to be registered with the Department of Labour as an 'adventure activity operator' and have to have an annual external audit on our equipment and procedures. So more cost and paper work just to carry on doing what we have always done! It seems our regulators are managing to bring the outdoors indoors! Grant Bullin The council of management have revisited the Fellowship Days we have 4 times a year and decided to change some of them into working bees. Our February Fellowship Day will have Mike Buckley from CBM (Childrens Bible Ministry) presenting a course on how to reach children for the Gospel in various settings. Please keep 25th February 2012 free for this training weekend. As the camp-site has a lot of work and maintenance required, it was decided to run more working bees similar to our annual work camp but with a more focussed approach on a couple of projects each time. They will now be called Fellowship Work Days and will utilise the same dates that Fellowship Days have used but the format will be different. Fellowship Work Days will now have the following format: 8.30am 9.00am 10.30am 10.45am 1.00pm 1.45pm 3.30pm

Breakfast & Devotion Work Parties Morning Tea Work Parties Lunch Work Parties and clean-up Afternoon tea and home

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calenenrolment forms and dar for 2012. em You can download th bsite at we ted da up r ou from ll the or ca to be e office to request som posted to you.


Our spring camps recently were an excellent time of ministry and fun for all involved. Our Boys Techno camp was an great week of technology such as electronics kits, Search and Rescue exercises, Radio Coms and the much anticipated paint-ball strategy game - oh and we managed to fit some computer gaming in there as well. Neville Jopson presented talks based on Lee Strobels ‘The Case for the Resurrection’ which was well received by the boys.




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The Boys Motorbike camp was an extra day longer this year and the boys made the most of the extra riding. Rides around the local forestry, over the camp property, Alf Bradfield’s and a big day out over the Dunstan Trail were all great rides enjoyed. Azriel Gray present the campers with a overview of the bible starting with creation and ending with Jesus as our salvation. We give thanks that there were no injuries with the campers and please pray that Russell Harrex’s knee is quick to heal.

The Girls House Party camp was a week of girly fun activities such as ‘CYC’s Hottest Baker’ and a Masquerade evening combined with some awesome outdoor activities such as paint-ball and an Amazing Race around Waihola. Marjorie Marshall presented some real great talks with the girls that generated some great discussion. The girls really enjoyed themselves and this camp has quickly established itself as a permanent camp in our calendar for older teenage girls. Next years camps have been published and our enrolment forms and calendars are being sent out to campers as this newsletter goes to print. Tim Wiel

Saturday 19th November 2011

$20 per game


This event is a fundraiser for CYC Waihola Protective gear will be provided for players Sausage Sizzle and food will be available to buy Conditions of play can be found on website

games consist of 100 rounds and game-play may vary

- Give thanks that the recent camps were a great success and that many teenagers were given the message of salvation. - Give thanks that the Lord has provided finances for CYC’s day to day running costs over the winter period. And please pray that the Lord will continue to bless the ministry of CYC. - Please pray for the camps in 2012 as we finalise directors, cabin leaders, cooks and speakers. Please prayer that CYC remains an effective ministry of the Gospel. - Please pray that the property of CYC will be an effective evangelism tool for schools and weekend groups as they stay on the property. Pray that our staff will be given opportunities for the Gospel with these groups. - Please pray for good numbers at our up-coming summer camps.





Christian Youth Camps (Waihola) Inc. Rapid 70 Finlayson Road P.O. Box 15061 Waihola 9243 South Otago Phone: Fax: Email: Website: Facebook:

03 417-7120 03 417-7120

If you would like to make a donation to CYC, you can donate via internet banking or send your donation to: Christian Youth Camps (Waihola) Inc, P.O. Box 15061, Waihola, 9243 For electronic banking our bank account number is #03 0905 0937076 00 (Westpac Bank, Moray Place, Dunedin). Please put your name and the word “donation” in the reference column.

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Fellowship Work Days - November 26th - February 25th Paint-ball Day - November 19th

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2011 November Newsletter  

Newsletter of CYC Waihola for November 2011

2011 November Newsletter  

Newsletter of CYC Waihola for November 2011


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