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Season 2018/2019 COURSE GUIDE Come and try Boating! The CYCSA Marine Academy prides itself on increasing the enjoyment, safety and knowledge of CYCSA members. We welcome and encourage the public to become involved in our Club, at our prominent location at North Haven on the pristine Gulf St Vincent. Discover a sense of wonder and a spirit of curiosity about our watery planet with the CYCSA Marine Academy through our Club - which represents many different things to its members. To some, it is the vast horizons of beauty and tranquility, a refuge from hectic civilised life. Others see it as a recreational area that inspires either rest or physical challenge; somewhere to mingle and share with likeminded peers. A place to begin a journey, explore and dream. Discover how the CYCSA Marine Academy can inspire you! As South Australia’s first and only Royal Yachting Association/ Australian Sailing accredited training centre, you can be sure that you are receiving the best training available. All of our staff are RYA or AS qualified and offer a professional yet fun approach to learning to sail, powerboat and navigate. Our courses go beyond learning to sail, we also offer the International Certificate of Competence (ICC), RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper qualifications, with many more on water and shore based courses in between. So please explore our courses and come make a splash! David Royle Boating Administrator, CYCSA Marine Academy


brochure provides an overview of all the courses we offer and what you can expect from each one. New to sailing? If you are a newcomer to boating or simply need to brush up on a few skills there’s a course for you.

Had some experience? You don’t need to start at the begining if you have some experience, you can pick the level that suits you. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we can recommend the perfect course to suit your experience level.

Hope to see you on the Water! LEARN, EXPERIENCE, EXPLORE...


Give sailing a go! WOMEN’S DISCOVER SAILING Jump on board with other women and enjoy some time on the water to practice sailing techniques and share experiences. Take another view of sailing and build up your confidence so that you are happy and able to take the helm (under supervision).

Practical Sailing Courses

2.5 Hour Experience

Day Skipper

Times: 10am to 12.30pm (Saturdays and Sundays)

Times: 10am - 12.30pm or 2.30pm - 5pm

Coastal Skipper (Coming soon)

Cost: $100 (members $95)

Cost: $100 (members $95)

START YACHTING (2 DAYS) A basic weekend course for people to learn the concepts and practice the skills to sail a yacht. Learn how a sailing boat works and be a part of its crew. In this 2 day course you will learn and practice the basics to go sailing: hoist sails, trim sheets and steer the yacht.

PRIVATE LESSONS FULL DAY AND HALF DAY There are often little things boat owners need training in to better utilise their asset.

A great place to start with no prior experience required. Internationally certified and Adelaide’s best place to start sailing!

You may wish to complete one of our accredited courses or just get out and sail. Alternatively you can book the boat for your own group’s course.

DISCOVER SAILING (2.5 HOURS) Find out what sailing is all about! We will take you on the water and get you involved in sailing our training yacht Academy 1. Experience first hand what attracts people to sailing and learn where it can take you. Bring a friend, check out our club, stay for a drink and make a day of it!

Shorebased Theory Courses

Discover Sailing Start Yachting Competent Crew

Yachtmaster (Coming soon)

Essential Navigation & Seamanship (Online) Day Skipper Shorebased (Online) Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Shorebased (Coming soon)

We can arrange private lessons, on your boat or on Academy 1, which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Times: 9.30am to 4.30pm Saturday & Sunday Cost: $520 (members $500)


START POWERBOATING A certified course for a state boat licence without further testing. Gain a South Australian boat licence through practical application of learning to drive a powerboat. Understand the state regulations, rules of the road, safety equipment, types of boats and practice it all on the water. Times: 7.30am-5.30pm Cost: $340 (members $310) Private Lessons also available 1:1 and 2:1 with a friend!

POWERBOAT HANDLING Designed for people with previous powerboat skills to develop key concepts to efficiently and safely use a powerboat. Required for Australian Sailing dinghy and windsurfing instructors. Times: 9.30am to 4.30pm Saturday Cost: $280 (members $250) Note: Minimum age for powerboat courses is 12 years old.


Be safe out on the water

SAFETY SUNDAY (1 DAY) Safety Sunday is a Club course designed to promote and develop an awareness of boating safety. Cost: $50 (members $40) SAFETY & SEA SURVIVAL CERTIFICATE (2 DAYS) Gain a SSSC certificate to compete in category 0 & 1 yacht racing. A Comprehensive safety course including life raft and flare drills. Times: 9.30am to 5pm Cost: $520 (members $420) SSSC Update Course also available Cost: $310 (members $210)


Cruising Scheme

Learning to sail is just the beginning! The CYCSA Marine Academy provides many options to develop your newfound skills. Whether it’s joining a racing crew or cruising with a member, we can provide you with the training you need to be a success, and enjoy your time at the Club. For people who have completed a Start Yachting course or have previous sailing experience the next step is the RYA/YA Competent Crew course. If you have a yacht or aspire to own/charter one, the CYCSA Marine Academy can train you to make the most of it with our RYA/YA Day Skipper course. LIVE ABOARD COURSES: 2 DAY, 3 DAY & 5 DAY LIVE ABOARD COURSES AVAILABLE Live Aboard courses are used to cover sailing miles and days aboard to complete RYA/YA certificates such as Competent Crew and Day Skipper. Live Aboard courses are conducted on Academy 1 with between 3 – 5 students sleeping overnight at a selected marina or safe mooring. Most meals are provided on board for the duration of the trip while you learn how to live and travel on a sail cruising yacht. Cost: 3 Day Live Aboard $890 (members $820) / 5 Day Live Aboard $1360 (members $1160) Expect to escape, experience the joy of sailing and relax on deck while debriefing as the sun sets...

Other Courses -

RYA INTERACTIVE RYA ESSENTIAL NAVIGATION & SAFETY ONLINE COURSE Covers the basic theoretical knowledge required to take a boat to sea including; navigation, weather, rules of the road, safety and passage planning. Includes access to online portal, course notes, charts & plotting tools. Complements all practical courses. Cost: $260 (members $230)

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE (ICC) Looking to charter a yacht in Australia or overseas? The ICC provides evidence of yachting competency and is recognised in most countries around the world. Your ICC can be obtained through a direct assessment on your boat or on our training yacht Academy 1. For experienced sailors who already have the skills to demonstrate how to safely skipper, navigate and day sail a cruising yacht. Cost: $600 (members $470)

We also offer....

Marine Radio Courses, RYA Theory Courses, Twilight Racing and Private Sail Training


Course Dates




SAT 22 SEPT 2018

6-7 OCT 2018

TUES 9 OCT 2018

SUN 28 OCT 2018

17-18 NOV 2018

SAT 5 JAN 2019

SAT 10 NOV 2018

1-2 DEC 2018

TUES 12 FEB 2019

SUN 25 NOV 2018

15-16 DEC 2018

MON 18 MARCH 2019

SUN 9 DEC 2018

12-13 JAN 2019

MON 22 APRIL 2019

SAT 19 JAN 2019

2-3 FEB 2019

SUN 10 FEB 2019

2-3 MARCH 2019

SAT 23 MARCH 2019

16-17 MARCH 2019


SAT 6 APRIL 2019

30-31 MARCH 2019

8-9 SEPT 2018

4-5 MAY 2019

22-23 SEPT 2018

19-20 JAN 2019


SUN 28 OCT 2018

3 DAY LIVE ABOARD • 29 SEPT - 1 OCT 2018

SAT 23 MARCH 2019

26-28 JAN 2019

9-11 MARCH 2019



5 DAY LIVE ABOARD • 2-6 JAN 2019 •

21-25 APRIL 2019

INFORMATION CORRECT AT TIME OF PRINTING. Please check our website for updates on course dates, content and pricing. Please note that all courses booked online via the Marine Academy Revolutionise platform incur a nominal transaction/booking fee.

Book online at:


“A worthwhile and educational course. I gained a considerable volume of knowledge and relevant tips. I strongly recommend this course to anyone contemplating ‘going to sea’. It is best to learn from someone else’s experience than from your own”. - A.Knowles “The Club has always been very welcoming and encouraging which has allowed me to experience many different aspects of sailing and racing in a very short time and make some great friends in the process.” - M.Toy “All in all, the CYCSA is a great environment for women interested in learning to sail and race...” - L.Fenderson

Contact Us

The CYCSA Marine Academy is located within the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia Lady Gowrie Drive, North Haven SA 5018 More information about all courses is available online at: or by calling Club Reception on 8248 4222 | email:

CYCSA Marine Academy 2018.19 Course Guide  
CYCSA Marine Academy 2018.19 Course Guide