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From the Publisher—

New Beginnings

Spring means something different depending where you live. Northerners may be sad Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this year, because they’ll have six more weeks of winter. But Floridians are already looking down the road to another long, hot summer. Wherever you live, spring is about new beginnings – true for our magazine, as well. After publishing ten print issues and receiving consistent feedback requesting a digital format, we’re shifting to online publication to better serve our South Florida cycling community. Watch our Facebook page for details of our electronic distribution. Although this issue has stories about romance – because spring is in the air! – we are also focusing on increasing safety for cyclists in our amazing tri-county community. The largest cycling community in the country, it is also the most dangerous. Since 2007, when I began cycling as an adult, I’ve heard about too many cyclists being critically injured or even killed as a result of collisions with cars. While our community’s outrage, anger and sadness have been channeled into petitions that circulate with the speed and energy of a peloton or a downhill off-road racer … NOTHING GETS DONE. Now, it’s time for our cycling community to make a change. On February 12th, we held our first Cyclists and Pedestrians Against Distracted Driving (CAPADD) fundraising event. Ongoing events will generate funds used solely to push legislative initiatives and create print, video and other multi-media campaigns to create awareness about the sometimes-fatal consequences of distracted driving in South Florida. Be the change. #ButNotWhileDriving Pedals UP! —Michael Gale Cycling Quarterly South Florida

Cycling Quarterly - Spring 2019 Edition Love On Wheels  

Cycling Quarterly - Spring 2019 Edition Love On Wheels