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to Otterbach, only to smack a tree and down he went. Otterbach won with Van Alsburg second ahead of Finefield and Halls Cycle rider Greg Birkland. Van Alsburg about the day, “Hot and technical for sure. This race made you think and you have better paid attention to the arrows. The hills were slick and tight, you had to have good throttle control. If you stayed on your bike and hit your marks you probably finished well.” Good racing in the C class continued today as Tanner Whipple on his KX100 was on fire. He attacked the course with finesse and determination. Jacob Maccarrens and Garrett Ward were Little B start trying not to let Whipple out of sight. Kaleb Cloyd was making sure that the local boys knew he could hang on to the pace as well, finishing third in little C, while Maccarrens man handled big C, on his new to him KTM 250. In AA, an early crash dropped Drake Lineback on his Halls Cycles Husky back, but like all know his never give up, push to the end personality made this race one to remember. Woodstock KTM's Ryan Moss had a early meeting with a square edge hole and subsequent meeting between his radiator and trail edge tree, ending his day. SRT's Austin Wells went down twice in the first lap after having a bad start, putting him back far enough to take him out of contention. Chase Robinson and Travis Ward have battled pretty hard this season. Today Ward and Robinson both had the same strategy. Get in some solid early laps while Blake Ryan held the lead. Lap five, about an hour into the race Ward found a spot where Ryan was a little slower and took advantage. Ward led for around four laps. Ryan is still lurking, and keeps telling his father Dj Ryan "next lap" for gas. Well on lap seven it wasn’t the best plan, as Ryan is sitting out on the trail looking for gas. This opened the door for Lineback to push up to Ward who was losing sight of Robinson. Last two laps side by side in the Ex section, good clean racing pushes them to the back tire of Robinson on the last lap. On lap nine Robinson pulled the fastest lap of the day at 9:33. Coming into the barrels for race end, Robinson was five seconds ahead of Ward, and Lineback. It's been a long time since

the top riders had this close of racing after almost two hours. Honorable mention is the middle Schmidt kid. Yep Benjamin won the Open A class today! Riding a bike he just bought because his normal race bike had issues. Schmidt kept a smooth pace to cover Mason Schuhler for the first time this year. In the B classes Colten Zuidema once again rode to a top five finish overall, winning 250B. 250B rider Nick Balzer (306) had this to say... “I really had a fun race ended up sixth. The dry conditions were a really nice change. The rock creek is always my favorite section. I seem to be able to get a groove through it even if it’s not particularly fast. Overall this was one of my favorite layouts I’ve ever experienced!” Matco Tools’ Lee Orme stated... “The course itself was quite technical but still fast and flowing. The technical nature of the course leaned more toward the rider who focused on being smooth. If you tried to over-ride the course it would bite you.” Twenty some Atv racers came out, and Chris Breitwieser topped the A class. Doug Yunker and Ian Pavelonis filled the podium. Then came the old guys in quad racing. Andre Topper is back again after some time off. Kevin Johnson led for a bit, but Topper passed for the lead in the +30 class with Bryan Wittersheim having some issues, finishing third.

Results: Open C: 1.Jacob McCarrens 2.Chris Mroczkowski 3.Michael Skrzypczak 4.Reid Starkey 5.Dustin Schaill Open B: 1.Nate Hornung 2.Peter Kavsky 3.Chris Caballero 4.Mark Sticha 5.Nick Bara +30A: 1.Luke Kaszynski 2.Jesse Keith 3.Ryan George +30B: 1.Michael Manuel 2.Adam Dhamer 3.Jason Kedzie 4.Casey Shatters +30C: 1.Bobby Cook 2.DJ Parks 3.Miro Tuslea 4.Rod Taylor 5.Mickey Johnson +40A: 1.Randy Southard 2.Erik Olson 3.Brian Roland 4.Steve Perkins +40B: 1.Brian Studiarz 2.Doug Propper 3.Bill Horsley 4.Bud Durland 5.Jeff Phelps 5.Michael Stelmar 50cc (4-6 yrs): 1.Regan Doerr 2.Reece Doerr 3.Trey Lee 4.Tristyn Whipple 5.Ethan Fox 50cc (7-8 yrs): 1.Darrin Herman 2.Lane Davis 3.Mason Wise 4.Cameron Walker 5.Nate Bierborn +50A: 1.Kenny Otterbach 2.Shawn VanAlsburg 3.Kevin Finefield 4.Greg Birkland +50B: 1.Jeff Oldenburg 2.Brad Cloyd 3.Jeff McGrath 4.Jim Mooney 5.Piecha. Lyle 65cc Beg: 1.Connor Pilon 2.Cole Morgan 3.Kyle Walker 4.Jackson Damron 5.Michael Truver 65cc: 1.Chad Phelps 2.Chasen Orme 3.Adam Lesny 85cc: 1.Thor Rick 2.Easton Morgan 3.Elijah Berryman 4.Trevor Keogh 5.Noah Lee 200C: 1.Tanner Whipple 2.Garrett Ward 3.Kaleb Cloyd 4.Eli Otterbach 5.Rylan Frankford 250B: 1.Colten Zuidema 2.Alex Parks 3.Bryan Olson 4.Colton Saylor 5.Doug II Propper Open A: 1.Ben Schmidt 2.Mason Schuhler 3.Matthew McDonald 4.Riley Schuler 5.Keagan Schmidt AA: 1.Chase Robinson 2.Travis Ward 3.Drake Lineback 4.Austin Wells 5.Blake Ryan Super Mini: 1.Tanner Whipple 2.Garrett Ward Thumper: 1.Matt Dissell 2.Lee Orme 3.Nick Balzer 4.Michael Blaydes 5.AJ Waggoner Vintage: 1.Brian Roland 2.Mark Caballero 3.Mickey Lamping Women: 1.Autumn Torres 2.Katie Parker 3.Riley Walters 4.Darcie Graham 5.Michelle Dalton 4 Wheel +30AB: 1.Andre Topper 2.Kevin Johnson 3.Bryan Wittersheim 4.Dan Siener 4 Wheel A: 1.Chris Breitwieser 2.Doug Yunker 3.Ian Pavelonis 4.Todd McGuire 4 Wheel B: 1.Trace Jochimk 2.Brent Coyle 3.Adam Colbrese 4.Joe Nemitz 5.Bret Daehler 4 Wheel C: 1.Matt Sodaro 2.Chris Garrity 3.Tony Kraklio 4.Glenn Roy CYCLE USA, September 2015


Cycle USA Sept. 2015  

Motocross, Hare Scrambles, Enduro, Trials, Dirt Track, Hillclimb and more Motorcycle/ ATV racing in the Midwest.

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