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Fox Valley Off-Road Trials Wedron, Illinois - July 5 By Liz Jeffries


ndependence weekend usually includes a few things: family, friends, and fun. And this weekend the best place to get all of those was Fox Valley Off-road park, located outside of Ottawa IL. They once again opened their gates to the District 17 trials community, and for the second year they had created a unique dual opportunity, running a trials and a GP contest on the same day, allowing both types of riders an opportunity to ‘see the other side’. This trials contest is unique for several reasons. It is run early, a 9 am start time as opposed to the normal 10 or 11, allowing for more of the GP riders to participate if they wish. The loop is a spectator’s dream: a single two lane wide gravel road running barely a half mile, with all the sections marked close together, allowing for a great viewing and photo opportunities. The land itself was amazing. The sections were all in the creek area, providing a lot of varied terrain for all the classes. Riders had to negotiate creeks filled with jumbles of rocks smoothed to the finish of bowling balls, sandy bottoms, muddy banks lined with roots, and steep drop-offs. And to make it extra special, the ‘Enduro’ section where riders had to negotiate over the sides of standing tires and log stacks. The day started at 9, where a large group of trials and GP riders met. The GP riders with their larger bikes (except for those opting to ride in the Women’s, Beginner’s or Novice classes, were riding in their own class, the Knobby class, which at Fox Valley was taking on the Intermediate lines (intermediate being the difficulty level between Novice and Advanced). A large group had come out to try this, so many that at times it seemed like they outnumbered the trials riders! In fact, there were fifteen Knobby riders, the second largest class behind the Intermediates who had seventeen. The trialsmasters had done an amazing job setting the difficulty level of the lines. The weather held out and we were greeted with warmth and sun, a welcome relief from the almost constant rains of June. The Women, Beginners, and Youth 12

CYCLE USA, August 2015

riders were doing three loops of four sections. The Knobby class was doing two, to allow them time to get ready for the GP. Everyone else was riding three loops, which went fast with the closeness of the sections. Also, a great group of volunteers had shown up to help check, making things flow even smoother. At the end of the day the Knobby class was won by Nolan Blaesing. The Vin-

The day ended early for the trials riders, but there was plenty of fun left to go. Just as we were wrapping things up, the first race of the GP was just getting underway. It was definitely a full day of fun out at Fox Valley, and a big thanks to the volunteers who helped make it a wonderful event. So until next time, Happy riding everyone!

tage class was topped by Brandon Prouty, with Jeff Franklin taking the top spot for the Senior class. Chasen Orme edged out Che Anglin and Darrin Hermin for the Youth, and Anna Rushbrook took the top spot in the six person Women’s class. Doyle Sutherland took first place in the Novice class, with Scott Heininger once again taking the first home for the Intermediate class. Garry Gardner took the Advanced class win, with Mike Cross winning in Expert, and Greg Sassi taking home the win in the Champ class.

Results: Knobby: 1.Nolan Blaesing 2.Garrett Ward 3.Matt Dissell 4.Brian Roland 5.Jeff Jack Intermediate: 1.Scott Heininger 2.Nolan Blaesing 3.Dylan Broll 4.Ryan Woods 5.Ernie Knepp Vintage: 1.Brandon Prouty 2.Dale Prouty 3.Tito Nappi 4.Steve Hayes Advanced: 1.Garry Gardner 2.Matt McDonald 3.Lee Orme 4.Tim Freed 5.Warren Lange Novice: 1.Doyle Sutherland 2.Greg Blaesing 3.Tanner Whipple 4.Ann Marie Cross 5.Dave Floyd Women: 1.Anna Rushbrook 2.Autumn Franklin 3.Michelle Dalton 4.Kimi Gardner 5.Allie Roland Champ: 1.Greg Sassi Expert: 1.Mike Cross 2.Miller Eric Youth: 1.Chasen Orme 2.Che Anglin 3.Darrin Herman Senior: 1.Jeff Franklin

Cycle USA August 2015  

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