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Riverside Raceway Opener Winterset, Iowa - May 5 By Missi Thede


ith much warmer temperatures and the promise of sunshine, everyone’s demeanor at the track was excited about a great day of racing. Track conditions were perfect, and it all set up for a wonderful, and fast day. The first class off the gate was the 250C class which #515 Cody Tebo won while Blake Lura finished second ahead of Nicholas Tracy and Dylan Buchheit fourth for the first moto. With the mix of finishes after both motos, Tracy ended up second, Lura third and Buchheit fourth for the overall. Getting the excitement rolling for the day was the eight-rider gate of the 250A class with very strong competitors to spark everyone’s interest. Brad DePrenger took the holeshot, but dropped his bike around the holeshot corner giving #44 Brennan Myers and #30 Colin Hickman the opening lead. Devin Reed, Kody Pirie and Klint Stapes were hot in pursuit on Myers and Hickman through the first section. DePrenger would have to hustle gain back his lost positioning. With the second lap Myers held strong with Hickman, Pirie and Reed running hard through the whoops section. DePrenger managed to get past Zach Wallace and moved in on Daniel Gifford and made the pass on him through the rollers. On a mission, DePrenger made his way back up through the pack from

#422 John Harter, #517 Jesse Gildea and Stone Schildroth battle in the Open C second moto.

last place for a third place finish first moto. Second moto had Pirie in the lead with Reed and Hickman giving chase into the back section. Reed pushed Pirie through the woods whoops section, and made his way into the first spot with Pirie #961 Dylan Smith and Jeremy Ayala having a disappointhave a great race in 65Sr class. ing setback to the last spot. DePrenger made his way past Hickman to second shortly after. The top three were locked in for the overall, Reed, DePrenger and Hickman. Quad A and Quad A Production

had #02 John Benda taking the overall wins for the day with back and forth competition from Jimmy Strait. Quad B and B/C production overall wins went to #703 Austin Voorhies with second going to Keaton Sterk and Gramm Meyer finishing third. In Open B, David Downey took the first moto holeshot side by side with Andrew Harter, just ahead of Corey Jacobe and Brennen Landeberger. Downey kept a healthy lead while Landeberger worked up to second leading Jacobe and Roy McAninch for the second lap. Landeberger then went down right before the back section tabletop which set him back to eighth. Jacobe assumed the second position and McAninch third as Downey took the first moto win.


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