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News Cycle to Work Day success More miles, more smiles – 14 September 2016 was a record breaker…


ycle to Work Day 2016 was a record breaking year, with new records set across the board on all levels from cyclist involvement, miles ridden, employers pledged and retailers pledged. Here at Cyclescheme we were thrilled to see just how successful the day was in encouraging people to take to two wheels and enjoy the pleasure of everyday cycling. You may have already seen the fantastic infographic we made to commemorate the record breaking year, but in case you haven’t, here it is again in all its glory for you to enjoy. Here are just a few of our favourite stats from the day: l The total miles pledged for Cycle To Work Day would take you more than 27 times around the world 8

 ver 1,000 employers O took part in Cycle To Work Day and they had a combined workforce of over 1.3 million staff l Enough calories were burned on Cycle To Work Day to complete over 165 Le Tour de France races  l The CO2 saved on Cycle to Work Day equated to more than 19 return flights from London to Sydney. One of the most popular acts on Cycle to Work Day – other than riding to work! – was for cyclists to share photos of themselves and their bike on their commute. This created a great buzz and it was fantastic to see the camaraderie and the enjoyment everyone had in taking part. You can view thousands of l

the photos on the Cycle to Work Day Facebook gallery here: ctwd2016pics. Cycle to Work Day was not just a buzz in the digital sphere but also in the press and on television and radio across dozens of UK TV and radio programmes with Cycle to Work Day ambassador Chris Boardman MBE, former Olympic Gold medallist, fronting the campaign. You can listen

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