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10 Cycling Myths Uncovered Cycling’s dangerous, and we don’t pay road tax, and we all jump red lights… Arm yourself with the real facts behind your chosen style of commuting so you can give naysayers a reasoned retort.

How to fix a puncture with video tutorial New to cycling and wouldn’t know what to do if a thorn did its worst? Have a read and watch the video – and be confident you can fix it. (A tough set of tyres is a good idea too…)

The Lake District – in Italy

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Cycling to work will build up your muscles and also your enjoyment of riding, perhaps to the point of wanting to go on holiday with your bike. Here’s a top destination…

Summer cycling tips Here comes the reward for riding through the winter… Shed your arm and leg warmers and start enjoying the ride – here’s a checklist to help you.

Wet weather foot protectors Keeping your feet dry goes a long way to keeping your spirits up on a wet ride to and from work – find out which ones to buy, here.

Commuting after dark When the clocks change in autumn it can make a big difference to your commute in terms of clothing and lighting – so be prepared.


Cycle Commuter #17  
Cycle Commuter #17