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We catch up with the commuters featured on the Cyclescheme website. This issue: Bromptoneer Beto Montejo


t was congested bus and tube travel that convinced city commuter Beto Montejo to get on his bike – and turned him into a London-loving tourist. “I’ve liked cycling ever since I was a kid but I never took it seriously when it came to commuting,” he says. “I’ve driven a car since I was very young and I lived in places where it was easy to commute by car. But since I came to London, commuting by car was no longer an option. “After a few months I got tired of how crammed the buses and the tube got during peak times. It took about an hour and 15 minutes on a good day, but I had a few bad days when it took an hour and 45 minutes. The amount of money and time lost on this was unacceptable, so that’s when I decided to do the short parts on a bicycle and the rest on a train.” The next step was to consider what sort of bike to buy. Space at home was limited and he needed something versatile that would allow him to use public transport as well as the roads. A folding bike was the obvious answer. Beto, a software engineer, says: “I needed a folding bike that would let me cycle short distances but I could also take on the train


Cycle Commuter #17  
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