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The Cyclescheme price is the most you will pay for a given item, including Transfer of Ownership fees. Price assumes you are a standard rate taxpayer; higher rate taxpayers will pay less.

PANNIERS Carrying your luggage on your bike rather than your back makes for a much more comfortable commute


etting your essentials from home to office/workplace and back in safety and, given this is unpredictable Britain, dry, is an important part of integrating cycling into your working week. Handily, choosing a hardworking, stylish and sufficiently capacious carrier to take on that responsibility has never been easier. With more and more high quality panniers also being designed to double up as trendy urban messenger bags, briefcases or handbags, the choice is wider than ever. Look for panniers that clip to a rack in the regular way, and have either integrated straps or carry handles on top so they can be unclipped from the bike and turned into shoulder bags or handbags. Waterproofing is an important consideration for year-round cycle commuting. This could be a laminate of heavy duty fabric with a rubberised top surface, traditional weatherproofing solutions such as treated canvas or waxed cotton, or a detachable waterproof cover. Other things to consider are padded compartments for laptops and tablets, and organiser pockets for keeping smaller items… organised. 50

Carradice Originals Bike Bureau RRP £95 |

: Cyclescheme price: £67.45

They do say that, post nuclear holocaust, the only living things will be cockroaches and anything stored inside a Carradice saddle bag. A joke, of course, but only just. The waterproof cotton duck canvas is, frankly, amazing – seeing off water, wind, UV, snow and time. The pannier-cum-messenger bag Bike Bureau is designed for the modern cycling city worker, with room for a laptop and pockets aplenty. A wet weather pouch means you can separate wet riding gear from everything else, and a stormproof drawstring flap helps keep contents dry whatever the weather.

New Looxs Polka Tosca £38.99 |

: £27.68

As Lady Bracknell might ask – “A handbag?” The New Looxs Polka Tosca doubles as a stylish fashion item and a practical pannier. It’s just as at home in town for shopping as it is for carrying your laptop and papers to work. There’s a main pocket and several smaller ones in its 16-litre capacity, with concealed clips for attaching it to your bike’s rear carrier. And if 16 litres sounds a little too roomy for your needs, there’s an 11-litre option too, for £32.99. Spot on!

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