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Countdown to your first commute


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Write your bike-and-equipment shopping list, then request a Cyclescheme certificate for this amount via the Cyclescheme website. When you receive your certificate, you give that to a Cyclescheme-accredited retailer and they give you your bike and equipment. To choose the bike package that's right for you, write down your priorities and the details of your proposed commute. (You may want to skip ahead to route planning, see over.) A bike-rail commuter planning to cycle a few miles in normal clothes will have different needs than someone planning to cycle a dozen miles each way in cycling gear. Your priorities will help you and the retailer narrow down your options. Don't forget to factor in things like mudguards, luggage, lights, and a lock – and perhaps cycle clothing and a helmet. If you think your cycling skills are rusty, find a Bikeability training provider near you and sign up for a session or two. Visit


Cycle Commuter #17  
Cycle Commuter #17