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99 E+ £10nt Ease Gia

This is an example of savings for basic and higher rate taxpayers on this bike package


£1099 12 monthly hire payments 1 End of Hire payment Percentage saving Additional funds you pay*

Total saving

Cyclescheme Price



Basic rate taxpayer

Higher rate taxpayer











Savings will be affected by your personal level of taxation. At the end of the hire period you may be given the option to continue to use the bike by paying a small one-off deposit and signing an Extended Use Agreement (EUA) with Cyclescheme. There are no further rental payments during the EUA period. This option will maximise your savings via the scheme (see page 6 for more details). *You pay this additional amount due to the Cycle to Work scheme limit being £1000.


Cycle Commuter #17  
Cycle Commuter #17