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The Cyclescheme price is the most you will pay for a given item, including Transfer of Ownership fees. Price assumes you are a standard rate taxpayer; higher rate taxpayers will pay less.


JACKETS Whether it’s a full-on waterproof for winter storms or a lightweight showerproof you can roll up in your pannier for midsummer emergencies, if you’re commuting by bike you’ll need a jacket (or three…)


ur wonderful British climate means that even if you leave home on a bright, sunny morning, there’s no real guarantee you won’t have a miserable and wet ride home at the end of the working day. One way to thwart the ‘miserable’ part of the experience is to have the right clothing for the conditions: a warm, waterproof jacket for depth-of-winter commutes, a lightweight emergency ‘shell’ you can pull on to ward off a summer shower. Whether it’s for winter, summer or in between, when choosing a jacket look for longer back panels to keep rain from getting up under the lower hem – a drawcord helps here – along with longer sleeves than you’d generally have in your non-cycling jackets. Adjustable cuffs that can be operated with gloves on are useful too. And, of course, if you’re riding in urban conditions with traffic, look for jackets with a high level of reflective detailing. Ideally, go for ones with detailing that is visible from 360 degrees, as you never know from what angle the next Sorry-Mate-I-Didn’t-See-You will approach from…

Endura Luminite 4 in 1 RRP: £129 |

Cyclescheme price: £91.59

Endura’s Luminite jacket is designed to cocoon you in a protective waterproof breathable 2-layer shell. The outer jacket has all the features you need to trim the fit such as Velcro cuffs, hidden adjustable neck and hem pulls, and a fitted neckline to keep wind and rain out. Zipped vents help you regulate your temperature. The zip-in inner fleece has a high-vis inner face and is reversible. As the name suggests, the Luminite has lots of reflective detailing to ‘pop’ in headlights, as well as an integrated rear LED.

dhb Classic Women’s Rain Shell £50 |

: £35.50

dhb's Classic Women’s Rain Shell employs a 2.5 layer breathable membrane fabric with sealed seams throughout, cut to cheat the wind yet still allow a degree of layering to combat the chills. A short collar is fleece-lined for comfort and warmth, and an elasticated lower hem and cuffs seal out the worst of the weather. A rear pocket can be used to carry light items or to store the jacket itself when not in use. De rigueur reflective elements are present to afford a good degree of night-time visibility.


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