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Set up your online bargain N Buying a bike online can cut the cost on top of your Cyclescheme savings, but be prepared to do a little prepping yourself

o matter how keen you are to get out on your new online/mail order purchase, chances are you’ll find some matters to attend to before you can ride it, once you’ve cut through the plastic webbing on the cardboard box. The jobs you’re most likely to encounter are: turning the handlebar and stem to face the front, turning the fork to do likewise, and inserting the front wheel. You will also have to attach the pedals. Brakes and gears should have been set up at the factory or shop, but the accuracy with which this is done can be highly variable. Also, bikes tend to go out of adjustment at the slightest provocation, so you may find they need a little fine-tuning.

Tools and to-dos Rummage through the box until you find the instructions. Read them. They might be in Chinese, but they might include some vital knowledge specific to your bike. Fail to apply this and you could receive an unsympathetic hearing from the vendor when your handlebar falls off. Often you’ll find some tools needed to assemble the bike included in the box. You might need to supplement them with a screwdriver (for fitting reflectors and adjusting brakes and gears) and a spanner (for stirring your tea). A torque wrench is a good idea, so you don’t overtighten anything – or


Cycle Commuter #17  
Cycle Commuter #17