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Cube WLS Race Touch Long Finger Gloves £35.99 | : £25.55 For those many months of the year when you want neither full-on insulated winter gloves nor fingerless summer mitts, Cube’s WLS Race Touch gloves are ideal. Long fingered but slim fitting, they provide enough protection to keep chills off on cool mornings, but good ventilation means you won’t overheat. A seamless palm keeps them comfy, while touchscreen-compatible fingers let you call home in emergencies without having to take them off. They do come up quite small, though.

Cateye Volt 400 £59.99 | : £42.59 Looking to commute by bike all year round? Unfortunately long summer days give way to long winter nights, and chances are you’ll be riding home (and maybe to work) in the dark. With its 400-lumen highest setting, the Volt 400 will help you see and be seen. It comes with a Flextight bracket for wrapping round your handlebar.

Ortlieb Barista Handlebar Bag £135 | : £95.85 This chic, urban design is as practical as it is stylish, clipped to your handlebar or slug over your shoulder. In typical Ortlieb fashion it’s waterproof, made from a PU-laminated Corduracotton mix, and features inner pockets for organising your essentials, and magnetic closures. To go with the name, it’s available in coffee or, erm, pepper…

This is an example of how savings are made for basic and higher rate tax payers on this package hired over a 12 month period.


Cyclescheme Price



Basic rate taxpayer

Higher rate taxpayer

12 monthly hire payments



1 End of Hire payment








Percentage saving

Total saving

Savings will be affected by your personal level of taxation. At the end of the hire period you may be given the option to continue to use the bike by paying a small one off deposit and signing an Extended Use Agreement (EUA) with Cyclescheme. There are no further rental payments during the EUA period. This option will maximise your savings via the scheme (see page 6 for more details).


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