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Lighten your Load Carrying less clobber on your commute means less effort and more chances of enjoying the ride


here’s a charge for excess baggage when you’re riding to work: you pay it in sweat. The more weight you carry, the harder it is to accelerate the bike, particularly uphill. A lighter load lets you ride faster or arrive fresher. Commuting isn’t racing, so weight-saving need not be obsessive. It’s more a matter of losing any dead-weight items in your commuter bag. Lightening the load makes a bigger difference if: your commute is hilly; it’s a long journey; it’s stop-start; you carry your bag on your back; you have to lift your bike at any point; you’re riding a lightweight bike to begin with. It makes less of a difference if you have a short-distance, flat commute and carry the load on your bike. But even then, you


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