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Traffic light tactics

Stop at red, go on green: traffic lights are simple, aren’t they? For cycle commuters, there are a few other things to consider‌


ake care at traffic lights. For some road users, a red light is a like a red rag: an excuse to get angry (or careless) and break the rules. Yet it's not bad luck or someone else's fault that the light wasn't green. It's maths. Most lights will be red. Even at a two-way


junction with equal timing, each light will be red half the time; at a similar three-way junction, the lights will be red two-thirds of the time; and so on. Waiting is what traffic lights are for. Fortunately, cyclists don't have to wait as much. Not because red lights

can be ignored on a bike, whatever a minority of metropolitan cyclists think, but because on a bike you can filter ( Even better, you can often avoid traffic lights entirely by taking backstreets and cycle tracks. Such a route can be quicker, not to mention quieter, even

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