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Don’t stop! Winter’s a wonderful time for exercising


e may be in the darkest depths of the winter months – but at Cyclescheme we’re trying to encourage more riders to beat the hibernation blues by keeping on cycling all year round. Research by Cyclescheme shows that workers spend on average just an hour a day outdoors during autumn and winter. Most UK employees acknowledge that this inactivity negatively affects their physical and mental wellbeing, reducing concentration and productivity at work. On top of that they admit it leads to weight gain, increased stress and affects their moods and health. What more do you need to convince you that winter can be wonderful for exercising? Olympic cycling champion Chris Boardman is encouraging commuters to stay active and spend as much time outdoors as they possibly can. “It’s not surprising that we spend as little as an hour outdoors during the cooler months,” he said. “But winter is also the season that brings us most opportunities for overindulgence so it’s definitely worth the effort to keep active through the colder months. “The trick is to work it into your daily routine. Walking and riding to work, for example, is an ideal way to keep body and mind in great shape. With good waterproofs and mudguards, it’s easy to enjoy a British winter on two wheels, so when everyone else goes into hibernation, you can feel good throughout the party season.” Turn to the feature on page 52 for more ideas on how to enjoy cycling all year round.





ou’ve got your dream bike through Cyclescheme. Now we can help make you fit for the future with the latest smart health technology. With Techscheme, a new employee benefit, we’re right at the heart of the wellness revolution. Here are just a few of the products now available. lA  ctivity Trackers – automatically track and record steps, runs, distance walked, swim sessions, heart rate, elevation climbed and calories burnt. l S  mart Scales – track weight, BMI, body fat & water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and standing heart rate enabling assessment of overall cardiovascular health. l S  mart Alarm Clock – wake up energised with gradually increasing light that mimics sunrise together with specially engineered wake-up sounds. Then there’s smart home technology – smart heating, smart lighting, smart home monitoring kit and smart remotes, all at fingertip control wherever you are via your smartphone. Like Cyclescheme, Techscheme saves you money. You can save on a vast range of electronics, computers, tablets, smart health and home automation products. Your employer pays for the order and then recovers the cost from your gross salary over a 12, 24 or 36-month period. Paying via salary sacrifice enables you to save up to 12% on National Insurance, making a wide range of technology affordable – now.

Cycle Commuter #17  
Cycle Commuter #17