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Eddie Leonard Harrison DOB: March 19, 1980 Q & A: 1. Home town? I was born in Los Gatos, San Jose California. Currently live in La Puente, CA 2. What do you do for a living? Plumber; I lay pipe for a living and get paid good money for it! 3. What was your first motorcycle experience? My first motorcycle experience was when I bought my bike. They let me test ride it before I signed the docs and I almost crashed coming back to the dealer. Took the freeway the same day from Inglewood to cypress. 4. When did you start riding? Started riding in 2006. 5. What’s your favorite bike route? My favorite rout is Pacific Coast Highway, from Long Beach to Dana Point. 6. What kind of motorcycle(s) do you have? I own an 06’ Orange Tribal Honda cbr 600rr with KR tuned slip on exhaust, blue LED lights, HID’s, rearview camera with 4” monitor mounted on gas tank w/ iPod dock, to push my sound system! See me feel me and hear me coming! Lol

7. If you could write a new law or modify a current one (in relation to motorcycles) what would it be? If I could write a new law it would be for motorcycles to have their own bike lane on the freeways. 8. Do you belong to any clubs? If so, which one. If not, why not? I don’t belong to any clubs I like to avoid the mandatory meetings, fees, political and crew BS. I ride with a group of friends that just meets up after a text for whoever is down just to go for a ride! 9. Do you participate in any particular “rides” or events? I support any event or rides possible. But I make it a habit to support the Redline Bikers! 10. If you could have any motorcycle what would it be? I love my cbr wouldn’t even trade it in for answer one. The color, sound and style just screams Eddie!


S . F . T . L .

Jocy Jalles - AKA- Jrox July 20, 1988 Q & A: 1. What’s your home town (are you still there)? My hometown is Brooklyn, was raised in LA 2. What do you do for a living? Office work at a Law Firm 3. What was your first motorcycle experience? Motorcycle accident at the age of 19, I have stitches on my right leg and ended up with a bad wrist. I can’t ride for more than like an hour because of it (Wrist starts to hurt). 4. When did you start riding? Learned at a young age (16) haven’t been able to get off a bike ever since. 5. What’s your favorite bike route? Just like everyone else I’m pretty sure, I love summer rides down the beach! 6. What kind of motorcycle(s) do you have? I have a limited edition, black 2008 ZX6R Kawasaki. 7. If you could write a new law or modify a current one (in relation to motorcycles) what would it be? I’m a big speed racer, ha ha ha! So it would definitely be the Speed limit. 8. Do you belong to any clubs? If so, which one. If not, why not? I’ve never been from a bike club and doubt that I will ever join one; nothing against them, just not my thing. 9. Do you participate in any particular “rides” or events? I ride all of the time; I support most of events, especially fund raisers. 10. If you could have any motorcycle what would it be? Ducati 1198 black and purple customized ;)


JUANA EVA MARTINEZ 323.578.9464 |

HOW ARE MY SERVICES DIFFERENT? Buying and selling a home can be a difficult and complicated endeavor. Ranking among the most stressful experiences in a person’s life, studies have shown it to be similar in stress-level to divorce and death of a loved-one. This is where my services come in. My 10 years in real estate, along with my expertise and professionalism allow me to be the voice of calm experience in a storm of emotions and uncertainty. My approach is not a panic-driven hard sell. I help my clients understand their options and facilitate resources so they can make informed decisions. Once they do decide the best route to take, I move into action to help get the best possible results. Negotiations are part and parcel of any transaction. It can be the breaking point of a sale. My role is that of dispassionate intermediary, and I negotiate on behalf of my client for best possible terms and conditions.

Juana Eva Martinez: California Real Estate #01355656 Š2012 Teles Properties, Inc. Teles Properties is a registered trademark. Teles Properties, Inc. does not guarantee accuracy of square footage, lot size, room count, building permit status or any other information concerning the condition or features of the property provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources. Buyer is advised to independently verify accuracy of the information.


Common Sense ain’t common? No it’s not common, but let’s talk about common courtesy. For one, when people live with you or are staying with you, but act like your living or staying with them, REALLY!?! If you have rules in your house then all and I mean all should follow them, last time I checked, these people aren’t paying the bills. How can someone show up to someone’s house unannounced and just barge in? Even if you have a key, if it’s not your place and if someone is home, KNOCK!!! Don’t just go up in there like you own the place. The key is for emergencies. Things could be going on in there that you have no business being a part of. If you rent, the landlord has the key to your place; how would you feel if they just opened the door and came in? Another thing, if someone is doing things to their house, don’t tell them what they should do or just start doing things like it’s your house. It’s their house, let them do what they want and to those that don’t like it, don’t go over anymore. If one is over someone’s house and happens to end up in the home owner’s bedroom (one shouldn’t be in there to begin with unless invited) don’t sit on their bed like it’s a chair. Stand, sit on the floor or find a chair. Even if you’re told its ok, one still shouldn’t. That’s where they sleep and don’t need your dirty clothes or your butt on the bed not knowing what you sat on. Also, walking in someone’s house and just going in there refrigerator is just rude. Most don’t even wash their hands when doing this and I’m sure they didn’t buy anything in the refrigerator either. Here’s a quick rundown of what is called no no’s. If people close the bathroom door it’s for a reason, you don’t need to know the reason other than it should be closed. Maybe they don’t want the bathroom smell lurking throughout the house. If one pop’s up at someone’s house and there eating, don’t invite yourself to a plate, ASK!!! If it’s ok, that doesn’t mean to eat up all the food. People’s homes aren’t a storage place either. Don’t ask to leave stuff for a little bit and then forget about it because you need to leave it there. It’s your stuff, don’t dump your responsibilities on people and take up there space. You wouldn’t appreciate that if it was done to you. If you owe someone money, pay them back!!! And not when you want, first thing. It drives folks crazy seeing someone that owes them money with some new shit, REALLY!?! And don’t try and pay someone back with other owed money. If you’re sick, stay home. No one wants you at their house sick so you can get everyone else sick; you’re not going to help get anyone well afterwards. These are all facts and if the shoe fits, wear it. Remember this, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Deborah Fernandez, creator and owner of Chelada Time Apparel was born in Belvedere CA, a small town in East Los Angeles. As a driven woman with years of management experience in Corporate America, she decided to start her own company inspired by her past and an ice cold beverage we all know of “Chelada”. Deborah enjoyed a drink that was similar to a Chelada, or “Bloody Beer.” This was more than a drink to her,it was something she shared with her best friend Beverly Deroiser. Two women, two Bloody Beers, a long friendship, lots of laughter and many fun-filled nights brought about a time Deborah would like to share with all of us,”Chelada Time”. After many of these nights Deborah and Beverly became known as “The Red Beer Girls”. As years passed, the name of this drink officially changed to “Chelada.” Deborah Fernandez is the original Chelada Time girl and is beyond exited to share her brand and the opportunity for all beautifull women to be Chelada Time girls. How exciting! Men,don’t feel left out just yet!,Chelada Time has many mens apparel designs and ideas in the works for you too! Everybody enjoys an ice cold Chelada and deserves the honor of sporting and supporting Chelada Time! Remember, JUST ADD BEER!!!!

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