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Oxford Cycle Workshop Training ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 14th March 2011

Present: Dan Harris (Director OCWT), Jonty Semper (Director OCWT), Tony Gray Apologies: Gavin Kilip 1.


Mr Harris thanked those present for attending. 2.

Election of Management Committee

Mr Kilip and Mr Gray stood for election to the Management Committee. They were elected to the Committee of Management. 3.

Resignation from Management Committee

Mr Harris accepted formal resignations from the committee of management from Mr James Dawton and Mr Jonty Semper. 4.

Presentation of Accounts (Aug 2009 – Aug 2010)

Mr Harris presented the accounts and they were formally received. 5.

Next General Meeting.

Mr Harris will circulate dates to the Committee of Management (Mr Harris, Mr Gray & Mr Killip) for the next general meeting to be held in early April. 6.

Any other business.

Financials. Mr Harris signified his intention to make the business plan, cash flow forecast and up to date trading financials, available to the Management Committee at each quarterly general meeting. Structure. Mr gray asked for clarification regarding the structure and relationships between OCW Ltd, OCWT Ltd and Cycle Oxford Cycling Club. Mr Harris explained that this has been an ongoing - evolving development of understanding. It was acknowledged that these relationships should be formalised as soon as possible.

OCWT Special Meeting Minutes 2011  

Minutes from OCWT's additional meeting to finalise the 2009/10 financial year.