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Kalgoorlie-Boulder • Menzies • Leonora

31 May – 1 June 2014

Australia’s Richest Handicap Cycle Race

Goldfields Cyclassic 2014

Testimonials Wendy Duncan MLA, Member for Kalgoorlie It is wonderful to see the historic Menzies cycle race go from strength to strength in a new century. I thoroughly enjoyed the Menzies Cyclassic last year and it is great to know that the event this year received some Royalties for Regions support through the Regional Events Scheme. The addition of the Menzies to Leonora part of the race and its association with the Leonora Golden Gift creates an iconic event for the goldfields that will attract visitors and competitors from throughout the State, Australia and even the world. Congratulations to all concerned.

Ron Yuryevich AM RFD Mayor, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder I am pleased to see the growth and amalgamation of two such significant community sporting events. The joining of the Menzies Cycle Classic with the Leonora Gift, and the addition of the Goldfields Cyclassic North, with its 105km Golden Wheels stage from Menzies to Leonora, makes this a true stand out event which will have many positive benefits for tourism in KalgoorlieBoulder and the Goldfields.

Greg Dwyer President, Shire of Menzies Both the Menzies Shire and community are very pleased to have the “Menzies Classic” Cycle Race as the first stage of this year’s Goldfields Cyclassic once again. Since the race headed north for the first time in 1994, in celebration of Menzies’ 100 year anniversary, Menzies has enjoyed welcoming the cyclists, supporters and spectators. We hope you enjoy your visit to Menzies.

Peter Craig President, Shire of Leonora The Shire of Leonora is looking forward to welcoming the Cyclists home, following the second stage of the Goldfields Cyclassic in 2014. The addition of the 105km Golden Wheels stage from Menzies to Leonora was most competitive and a great addition to the events and festivities of our iconic Golden Gift weekend. We look forward to greeting the race participants on the finish line in Leonora this June long weekend.

Wayne Douglass Event Director, Eastern Goldfields Cycle Club The WA Goldfields has a long and strong history of cycling, dating back to the late 1800’s. There were significant feats such as the mayor of Leonora riding to Melbourne in 1897 to marry his bride to be, the cycle couriers that rode rough bush tracks in 40 plus heat sleeping rough for days to deliver a letter, and the cyclists who would race weekly around the Menzies, Kookynie and Leonora districts drawing most of the town populations to cheer them on. As you travel through this harsh environment, imagine doing it on a dirt, sandy track as the pioneers did it. I encourage you to feel the history and be excited about being part of the tradition of cycling in the Goldfields.

Australia’s richest handicap cycle race

Race History The Menzies to Kalgoorlie race has a magnificent history. The race had its origins in 1928, following a discussion at a race club meeting where there was a concern at the lack of distance races on the Goldfields. Messrs J. Richards, JC Walsh, Chas Egan along with a small committee set about organising a long distance event. Their choice of starting point was the small mining town of Menzies, 81 miles north of Kalgoorlie. Many business men of the Goldfields supported the venture and, on the King’s birthday, June 1928 at 8.00am, the limit men were sent away for the first “Menzies”. Twenty four riders started in this event. From its inauguration in 1928 until 1932, the race was known as the Menzies-Kalgoorlie Road Race, but two days before the race of that year, Charlie Egan, the well liked and highly respected secretary of the club, tragically died, and all riders in the race that year wore black armbands as a token of respect. It was decided later that the race should, in future, be known as the “Chas Egan Memorial Race”. From that time on, the race grew in popularity, and its prize list increased until it finally became Western Australia’s richest handicap road race. Mention of the Menzies Road Classic is not complete without some comment on the road. During the first five years, the term “road” could hardly apply to the bush track, rough, ripply and sandy, that connected

Menzies to Kalgoorlie, and the stretch from Menzies to Comet Vale was a cyclist’s nightmare, being almost axle deep sand. By the late thirties, the road improved. Although it was still far from perfect, at least by then a cyclist could heave a sigh of relief when he reached bitumen at Broad Arrow, instead of bumping over ripples, skidding into ruts and ploughing through sand for the rest of the journey right into Hannan Street, as the early cyclists did. The great road rider R. Hudson, the winner in 1928, once took 5 hours and 55 minutes, 45 seconds to cover the 81 miles from Menzies to Kalgoorlie. The current record was set by Alex Smyth from the Dome Coffee’s Cycling Team in 2013 covering the distance in 2 hours, 32 minutes. 2014 will again see the inclusion of the Community Challenge Relay where riders complete the 132 kilometres between Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Menzies in a four person relay ride. Heading off from Kalgoorlie-Boulder before the race participants and arriving in Menzies to cheer on the winners this event has opened up the day to a wider variety of riders and groups. Individual riders are also able to register for the Community Challenge.

Goldfields Cyclassic 2014

The times for each race are added together to give a total time behind the race leader to determine the winner of the Cyclassic position. Both men and women will race in the appropriate handicap grades and are eligible for the main line honours. Ladies will also be racing for additional ladies prizes.

Cycling has been a part of the Goldfields since the courier cyclist in the 1890s that carried messages around the Goldfields before the telegraph line came to the region. Today, cycling is a popular recreational activity, and the competitive spirit is alive and well. This year’s Goldfields Cyclassic will continue as a two stage handicap race across the Goldfields from Kalgoorlie-Boulder to Menzies and on to Leonora. Riders will be racing across some of the richest and historic landscapes of the Western Australian Goldfields. It’s appropriate that this race also boasts as being “Australia’s Richest Handicap Cycle Race”. Held over the WA day long weekend the two stage event will be run as an individual race stage. Each rider will be assigned a finish time as the time after the lead rider crosses the line and the time the rider crosses the line for each race.

Juniors wishing to race will be able complete distance in accordance with race rules in a relay. U17 will be able to complete a 2 person relay with stages of approximately 65km each for the Menzies Classic and 51km each for the Leonora Golden Wheels. The U15 race will be a 4 person relay dividing the distance into 35km for the Menzies Classic and 25km for the Leonora Golden Wheels. Teams can be girls or boys. For the weekend enthusiasts who do not wish to race, but wish to be included in this exciting event may enter the Community Challenge Relay and enjoy the achievement of completing the course. To make the logistics for the rider very simple, we are offering a package weekend which will include flights from Perth and return, two races, overnight accommodation with race dinner and awards night, entertainment in Menzies on Saturday and transport as necessary. Do check out the timetable of events for more details and consider registering early to secure your package deal.

Australia’s richest handicap cycle race

2014 Menzies Classic Download an info sheet from The 86th Menzies Classic, The Chas Egan Memorial Race The Menzies Classic will still stand in its own right as “Australia’s Richest Handicap Cycle Race” and although we break in tradition in some respects, the classic nature of this race is retained. The 2014 race will start in Kalgoorlie-Boulder home of KCGM and the Superpit gold mine – and will head north along the Goldfields Highway, through the eucalypt woodlands to Menzies, undulating over 132km. Four sprint sections await the opportunistic rider to try and grab some cash on the way. The race finishes in the main street of Menzies. The race, being a handicap event, means all riders are placed behind the first rider over the line, regardless of which grade they ride in. Hence riders from all grades have the opportunity to win line honours. Prior to 2011, only once before – for the Menzies Centennial in 1994 – did the race go in this direction. The current record holder for this direction following the 2013 event is Alex Smyth from the Dome Coffee’s Cycling team, in the time of 2 hours 32 minutes.

Menzies Cycle Carnival A chance to meet and mingle with our guest professional riders. If any riders have the legs left in them, there will be a sprint competition in the Menzies main street. Sign up on the day. Riders will be competing against similarly graded riders. This, along with the Shire of Menzies Carnival, will provide some great entertainment for cyclists and supporters alike.

460 Elevation Profile



Gidji Roaster 18

Mt. Pleasant 36

Davyhurst 73

Comet Vale 103


Goldfields Cyclassic 2014

2014 Leonora Golden Wheels Download an info sheet from Leonora Golden Wheels For riders completing the second stage of the Cyclassic, a loud reception awaits them in Leonora where the celebrations around the Leonora Golden Gift take place. The main street will be packed with supporters welcoming the riders to the finish line.


Riders will start on Sunday morning in Menzies. They will continue north along the Goldfields Highway. It will be a fast race; after heading down the hill from Menzies, the road can be seen heading out cross the flat plains to Leonora. This race again will be run as a stand-alone handicap race with three sprint sections set along the route. The race will enter the town of Leonora where riders will complete two laps of a very tight street circuit before hitting the finishing line, amidst the festivities and the crowds of the Golden Gift festival along the main street.

460 Elevation Profile




Gibraltar Rock

Leonora Lake Raeside

Australia’s richest handicap cycle race

Prizes Prizes and grades

Sprint prizes

Menzies Classic and Leonora Golden Wheels

Menzies Classic

The Menzies Classic and Leonora Golden Wheels will each have their own line honours and handicap grade prizes offering a total of $20,000 prize money each race. Handicap grades and prizes will be distributed as follows:

Gidgi Roaster (each grade) Paddington Davyhurst Comet Vale

Line honours and grade prizes

Leonora Golden Wheels

Line Honours 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th


Women’s line Honours 1st, 2nd, 3rd Fastest time

Gibraltar Rock Lake Raeside Goldfields Cyclassic

New record (Menzies & Leonora stages)

Distinctive trophies will be awarded for the following:

A grade 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Line Honours 1st, 2nd, 3rd

B grade 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Women’s line Honours 1st, 2nd, 3rd

C grade 1st, 2nd, 3rd

1st in each grade A, B, C, D, juniors 1st EGCC Club Member, men and women.

D grade 1st, 2nd, 3rd E grade 1st to 10th place U15 boys, girls, 1st, 2nd, 3rd U17 boys, girls, 1st, 2nd, 3rd EGCC Club Member, men and women 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Community Challenge Community Challenge riders will receive a certificate with their finishing times.

Goldfields Cyclassic 2014

Community Challenge Relay Download an info sheet from Have you ever wanted to ride the Menzies Race but felt that the 132km was a bit far for the old clunker? Does 35km seem a bit more reasonable? Do you have 3 like-minded colleagues? If so, why not join together and participate in the

Kalgoorlie Miner Community Challenge Relay? The 132km is broken up into 4 approximately equal sections. The first rider completes the section out of Kalgoorlie to Mt. Pleasant, hands on the tag to a colleague who then pedals off to Davyhurst. Here number 3 team member is waiting. Number 3 takes the tag onwards to Comet Vale where the final team member will then take the tag over the finishing line in Menzies.

Menzies 132

Comet Vale 103

Each team will need a vehicle to carry all riders and equipment. Each team is responsible for placing its own rider at each handover point.

Get training

Davyhurst 73

Check out the BoB (Bums on Bikes) training course, session times and locations as well as tips for going the distance.

Register You will need to register your team and members so come up with a great team name and even dress up for the day.

Mt. Pleasant 36

Gidji Roaster 18


Australia’s richest handicap cycle race

Sponsorship It takes a lot to get these events organised and a lot of input from local communities and businesses alike. In setting the budget for this year’s event we were excited by the varying degrees of riders that are attracted to the events. From Pro-riders who live and work on their bikes to the weekend enthusiast, the Lycra clad cafe riders and everyone in between. We are estimating that we will attract around 300 riders plus supporters and volunteers for the June long weekend. It is a great opportunity to promote or just support your community. We have outlined a few ways in which you can assist in getting this event on the road.

Financial Sponsorship With a significantly increased event budget this year, including a doubling of the original prize pool to $40,000. This years Goldfields Cyclassic and The Community Challenge has raised the bar significantly both locally and nationally. The Eastern Goldfields Cycle Club invite interested businesses, individuals and groups to be a part of the event by financially supporting by sponsoring a part of the two day Goldfields Cyclassic and/or the Community Challenge. Historically, the 85 year run “Menzies Classic” has always been regarded as “Australia’s Richest Handicap Cycle Race”. The extended programme heading north to Menzies and Leonora retains the reputation and offers some great opportunities to our Local Government partners, sponsors and supporters to promote and show case their businesses with an event that truly engages with the community. Naming rights sponsorship for both of the stages is a very limited opportunity. There are also a number of tailored packages of benefits available for sponsorship. We look forward to discussing your own business objectives and desired outcomes in supporting the events.

In Kind Sponsorship Equally important as the financial support required for the events is the sponsorship provided by way of the supply of goods and services. The organising committee has identified areas of assistance for consideration. Recognition of services provided can be tailored to best suit the level of exposure desired. Download a Sponsorship Info sheet for further details of what’s on offer.

Goldfields Cyclassic 2014

Event Sponsorship and Support Download an info sheet from Opportunities for Commercial Partners,

Goldfields Cyclassic

Sponsors and Supporters

Event Naming Rights:

The Eastern Goldfields Cycle Club (EGCC) is able to offer

Main Sponsor:

The Goldfields Cyclassic

commercial partners, sponsors and supporters a number of

Stage Sponsors:

The Menzies Classic (Stage One, 132km)

The Leonora Golden Wheels (Stage Two, 105km)

opportunities to leverage and promote their company and their brands through marketing activities proven to have a major impact on the demographic associated with the Goldfields Cyclassic Event. EGCC provides a perfect vehicle through which to promote your company and enhance your profile in the sport and local community as a whole. We believe a commercial partnership with EGCC will achieve the three following objectives: •

Enhance brand advocacy amongst the target market and communities.

Generate commercial interest through participants and the wider community.

Further cement brand presence and availability.

With a range of benefits available to our partners, EGCC endeavours to work so as to develop a tailored package of benefits. The opportunities outlined in the Sponsorship Information Sheets represent a range of benefits that could be included in the negotiated partnership agreement.

Sprint Event Sponsors: Stage 1: Gidgi Roaster Mt Pleasant Davyhurst Comet Vale Stage 2: Kookynie Gibraltar Rock Lake Raeside Event Partners: Partners:

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Shire of Menzies, Shire of Leonora, Cycling WA.

Community Challenge Event Naming Rights: Main Sponsor: Sponsors: Event Partners: Partners:

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Shire of Menzies, Cycling WA.


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Australia’s Richest Handicap Cycle Race

2014 Goldfields Cyclassic prospectus  

The Goldfields Cyclassic Event Prospectus detailing both the history and event information for Australia's Richest Handicap Cycle Race

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