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Outdoor Sports Issue: - Summer Lovin’ (pg. 8-9) -Buying Jail Time (pg. 16-17) - CCMN (pg. 18-19)

Vol. IV Issue IX September 2011

Photo by: Steve Valencia

Street Buzz By Megan Morse

School expenses have increased tremendously. While some students are searching couches for extra change to make ends meet, others are sacrificing in other ways. Here are what some of the students here are doing in order to help pay their way through school.

“I have to rent my books instead of buying them from the bookstore. I also ride my motorcycle instead of driving my truck to save on gas.”

Derek; Mechanical Engineering “I have to work more because my family can’t help pay for extra expenses.”

Tymery; Radiology Technician “It has been harder for my family and I to come up with the money to pay for school”.


Mallerie; Dental hygiene

Divergence Magazine

“I do not qualify for financial aid so I am very happy to be here at Cypress College saving money.”

Gina; International Business “I don’t worry about school finances very much since I am eligible for the BOG waiver.” Serena; Political Science

September 2011


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Summer comes, and summer goes, Look out school, we’re on our toes -Nicole Herbold



his issue is all about being back at school! Some may be happy and excited to be back, while others are dreading being back on campus. There are even some students who would much rather be at the beaches or better yet they would rather still be in bed sleeping.

Megan Morse, Aaron Acosta, Victoria Cardenas, Dyllan Hebert, Anthony Augusto, Sharlene Wagner, Tara Luna, Briana Alverez, Trixia Lacsamana

Cypress Chronicle Cypress College 9200 Valley View St. Cypress, CA 90630

With the tuition rising, now is the time to buckle down in all of the classes you might be taking. Don’t wait until it is too late, because then it would just be a waste of your money. Tuition is now 36 dollars a unit which can add up real fast, no one should want to just throw all of that money away! With all things aside, this issue does take on some more serious topics as well. There is coverage of the Welcome Back that the AS put on, a reflection of what happened 10 years ago during 9/11, a memoir about breast cancer, and lastly there is a story about how to help you with your study abroad finances. I hope you will can find some time in your busy schedule to sit back and take a look at all the articles we are bringing to you in this issue. A lot of hard work was poored into creating this magazine, and we are doing it for the sake of our fellow students as well as the faculty here on campus. So we hope that you enjoy it! -D

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Table of content Summer Lovin’ Pg. 8-9

Buying Jail Time Pg. 16-17

CCMN: What is it REALLY About? Pg. 26-27

September 2011


Previews I


’ve come to notice that there is an upswing in Paul Rudd comedies. Maybe we can just call it a “Rudd Film” or “Comedy Rudd” or nearly a million other equally stupid nicknames that I can come up with in the next minute of frantic writing. It started with Anchorman, and then in earnest with 40-Year-Old Virgin, to be continued on throughout Knocked Up, Role Models, and I Love You, Man. It doesn’t matter who directs or produces them, but Paul Rudd has become synonymous with solid, safe comedy. Now don’t mistake that as an insult to Mr. Rudd. On the contrary, I would like to make it known that his latest movie, Our Idiot Brother, is a safe, fun, and surprisingly thoughtful flick. In this movie, Paul Rudd plays Ned, a kind, trusting, and stereotypically hippie brother of three sisters. To be honest, I’m not even sure if this type of hippie exists anymore except in the scripts and faded memories of the pop culture graveyard that is our 1980-90’s childhood. Ned has a tendency to get himself in trouble mostly through his kind-heartedness, and is soon in need of a place to stay after a stint in prison. Though they are very reluctant to take him in, Ned stays with each of his sisters in turn. As the title suggests, their idiot brother is the catalyst for problems for each of the sisters. But as the movie swiftly illustrates, the tribulations the women face are merely obstacles that were coming their way no matter what Ned did or said. That’s not saying that Ned didn’t need to learn a few lessons himself. He has a tendency to be easily influenced when just a little forethought would have steered him clear of any troubles, and avoids conflict nearly at any cost. But Paul Rudd plays him with such a charming and honest love of life and people that you can’t help but like Ned. Even when he is at his stupidest, its never quite his fault. (Except when he tries to convey what other people say, in which case he makes absolutely no sense, which is the weakest part of the plot). The first sister that he stays with is the stressed out housewife Liz played by Emily Mortimer. The hilarious Steve Coogan plays her intensely disinterested husband, who’s only focus is his “art” (or at least the object of his art). Mortimer does a great job of playing the frazzled housewife, but of all the sisters, she is the one with the least going on. Mostly any interesting moments go to Coogan and to her son River, played by Matthew Mindler. Zoe Deschanel plays the next sister, Natalie who is in a relationship that she may or may not be ready to take to the next stage. Too bad she makes a horrible choice that only adds to the complications of her life. As luck would have it, Ned opens his mouth at the worst time and wackiness ensues. If you’re sensing a trend by now, then I’m disappointed, because you should have sensed before the first sister disaster. The last sister Ned stays with is Miranda, played with narrow eyed perfection by Elizabeth Banks who has some fun, if only briefly, 6

being high strung and just this side of devious. Her story is more about morals than it is about denial, as Ned makes her deal with some hard truths about how she’s living her life, and how she’s doing her job. Though when I say “hard truths,” its not the most devastating of facts. Our Idiot Brother is a very fluffy piece of cinema, not to be taken very seriously. Though it does have some nice, casual thoughts about how to live life to its fullest. Needless to say, the whole family learns lessons and lives through experiences they needed to survive through to become a better and more loving family. Nobody has very big life changes, just small realizations that are pretty obvious to anyone who isn’t them. That’s the good news. This movie is riddled with cliches and a laid back approach to humor that strikes me as a very pacifist attitude, kind of a “Hey man, here’s a joke but if you don’t like it WHOA, okay, you know that’s just like your opinion, ya know?” This is okay, but when you pay money, you’d like to feel that the comedy wasn’t just wandering in out of nowhere. Basically, Our Idiot Brother has great comedic actors working with very mellow material and a sometimes refreshingly gentle hand guiding the movie. This flick could never be hated. At the same time, this movie isn’t very memorable. Its not the kind of comedy that wants to bring much attention to itself, which good or bad, it thoroughly accomplishes.

Divergence Magazine

Fall Sports Women’s Volleyball Outlook: Lady’s Chargers are

coming off one of the best years Orange Empire Conference Champs and after a run all the way semi-finals of the late year state championship, from a year ago with a Record 25-6, 12-2. Led by Holly Webster, Marissa Tomei, Ashley Flores and the team Attack Percentage leader Kelesy Mersey at (min. of 3 attempts/game). The Charger added two transfers in Stephanie Cegarra from Cerritos College and Megan Kirkpatrick from Cal State Northridge.

Wheelchair basketball Outlook: Come experience the excitement of wheelchair basketball, Chargers’ wheelchair has league play. The Chargers run from August to February in that time play tournament from Long Beach to Las Vegas with eight *So Cal Mini-Conference Tournament along the way. This is must see action at a quick pace! Come once and you will come back and back!

With four letter winners and two transfers teaming up with the very-good recruiting class in the area, an exciting 2011 campaign is in store for Cypress women's volleyball. The Chargers host nine matches at their home gym this season.

Women's Water Polo Outlook: There is a new person at

the helm of the Cypress women's water polo program. As first-year head coach Larry Beidler looks to continue excellence. A wealth of talent returns in 2011, led by sophomore returnees Brooke Sovick (Goalkeeper), Megan Valenzuela (2 Meter), Jaclyn Calderon (2 Meter), Nora Jean TerBorch (2 Meter), Kristle Winter (2 Meter), and Elizabeth Davidson (Diver), all figure to help Cypress maintain its position among the elite teams in Conference. Coach Beidler also landed the top recruiting class in the offseason. Lead by standout Freshman Rachel and Rebekah Weinstock (Utility) and Carly Beer (Diver), this freshmen class deep in talent with Alyssa hamadi (Driver), Tymeri Wright (Utility), Britny Javier (2 Meter), Lyndsey Bone (Driver), Dianne De La Torre (Driver), Erika Delgado (Driver), Karina Thompson (G/Utility), Marleny Sorto (Driver) and Emily Wang (Driver). Admission free to regular season sporting events all year long. Women's Water Polo open conference match versus Saddleback (September 21th) played at the Aquatics Center. All other regular season matches are free admission. The Water Polo Team schedule for four home game with a all-day Battle Of The Beach here at Cypress (October 21-22, 2011).

Men's Soccer Outlook: Head coach Ed Kephart at the helm of the Cypress Men’s soccer has producer an increase in wins each of the past year and this just maybe the year to make a move up in conference play then into the playoffs. On the up side returnees like sophomore 6’1” forward Matthew Spies who ninth on the Charger all time scoring assists list along with other’s sophomores’ Nathan Fletcher, Omar Hernandez, Brandon Lemucchi, Hugo Trejo, Christopher Manzo, Matt Mackay, Brian Meza, Jeff Pfohlman. The Chargers also welcome seventeen incoming freshman will make for a deep bench with player like Freshman Omar Castro 6’1” forward hope to be addition to playing time. The Chargers’ have scheduled seven games this season at home come-out watch the action.


September 2011


Chad Reed is one of the top Motocross riders in the business today!

Bandanas, snacks, stickers and even water bottles were all given out as freebies.

Nicole as well as many other So Cal Motocross fans show their support in the pits while enjoying the fun atmosphere. 8

Ryan Dungey clearing a jump.

Divergence Magazine

The piers become packed with by standers watching the competition.

Summer Lovin’ L

iving in California during the summer, what is there to do? There is so much to choose from -- between going to the beach or going to watch the motocross races -- the fun never stops.

Here are just a few of the goodies that fans were able to receive.

One of the huge events that all of Southern California loves is the US Open of Surfing. Here people of all ages from all over So Cal come to hang out, and watch the surfing as well as the BMX and the skating. People come to watch the events but also for the freebies! Who doesn’t love free stuff? There are booths from all kinds of companies who hand out things in order to get you to support their business. Another big event is Motocross. Though it doesn’t draw as much attention as the Open does, it still has its loyal fans. Here the fans can also receive freebies if they show up early and enter into the Pits. Mostly ,though, the fans go looking to cheer on their favorite in his efforts to ride to the top and to see how the matchups are going to be for the up coming Supercross season!

Fans from all over come to watch their favorite surfers compete as well as join in on the fun and surf the waves!

So whether your a resident who likes the Open, Supercross or any of the other events that happen during the summer here in So Cal, there is always something to do! September 2011


Check Your Boobs!

By: Nicole Herbold

A Memoir about how Breast Cancer has Affected my Life


hether you have been personally affected by breast cancer or not, everyone has heard the stories and almost everyone knows at least one person who has battled with this horrible disease. This is a topic that is dear to my heart, being that my life has been dramatically changed due to this vicious life-taking disease. At the age of eight I learned that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now when you are a child you do not really understand what that means and you are not really told the whole story. My parents never lied to me and my older brother, though they told us from the very beginning that my mother was very ill and there was a chance that she would not make it. When you are so young, it is hard to think of how your life would be if you lost one of your parents, so you tend now to think of the what ifs and you just try to continue on with your everyday life. There were times when my mom was so sick because of all the chemotherapy and radiation. I remember just seeing her lying down on the couch in pain. She went through all of the treatments, and the doctors told my family they were able to get rid of all the cancer that was present, but there would be no guarantee that it would not come back.


Two years after first being diagnosed with breast cancer, my mom went back for a checkup and got the worst news that any cancer patient could receive -- the cancer was back. At this point in time it really hit my family that this could really be the last few months that we had with her. She again went through with the chemo as well as the radiation, and even though they both made her feel like “crap,” she never lost her spirit. Up until the last week of her time here on earth, she was still doing the normal things that she did all the time. My dad was the coach of a Little League team at the time and they were competing in the Tournament of Champions while all this was going on. Now you would think for a woman who was sick she would not want to be any where near where a whole crowd of people would be, but my mom was the exact opposite. She was right there cheering on the team in her wheelchair (because she was so weak and got tired just from walking a few steps) and her wig (due to the fact she lost her hair with the chemo). I still remember her last day here, I woke up in the morning and I could tell something wasn’t right, but being a kid I did not think that would be the last day I would have with her. I then proceeded to go to my best friend’s house who lived across the street and we played as kids do. It was that afternoon that

Divergence Magazine

my dad called the house that I was at and told me I needed to come home. We I got in my house my mom was laying on the couch and my dad was sitting there holding her hand with my brother sitting beside him. I immediately started to cry because that is when reality hit me. I was able to say my good-byes, which I am thankful for, but it is something no kid ever wants to do, or should have to do for that matter. I was ten years old when I lost my mother to breast cancer and there is not a day that goes by when I don’t think of her. There are times where I dreamt that she was there: prom, graduation, all the things parents would be proud of their children for. I would always see my friends’ moms there and of course it would hurt, but fortunately for me there were a few of my friends’ moms whom I was able to look up to and was able to share these times with them.

Seventy-five percent of funds raised will provide breast health services in Orange County and Twenty-five percent will fund groundbreaking breast cancer research.” This is a way for the public to know exactly where their funding is going and to know that it is actually being used for the right reasons. Team Spirit Foundation is holding their Breast & Ovarian cancer walk on September 24, 2011. Cypress College actually has a team signed up to walk at this event and if you are interested in joining them then you will need to contact Mary Forman. Just like the Susan G. Komen you can either walk or you can donate if you do not feel up to the walking portion of it. It would be awesome if we could get as many students as well as faculty to support this event and join the team so if you feel it in your heart then please contact Mary and she will further discuss the plans for the day.

The thing that kept me level-headed was my faith and knowing that my mom was always right there whenever I needed her. It may not be a physical presence, but she was there watching over me. There are several organizations that are set up to help fund research for helping to find the cure for this disease that take precious lives away from us all every year. Two of the big organizations that are known for doing fundraisers are the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Team Spirit Foundation. You may be asking how can you help and get involved in ending such a horrid disease. Well here are two up and coming walks that are still accepting registration and you can walk for a cause. Now when I say walk for a cause you can either actually walk the event or there is a way to just donate for the cause. The Susan G. Komen walk is called Race for the Cure and this will be the 20th annual walk they have done. It will be held Sunday Sept. 25 at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Aly Lopez who is the PR Coordinator states that “Funds raised support the Komen vision of a world without breast cancer. September 2011


Remembering 9/11 By: Sharlene Wagner


en years ago cowardly men shook the United States of America, it was the day two planes crashed into the World Trade Center and caused the Twin Towers to collapse. Our country was attacked and 2,966 innocent people were killed. It’s a day in history that should never be forgotten.

He had mixed emotions of anger, sadness and remorse as he watched the event happening on the TV. He felt like it hit home because he grew up around policemen and firefighters and he knew that men and women there were all risking there lives.

When thinking back 10 years, it seems like a long time, but As he looks back on that day, “I can’t believe it’s been 10 to most September 11, 2001 was just a few stop signs back. feels like 2.” ABC reported on August 17th, 2011 I remember that morning clear as day. I walked into my that First responders would not be invited to the Memohigh school cafeteria and people were talking louder than rial Banquet because of space. Also, they have never been usual. It seemed the conversations were buzzing off the invited to a memorial service for 9/11. walls and people were talking a mile a minute. In response to this Mike replied, “I would be angry and On a normal day people would of been playing cards or pissed.” In thinking that the ones who showed up first to relaxing while waiting for their first class to start. Not on help those in need would be recognized on such a day and this day. A friend of mine asked if I had heard what was go-then are not, it is heart breaking.” ing on, I replied no. I didn’t listen to the news on my way to school, just music, I had defiantly missed something. Getting the perspective of someone younger is from Luke Wilson, he is nineteen years old and attending Cypress We wandered down to an open class room that had the College for Broadcasting Journalism. news on, she wanted me to see for myself. I stopped in shock. At that moment it was unsure if it was an accident For a 4th grader on that day it would be like any other day. or something more, but the video shot of the second plane He was getting ready for school while his mom was in the showed it was an attack and not an accident. The clip I was living room watching TV. He remembers his mom was witnessing was a replay and not live but it felt live to me. never quiet in the morning but on this morning she was silent. That is how he knew something must of been wrong. I was curious to know if others remembered that day, how He feels at that age he didn’t know how to put it all into they felt about it, and what it was like today. Mike Kavana- perspective and was just amazed how big of a story it had ugh is a administrator at Cypress College and is also taking become because he was seeing it on every channel and classes. He remembers coming down that morning to pour teachers were talking about it at school. To him it seemed his coffee and watch the news like he did every morning. so far away. That morning was a little different, as it was for almost everyone that day. “Charlie Gibson (ABC News) says they “Looking back I can understand now why people were are getting notices that missiles are going off in New York crying and upset.” Even though he was too young then, the City.” He recalls his heart sinking as he watched the first event lives on today for him to think about. plane hit the towers. Jasmine Hajimomen is twenty years old and attending CyHis father who is a retired LAPD was visiting that week- press College for Psychology. end. Mike called for his father to watch the TV as the second plane hit the towers. “We were speechless, nobody The day of September 11th, 2001 she went to school and knew what it actually was.” noticed teachers running around talking and poking their 12

Divergence Magazine

Above is part of the Associated Student Board. From left to right is Joseph Bashir- Activities Coordinator, Activities, Luis Torrico- Committee Member and Communications.

Lawrie Brunswick, a Psychology major, Michelle Holmes a registered nursing major and Kayla Pace a sports medicine major all came out to represent and support the Legacy program.

To the right we have Ryan Ayers, an ally, supporting the L.G.B.T. Support club. Claudia Zaragoza, Biology, is the club president. “Love is genderless, colorless, meant for everyone to have and share,� she says.

Page by: Tara Luna 14

Danielle Dancer- Co-Chair VP of Campus

Divergence Magazine

she had a look of anger on her face. “That is horrible! Absolutely horrible! Why are people who risked there lives not being invited and recognized for all they did.” The passion in her voice was moving. “With all the money that goes towards reality TV shows and gossip magazines, there should be money going to the people who risked everything.” The 10 years have passed and it’s good to know that that tragic event is not forgotten. Most importantly, we can’t forget the lives that were lost, the families who have been so strong through it all, and the help from all the women and men on that day. It will be wonderful when those beautiful towers are rebuilt and standing tall for all to see.

heads into rooms but didn’t understand why there was so much commotion. Being 10 years old she wasn’t at the age to comprehend the seriousness. When she came home from school her mom was in the living room crying. “I didn’t know why she was crying. I had only been in the country for 3 years at this time and didn’t know what was going on.” Jasmine had moved from Iran at a young age. She is open and not biased about the situation, “It doesn’t affect me because I am not Muslim, I am Christian and I consider here my home. Not Iran. Today I take it as an attack on my country!” Now that she is older she understands why the whole world was crying and feels for them. When mentioning that the first responders will not be invited to the memorial service September 2011


Eric Ballesteros, Buisness Administration, plays for the men’s tennis team. Michelle Esquivel is the head tennis coach here at Cypress College. Theresa Roque, Buisness, plays for the women’s tennis team.

Elizabeth Gutierrez, Psychology, Kattia Gonzales, Buisness and Stephanie Silva, a Communications/emphasis in Public Realtions major.

Cecilla Patno, Psychology, Guadalupe Ruiz, Business, and Denitza Leon, Communications, major are representing Club L.E.A.D!

Melina Rodriguez and Kyle Omalley from 97.1 AMP radio.

Welcome Back 2011

Cynthia Eleazar is majoring in Music Buisness.

Cypress College held their annual Welcome Back celebration on Aug. 31-Sept. 1. They set up different booths for various clubs and handed out free food and prizes to the winners of dance contests! This event was intended to welcome back the returning Cypress students as well as the incoming freshman.

September 2011


Buying Jail Time By: Brianna Alvarez


ollege has to be one the biggest investments a person can make in their lifetime. The cost of tuition, books, and other ridiculous fees can really add up, so why not save in every way possible? Many students throughout the country sell or exchange books to one another to save a few bucks, but is it really worth it? It is quite simple, you call or text the number that is listed on the advertisement, set up a time and place to meet up, and you are all set! The students’ “Black market” has its benefits, for example, saving a lot of money, meeting new people, and even going to jail. Of course we all know that going to jail is not a good thing, so why is there the risk? Is saving 20 dollars really worth a few months in jail? Jacquie Santana, 20, who attends Cypress College, always knew something was wrong with buying books from the lifeless papers that hang on the free speech boards. “I never buy books from students knowing that it is from a complete stranger and things can get really sketchy while 16

or after doing so. What if they end up robbing me when I meet up to exchange? Or what happens if they stalk me through my phone after we meet up?” All of these concerns should come across when you are in the process of completing a student transaction because these “what if’s” can really save your life and/or time. On the other hand, Serene Gettler, 20, who also attends Cypress College has been saving on books since her freshman year. “Saving is saving especially now that I am on my own; the money I save can be used towards other books or even today’s lunch!” Serene does have a point, although when asked if she has heard about any dangers in purchasing books from another student, she responded, “What dangers?” That exact mentality was going through Michelle Smiths mind when purchasing her History 107 book during this past Spring semester. Michelle, 22, who attends Long Beach City College, had a difficult time supporting herself through college due to some financial losses that her family went through early in the year. “I knew I needed to finish school to

Divergence Magazine

receive my education but I had no money to do so.” Books, being the second most costly item in school, Michelle did her research and found a flyer hanging by the women’s restroom stating “BOOK FOR SALE! HISTORY 107 IN GREAT CONDITION! ONLY $30!” In the bookstore, the textbook was being sold for around $110, and if she bought the book from this person, that is a savings of $80. She desperately called this number, held a meeting at the school with the seller and successfully purchased her History 107 textbook. Spring semester was finally over and Michelle’s History book was not needed anymore. “I sold the book back to the school to get quick cash because we need to make rent.” Little did she know it would be the last time she would sell back a book. “It never crossed my mind that this book was stolen. They immediately questioned me on how I got this book but the school did not believe me! They arrested me and I went straight to jail.”

With no money, she spent the next month in jail for a crime she never did. She continued to plead not guilty until she realized, “There was no money for a lawyer to prove my innocence and I needed to go back home to help my family, what are my options?” The court attempted to compromise with Michelle and offered her to stay in custody for three months or complete the one month and 200 hours of community service if she pled guilty. “I had no other choice. Not going to school or work really messed up the situation at home so I accepted their offer.” Michelle spent one month in jail and to this day, she is still serving her 200 hours of community service. When paying for school on your own, it is smart to save money wherever you can. Nevertheless, it is also smart to purchase your school needs from a reliable source. College is expensive and it is really important to save money but when the cost is more than just money, is it all really worth it?

September 2011



yTab is the first and only gift registry to offer a full cycle that includes: gift/saving, they plan and they book your travels for you. There has been a great amount of student interest as of lately, everything from tweets being tweeted to actual testimonials being stated on the website. Students from all over are becoming familiar with myTab. “What is myTab?” One might ask, it is a travel gift registry that students are using to create a wish list for any occasion. The registry that is being used the most for students is one to help them study abroad. myTab is a free service that allows anyone to sign up and use their services. Once an account has been created the only thing left to do is spread the word to friends and family letting them know that they can now give you the gift of money through this service. Once someone has put money into your registry it can then be redeemed and be used towards booking travel expenses.


they have the two accounts linked they then have the option to post a quick shout out/thank you either on their wall to all the people who helped or they could be more specific and send each individual person a thank you and post it on their wall’s. Users also have the option to set up their own url, which would allow them to be able to receive gifts from their friends and family who do not have facebook. This is a good thing that they are offering and it allows the user to spread the word to more people who might be willing to help fund their trip. Another great offer that myTab has is it helps link students to travel deals. They are able to do this because when the student signs up for a registry they input information such as, their destination, travel dates and the amount that they have saved/ been gifted. This service is known as “Match myCash”.

When travels have been booked then the next step would be for the individual to thank all of the people who helped them out, whether they are friends or family, they all deserve a huge “Thank you” for helping them achieve their dreams of traveling and studying abroad.

myTab has recently added a list of study abroad programs as well as US universities, so that students can select their right university as well as destination and myTab could then help make sure that they are on the right track. They can also keep student updated more easily this way and the updates will be more specific to their choice of programs.

One way myTab allows the students who are using their service to send out their “Thank you” notes, would be by allowing them to integrate their myTab account with their Facebook accounts. Once

This company is the next big thing and they already are making advances that are incredible. There is already blogs that are being posted about

Divergence Magazine

myTab. For instance Virginia Commonwealth University Education Abroad recently posted a blog about them. VCU stated in their blog, “This makes booking super user-friendly!” This just shows that the company is doing something right and they are making a name for themselves in the world of studying abroad. Another big goal that myTab has achieved is that they are now affiliated with many different partners 5 of which are at the top of the country’s study abroad programs. They are now partnered up with PayPal, wcities, IES Abroad, StudyAbroad, and CCI. Since myTab is teamed up with all of these great partners this just means that the users are able to get the best offers and deals on which ever study abroad program that they are interested in. myTab even offers a guarantee! They state that “We do NOT charge fees for PayPal transactions, unlike other giving sites.” This is about as good as it gets, being able to receive the full amount of money that your friends or family is giving you can make all the difference. So this is just one of the many great services that mytab offers in order to help out their clients to achieve their dreams. If you are ever thinking about studying abroad this site will really help you out, and would be a great site to be affiliated with since they do offer so many services and best of all remember it is FREE!

September 2011


Master Class: Faculty Art Show Page By: Trixia Lacsamana


very three years Cypress College holds its Art Exhibit. This exhibit highlights artwork created not only by full and part time professors but also by well-known professionals such as Paul Paiment and Joyce Patti. These art pieces were especially made for this show; for those that are ecstatic for art or for those who just like beautiful art. They will enjoy this wonderful presentation of the Faculty Art Show. The opening reception will take place on September 15th Thursday 6-8pm. This exhibit will be on display from September 17th to October 27th, hours will be Monday- Thursday 12-4pm.

Artwork are by: Carleton

Artwork by: Thomas Butler

Artwork by: Ian Holmes 20

Divergence Magazine

Art work by: Daniel Duplessis

Artwork are by: Carleton

Artwork by: Joyce Patti September 2011


Summer’s Over

Grab My Hand By: James Johnson I’m out of breath Out of fuel I can’t go on, Tell me that you’ll Be there for me Every day Be there for me So I can say I love you so Don’t ever go I need you now I’ll let it show So sleep tonight I’ll hold you tight Don’t make a sound I know I’ve found


The greatest love greater than gold We’ll watch it grow Let it unfold Please Stay with me till the end of our days we’ll make it great in many ways When I leave tonight I’ll be on your mind The memories we have and the love we’ll find So know forever I’ll stand by you Just grab my hand I’ll pull you through

Divergence Magazine

By: Dyllan Hebert Summer break is now over The heat’s almost gone The smell of books in the air because school has begun Students sit by the pond reading their books for the year Their aspirations and goals start to become clear But have no fear Our fun isn’t done When Thursday comes through bust out the rum!

Untitled By: Maria Ong

I wander the world seen the beauty of every land; everything has a story that only I can understand. Envision every beginning, see within your mind, listen to the Voices let them draw you inside. Come…take my hand – let me take you away. Forget the world outside, stay with me for a while. For I’ve journeyed to the desert traveled through the sands of time heard the sounds of every creatures know the feelings of every Man Without ever actually leaving – nary a foot out of the door I’ve been to so many places that I’ve never been before.

I’ll Get Even By: Anonymous

“I told you to freeze those accounts Hiro!” a chubby old man Tap tap tap tap. in a business suit hissed into his Blackberry. He strolled down The footsteps were taking on a quicker tempo. Without the streets of downtown Tokyo idley, occasionally shoving past even thinking, the man’s human survival instincts kicked into some pedestrians here and there. He never said “Excuse me!” full gear, and he started to run. A shink! pierced the atmosphere or “I’m terribly sorry!”. He simply grunted and continued and almost pierced his shoulderblade. He froze. A small dagger walking. The man had no regards to the people around him. He was glistening from the moonlight right out of the corner of his had some business to take care of. eye. “OH SHIT. FUCK FUCK!” the man cursed. He broke out The man groaned. “Look, the money has to be kept into a panicstricken sprint and ran for his precious life. somewhere. . .safe. We don’t want anyone to get a hold of it. The footsteps were chasing him. Lithe, light footsteps Especially. . .” he paused. “Look, that money is MINE, and if yes, but they were after him. After his money and his wealth. YOU don’t do anything about it, I’ll make sure you’re punThe chubby old man convinced himself of that. He scampered ished for it.” He hung up the phone in frustration. What does down the deserted streets of Kyoto in a frenzied pursuit of some a man do to have to get the job done around here? He didn’t sort of safety. He couldn’t believe how he went from merely start this insurance company for nothing. His clients pay him “borrowing” money for his business and personal wellbeing to a handsome amount of money to make sure their families are being pursued by some unidentified brute. How could some thug protected. The money is certainly being put into good use, the be so fuckin’ fast and silent?! the businessman raged. He thought man chuckled. A new house, furniture, and millions of dollars manically to himself that his enemies were after him, then that would certainly protect him. Oh yeah the families! Who cares? his clients found out about him and wanted their money back. the man laughed inwardly. They should know better. They “But I ain’t gonna give it back to ya!” the plump man jeered. give me the money. I’m just putting it to better use! He let out “NEVER!!” He ran faster, faster. An alley way managed to a scoff, causing two women standing at a corner to turn their manifest itself just in the nick of time. He dashed down that alley heads and stare. Grinning, the man winked at them and then way. No light. Simple enough to hide from that fiend, right? walked away. How did this happen? Why did that man throw that dag He turned down an empty street. Now, which way ger at him? The businessman chuckled to himself. “Whoever it is was the shortcut again? he asked himself. Looking around, he likes to do it medieval style. What is he, one of those Dungeons realized that he had no idea where he was. I must’ve taken a and Dragons nerds?” he sneered. “He ain’t gonna get me! Never! wrong turn, he concluded. The plump man took out his Black- I’m too smart for him!!” He looked around. Where? Where could berry. Perhaps his GPS application could help him figure out he hide? Fuck! Where?! Where?! There was no place for him where the hell he was. . . to hide. How foolish of the self-proclaimed enterepenuer. He No signal. thought he could outwit this red-haired man, or whoever he was. Damn. He thought wrong. He continued to walk southbound. There must be The man who was chasing him stopped at the entryway some sign or someplace open so that he could at least figure of the alley. He paused. out what street he was on. The more he walked, the more The deer was caught in his headlights. closed stores he seemed to run into. The street was completely His thoughts and actions were smooth, almost posvacant; it was almost as if he was walking on a road leading to sessed. He crept silently towards the businessman. A long, a ghost town. The business-savvy man didn’t like it. He didn’t slender object was strapped to his back. He pulled it out. A like it at all. The more he walked, the more the feeling that he bloodstained sword glistened as it was brought out to be kissed was being followed grew. . . by its newfound bride. The man’s fiery red ponytail reflected the Tap tap. moonlight, giving it an almost unholy sense of being. His eyes He stopped dead in his tracks. What the hell was were glazed over. Crimson red. The businessman would never that?! He turned around. No one was there. Only the lonely forget those crimson eyes. The red-haired hunter knocked him breeze ruffling the trees was following him. He shook his head. over, reveling at his prey. The businessman lie there, frozen. He Maybe he was imagining things. He started to walk again. felt like he was looking at a real life demon, like the ones in the Tap tap. old tales his mamma used to tell him. Maybe this is just a night There it was again! mare, the man thought to himself frantically. Maybe I’m gonna The man turned around. No one was there. No one wake up in my comfy bed in my mansion all safe and sound! He was fuckin’ there. He saw no one, but his gut was telling him closed his eyes, trying to believe that delusion was real. otherwise. But it wasn’t. Tap Tap. The hunter elevated his weapon high in the air. “You pitiful rat,” A silence impregnated the night air. The businessman the hunter whispered, his voice dripping with menace, “You held his breath. Nothing seemed to be happening. Maybe it should have known that I would get even. . .” was a cat or something. . . September 2011 23

Accreditation Warning

By: Maria Ong


t has recently been announced that both Cypress College as well as Fullerton College have been given a warning, from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, that they need to make some changes, or their accreditation might be taken away from them. If there is not a change in the way the schools plan and budget their money then they’re accreditations could be affected by it. For students this means that it could affect the availability of student aid and it could also prevent students from attaining credits that are transferable. There are actions being taken in order to clear up this accreditation mishap, so the fear of having your credits not be transferable, should not be too big of a worry at this moment in time. While there are changes being made, Cypress as well as Fullerton will remain accredited until further notice. There are actions being taken in order to clear up this accreditation mishap, so the fear of having your credits not be transferable, should not be too big of a worry at this moment in time. While there are changes being made, Cypress as well as Fullerton will remain accredited until further notice. Dr. Eva Conrad is helping out by coordinating and writing the accreditations responses. Aiding her is Deborah Ludford, District Director of Informational Services, and Kai Stearns Moore, District Director of Public Government Affairs. They have taken on the job of creating for work groups along with the participants of last winter’s Comprehensive Master Plan Workshop. The for workshops that they are going to be planning are: Strategic Plan, Decision Making Process, Integrated Planning, and Resource Allocation.

While all these actions are taking place there is a deadline to meet in order to keep the accreditation. The deadline is as follows: Workgroup meetings to plan projects is due on September 16, Crafting and review of projects and response is due September 16 – October 20, Final workgroup meetings to finalize drafts is on October 20, Drafts distributed to NOCCCD for review and comment must be received by Octerber 24 – November 21, Implementation of new processes must begin between January and February, and lastly the Accreditation follow-up report is due on March 15.

Indie Spanish Rock Bands Rock-out at the Juke Joint in Anaheim By: Steve Valencia


he Juke Joint of Anaheim opened up its doors in 1968 and has been hosting a number of local bands giving them the opportunity to showcase their music. On September 7, it was Austria Band’s turn to headline the show along with a local band known as Belica and several other solo performers. It was a mellow night at the Juke joint, with North Orange County locals hanging out and enjoying the tunes. After performances by two solo artists, Belica took the stage and revved up the crowed as they prepared for their set.

Two-thousand ten was more of a development year, and we are now focused on moving on to something bigger. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet the right person to move our music.” They were invited by the booking agent at the Juke Joint and considered a good opportunity to unleash their sounds.

As the night carried on, the music bounced off the walls and carried into the sidewalks. Sean Navarro of the Juke Joint says “we usually have a good turn-out. Everyone likes the bands playing at the Juke Joint; sometimes we get crowds of two hundred to two-hundred-fifty people.” Some say the best nights to hang out there are Thursday through Saturday.

Belica’s lead singer Ismael Chavez rocked the microphone with his lyrics while playing guitar along with his band (Drums: Gerardo Gonzalez, Base: Reyes Pacheco, Guitar: Luis Madrigal) was jamming their tunes going in a smooth tone and moving into an awesome jive. The listeners indulged in the sounds and cheered on during and after every song they performed.

According to Sean, “the Juke Joint has hosted some bigger names such as Wayne Hancock and Moonlight Cruisers.”

During the intermission, Ismael mentioned that “Belica has been together for about 6 years and the band is currently working on developing some new songs and putting out an album.

Lilly Rojas who was in the crowd that night says “it was a nice rock show, but Belica was the best band.”

Austria Band closed out the night with some smooth Spanish Rock Argentina Style. The night was coming to an end and the crowed had dwindled down, yet the undercard Belica band stole the show from Austria Band who was headlining the show.

So if you have an Indie band and want some playtime, you might want to try your luck at the Juke Joint.

CCMN: What is it REALLY About?

Dyllan Hebert: What made you want to become the CCMN Manager? Adam Clease: Well last semester I signed up for visual journalism and I wanted to do a show so I came to Andrew

who was the current manager, and I learned everything. Then at the end of the semester they said “your going to run it next semester” and I was like oh okay that’s fine D: Well that says something it means you made a good impression

D: How many shows do you currently have broadcasting. A: We have TBA, SUAM, Boombox, Table for Two, and the movie show. I am looking for 2 more shows so we can have 2 shows a day.

D: How would someone come about getting a new show? A: Some one would have to approach me, not in a dark alley, I’d prefer in here. But they would have to bring me an

outline of a show and how they would keep getting content each week, and whether or not they can make it work as a web show, because some shows are better off for Podcasting because there isn’t much visual. So having visuals since we are on camera would help and just approach me with an interesting idea and I could try and make it happen.

D: What kind of shows does CCMN produce? Is there a specific genre? A: We don’t really have a specific genre. I do a news store, you do a show about music, we have a food show. I like

the shows to have specific genre that’s why sometimes I get mad at Benson’s Boombox, because he tries to be like Conan. I don’t want to rip on him but sometimes it upsets me a little bit when he doesn’t have a specific genre, but I guess if you want a variety show then go for it.

D: Can someone come in and watch the shows while they are being broadcast? A: YES! We just started opening up the doors and putting chairs out. D: Introduced by SUAM Radio A: Introduced by SUAM Radio. We have had a few lookers, a few people stand there for a few minutes. So we are trying to get the word out. D: One dude stoned out of his mind.

D: How many people does it take to produced a broadcast? A: Well, last semester we were able to do it with just one person. That person would set up, get the microphones

ready and start up Wirecast and run the show. Now we have a TelePrompTer system so it requires two people. You need someone producing on the computer and then someone running the TelePrompTer and scrolling down. So now this semester it takes two people. 12

Divergence Magazine

D: If the new shows that are being produced now are all webshows why is it still called Cypress College Radio? A: It is not called Cypress Radio it is Cypress College Media Net work. The only reason it says CCR is because when

the USTREAM account was made we were still called CCR and I would have to create a whole new USTREAM account and all the archives would be on the other account. D: So your lazy? A: Yes, but the e-mail has been switched to its been like that since last semester. We are still trying to make the transition completely its taking a little time because it was CCR for a long time.

D: What is the most exciting and fun part of being the manager of CCMN?

A: It’s being able to see the people you have trained perform really well. Also seeing the excel and already in their first week being able to know how to use Wirecast and all the cameras.

D: Do you see any of the shows expanding and becoming something bigger than just a college broadcast? A: Now they will be stuck here forever and EVER! No, I do see how Shut up and Mosh has been able to get advertisements and sponsors so I think they could become bigger. Table for Two has a pretty promising start. I could see them maybe going out and becoming a big time website doing interviews for food. D: They are about food so maybe the FoodNetWork channel A: yeah maybe for their website so you never know stuff like that could happen. Benson’s Boombox I could see maybe becoming a radio personality or maybe an internet thing just having his own talk show. D: Yeah Benson is a good guy, he really is he has a lot of charisma.

D: Lets play a game. It’s called Marry, Kill, and Do and we will play with the hosts of the shows. Your choices are

Matt Benson from Benson’s Boombox, your co-host Kevin Mastron, from To Be Announced, and me, Dyllan Hebert from Shut Up And Mosh Radio. A: Well I’ll start with killing Matt Benson because I’ve been telling him for awhile now that, I am going to kill him so I might as well follow up with that. I would marry Kevin because we just have a connection, and I would do Dyllan... all...night...long... D: Oh thank you I’m flattered.

D: How is life in the newsroom? A: It can get hectic but I like the hustle and bustle. D: You got to like how it has more of a homey feel, having a couch and a microwave. A: Yeah and I am trying to get a mini fridge for us! D: I was saying the same thing. I feel a fundraiser coming on. hahaha D: If you could be a guest on any of the shows broadcast here that isn’t yours which would it be? A: Well I was already kind of a guest on SUAM D: Because we dragged you on. A: Yeah but it was still cool. But if I had to choose it would be Benson’s Boombox only because he keeps telling me I can’t come on.

D: What do you hope to accomplish in the future? A: I would really like to manage a large tv station. I’ve changed what I want to do a ton but I realized I really want to do that.

September 2011


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