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Vol. III Issue II October 2010

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Epicenter Twentyten by Christopher Schad 2

Divergence Magazine

By: Christopher Schad


picenter was certainly a great name for the event that took place out in the scorching 111 degree weather at Auto Club Speedway. As the day began fans were greeted to a long line and scorching triple digit heat. Once inside vendors such as Jagermeister, Monster, Camel Cigarettes and clothing companies such as LRG (lifted research group), and Goons, all were present handing out freebies. While others offered cold towels, water and a shaded place to relax and get out of the heat. As the day progressed, the talent -- like the temperature -- became hotter. One early band of notable mention is called Kinda Major. A band out of Florida that had some sick DJ beats accompanied by some even wilder guitar riffs. The Emcee had an upfront and in-your-face kinda of style that could only be compared to Eminem’s (who performed later that night). The band Kinda Major put on a show that Will Ferrill in Anchor Man would say was “Kind of a big deal.” While rocking the crowd they made it rain with Monster stickers, energy drinks and water which was just one small part of a very big show. As day one came to an end, Kiss and Eminem capped off the night with performances that transcended everyone in the crowd into an awe-inspiring state and heat exhausted bliss. Eminem managed to cover the whole spectrum of his artistic career, bringing the audience from his early days all the way up to his new release; with a special guest appearance by his band D-12. The show was off the hook. After Eminem finished amping the crowd, Kiss put on a performance that showed the old-school rockers still have what it takes to rock a crowd of over 50,000 fans. Day two was filled with even hotter weather and action, but the misters and ice cold towels made the day managable. Artists like Black Pacific and Suicidal Tendencies crushed the Monster stage with their heavy guitar riffs and raging vocals and bass lines. While bands like Bad Religion, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Rise Against and Blink-182 put on performances that not only kicked ass, but once again reminded the fans of why they came out in the scorching heat to see them. The crowd was hot, wet and wild as the promoters cooled everyone off with a water hose. The bands made sure not to disappoint the tough and loyal fans that awaited them for hours in the scorching heat. D October 2010


Editor’s Note W

ith elections right around the corner, we decided to skip the Halloween theme and go with something even scarier, politics. In this issue you will get inside the senate race, learn about the candidates for the college district board of trustees and on Prop 19. All of these will be present on the ballot come Nov. 2 and our main goal is simply to get you out there and making yourselves heard. Show our representatives they cannot ignore us any longer because we do have the power to take them out. I know politics can seem daunting and distant but it affects us in our every day lives. Take the board of trustees for example. They handle the money the state gives our college. This determines how many classes we offer, what kind of remodeling we do, how many faculty we employ, among other things. To make it more personal, this directly determines how many classes we end up petitioning and not getting in, how well cared for our facilities are and how overworked our professors are. Deviating a little from politics, we bring you the droid you’ve been looking for and a few tips on how not to break you ribs from a coughing disease as well as the new trendy shade of makeup color for the season, all issues just as important to our daily lives. -Juliana Nascimento D


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12 Photo by Brandi Helt


October 2010



F Photo by Brandi Helt

A.S. Throws a Pumpkin Bash By Danielle Kinnischtzke


re you up for a good time involving free food, dancing, and costumes? This Fall festivity on Campus is for you.

The Associated Students (A.S.) is putting on their annual Pumpkin Bash, Oct. 28. It will be held on the Cypress College campus at the Gateway Plaza, in front of the bookstore. This is the only night event of the entire semester. It starts at 5 pm and lasts until 9 pm. Various clubs around campus will be present and have booths set up. There are haunted games going to be played, delicious free food, and an abundant amount of candy. If you feel like debuting your Halloween costume, dress up. There is a costume contest going on throughout the night. Maybe your costume has what it takes to win this year. D

National Coming Out Day - Here’s the Story By Ashley Adkins


ational Coming Out Week is a civil awareness day for coming out and discussing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) issues. It displays not just the tragedies, but also the ability to make a difference by awareness. The event is celebrated on Oct. 11 every year. Here’s why… In Humboldt, Neb. Brandon Teena was like any other young person trying to find their way in life. Well-known and popular, he used to hang out with the guys, drink beer to the wee hours in the morning, bumper surf and was no stranger with the ladies. However, when his ‘friends’ discovered he was born a girl; his life quickly fell apart. Many rumors seemed to be circulating the small town where Teena lived and the two-people closest to Teena were determined to find out the truth – was Teena who he really said he was? During a Christmas Eve party John L. Lotter and Marvin Thomas Nissen grabbed Teena and forced him to remove his pants in front of his girlfriend, Lana Tisdel. After refusal and an immense struggle Teena’s pants were removed revealing he was female. Lotter and Nissen assaulted Teena and pushed her into their car where they drove to a meat packing area and raped her. After Teena escaped she ran to Tisdel’s house and was assaulted again by Lotter and Nissen and then shot. Teena was pronounced dead on the scene. The killing of Brandon Teena should bring out the simple awareness that we, as people, instinctively judge but to believe we have the right to kill or beat another towards death because of who they are is unacceptable. People around the globe have established centers to provide a safe environment the community may lack. At these community places, pride walks and shows are organized in the hopes the percentage of anti-gay hate will disappear one day. In 1998 a 21-year-old Matthew Shepard was robbed, viciously beaten and left tied to a fence to die in freezing temperatures outside Laramie, Wyo. After being found by police and hospitalized he died five days later. Oct. 12, 1998. His friends and family spoke of his honest and friendly nature, commenting of how pure and good willing he’d been. After investigation, police concluded one of the reasons the incident happened was because he was gay. For more information on Brandon Teena please watch the Academy Award-winning movie, “Boys Don’t Cry,” with Hilary Swank. You can also watch the gripping movie, “The Laramie Project.” The movie shows how Matthew Shepard was treated and labeled. D 6

Divergence Magazine


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Former Chargers Shortstop Trevor Hoffman First to 600 Saves By Danielle Parenteau


n Sept. 7 Trevor Hoffman, once the starting shortstop for Cypress College, became the first pitcher to record 600 saves in a major league career. Pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers, he closed out a 4-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals to earn himself yet another spot in the record books. Hoffman had previously added to his Hall of Fame credentials by setting the all-time saves record and by becoming the first ever pitcher with 500 saves. (Mariano Rivera of the Yankees is the only player to since reach that mark.)

Randy Winn grounded into a double play. With his wife and three sons in attendance, Hoffman then needed only to retire another pinch-hitter, Aaron Miles, to finally hit 600. In six pitches, he did just that, getting Miles to ground out and end the game. The rest of the Brewers recognized the significance of the situation. “I had beyond goose bumps. I was completely removed from the bullpen and everything. I was 100 percent spectator at that point,” relief pitcher Todd Coffey told reporter Jordan Schelling.

2010 was a difficult season for Hoffman. He began the year with 591 saves, having recorded 37 in 2009. It seemed certain he would reach the milestone quickly. However, he blew five out of his first ten save chances. Eventually, the opportunities started going to John Axford, a rookie. There was a banner with interchangeable numbers at the Brewer’s Miller Park, there to countdown to 600. Those figures rarely changed. In fact, Adam McCalvy, a reporter for wrote “the big banner…was stuck on 596 for nearly three months.”

“You can’t beat starting a game with Hoffy coming in and getting 600,” the night’s winning pitcher Chris Narveson told Schelling.

Regarding the ups and downs of the season, Hoffman told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “It tested me in a lot of different areas, a lot of different ways.”

“It’s hard to describe this moment. Just…thank you. Thank you to everybody that stuck around. Thanks for enduring a long season. Thank you to my family on the field and the family off the field. What tremendous support I’ve been given by everyone. …I appreciate every one of you guys. I hope we all remember this forever. I think you could feel the energy tonight….These fans have been behind me the entire way, and I really appreciate it.” (From McCalvy’s Call the Hall: Hoffman gets 600th save)

Hoffman refused to give up, also telling the Sentinel, “If you love the game, it’s going to love you back.” Perhaps the best insight into Hoffman’s attitude comes from an exchange between him and Bruce Bochy, the manager of the San Francisco Giants; Bochy and Hoffman were once the manager and closer, respectively, of the San Diego Padres. Bochy shared part of that conversation with columnist Barry M. Bloom: “ “I talked to Trevor after [the Brewers] took him out of that role. He said, ‘I forced the issue. I wasn’t getting the job done. I have a job and I’m going to do all that I can to help out the team and help out the new closer.’”

“It’s something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and cherish. I got goose bumps standing on the mound waiting for him to get there. I’ll never forget the rest of my life,” catcher Jonathan Lucroy, a rookie, said to Schelling. After the game, an appreciative Hoffman spoke to the fans at Miller Park:

Hoffman was the Chargers’ shortstop in 1986-1987. Pitching did not seem to be in his future as one 10-pitch attempt during a Cypress practice yielded eight home runs. “Tryout’s over,” Hoffman said according to Buster Olney in ESPN the Magazine. D Select Upcoming Games

“That’s what he’s all about. That’s part of the reason why this guy has had so much success. It’s never been about himself. It’s always been about the team. It’s like the old adage: good things happen to good people,” Bochy continued.

Women’s Water Polo Oct. 15-16 Jet’s Classic in Miramar- Time TBA Oct. 22 vs. Santa Ana- 3 p.m. at Cypress College Pool *Orange Empire Conference matchup Oct. 22-23 Battle of the Beach- Time TBA in Long Beach and Despite his struggles at times, the Brewers and manager Ken Cypress Macha never gave up on Hoffman. While there were points in the *Orange Empire Conference tournament season when the closer’s job was Axford’s alone, Hoffman was Women’s Soccer never permanently stripped of his closer status. Oct. 22 vs. Santa Ana- 3 p.m. at Cypress College soccer field *Orange Empire Conference matchup “His work ethic and perseverance paid off,” Macha told the SentiMen’s Soccer nel. Oct. 26 vs. Santa Ana- 3 p.m. at Cypress College soccer field *Orange Empire Conference matchup The ninth inning began like countless others in Hoffman’s caWomen’s Volleyball reer—the speakers blaring AC/DC’s Hells Bells, his anthem since Oct. 22 vs. Golden West- 7 p.m. in Cypress College gym his heyday in San Diego. Cardinal centerfielder Colby Rasmus led *Orange Empire Conference matchup off with a single, but he was erased as the next batter, pinch-hitter October 2010


A performer backstage carefully applies the make-up to transfrom into her character.

The bright lights await as these performers finish up their make-up.


The Wiz

Divergence Magazine

A make-up artist transforms one actor into the tin man.

Dorothy comes across the scarecrow

Photo Essay By Ashley Adkins

Choreography at its finest.

October 2010

Shocked and Awed


Ask Uncle Pauli

Ask Uncle Pauli your questions. Send them to

My article was changed due to the opinion of the managing editor. My article is an opinion/question, answer column. It was changed to something other than my opinion. It was said to offend the Marine Corps. It was changed to a generic term “Join the union!” So I decided to elaborate on the article. I will show the blurb in its original entirety and then follow up with a new more detailed article. To inform the parties that would not look beyond or fill in the blanks of the joke that is actually a great piece of advice.

Dear Uncle Pauli, I have been attending Cypress College for two semesters now and I just can’t seem to get the hang of the classes, doing homework, managing my time and trying to keep a social life. I usually start off with four to five classes and by the third month I drop all of them or just give up. It all seems too hard or just overwhelming. Is there any advice you can give me to get into gear with my situation? -Struggling student Well college isn’t for everybody. Suck it up or join the marines! -The Corps or any armed forces will give you the discipline you will need to keep focused in school. Also accountability to the fact that your world does rest on one’s own shoulders and if you don’t keep on top of things no one else will. I believe anyone who has no direction in life should join the armed forces or a type of worldwide volunteer group, i.e., Peace Corp etc. Further, veterans coming back from war or even just a stint in our armed forces have a better chance at earning higher GPAs than the average student. Not all of them, keep in mind, just the ones with drive. This article was not to insult the Corps, or suggest that the military accepts below-par students. This article was intended to give guidance to those who have none. If the armed forces can’t get you in gear for life you’re probably a lost cause to begin with.

Dear Uncle Pauli, Perhaps my situation isn’t so peculiar, but I’ve found myself having feelings for a particular professor. I can’t tell if this is just a phase or quite possibly a wonderful opportunity if I take a risk. Being quite a bit younger myself makes it extra risky, but I like ‘em older. I’m having trouble determining whether the teacher is flirting with me or it’s all in my head. Is it worth it? - Hot For Teacher

Well Hot for Teacher,

This is a hard one. I’ve never had a romantic entanglement with a professor. I do believe there is a five year gap of appropriate dating ages. I didn’t care much for “Harold and Maude”. It was gross. When we are young we are filled with so much emotion it’s hard for us to determine when our feeling is love or infatuation. That and if your teacher is flirting with you… that can be up for debate. Older men had years of experience to sweet talk anyone and sometimes forget to put their guns in their holsters. On the other hand it could be that he is into you and is comfortable enough to let it be seen in class around your peers. In any case I don’t think its right to date any one that is close to your parent’s age. If you want to have a fling with some old guy and sow your oats, go for it. However, don’t be surprised when you find out that no matter what age someone is or what profession they hold; we can always find immaturity and problems. The bad thing about fantasies is that they’re false. I say don’t go for it, but we always do what we want,don’t we? D Editor’s note: The views and opinions expressed by the author do not reflect those of Cypress Chronicle or Divergence magazine. 10

Divergence Magazine

Whooping Cough on the Rise By Dawn Southern


Photo By Brandi Helt

he Center for Disease Control says that “California is facing what may be the worse epidemic of whooping cough in 50 years.” Whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory infection that is easily spread through their coughing or sneezing. California had 34 cases reported in 2008. Last year it increased to 159 cases. Of the 910 reported cases this year in California, 274 cases were reported in Orange County as of Sept. 4. That number increased to 303 by Sept. 27. Media reports are keeping the outbreak in the spotlight and medical facilities are well stocked with the Tdap vaccine that will help prevent the spread of whooping cough. This is largely due to the infant deaths and large number of people being infected with the 100-day cough.. Symptoms will usually begin seven to 10 days after exposure. The beginning signs of whooping cough are a runny nose, mild cough, sneezing and sometimes a low grade fever. A couple weeks later the irritating dry cough is replaced by coughing spells that can last more than a minute. During the coughing spell the individual is unable to catch their breath and may turn red or purple. When the coughing spell subsides, a distinctive whooping sound may be heard when breathing in. Vomiting or broken ribs can occur due to the severity of the coughing. Coughing is worse at night. Whooping cough can last as long as 10 weeks. Anyone from infants to the elderly can get whooping cough. Young children and those who are not currently immunized are at the greatest risk.

Department and Center for Disease Control Prevention protocols.” Helena Doller, Psychology major, was not aware of the outbreak of whooping cough this year. She was not alone, this was common among the students. Three out of four Cypress College Students were unaware of the epidemic and were not sure if their Tdap was current when an informal poll was taken on campus. The informal poll also found that students were not aware that whooping cough could be passed along by an infected person coughing on the computers or desks at school. Doller said, “If I did not see them coughing on it I wouldn’t think about it.”

Whooping cough is a disease that’s preventable by vaccination. Infants are at greatest risk of catching whooping cough or dying due to the fact that they have not been fully immunized.

Angela Call, Nursing Major was unaware of what the signs and symptoms of whooping cough were and said, “I would move away from someone who kept coughing and coughing. People do that now, like, normally. Its gross.”

According to the recent information provided by the County of Orange Health Care Agency (HCA) “Adequate protection is usually not complete until after the first set of three shots, the last of which is routinely given at about six months of age. This is why it is important for those who are caring for infants get vaccinated.”

Pediatric student Sabrianne Puritt was aware of the epidemic and the signs and symptoms of whooping cough. She said her precautions are “Washing my hands regularly.If I saw a student coughing without covering their mouth I would speak up and hand them a napkin.”

Tdap protection is not a lifelong protection. Tdap protection from childhood immunizations wears off between the ages of 11 to 14. Unless adults have received a recent Tdap vaccine, they are no longer protected. The Orange County HCArecommends treating whooping cough early. Early treatment will include a two week round of antibiotics. Overthe-counter coughing medication will not be effective. Early antibiotic treatment can help to keep you from getting sicker and prevent you from spreading whooping cough. The Orange County HCA recommends that you “Stay home. Avoid contact with others until you have finished treatment.” According to the Cypress College Health Center’s Nancy Hennessey, RN, “Cypress College has 0 confirmed cases of whopping cough.” The Cypress College Health Center is not providing testing for whooping cough and does not have the Tdap vaccine available. There is no protocol at the moment and it has not been discussed according to a source at Cypress College. When asked what will be done if cases are seen on campus department chair John Sciacca said, “We will be following the Orange County Health

No student in the informal poll had any problem with Cypress College’s lack of protocol concerning whooping cough here at school. Journalism Professor Robert Mercer was asked what he would do if someone in one of his classes was coughing excessively he said “I would tell the student to do the vampire cough.” demonstrating it by coughing into his bent elbow. Coughing spreads whooping cough. Remind others around you to cover their mouths when they cough and wash your hands throughout the day. Most importantly protect yourself and your family by getting immunized before it is too late. County of Orange HCA informs that the Tdap “Vaccine is widely available from medical providers (including community clinics) throughout Orange County.” If your doctor does not have the vaccine, or your insurance will not cover it, you may obtain it for free from the Health Care Agency Immunization Clinic, 1725 W. 17th street, Santa Ana 92706 or for more or information on low or no cost health services in your area providing whooping cough vaccines call the Orange County Health Department at (800) 564-8448. D

October 2010


Senatorial Race 2010 By Juliana Campbell


alifornia is undoubtedly in a mess with the budget being over 100 days late, the state being billions in debt and having a 12.4 percent unemployment rate. The next person who is elected into any political office will feel the heat and pressure more than ever. With the elections around the corner on Nov. 2 it can be hard to keep up with the constant advertising and views each candidate has. Currently there has been a sizable amount of speculation on the senate race between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina, both who desperately think they have most experience and determination to make California the prosperous state it once was. Chief Deputy Whip of the Democratic Majority, Barbara Boxer seems to be sanguine and confident. She was once the first female chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee and chair of the Select Committee on Ethics. The former 1993 senator is also a leader on environmental protection. Boxer works diligently and compassionately. Her plan is to strengthen the state with her experience letting the state take a break from its failing programs and fight for policy’s that were shot down such as the DREAM Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

One of her visions for California is small business and entrepreneurs, “If Washington is serious about creating jobs, then it must get serious about growing the economy. Small businesses, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs are the economic engines that will lead us through these difficult times,” she says on her site People who complain about the failing economy, shortage of jobs and non-profit programs are typically the ones who do not vote. If people do not vote, (especially students) then the wrong person may sneak through the cracks or buy their way in by deceptive advertising and campaigning. “I want someone who will fix one of the problems we are having with jobs, water and immigration,” resident Joyce Deitch of Whittier says. “I don’t care what you have to do but get it done quickly and honestly, the last thing we need is another run-around.” The latest Rasmussen Reports has Boxer earning 49 percent of the vote, while Fiorina has 45 percent. Two percent prefer some other candidate, and five percent are undecided. Polling places are yet to be announced, but by Oct. 15 a complete list will be set. People can vote from 7a.m. – 8p.m. D


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“As a United States Senator, part of my job is to know the funding priorities of our state of California so that I can support those that help create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, and provide important resources to our children, seniors, and families,” says Boxer from the Appropriation Request page of her site,

Retired until h tive fo comm board] the tim surpris

On the republican side of the floor, Carly Fiorina is just as popular on her views and philosophies. Once considered the most powerful woman in business, Fiorina served as chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005 and currently serves in various organizations. Fiorina also was a service to republican presidential candidate John McCain.

One of studen need a monito it throu

Fiorina wants the issue of creating jobs solved, California’s water crisis restored, a better health care focus, to reduce the deficit, energy and environment sustainability and more importantly to protect America. While the computer savvy woman may not have much political experience like her rival, Fiorina has been a career businesswoman and reportedly brought Hewlett-Packard’s revenue from $44 billion to $88 billion. 12

Divergence Magazine

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Union Pressures Board by Handpicking Candidates By Juliana Nascimento his coming election, the United Faculty (UF), the faculty union for Cypress and Fullerton colleges, is supporting three outsiders for the open positions on the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees. Feeling like the Board has become simply a rubber stamp for the administration, the UF decided to present some challenges to the incumbent Board members this coming election.


The positions open this election are for Area II (includes the school districts of Cypress, Savanah, Los Alamitos and part of Garden Grove), Area III (Brea-Olinda and Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Districts, as well as the La Habra City and Lowell Joint School Districts) and Area IV (includes the Buena Park, Centralia, and Fullerton School Districts). These seats are currently occupied by Barbara Dunsheath, Jeff Brown and Donna Miller respectively. The challengers are Tim Keenan, Dr. Ruben Barron and Darlene (Dar) Allen. Former City of Cypress Mayor, Tim Keenan currently owns an audio recording studio and is a former member of the city council. He says the UF contacted him and asked if he would be interested in running to which he agreed. Although he doesn’t have much experience in education, he taught at Chapman University part time for two of years, he is aware of what goes on with the colleges through his contacts in the city council.

aren’t enough to run the schools, especially in these financially hard times. Her solution is to tap into the community and ask for private donations. She feels Dr. Michael Kassler, president of Cypress College is doing a great job of this for the school and that this should be a responsibility delegated to a vice chancellor on the board. She says alternative methods to garner funds for classes and instructors include streamlining the board and the chancellor’s office, delegate more responsibilities to existing positions and get rid of those that aren’t needed. Les Doak, UF vice president, voiced the union’s opinion on this. UF is hoping for new board members that “asking questions, period.” Having a $45 million reserve, six times the amount recommended for a prudent reserve, while cutting down classes is unacceptable to them. Doak says the incumbents were sought for talks regarding the union’s concerns to no avail and found it interesting that they suddenly had time to meet after the union announced their support of the challengers. Doak explained that after announcing their candidacy independently, the challengers were asked to go through an interview process in order for the union to decide whether they would support them or not. The union hopes to enrich the board with independent thinking and Doak says they feel these candidates will do that for the board. D

Keenan expects he will be able to bring his business experience to the board. He also hopes to be able to help with the programs that are being cut, especially internships, which he considers important because they are a transition into the job market. He accepts applications for internships every couple of years in his business. Retired, Dr. Ruben Barron left the classroom 20 years ago and worked until he retired as a school administrator. He states that his main motive for running is his interest in education and getting involved in the community, “I’m not running because people that are there [on the board] are doing a bad job but on my own merits.” Barron says he has the time to dedicate to the board and wants to be there. He says he was surprised when he got the support from the UF. One of the main points of Barron’s campaign is to make it possible for students to stay on track with classes by making sure the classes they need are offered. Regarding the budget, Barron says the answer is in monitoring it, not just approving and forgetting about it, but following it throughout the year. He says constant change orders feels “suspect.” An eviction attorney, Darlene Allen says a union member who served with her on the Pops Orchestra Board suggested she run for the NOCCCD Board, prompting her to do so. She believes being president and vice president of the Pops Orchestra Board has taught her how to manage money. She says although the events at the park that were organized by the board were free to the public they still had to pay bands and vendors. A lot of money had to be raised for that purpose. Allen believes the funding from the government and students fees October 2010


SummerCamp’s ProjectProject Fall Residency Art Gallery


Divergence Magazine


ypress College opens its art gallery doors to showcase artists from East Los Angeles, Sept. 7. They had collaborated with Cypress College students where they both shared their art and vision of a project to display. Students who had sat down with the local artists from East L.A. to discuss their vision and what they wanted to do with the space the gallery had to offer. Adding to the art, the students helped enrich the East L.A. artists with their creative ideas, tools and imaginative wits. The theme of the art showcase is Summer Camp’s Project Project Fall Residency. This is a little complex. Summer Camp is actually a home in a neighborhood of El Sereno, Los Angeles and was designed and built by Al Kaelin, a cartoonist of the Los Angeles times during the time period of the 5o’s. The modern house had been built to inspire young artists who would contribute with artsy projects. It currently functions as an artist live/work space area. In addition, the modern house currently functions as and hosts the project. Founded by Fatima Hoang, Elonda Billera and Janice Gomez, they host series of showcases of exhibits and events on the enormous property the house is on. They installed works of art in the sloping backyard and featured musical performances in an old goat pen.

Photos By Marc Anthony Aguilera

The project in the gallery is the interpretation of eight artists, Chelsea Dean, Justin Michell Gina Osterloh, Julie Schustack, Christian Tedeschi, Bari Ziperstein, Corrine Kamiya and Justin Michell. They’re the crew of the fall residency of the house Al Kaelin, who collaborated with the Cypress College students. In honor of the history of the house their ideas dealt with themes of the house transitions. Dealing with the house history and past exhibitions the artists wanted to create resourcefulness environment. It was a theme that Cypress College students were to formulate and be successful. D

October 2010


College Vice President Gives Budget Rundown By Danial Shakeri Contributor


xecutive Vice President of Cypress College Dr. Robert Simpson believes we should borrow money from our Retiree Health Benefits to close the gap until the State budget is approved. Simpson mainly takes care of the educational programs and student services on campus. Lately his life has been surrounded by the budget that has been affecting the campus. On Sept. 22, I had an interview with him to see exactly how everything was being affected.

research it was shown that 95 percent of the students taking those classes were our regular students who came Monday through Thursday. Then the college began to see how many unfilled seats there are in each of these classes. If one class has a capacity of 40 seats but previously only 21 students have been taking those seats, then the class will see more reductions versus a Biology class that usually has all of its seats taken. That way for the second round of cuts we tried to cut more from the low demand classes versus the higher demand ones.

Shakeri: Does Cypress have a budget and how is the budget decided?

After that it was upon each division to see where they can make cuts where it would least impact the students, in order to put us into balance with our budget. Each division, however, was not told Simpson: The college always has a budget; but we don’t have an to reduce a certain amount of funding, but was told to reduce as official budget until the legislators and the governor come to an much as possible, with the least impact to the students. As of now agreement. Luckily for our district we had a substantial amount of we are still over expending on our budget, but the college has a carryovers from last year that has allowed us to pay for the services plan that will put us in balance next year. up to now. However, as we go into October and November the district will no longer have the resources to sustain the school, and Shakeri: What are Cypress’s plans if the budget deteriorates when that happens we will have to borrow money. We will borrow further? money on the basis that when the budget is approved we will pay it back. Simpson: If there are more cuts to the budget, the college has prepared a plan to make cuts that would put us back into balance Shakeri: From whom will we borrow this money? if necessary. However that does not mean that we are planning on making those cuts. Simpson: We would first start by loaning from ourselves. There is a $50 million fund for Retiree Health Benefits that the district has Shakeri: Has enrollment been affected by the budget? How? built up to pay for retiree’s health benefits in the future. In order to borrow this money however, United Faculty and many other Simpson: Significantly. Many of the [Universities of California] collective bargaining groups must agree to it. However, until now, UCs and [California State Universities] CSUs have also seen United Faculty has not agreed to let us borrow that money. If we severe reduced funding which means that they have also reduced cannot borrow from this fund then we will have to borrow money their access, so many students who may have been eligible for a from outside sources like Orange County, or Bank of America. The four year university now must go to a community college. So there issue with that is that if we borrow money from outside then we has been an increase in demand for community college classes not will have to pay interest that would cause the state to lose revenue. only from our traditional student population but now we have this However, if we pay interest to the Retiree Health Benefits fund influx of student that we have not been serving previously. Howthen we will just be paying the interest back to ourselves. ever, with that, Cypress is offering about 15 percent fewer seats this year than two years ago. Shakeri: In what categories is the budget divided up into? Last year Cypress had 12,400 full time equivalent students (FTES), Simpson: Basically 90 percent of the funds that come to the and this year we only have 11,644 FTES. However the target for district go towards salary and benefits for employees. The other 10 this year was 11,030 FTES. What has happened now is that almost percent goes towards paying for paper in the classrooms, having any class that Cypress offers will be filled to 100 percent capacclean bathrooms, etc. ity, and even now we are at 105 percent capacity, which means that now teachers are generously allowing more students into their Shakeri: How do you decide which programs get reduced fundclasses than the class size maximum. ing? Shakeri: What is the forecast for the state budget in the future and Simpson: As of now all programs have reduced funding. The first how will it affect Cypress College? thing the college cut was most of their weekend classes, including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday classes. The main purpose for these classes was to give students who couldn’t come to college on weekdays a chance to get an education. However after some Cont. on pg 19 16

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What’s a Charger to Do?

By Daniel Park


o you’re a student at Cypress College who is ready to transfer. You’ve got all your preliminary requirements done along with your general requirement (IGETC) classes in the bag (for the most part). And you’re thinking, the next logical step would be to apply to 4 year schools. But then you ask yourself, “How do I go about doing that, and what kind of schools do I apply to? And what is the application process like”? If you have asked yourself one or more of these questions and if you are scared about what you should do, then listen up, because I may have just saved your future academic life. One of the greatest things about going to a 4 year college in California is the fact that there are three major classifications of universities in California . The three systems are the University of California School system (UC), the California State system (CSU) and the Private University system. All of them are great ways to further your education and all of them have their own application process.but for the most part they have very much the same standards and qualifications. One thing to take into consideration is the financial differences in these systems. While financial concerns should not hinder any charger from pursuing higher education it is certainly something to consider while choosing what kind of four year institution you wish to attend. Everyone is aware of the state the country’s economy is in right now. Universities have been affected just as much as anyone else. Tuition has been raised recently. Although the spike in tuition is not substantial it is still something to consider. UC tuition plus room and board and other amenities can range from $20,000 to possibly $28,000, depending on what school you choose to attend.

requirement. Many students who decided to apply to a four year university applied to both. They do this because the requirements for both systems are very similar. A huge difference between the UC system and the Cal. State system is also the application process itself. The UC system application can be found on a website www. Here you fill out one application that is then sent out to all of the UC schools that you want to apply to. The online application has already opened up for those of you eager to start, but the filing period doesn’t start till Nov. 1. The Cal. State application can be found at Another difference between the two applications is that for all the UC applicants two personal statement essays are needed. The Cal. States system does not require any form of essays. What is needed for both applications is a manual input of all courses taken at Cypress or any other junior colleges that you may have attended. Also if any of you chargers have attended a four year or an out of state institution before coming to Cypress, you also need to mention that on the applications as well. Overall the application process itself is not too difficult, if anything it is more tedious and time consuming. Private schools are a bit more difficult to talk about in terms of the application process. Because each private school should be looked at as its own entity, each one has its own requirements and specifications. One private school might ask for a specific personal statement or special requirement while the next one may ask for something completely different. From what I have researched many private universities inside and outside of California do ask for high school transcripts.

Cal States are a bit cheaper. To attend a CSU can cost from roughly After you have applied to your desired schools, there will be a filing period before actual rejection or acceptance letters are mailed $10,000 per year and upward. out where you will need to inform the school of whether you have Private universities can range from $50,000 and upward. passed the classes you took in Fall 2010 or not. This filing period usually occurs in January when you get back from winter break. . Some of the colleges in theUC system are UC Berkeley, UCLA, and a local school, UC Irvine.Their application process all beWhen the application process is done, next comes the excruciating gins with the IGETC. The UC system and the California State time period where you wait, wait and then wait some more. The School system are very much the same except for a few different hardest part of applying to colleges is not the application process requirements. The UC schools demand a foreign language require- itself, but in fact the time period where you are on pins and needles ment while the Cal State system demands an oral communication waiting for those letters of acceptance or rejection. D

pg 19 October 2010


Prop. 19 Has Highest Chance to Pass in History of Legalization Movement By Spencer Custodio


o matter how much money candidates spend on smear ads and mud-slinging, marijuana stands as the most popular issue this election season, polls show. The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis act of 2010 (Prop. 19) is polling better than the senatorial race between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina. It’s even outpolling the gubernatorial candidates, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown as of Oct.7. According to a poll conducted by Survey USA, 48 percent of voters support the prop and 41 percent oppose it. The proponent percentage has lowered a few points over the past month in the polls. Most of the Republican Party is against the proposition with 64 percent certain on a no-vote. The Democratic Party favors it at 67 percent. The Sacramento Bee conducted a poll among young voters and found a majority support Prop. 19: 60 percent say yes and 35 percent say no. At the end of September, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1449 (SB 1449), which reduced the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to an infraction. Essentially, the penalty for carrying weed is equitable to a seat belt ticket. The fee is $100 and there is no criminal record filed, drug classes, or drug court. The new law goes into into effect Jan. 1, 2011. In the bill’s signing statement addressed to members of California’s State senate, Schwarzenegger wrote, “I am opposed to decriminalizing the possession and recreational use of marijuana and oppose Proposition 19, which is on the November ballot.”  He also wrote that he’s signing the bill because “possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is an infraction in everything but name.”

year.” That amount could be added to the estimated $1 billion being spent to fight marijuana. California tried to legalize weed in 1972, with the introduction of the original prop. 19. It was shot down by voters, 66.5 percent to 33.5 percent. The polls are much different now with the yes vote leading the way, even though it has dropped a few points within the past month.   The state was the first in the union to legalize the use of medicinal weed in 1996. Since then, 13 other states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal marijuana. California created a domino effect across the U.S. with the medical act. South Dakota and Arizona are trying to legalize medical marijuana this midterm election. Oregon and Arizona both tried to get a similar prop 19 act put on the ballot, but failed in the primaries earlier this year. If prop. 19 passes in, we can be sure that other states will look our way and similar acts will begin to appear on ballots across the country. Regardless of your standpoint, most of the old criminal or druggie stereotypes have been broken down. Many prop. 19 opponents admit that weed isn’t as bad for you as other drugs, and is safer (in terms of health) than alcohol. This is evident when a conservative governor signs a bill that lowers possession of less than an ounce of weed to an infraction when the Republican Party -- almost as a whole -- is against prop. 19. D

“In this time of drastic budget cuts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, and the courts cannot afford to expend limited resources prosecuting a crime that carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket,” read the statement. While the Governator may not support prop. 19, he realizes the importance of saving tax money that was spent from a budget deficit on law enforcement to find and prosecute individuals who have been caught for under an ounce of weed.  California spends almost $1 billion a year to fight marijuana, according to a Cato Institute study late September. There have are no studies published that predict the economic effects of SB 1449 as of Oct. 7.  Nate Bradley, former deputy sheriff of Sutter County and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition group, told the Capitol Weekly, “The ticket is a misdemeanor charge with a maximum fine of $100 but it costs the county $1,000 to process…If we just stopped writing those tickets we’d save an instant $60 million a 18

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Photo by Diego Villalobos

Cont from pg 16


n of to ote in the


ted a ota erm 19 act f prop. y and

ggie s er (in tive nce as a

Simpson: I think that we have officially bottomed out, and don’t see any more reductions coming. However, I think that it may take anywhere from three to five years before we see an increase in the budget before this downturn occur. However, we will slowly continue to grow access as the budget begins to improve. Shakeri: How can students help Cypress’s budget situation? Simpson: The simplest thing any student can do is vote. I am not telling you how to vote, but just vote. Get your voices heard. If the student voices were heard it would be powerful. One of the reasons many legislators don’t pay attention to young adults is that they don’t vote. One of the advantages that community colleges have is that they have by far the greatest student population in higher education in the state of California and your all voters. If the student voice can be unified, it can be powerful in advocating for the community college budgets. We have fared reasonably well, but we can be better and that all depends on us advocating for more money into the community colleges. D

October 2010


Bird by: Amy Duran

Gnomes by: Chantal Barna

Cow by: Marlowe Zhang


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Layout and Design by Vanessa Medina

Skull by: Laisara Southerd


eramics Class is a very creative group of students who utilize their skills and imagination in order to generate such great works of art. The students learn basic information about ceramics and the technology and use of clay, glazes, and firing procedures as well. All the work shown is from Molly Schulps’ Spring 2010 students. D

Mrs. McDonald and Radiohead by Alex Guidera

October 2010


Why Join the Honors Program?


By Ha Thu Nguyen

One should be a member of the Honors Program,

By Maria Ong


here was never the right time, never a good day to start a new beginning. I’ve waited, for what seems like, forever for that Day to arrive. Alone, I waited – determined for it to come. I would sit beside a window in a chair that should not be meant to be sat upon and look outside the window. I could see the world – both the light and the dark. I can see Life everywhere continuing to circle around. I can’t honestly say that I’ve waited as patiently as I should…can’t tell you how many times I wanted to turn away. Sometimes I think it’s pointless to keep on thinking this way. It’s not as if it’ll change my life. I wonder…are there people who think this way – who think and feel the way I do? Nah, there’s probably no one like me. I’m the only one, there’s only me. This is insane! I should be out there. Carpe Diem! Why am I not out there? Why am I in here? Why do I walk these hallways…attend each classes every four days a week? Why do I bother buying books that I know I will never again use? Why, oh why do I constantly ask these questions every time I feel like I can’t go on? I can hardly ask you such a question cause only me, myself, and I know the answers. Since I know the answers, why don’t I know it now? D


For it is an attractive appearance on one’s transcript And it is not your typical scam. The Honors Program could provide an attractive transcript, Therefore your college education cannot be stripped. Requiring 18 units of Honors classes, Which will put you in good graces. By completing ten hours of community service, It will provide one with respectable gracious. 3.2 GPA is also needed to be in company of the elite program, Which could make one’s transfer possibility concrete. Consisting of one unit each, INDS120H and COUN160H are the mandatory classes needed to be complete. One can look forward to meeting Penny Gabourie and Kathryn Sonne, For they will guide you through the process Alas, one should be a member of the Honors Program, For it provides advance college readiness. D

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By Nathan Schulz

Walter Broom didn’t expect the former AirTalk cellular satellite, designated “G-979,” to fall on his gazebo, but there it was. Just laying there like his lazy brother who wouldn’t get a job since being fired from a lucrative fry cook position at Cheese King. Also, the fire caused by the red-hot exterior of the satellite, due to G-979’s re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, was definitely going to affect Walter’s immaculate lawn. Walter sighed and grabbed the water hose he had bought for a steal at a Clearance sale at Go-Go-Home-Gardening, and began to spray both the smoldering fire that was trying to eat his special blend of Dixie Blue grass, and the ancient satellite from the bygone era of the 1990’s. He couldn’t recall if AirTalk was still in business, but somebody was going to get a talking to, and he wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when he was done. He had half a mind to give them a piece of his mind, and his two cents on top of that, by gum! Upon a more patient study of his gazebo, Walter Broom had to admit it was completely demolished. And he had used his own hands to pay those construction workers to build it for him! Walter wasn’t a gazebo building man, mind you. He was the kind of man who was never cheated, and never got caught cheating others. He was almost a lawyer, especially if he ever took the classes he needed to take to be a lawyer. But he had watched Law & Order, and he knew what it would take get the wheels of justice and monetary dispensation rolling. After a quick Google search, Walter discovered that AirTalk had been bought out by Mobile Mouth back in 1997. Well! Mobile Mouth was Walter Broom’s cellular provider, and he was pretty keen on finding out what their policy was concerning decommissioned satellites falling on the gazebos of their customers. Walter assumed he would at least be able to get free Unlimited Texting if he groused enough. After calling Mobile Mouth customer support, and leaving a complaint with a Customer Service representative (who were never polite enough in his book), Walter called NASA, and then his best friend Jeph Delancy. Jeph was, incidentally, a camera guy for Channel 2 News, and made the best waffles this side of France.

wondered if there was a fire-resistant species of grass. The next morning, four knocks knocked on his door, each sounding of varying levels of demand, but each demanding his attention. He opened the door to find three lawyers, a scientist, and a camera guy. Upon further inspection, the third lawyer was actually Brannagan Montgomery, the second-to-top News Anchor on the Channel 2 Afternoon News Team. He was known for vying for the top banana on the News Team, and having perfect teeth. Jeph Delancy was his cameraman, and he gave Walter Broom a quick thumbs up. It was Showtime for Walter, and he couldn’t hope for a better chance to finally show Anna Beth why she was dumb for leaving him. “Ah, gentlemen, I wonder, how many lawyers, scientists, and cellular providers does it take to screw in a satellite?” asked Walter, with a sardonic and jovial smile. He had spent exactly six hours on that one line of dialogue, not including the thoughtful and cunning delivery. But it worked perfectly. Brannagan got a glint in his eye akin to a dog with a piece of steak in its teeth and whipped his microphone towards the lawyers and scientists. The lawyers and scientists looked at each other in sudden dismay, and were at a loss for words. Jeph chuckled and smiled to himself. And Walter Broom? He was sure G-979 was going to get him more than just free Unlimited Texting. D

DIVERGENCE is looking for new talent. Students willing and ready to showcase their poetry, essays, short stories, and other forms of literature in our upcoming issues.

Walter Broom then went into his modest, beige one story house, ate left-over lasagna, contemplated what his ex-wife Anna Beth was spending his alimony money on, and idly October 2010

Simply send an email to with the subject titled Literary Section. All inquiries welcome. Enjoy! 23

Joaquin The Line Between Fact And Fiction

By Thomas Willet erformance art has always been one of the most intriguing art forms in cinema. From Andy Kaufman to Sacha Baron Cohen, there has always been a mystery to mythic characters created simply to harass the audience’s grasp of reality. Few have managed to create something more than entertainment, but when for those that do, it often is profound commentary on social deviance. They enter the lexicon, define the actors, and change the way entertainment is looked upon. Is the latest example going to be director Casey Affleck’s debut feature “I’m Still Here”?


The story follows Affleck’s brother-in-law, Joaquin Phoenix. Hot off the release of “Two Lovers,” Phoenix begins to feel burned out on acting, despite being considered a prodigy by many in the industry. He decides to change his career entirely by telling “Access Hollywood” that he is to release a rap album produced by P. Diddy. Along the way, he grows out his hair, does cocaine, and almost loses his manager over petty fights. Meanwhile, the media transgresses around Phoenix’s actual validity. While Affleck has revealed it as a hoax, there is some truth in every scene. No one knows how much of Phoenix’s antics were staged, but the reactions are real. The story captures the positive and negative feedback of being an average celebrity. Phoenix, as the moderator, curates everyone on their expectations of being famous and influential to society. Most of the people, including Ben Stiller, sympathize, while Phoenix dazes off, only returning to the conversation to convince them that rapping is his future. Don’t get caught up in what is reality and what is staged. That just dilutes the entertainment value, which is all this movie is. It doesn’t set out to capture Phoenix at his lowest. It sets out to capture a parody of Phoenix, who embodies the recent breakdowns and drug filled lifestyles that have fueled gossip blogs like TMZ. By taking on such a challenging role, it proves that Phoenix’s acting career is strong enough to withstand such backlash, even while acting like he’s not acting. He is not on level with “Da Ali G Show” characters, but he is convincing enough to play the fool. While Phoenix tries to pull off the delusional role, his obsession with success makes his actual transgression a little questionable. His character clearly has flaws, but not all intentionally from the character. Some are just in the environment that appear too convenient for someone low on funds. It’s moments like these that create the movie’s uneven pacing from serious to comical, thus creating a flawed product, only benefitted from a flawed subject. Casey Affleck’s style doesn’t delve into too much complexity. By the end, the subjects being parodied aren’t clearly resolved. The ambiguous ending isn’t too inspired either, choosing to cop out instead of giving something affirmative with the circular theme. However, it plays off convincingly, managing to give a subtle wink to the audience when things look to be at their worst. Affleck, in the end, hasn’t yet proven himself as a quality director and, like 24

Phoenix, probably should stick to his well received acting career. While he never pulls anything as grandiose as “Borat,” Phoenix has created an entertaining and original character. While the film achieves nowhere near as quality of commentary as it wants to, the polarizing performance manages to keep the audience drawn towards Phoenix at all times. It creates sympathy where none is needed and manages to fool the audience at numerous corners. While it is flawed in so many ways, it is inspired enough to create one of the most enigmatic, obnoxious celebrity caricatures since Andy Kaufman. D Thomas Willet is the host of Nerd’s Eye View on Cypress College Radio.

Cypress College Radio is now live online! Cypress College Radio is a student run online radio station featuring local bands. Cypress College Radio is actively pursuing local bands for fresh new music to play on our station. Cypress College Radio also features several talk shows. Nerd’s Eye View is one returning talk show featuring Matthew Esposito, Andrew Linde, Sandro Moreno, and Thomas Willett. On Nerd’s Eye View they talk about movies, television, video games and comics. Another returning show is Eat My Sports featuring Matthew Esposito and Nick Ingram. The various talk shows cover current topics in a roundtable setting. Each show is available for viewing on the Ustream site ( both live and after the show has aired. Any student can contact the Radio Manager and get on the air. Send an email to

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with any inquiries.


nix film to, awn is s. reate nce


This Is The Droid You Are Looking For By Matthew Esposito


tar Wars reference aside, this is an amazing phone that will satisfy various users. The first thing that immediately stands out about the phone is its size. Verizon and Motorola’s Droid X boasts 4.3-inch screen, with the phone itself being 5 inches long and weighing in at 5.47-ounces (less than a pound). The 4.3 inch screen is a jaw-dropping beauty which displays images and videos with stunning amazement.

tions. Instead, you will have to use the “Advanced Task Kill” app to close opened apps.

The phone is touch-screen only. This may be a detractor for those who have to have a physical keyboard. The phone utilizes textentry in portrait and landscape modes. Portrait is perfect for those with small hands while landscape makes large handed users not feel like their thumbs are dueling against each other.


The Motorola Droid X retails at $299, but can be purchased online from Verizon or at Best Buy for around $260. D Matthew Esposito is the host of Nerd’s Eye View, Eat My Sports and Next Castle on Cypress College Radio.

Photo taken with a Droid X

Droid X has an 8-megapixel camera with a 4x digital zoom and auto focus. The images look very good at normal and 2x-zoom but are noticeably pixilated at any resolution after. You can instantly add special effects for picture taking such as black and white photos or panoramic image capture. You can shoot 720p HD video at 24 frames per second (fps); perfect for HD Youtube video uploads. The Droid X features an 8 GB of internal memory, plus, Verizon and Motorola were generous enough to provide a 16 GB MicroSD card pre-installed. This essentially eliminates the worry of clogging up the device by having too many apps, images, videos and music. Moreover, if that were the case, an easy upgrade to a higher storage capacity card solves the issue. The phone features 7 different home screens to personalize with various applications or desktop shortcuts. For example, one screen can have your most recent Facebook or Twitter updates while another can be used as a photo slideshow and a Youtube movie viewer. Personally, the two hands down best features of the phone, which has me giddy like a school girl, is the Adobe Flash 10.1 support and free turn by turn voice navigation via Google Maps. The support of Adobe Flash means that I can utilize the NFL Mobile app and watch live NFL games as well as my favorite video podcasts natively from the Droid X. It also means that it is possible to utilize live video streaming from the phone using either Ustream or Qik. The turn-by-turn navigation is a godsend for those (including myself) who lack an internal compass. Add the windshield car dock (which Amazon sells for around $25) and the Droid X turns into a hands-free platform for simultaneous music listening, navigation and phone calling. The drawbacks to the device are minimal. The phone will randomly reboot about once a week or so but it is not an inconvenience. The phone’s browser could desperately benefit from a better download manager that makes locating downloaded audio and video files easier. Finally, the Droid X lacks an option to close applicaOctober 2010

Photo by Matthew Esposito 25


By Denise Gomez

Fall Fashion Tips

f you’re like me, you rarely follow trends. Bizarre colors are reserved for the club, especially when it comes to make-up, and, there are a lot of bold shades poppin’ up at the makeup counters and runways this fall. However, with the change in season come not only new colors, but new changes in how we care for our skin and hair. Jennifer Lopez, pop culture icon, once said, “We are born with the face God gave us, after 25, we get a face we deserve”, suggesting that the health and look of our skin in later years is dependent on how well we take care of it in our early years..One common misconception is that since the weather is cooler, and the sun is not as bright, sunscreen is unnecessary. Ultraviolet radiation levels do not depend on temperature or season, according to The Weather Channel’s Dr. Anna Marie. This radiation can be just as harmful in the cooler climates. Since UVB rays destroy the collagen in our skin, we end up with premature wrinkles. Don’t get me started on tanning. I’ve always said I’d rather be pale and taut than tanned and wrinkled. I simply cannot stress the importance of wearing sunscreen not only for vanity purposes but health purposes as well. Now that we have applied our sunscreen, we can proceed with the war paint, or makeup. This element is one many of us cannot go without, for those of you with “natural beauty” more power to ya!

to go heavy on the lips, keep it light on the eyes and vice versa. Unless you plan to wear a hat or a braid the rest of the season, the change in weather also causes our hair to do awful things. Humidity usually calls for frizz. Consequently, we have to care for our tresses accordingly. It begins in the shower. Hot water will dry out your hair, so stick to tepid water. If you’re like me and cannot afford Frederick Fekkai, Pantene shampoos and conditioners offer moisturizing alternatives which will leave our hair soft. Dove is good too since it offers a different moisturizing technique that claims moisture penetrates deeply into the hair instead of just coating the outside of the strand. Once the hair is cleansed and conditioned, apply a moisturizing serum or cream such as Fructis Sleek and Shine to towel-dried hair. This is an anti-humidity smoothing cream that keeps your hair tame and soft –it smells yummy too! If you’re going to use a flat iron, it is a good idea to care for your hair beforehand. Speaking of hair, eyebrows are in this fall. Bushy brows give you a more youthful appearance, so skip the waxing, tweezing and threading and just trim the strays. D

Luminous, dewy skin is in this fall. I tend to stay away from heavy foundations in order to avoid looking cakey. Under-eye concealer and a dust of powder does the trick for me. However, if you have uneven skin tone, a light foundation might help correct imperfections. Healthy Skin Glow Sheers from Neutrogena are perfect for this, as it gives sun protection, gives a luminous complexion, and provides a light coverage. I discovered that Neutrogena has designer makeup qualities for a lot less money. This season calls for rich, deep colors. Fall runway makeup trends include the purples. Purple lips, eye shadow and nails are in. I do not care for the purples but if you are bold enough to wear such shades, make sure you wear them right. If you opt for the purple lips, go easy on the eye makeup – line only the top of your eye lid and apply one coat of mascara. If you are leery about wearing the plum colors, I suggest you smoke your eye with the charcoals, and lightly blend in the purple at the center of the eyelid only. Also, when applying dark eye shadow to the crease, make sure you only do the outer edge; otherwise your eyes will look small. As with any heavy eye makeup, keep your lips bare with a nude or clear lip gloss. Save the dark lip gloss and eye makeup for the club, or Halloween for that matter. For your nails, short nails are best for darker shades. Sheer shades are also very, very chic and classy any time of the year. OPI has beautiful fall purples, but Sally Hanson makes some identical shades for less money. If you do not care for the plums, browns always work in Fall. Keep your skin fresh and go light on the foundation. Again, if you are going 26

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An Information Revolution By Bret Daynes

It’s a fact that we here in the 21st Century are no strangers to the Information Revolution and advancing technology. With GPS-equipped cars, the ability to order pizza without ever having to talk to another human being and the most intimate details of a person’s life at our fingertips, we’ve grown used to a world of interconnectedness, where information flows freely and everything is just a click away. In the spirit of this revolution the Cypress Chronicle has decided to implement the Microsoft Tag into future publications to supplement and enhance our work. Simply scan the tag with your iPhone or Android phone and it will take you to our website (www. To get a copy of the Tag reader application, direct your phone’s browser to: October 2010


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