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Vol.VI Issue 3

Halloween 2013

One way or another, they’re gonna get ya.



), Fall decor bargains (p. Plus: Handling stalkers (p. 26 d more! 6), bike safety tipss (p. 12), an




Raul Gonzales (above) knows what’s haunting the Photo Department. He and other members of the college community some spooky tales to tell.



Ghosts and zombies and tuition, oh my! It’s the perfect recipe for one of those bad Halloween movies.


Halloween is upon us, which is a helpful distraction from the hectic life of being a college student, no?

off officially from school, or an entire week off, it still is something to look forward to for some.

Ghost stories that make you shudder, candy being sold in convenient little packages, purple and orange colors galore, and many other things are what makes Halloween potentially distracting. It’s a nice, small break from your schedule, and offers you a day where you can dress up as someone you’re not.

This issue is full of things that will get readers into the festive spirit, along with sobering you up a bit with some talk about serious issues like stalkers and tuition. However, if you don’t feel like being sober, there’s probably a bar nearby that you can check out. We have some suggestions!

Want to come to school as Barney? Why the hell not? It’s Halloween; anything is up for grabs. Despite not having that day

So take a break, enjoy some candy, listen to a few stories or two, read a story or two, and enjoy this Halloween. Just be mindful of the zombies; it’s not the candy they’re after.

DIVERGENCE / Victoria Cardenas and Sam Islam



12 FEATURES 06 Décor & More

It’s not just the leaves; prices are falling too.

08 Tales from the   Campus

Nowhere is safe from the spooky. Not even Cypress College.

10 How much is   too much?

What are the consequences to AB955?

12 Bike Safety

Bike theft is always a major problem.

16 Bars on a budget Cool down with a beer, stress-free.

20 Zombie Survival When “I want you for your brain” means bad news.


They’re watching your bikes, but are you watching them? Staff writer Rachel Dick offers some tips on keeping your bikes from the grasps of thieves.

04 Street Buzz

Cultural appropriation? In MY Halloween? It’s more common than you think.


Resident style writer Gracie Camacho reveals some bargain décor finds for the season.

14 Dirt Roads

The continuing story of the life of Maria.

24 Divergence Picks

The Cychron staff has some spooky tales to tell.

26 Taboo Topics

Do you have a stalker? Find out what to do with Taboo Topics.

THE COVER We’re not in Wonderland anymore. Briana Giaffoglione, 21, finds that in the zombie apocalypse, not even her friend Byran Becerra, 20, would spare her. Photo by Gerard Avelino.


Maria gets a job, but it’s not entirely what she thinks it’ll be.


T h e G re a t C a l i f o r n i a Shakeout has once again come to Cypress. Are we ready for the big one?

STREET BUZZ Interviews by Jasmine Donaldson | Photos by Jason Lewis


t’s Halloween! October is known for its month long festive activities. Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, spooky decorations, trick or treaters, and of course a time for people to dress up as something other than themselves. But what happens when the “creativity” of a costume becomes offensive to someone else and or a group of people? Some Cypress College students gave their opinion about costume choices and how some are inappropriate and not creative at all. “Anything that is racially offensive. Something obviously of a stereotype towards another one’s race, and even your own race. At my old high school, students of Asian heritage were making a mockery of other Asians, dressing up in big straw hats and sandals. It’s just rude.” Aaron Concepcion, 19, Music major

“When someone dresses up as the Taliban. I think its offensive to dress up as someone else’s religion and then portray it in a negative manner. Why even dress up like something like that? I find it sad how people are so ignorant and insensitive about someone else’s ethnicity, and then make judgment on things they don’t know.” Alisha Kabir (right), 18, Communications major Helen JoJa, 18, Undecided 4

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

“I find any costume offensive that suppresses any group in Society; women, men, African American, gays, etc. We wear them for attention and entertainment, not to abolish others.Yes, it is our prerogative to do what we want, but be considerate and respectful. We all live together and deserve that bit of respect!” Ieisha Kitchen, 26 Liberal Arts major

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“If I was to see someone dressed like [a KKK member] in person, I would be pissed. I would ask them ‘Hey! What the hell are you doing? This is offensive to African Americans.’” Sonny Dediry, 19, Kinesiology major

Email: Phone: 714-484-7269

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Fdécor&more all bar g a i ns:


oliday spending season has begun. With Halloween just around the corner, it is the perfect time to find out where the bargains are. First, make clear of your barg aining needs, “What are you going to do for Halloween? What are you going to dress up as? And how much are you willing to spend?” 6

by Gracie Camacho

The ultimate bargain might just be to stay home. But even if you’re staying in, adding a couple of festive items will not break the bank. Gabriela Meza, 19, Biology major, will be doing just that since she’s “not into trick or treating anymore.” Meza got some “fake leaves, pumpkins” and “little baskets” at Michaels, to decorate her home. Craft stores have much to offer the festive bargain shopper. Joann’s in Cypress has marked

down up to 60% off on Halloween items. If Joann’s is unfamiliar, Target’s dollar section also has items that could make it feel like fall has arrived. From cups in the traditional orange and mustard, plates and napkins, to table decor like metallic mini p u m p k i n s a n d s c a r e c r ow s. There are plenty of small trinkets to decorate a Halloween table for trick or treaters. The famous dollar spot is

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

popular even with Target employees. “Small novelty stuff and nic-nacs are good to have at your Halloween party,”said Jhea Illo, a culinary student at Cerritos. Illo is also out to find ways to bargain this Halloween. Instead of buying a costume, Illo will be making her own dragon girl costume and spending Halloween at a “friend’s house, watching scary movies.” Do not be alarmed if buying a costume is the most convenient option. There is still an

opportunity to bargain. The Spirit Halloween store has many locations, one of which is at Cerritos Mall. Be warned, the closer it gets to Halloween, there will be less options when it comes to lower priced items. One of the cheapest things that are offered at Spirit are the variety of different wings . The fairy wings only run for ten dollars. The cat ears are also a popular opinion. Those will cost you $6.99. As far as full costumes, you can still be an M&M or a naughty nun for about $25. Some people do not mind paying a little more to get their costume, though. Mary N., an employee at Spirit, said her willingness to pay more “depends

on what costume I like. If it’s 50 dollars and I really like it, I’ll get it.” Mary, who would not give her last name, said the best bargain would be the Leg Avenue costumes. The beauty fairies are on clearance for $29.98. If somewhere there is someone who still has no plans, there is still an opportunity to have some good, clean, and affordable fun. The Cypress Community Center is having a carnival on Halloween, Oct. 31. Admission is only $3 and it is a good place for some family fun. The carnival runs from 6 to 9 p.m. Have a safe Halloween! D

Opposite: Fall dinner set at Marshalls Cypress. Bottom: Table runner, Marshalls Cypress. Right: Reef from Joann’s Cypress.

Halloween 2013


Tales from the

Campus Story by Jacob Alarcon

There is no escape for Brittany Post, 21, dance major or Chase Hinton, 19, technical theatre major. This door is not an exit. PHOTO BY Carlos Carmona


hen it comes to the opinion of whether ghosts really exist, some are fanatic believers whereas others are vehemently skeptic. Their existence is widely debated but it usually boils down to personal beliefs and experience. Cypress College is no exception. Three members of the college community shared their personal spooky stories with D ivergence M agazine . Raul Gonzales, a 30 year old substitute and photo lab instructional assistant, is a dedicated believer in ghosts because of his own personal experiences with

the resident Cypress College photo lab ghost called Photy. “I’ve been hearing rumors about you guys thinking there’s Photy around and the rumors are true,” Gonzales said. Photy is rumored to have been started by a student bringing in a live human skull sometime in the 80s. The student supposedly wanted to shoot some photos of a bullet being shot into the skull, and ever since then, there has been leftover supernatural energy. “I’m pretty sure there’s two of them,” said Gonzales. “One is very mischievous and one is really cheeky and sly.” Gonzales has had a few runins with Photy himself that have made him a believer, one of which happened in early October.

As a safety procedure, Gonzales always ensures that everything is shut off properly and all timers are reset. On this particular occasion, Gonzales had gone through his normal routine of making sure everything was put away and turned off. However, when he arrived in the morning the next day, he discovered a timer had been left on at 30 seconds with no explanation of who had set it. He thinks that Photy must have set that timer. In a separate incident, Gonzales was busy at work developing photos in the dark room when his tray was pushed to the corner. Since nobody was around to push the tray, it seemed obvious to Gonzales that Photy was once again present in the photo lab. Little things like this have Gonzales convinced that ghosts really do exist.

“Late at night, you can hear banging on the walls,” Gonzales said. “And it can’t be Automotive.”

Jenny Ramirez, a 19 year old Ultrasound Technician major, had experienced two separate events that have led her to belief in the existence of ghosts. The first involved her neighbor who was a mother of a troubled family. Ramirez had observed that the family next door was deeply troubled and had issues with arguments and frequent police involvement. One day, the mother of the family had had enough and committed suicide. The day after the mother committed suicide, Ramirez said she heard a crowd of people saying “She’s dead!” and went to investigate outside. What she saw was an ambulance and the mother being

Tales... cont’d p. 25

Raul Gonzales of the Photography Department shares his experience with the resident ghost. PHOTO BY Jacob Alarcon

October 2013


With the passing of AB955, six overcrowded California Community Colleges will be facing $200-per-unit Summer and Winter classes. Could Cypress College be next?

How much are you willing to pay? by Amanda Makary


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence


tudents going to community colleges could be getting held down and have no idea. On Oct. 10, Gov. Jerr y Brown signed Assembly Bill 955, allowing six a l l e g e d l y ove r c r owd e d community colleg es to charge $200 per unit during the summer and winter sessions instead of the state-mandated $46 for their most in-demand c l a s s e s, s u ch a s m a t h , English and history. Sponsored by Assembly Member Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara), AB955 will first apply to College of the Canyons, Crafton Hills College, Long Beach City College, Oxnard College, and Solano Community College. Now that they got this ball rolling, are students from other colleges going to bite the bullet and pay the extra money to get out, or just apply to a nearby school, such as already impacted Cypress or Cerritos? And if this law is successful, who’s to say Cypress won’t hop on the band wagon thus making $200 a unit the norm? This is happening now, and as students we need to take a stand or conform. Are you willing to pay all the extra dough to finish college faster? With classes filling up immediately and waitlists having over 20 students on them per class, is it worth paying up to $3000 for summer or winter session classes to, at this point, hopefully get out in a reasonable time? Kaitlin Lueke, Biology major, like many students, feels she may have no choice but to pay the extra money.

“I am against it but, if I had to I would,” she said.

with this oil taxation and why it’s been kept so hush hush.

Students at this point just want to get done and out of community college as fast as possible and with such a large amount of new students coming in ever y semester, some may find it as a better option in the long run; fork out the extra cash and beat the rest of the less fortunate students who wouldn’t be able to afford such high demands.

Yet majority of the students feeling the wrath of this huge tuition increase are completely oblivious of how to change this law, and most Californians probably have no idea of the oil they are taking from our state’s land and not giving anything in return like our fellow states are doing.

At the end of the day, the average student income will not be able to pay the full summer or winter session on their own, resorting to more loans and possibly needing more work hours to help pay for the high demands of education. So let’s just settle for this; some more possible quick fixes right? Wrong! Why not get down to the root of this constant education issue we have been dealing with here in California. What is the solution?

“We have been shifting the burden more on the student and their families as opposed to the state,” said Political Science major Ryan Billings. “Middle class incomes have been staying flat but health care and education has been rising. We should hold education as a common good to benefit society.” D

“Middle class incomes have been staying flat but, health care and education have been rising. We should hold education as a common good to benefit society.”

Political Science professor Peter Mathews has ideas on possible ways to start a change for the whole states education system. “Oil taxation! We are the only state who does not charge a tax on our oil,” Mathews said. “Meanwhile, we are the third highest oil producing state in the country. States like Texas and Alaska are charging tax on the oil that comes from the states’ land and gives that money back to the people where it belongs, putting it back in to colleges and helping lower tuition fees.” Mathews encourag es students to reach out to Assembly Member Das Williams in Santa Barbra, just a two hour drive away. Let’s talk and express the changes we want to see starting

Halloween 2013



The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

From left to right: Bicycles locked with a coiled chain, a u-lock, and a heavy chain. Coiled cables are lightweight and flexible, but are easy to cut through. U-locks, on the other hand, are compact and rigid; they are highly recommended by Campus Security and veteran bicyclists.


aybe you’re running late for class and you can’t spare the time. Maybe you’re only making a quick stop and don’t want to take the time to lock up your bike for something that’s only going to take a few minutes. But when you come back outside, your bike is gone. Unfortunately, bicycle theft is something that plenty of teens and young adults have had experiences with, even on our own campus. While there is no way to make a bicycle 100% theft-proof, there are plenty of precautions and preventative measures you can take to make sure you’re never caught in this stressful and irritating situation. Over the course of the 20122013 school year, there were 19 reported cases of bicycle theft. According to Dr. Shirley Smith, Director of Campus Safety, many cases of bicycle theft on campus occur because “the bicycle was unlocked, improperly locked, or locked with inadequate locking devices such as lightweight cables or chains.” Campus Security has put several measures in place to deter

potential theives, including bike racks in high visibility areas with plenty of foot traffic, security offers on assigned beats, and even a closed-circuit security camera system with cameras posted at every rack. These measures have proven to be effective in preventing bike theft on campus. What can you do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you? The first and most important thing to consider is what kind of locking device is going to work best for your situation. There are 3 main types and each of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, weight, and portability. Coiled cables are the most common form of bike lock, used by a lot of casual riders. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and portable, and their flexibility allows you to secure multiple parts of the bike without removing anything. The downside is that they’re also the easiest to cut through, and it’s not recommended to rely on them for all-day security. Serious riders use a hardened linked chain and padlock, which offers significantly more protection than a simple cable. The trade off is that heavier, thicker links mean a lot of added weight, and it requires you to remove a wheel so that both wheels and the frame can be locked to the rack.

U-locks are the best all-around choice, recommended by both campus security and many veteran riders. They’re compact while still offering an impressive level of protection. The issue with u-locks is that unlike chains and cables, it’s a rigid frame that doesn’t offer any flexibility, so it’s recommended that you either remove one of the wheels, or use a u-lock in combination with one of the other two. A lot of bike thieves will carry tools that work for a specific kind of lock, and won’t try to bother with a bike that has an extra layer of protection. Locks from certain manufacturers (such as Kryptonite and OnGuard) come with insurance policies that can range anywhere from $1,000 up to $3,000 (depening on the lock you choose), so that you’ll be reimbursed if a theif actually manages to break the lock. The campus safety department “recommends that all students exercize caution in where and how they choose to lock up their bicycles.” Using a school-provided bike rack is a safer choice than a random post in an isolated corner of the campus. “I always make sure I lock my bike up in a secure-looking area and make sure there’s no one suspicious around.” says Jessica

Halloween 2013

Semmers, a 20-year old Film/ TV major. Campus safety also recommended that you either secure or take with you all the free parts of the bike, and that you should not

“Many cases of bicycle theft on campus occur because “the bicycle was unlocked, improperly locked, or locked with inadequate locking devices such as lightweight cables or chains.” leave your bike locked on campus overnight. There’s no realistic catch-all way to completely eliminate bicycle theft from occuring on campus, but by following the advice of the campus safety department, investing in a secure lock, and using basic common sense when it comes to where and how you lock up your bike, you can avoid it ever happening to you. D


Dirt Roads ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

To be continued.

Good times on a budget


Story by Amanda Makary

eing a full time student is hard. Trying to pass your classes while needing a job to help pay for these rising tuitions; who has the time or money to keep up a social life? Don’t you worry, we’ve got your full guide to the top four student bars around us, each having killer happy hours, and local live local bands. Any one of these places is sure to help you forget about the stress of school and work to responsibly enjoy a night with your friends.


In search for a cool place to grab a quick brew after class? Luckily, campus billiards is within walking distance from our lovely campus. With tons of TVs everywhere, you’re sure to be in sports heaven. Not only do they have a killer selection of beers, but they have an awesome selection of games as well. Ranging from pool tables to darts and even shuffleboard. Happy hour is seven


days a week 2-7:00 pm Offering 14 draft beers and 24 imported beers. Are you can even get classy with a glass of wine; pool tables are only $5.50 an hour. Billiards is open seven days a week Monday through Thursday 2p.m.1a.m., Friday through Saturday 2p.m.-2a.m., and Sunday 10a.m.-1a.m. You can easily have a quick bit and game before class; just don’t get too distracted you may miss class!

HOT NIGHT: On Thursday, show your student ID night. $3.50 domestic draft schooners and some football. Doesn't get better than that!


Can’t decide if you want to go to a bar to catch some live music or want to rage with a DJ and the latest tunes? You no longer have to! Back Ally bar in downtown Fullerton has the best of both worlds in one awesome dive bar. They have the rugged live cover band Dig playing every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturdays covering all the classic bar jams.

Walk down a hallway filled with students and local regulars pictures all over the walls to lead you to a whole other world of a DJ playing all the latest hits and sweaty bodies dancing all over! Happy hour is Monday through Friday 4-7 p.m., featuring $2.50 domestic drafts and $4.50 well drinks. Open from 4 p.m.-2:00 a.m. daily.

HOT NIGHT: Saturday nights are always sure to have a full house, with a hot DJ on one side and a live band on the other you and your friends get the best of both worlds in one night.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Huntington Beach

If you’re in the mood for an easy going bar and maybe want to catch a live local band, take a trip to Killarney Pub and Grill on Main Street in Huntington Beach. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you’re in a true Irish pub. With classic stouts, ales and whisky along with traditional Irish eats, you’re bound to come out feeling like a lucky Irish! Opening at 8 a.m. and closing at 2:00 a.m. daily, come in and enjoy a hearty Irish pub breakfast or for a beer and their steak and Guinness pie. HOT NIGHT: Every Wednesday the bar either has a live local band playing, or you could check your skills on the bars WII system for all to play. Grab some friends and play loser buys shots! HOT LOCAL BAND: Look out for Foreign Press. Catch them live at Mia Tia bar or Killarneys. They are a contemporary blues band with an edge. With a soulful lead singer who will shake you to the core and a band to leave you wanting more, they definitely are something new and tasty to treat your ears to. You can find their self-titled album on iTunes or Spotify

Shakeout! S

Story by Thomas Aguilera

tudents and faculty members on campus became part of over 9 million across the state who planned for a potentially d i s a s t r o u s e a r t h q u a ke scenario, also known as the Great California Shakeout. Cypress College participated in the simulation on Oct. 17 at 10:17 a.m. All participants in the drill practiced the required safety procedures necessary for a quick and effective response in a real emergency earthquake. The procedures included the need for an individual to find a safe area in order to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” as well as to protect the head and neck in case of falling objects.

According to, the most effective survival technique recommended by local, state, and federal emergency management experts in a severe earthquake is to “drop, cover and hold on”. The need for preparation awareness and important safety tips that drills like the Shakeout provide in case of an actual life threatening earthquake serve as a vital component for those living in California due to the Pacific Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire, as stated by the Encyclopedia Britannica’s website is a lengthy horseshoe shaped belt of seismic activity stretched across the Pacific Ocean where most of the world’s earthquakes occur. In regards to the overall likelihood of an earthquake impacting Cypress College, Professor of Geology and Natural Disasters, Victoria Castle said, “We’ve had earthquakes, although we haven’t


had many in the last couple years that have affected us in the Cypress area or in the Orange County area. However, if we go back to 1994 in L.A. that was about a 6.8 to a 6.9 earthquake and that did quite a bit of damage.”

The earthquake Castle referred is the infamous Nor thridge Earthquake that took place in 1994, which brought extensive destruction throughout Southern California. Castle described the devastation in which the Northridge earthquake brought to the Southern California area almost ten years ago and the need for preparation. “People were devastated, they were scared, they were in shock, and afraid to go back in their homes because of the shaking. Freeway over passes collapsed, we had some apartment buildings that collapsed, and many homes were red-tagged so people couldn’t go back into them. We did have quite a bit of damage and that was a large earthquake so we need to be prepared for another one which can happen at any time.” Due to the inescapable seismic activity in California, it is critical that students and faculty be made aware of the importance in regards to safety procedures i n vo l ve d i n a n e m e r g e n c y earthquake. When a potentially catastrophic natural disaster such as an earthquake happens to occur, any individuals on campus will benefit from the experience of a drill which experts say will increase the chances of survival. A noteworthy subject matter be-

cause the overall probability that a significant earthquake will impact the Southern California area sooner rather than later. According to the textbook Natural Disasters by Patrick L. Abbot, timescales for long-term predictions of possibility devastating earthquakes are fairly reliable however short-term predictions are not as accurate. One reason why the short-term forecasting of earthquakes is so unreliable is because of random fault movements which make them so unpredictable. There are no definable patterns for the movements faults make. However, even though faults such as the San Andreas fall under this category, scientists do concur that within the next twenty years there will be an enormous likelihood of a substantial earthquake which will impact all those living in Southern California.

of Natural Disasters, a graphic illustrates that there is a 30 to 40 percent overall probability of a 7.0 to 7.5 magnitude earthquake hitting the San Andreas fault between the Mojave and Coachella Valley by 2032. These estimates are accurate because using the same analysis in 1988; geologists predicted the overall likelihood of a large earthquake striking the Northern California area. Months later during the World Series of 1989, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the area which geologists precisely predicted. Cypress College students and faculty members who are aware of the risk of a significantly life threatening earthquake that can happen at any moment on campus put into practice the safety procedures needed to survive and prevent injuries during the Shakeout drill.

In figure 5.14 in Chapter 5

“People were devastated, they were scared, they were in shock, and afraid to go back in their homes because of the shaking,”said Geology professor Victoria Castle. Castle’s expertise in natural disasters makes her an important Cypress College resource especially when it comes to earthquakes. Photo by Thomas Aguilera.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Go to

for video interviews on the day of the drill.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to verify we are prepared as we need to be for an emergencies,” said College President Bob Simpson. “We are prepared.We are ready to respond to that effectively.”

Students, professors, faculty and staff all poured out of the Cypress College buildings Oct. 17 for The Great California Shakeout.

Halloween 2013


by Victoria Cardenas and Cesilia Gutierrez


ombies are much more than just a hot topic these days. They’re constantly talked about, from casual conversation to serious survivalist TV. But what happens if it were to actually occur? People joke around about the zombie apocalypse all the time, but what does one do if it actually does happen? Either no one knows what to do or they all have the same idea, creating complete havoc. It’s bad enough that you have to kill in order to stay alive, but it’s even worse when you have to fight for food, shelter, and sometimes make harsh sacrifices. Divergence Magazine is pleased to bring you the Zombie survival guide, where we give you a few tips in case the Zombie Apocalypse were to happen. None of us can really predict exactly how it will play out, but at least we can help keep each other alive.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Location This is a really tricky subject because it all depends on where one lives and what one’s surroundings are. For example, if one lives near Los Angeles, they may want to spend their time in small towns instead of going straight into the city. The city could either be one of the best things in this situation or one of the worst. A big city means more people and more buildings to take shelter in. However, more people means more of an outbreak, which means there will be zombies crawling around that place.

will be easier to clear it out just because there are gates surrounding the area as well as two story buildings, even though it is dangerous, everything is dangerous in this situation. Big Bear or anywhere else in the mountains, as well as beach houses are not the safest areas, just because people will always be on vacation and sometimes they live in the area permanently, compared to those who only rent the houses in the seasons.

Keep in mind, stay away from Wal-Mart, unless you already have guns, only because many people are going to be there and probably have the same idea. If you need to get food go to smaller markets, not warehouses, because walking into warehouses would be like walking toward death.

Underground is a huge risk because there is a possibility that you can get trapped and you’ll have no where to go. The zombies would have easy access to you, all it takes is one of them to find your hiding spot and then death would be coming for you. You would have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.You can only survive in a location depending on the people you are with or how you work.

If a safe place is what one is looking for, a gated elementary school would be the next best thing. Even if there are zombies there, it

Like stated before, there is no real ‘safe’ place, it all depends how you handle your situation and the people you are traveling with.

Groups Groups should be limited to four to six group members for safety. Each member would play a certain part in the apocalypse. Each group needs a medic, which would come in very handy when anyone is hurt or sick. They would be able to tell the symptoms of the disease and they would be able to help if there are any broken bones or injuries to any of the group members. A mechanic is always good to have for transportation, and in case something goes wrong with a vehicle you will have someone who knows the parts of the car and who knows exactly what is needed to be done. Another important person you would need is someone who knows right from wrong.The person who has a decent head on their shoulders and will be sensible when it comes to decision making. Have someone who can think clearly and logically, grounding your group in reality. A very important person that is needed no matter

Halloween 2013

what group it is, is someone who is fast, who has energy and stamina. When they goes out on a food run, they must be willing to be able to go into small spaces, which is why it helps if they are small in size as well. They need to think quick on their feet and be prepared no matter what. Usually having two or three people do food runs is good. Someone who can handle paperwork and is very good with their memory is also important. Whenever your group finds something of importance, this person will have to write down this information, just in case something happens, so that people can know what was learned during the group’s ordeal. Any extra people that you have in the group you choose, such as children, or older people, need to be dealt with. They will need protection, and it’ll be difficult to decide what to do with them in that sort of situation. Pets will also be included as extras. Remember, that is also another mouth to feed and they can be a risk to the group, you get to decide what to do.


Weapons Honestly, just like all zombie movies and or TV shows, you aren’t going find a gun laying around someone’s house, if you decide to raid it. Unless you have a gun in your house, or you know someone with a gun, then you must use what you can to defend yourself. This means using scissors, knives and not the fancy, sharp ones. The kitchen knives will do. Even a cane or a bat can be used as a weapon. It is not all about guns. Yes, they are efficient and they do get the job done. However when you have nothing you can use, you make do with what you have, meaning even using the heel of a boot or shoe which will puncture the

zombie’s head. It’s dangerous, but in all honesty it is better than having no weapon at all.

“Get creative, because killing is an art form.”

With all of these weapons, you will also need to build up arm muscle in order to handle carr ying a bat or even throwing a knife to get at least a decent aim. Arm muscles are probably the most important muscle you will need in order to survive, and if that requires you to work out every day then so be it, or else you're fighting chance is gone. Remember, anything can be used as a weapon, whether it is a pen or pencil. Get creative, because killing is an art form.

Transportation In reality, any car would suffice, but this is where the mechanic may come in. They could tell you what cars are good on gas and which cars waste gas faster. Any big car would be good, especially to plow through hordes of zombies, but since you are constantly on the go it may be hard to keep up with gas with the bigger vehicles.


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Small cars are good, but they give you a disadvantage because they cannot get through bigger hordes of zombies. In the end, it also depends on how many people you have in your group and whatever vehicles you can find for the taking.

Stuff and things to consider: GIRLS: Say goodbye to make up. Shower Products: Shavers, Shampoo and Conditioner you can say bye bye to, because in all honesty, no one has enough water or enough time to deal with that. Contact lenses: Get glasses. You don’t really have an option. Pads/ Tampons: Guys… guys, that’s no joke.

Bras: Go for Victoria’s Secret, they give support when you’re running. Tight pants: Just don’t do it. Wear clothes that you can run and move fast in. GUYS: Condoms: You shouldn’t be getting any, if you know what I mean. Deodorant: Yes, girls smell, but for some reason, guys seem to smell more.


DO NOT GET ATTACHED. That is all. Divergence magazine isn’t the only one that has tips for the Zombie apocalypse. There are tons of survival courses scattered throughout the United States for people who actually do want to be trained in how to survive. Majority of the camps do in fact offer just day classes that include certain skills they teach. Some offer weekend packages where people stay throughout the weekend, train the first day and must survive the fake zombie simulation the second day. It all depends on the camps, where prices range from $100-$500 depending on where and when you are planning to participate. Keep in mind though, all of

these tips can be useful. Just remember that the plans you have in mind may constantly be changing; in this kind of situation nothing is set in stone.Your group may have a plan to go to a certain place to find out that that area has now been overrun or taken over by another survivor. It doesn’t matter how many people you fight with; it matters how you fight. If this occurrence were to happen, remember that you will not be fighting an easy battle. You will constantly be forced to move around, not get attached, make decisions right on the spot, and sometimes you have to be the one to pull the trigger or throw the knife. D

(Disclaimer: All this information may or may not get you out alive.)

Halloween 2013



decade, and highly recommended for anyone with a passion for the genre. Don’t let anyone spoil it if you haven’t already seen it though, because the less you know, the better.


~ Rachel Dick


his is Halloween! It’s the perfect season for all those scary, spooky, and supernatural movies, books, and TV shows and T he C ypress C hronicle staff has their own favorites to share: side. Tomie encounters jealousy and hatred, as well as other negative emotions towards her beauty. Many a brutal, gruesome act of violence follow Tomie wherever she goes, and ends up getting murdered over these horrific crimes.

Tomie For grotesque body horror, unsettling artwork, and gripping story lines, Junji Ito’s classic manga series Tomie is worth a read this season. Following the story of a beautiful girl named Tomie (identified with a mole under her left eye), the series is filled with men driven to violent confrontations and envious girls turning to murderous rage. Tomie is portrayed as the living embodiment of seduction, as illustrated by the throes of men falling at her feet. Tomie is portrayed as the living embodiment of seduction, as illustrated by the throes of men falling at her feet. However, seduction has an ugly


Here’s the kicker however: Tomie simply regenerates, no matter how she is killed. She is chopped up in pieces, encased in cement, even decapitated, yet she always comes back. Ironically, the selfdestructive Tomie is absolutely indestructible. It’s a riveting, disconcerting, and interesting read, and a mustread for any fan of horror comics and manga. Ito’s entire manga collection is an excellent addition to any library, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. If Tomie piques your interest in Ito’s work, be sure to check it out! Just make sure to read in a well-lit area. Preferably in the sun. Tomie is three volumes long, and can be found online or in any anime or manga store. It’s a quick read, and great for anyone looking for a good horror comic to read. Tomie will make you uneasy, amused, terrified, and uncomfortable, forever keeping you in suspense. ~ Sam Islam

The Cabin in the Woods My favorite Halloween movie is The Cabin in the Woods, the best horror movie that isn’t really a horror movie at all. Instead of relying on the tired tropes and clichés of the genre, the film deconstructs them by turning the standard “five college kids go into the woods to get drunk and have sex” story into something truly unique, and I can guarantee you’ll never be able to guess where the plot will end up. It relies on taking all of the things you think you know about horror films and turning them into something original and unexpected. It’s worth mentioning that it was co-written by cult TV icon Joss Whedon, and anyone familiar with his work on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly can expect the same clever dialogue and a certain level of self-awareness. One of the highlights of the film is the cast that manages to make a group of walking cliches into a group of genuinely likeable developed characters who you actually find yourself rooting for as they slowly start getting picked off. Despite not being all that scary, it’s still one of the best horror movies to come out in the last

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Halloween Halloween has to be one of the greatest horror films of all time. Michael Myers, the main character, was just a normal twisted kid who grew up to be a serial killer with an obsession for revenge. It makes you wonder: Could it happen to you? If you know a person who has issues and you ever wonder if they are capable of murder, have you ever thought one day you could be their next victim? When it comes to weird huge guys with masks, I would like to stay clear. It hasn’t happened to me before it has to be horrific to experience and not only watch. When he was 6 years old, Myers murdered his oldest sister Judith in cold blood and, of all nights, this little demon did it on Halloween. Locked up in Smith’s Grove Mental Hospital, he had plenty of time to plot. He blamed his little sister and, sure as hell, when he got out of the Hospital at 21 big-

ger, crazier, and full of vengeance, he went straight for her and her friends on Halloween night. Pretty twisted story right ? ~ Troy Sweazie


theatre being haunted, Majarian said, “It’s just a big building and people’s imaginations run away from them.”

pulled away on a stretcher.

Majarian has lived through raising a child which he said scares him more than any horror movie ever could.

from p. 9

A few months after this event Ramirez’s mother had bought a new car, which Ramirez was ambivalent about since she had a strange feeling about the car. As she was investigating the new car she felt somebody’s hand brush across her shoulder and then disappear.

Låt den Rätte Komma in Although not a typical horror film, Låt den rätte komma in, or Let the Right One In, is one of the best vampire films to ever be made. A Swedish film set in the snowy suburbs of Stockholm, the story is one that’s not only chilling and dark, but powerful and beautiful as well. Oskar, a twelve year old boy, resides with his mother, and is bullied daily by his fellow students. One day, he meets a child his age named Eli while playing with a Rubik’s Cube just outside of his apartment. Eli initally is uneasy about befriending him, but begins to bond with him over the cube, and they begin to form a close friendship. Eli however, unbeknownst to Oskar, is a vampire, who is kept fed by a caretaker named Håkan. It’s a film that is artistic and morose, dark and frightening, haunting and melancholic. The film can be bought on Amazon. ~ Sam Islam

“My mom said it was God, but I don’t think it was God,” Ramirez said. “It felt like a lady’s hand, and I was in front of her house.” Her second experience involved her uncle’s untimely suicide. Her uncle was frustrated that he couldn’t live in America and instead was stuck in Mexico. A day after talking to him, she saw her mother crying and praying in front of the cross. When she learned of the news that he died, she was in disbelief after having just spoken to him the day before. After a memorial, she slept over at his house and had to stay in his sister’s room. In the pitch black darkness, and in the midst of a storm, she heard a phone go off which startled her. When she looked away from the harmless phone she saw her uncle’s shadow and shape as if he was right there in front of her. When she was able to wake up her sister the dark figure had disappeared. “I definitely believe in ghosts,” she said.

Mark Majarian, a Theatre Arts professor, has been with the Theatre Department for over 30 years. Despite rumors of the

“It’s rewarding, but being a parent is scary enough and you don’t need ghosts for that,” said Majarian. Overall when it comes to superstitions and ghosts Majarian says, “My feeling is the world as it is, with what’s happening with Africa, is terrifying enough.”

The world is a scary place with a lot of unknown variables. Whether ghosts are responsible for these type of events comes down to experience and personal belief, but one can’t help but have a little more fun during Halloween when the idea of ghosts seems real enough to be truly frightening. D


from p. 26

days. So he began showing up and trying to sit by me. I always made sure I had someone with me so it didn’t happen.” The man, Donna added, even introduced himself to her mother, who afterwards felt similarly unnerved by his presence.

where so he wouldn’t stop and try to talk to me. Now I just try to avoid his presence.” While there are all sorts of tips to determine the danger a stalker may pose, it is important to take into consideration the initial gut feeling as well. If being near or interacting with the potential stalker results in unease, action should be taken immediately to prevent possible tragedy. Sometimes the stalker may back off and stop pressuring the victim,

“Do not wait until it is too late if you feel that you are in trouble” and other times law enforcement must become involved before the stalker is shaken off. Never confront a possible stalker alone; if the stalker continues to disregard personal space and comfort, do not hesitate to contact authorities and push for a restraining order. Disobeying the order may lead to potential jail time for the stalker, with the length of incarceration depending on previous criminal record and the extent of violation. Please do not wait until it is too late if you feel that you are in trouble. Many resources are available to you should you feel unsafe in any way. For potential stalking victims specifically, the National Stalking Helpline may be reached at 808-802-0300. Do not hesitate to call the helpline for guidance and counseling! D

“Then he started biking around in my town. I would see him sometimes and hide some-

Halloween 2013


A Stalking Situation T

“That Comm midterm was hell!” “Right? Pretty sure I didn’t do that well on it...”

“I’m so glad class is ov—wait isn’t that the guy who keeps following you around over there?”

“Where?” “He’s gone!” “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s nothing. He’ll stop eventually.”


he crime of stalking may be committed a g a i n s t a n y b o d y, regardless of whether or not they are famous or a total nobody. Stalking may begin as a minor annoyance but swiftly become dangerous. states that “2 to 13 percent of males and 8 to 32 percent of females are victimized by stalking.” Additionally, in many cases, the stalker is someone the victim is familiar with.

An estimated 14 in every 1,000 people aged 18 or older were revealed to have been victims of stalking over a 12 month period. Paul Mullen, an expert on stalking, stated that stalkers can be classified into five different subtypes: The Rejected, The Intimacy Seeker, The Incompetent, The Resentful, and The Predator (see sidebar on p. 27). Stalking is not something to be taken lightly and should not be used so flippantly in daily conversation. Stalkers are those who will literally do whatever they can in order to keep track of the victim. People enjoy a degree of privacy in their lives, and obviously harmful outside

interference in their personal lives is unwanted. That is what comes to the minds of many when they think of stalking, but there is also more to it. Stalkers have a power over their victims by keeping them monitored. Because of the constant, lurking fear brought on by stalking, many victims live having to look over their

It would be wise to take action before the stalker turns into your murderer, or rapist. Protecting yourself needs to be a priority, and better be safe than sorry. shoulder not once but twice or even multiple times. In 2010, ABC News reported that a young woman named Alissa Blanton filed for a protection order which was later denied to her by the courts; she was later found dead. “Stalkers can be harmless

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in some cases, but they have the potential to be extremely harmful. And the catch is, you cannot know for certain what the outcome will be,” commented Kyo Okamuro, 20, Creative Writing major. “It would be wise to take action before the stalker turns into your murderer or rapist. Protecting yourself needs to be a priority and it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Donna Martinez, 20, Journalism major, shared her experience with a stalker: “Since I was about 17 or 18 I’ve been working at a soup kitchen on Saturdays. There is a man there who I was nice to at first. He was a nice gentleman in his 40s,” she began. “One day he asked me to grab lunch with him after the soup kitchen. Mind you, we serve lunch there. I told him no thanks, so then he proceeded to ask me to coffee and I declined once more. “Since then, whenever he comes to the soup kitchen, he heads straight in my direction to say hi and try to give me hugs. When he manages to give me hugs he tries to rub my back,” she continued. “Well, he also figured out I went to mass at 5pm on Sun-

Stalking... cont’d p. 25

Classifying Stalkers THE REJECTED This type of stalker is an individual who seeks revenge after their attempts at reconciliation with a loved one have failed. In most cases it is with someone who was close, such as a parent, work associate, or acquaintance. The majority however stems from the unwanted end of a relationship with a romantic partner. THE INTIMACY SEEKER When a person marks someone, often a complete stranger, as their true love and begins to act as if said person were in an actual relationship with them, they are classified as an Intimacy Seeker. Most of the time, they will carry the delusion that their love is reciprocated. Such was the case with the country star Shania Twain, who recieved numerous love letters from a complete stranger who even attended her grandmother’s funeral uninvited. THE INCOMPETENT The Incompetent is just like the intimacy seeker, except that They acknowledge the fact that the subject of their affection does not return it. They have the hopes that their actions will lead to a close relationship which would in turn satisfy their need for contact, and intimacy. THE RESENTFUL This is one who seeks revenge against their victim rather than a relationship. Often times this is due to the idea that they have been humiliated or treated unfairly, making them the victims. Such is the case with the notorious John Lennon stalker, Mark Chapman, who then eventually murdered him. He was angered that Lennon preached love and peace, but still had millions of dollars. THE PREDATOR The Predator is classified as the most dangerous, seeing as how they pursue their victim not for a relationship but for the sense of power and control. They fantasize about assaulting them physically and most frequently sexually by gathering information about them.

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