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Vol.V Issue VII

Summer 2013

E.R.? More like E-UGH! Stories straight from the emergrency room: p. 4 Math prof. Laurie Morvan rocks our world!


s e u l B ves, sound wa she ’ in k c o r ath— ves to y sine wa esn’t just teach m v r u c m o o fr Taking it Laurie Morvan d es rock band. r lu o b s s n fe ow Pro with her also tours


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READY? SET? GO! p.20 The best getaway destinations this summer are closer than you think.


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E.R. more like E-UGH


Faculty does fire safety training


What’s new in smartphone apps

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The Pornographic Demographic

So it’s that time of the semester again, where Cypress Chronicle publishes their final issue of the semester. This issue is the final issue of the semester, and it is filled with porn, stories that will make you cringe, and new social apps that some of you may have never heard of. The semester is coming to a close and classes are soon going to be ending. Many people are excited for the summer, which means beach parties, bonfires, festivals, and concerts.

Speaking of concerts, go to page 26 to check out a Cypress College Math’s teacher who likes to rock out on her free time. She’s a blues guitarist who plays in a band called The Laurie Morvan Band, go ahead and take a look. There are more than just parties to do this summer though; it might be a good idea to get away from society and the pollution in the air. Divergence has some locations you guys can research and visit for example Joshua Tree National Park and Crystal Lake, a brief summary of these are on page 20. As the semester comes to a close, everyone here at Cypress Chronicle would like to thank all of our readers for their dedication and constantly picking up our magazine every month. Just because we are leaving for Summer break doesn’t mean we aren’t coming back. We will be back in August with all new stories and new staff. We hope you, the readers will continue to pick up Divergence and continue to read it. It has been a long semester and we all, including you, the readers deserve a break. So hopefully you all have a wonderful break and stay safe this summer! DIVERGENCE / Victoria Cardenas and Sam Islam

Ready, Set, Go!


DivergencE T he C ypress C hronicle

Editorial Staff

Professor’s got the Blues


On The Cover

Math professor by day, blues guitarist by night, Laurie Morvan is one of Cypress College’s best-kept secrets. Find out more about this talented musician-mathematician in our story on page 8. Also, check out her website at! PHOTO BY Gerard Avelino © 2013 The Cypress Chronicle unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved

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Staff: Carlos Carmona, Donna Martinez, Mari Nunez, Alex Siliceo, ShaQuanna Washington. Robert Mercer Faculty Adviser Cypress College 9200 Valley View St. Cypress, CA 90630

2013 / April



STORY BY Alex Siliceo | ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

Nowadays going to the emergency room can be more like a torture than a healing process. Sometimes, it seems like it takes forever to get much needed medical attention. Here are some tales from the ER... E-UGH!

The Automobile Accident

After my daughter and I were in an automobile accident on the 57 Freeway in Fullerton, Calif. on April 15, we proceeded to deal with the other driver, the insurance company, the police and my teenage daughter’s look of horror. Now to deal with the emergency room! Most insurance companies encourage one to seek immediate medical assistance after an automobile accident. The emergency room at any


hospital would be the most logical place to visit since they have all the equipment necessary for any kind of health issue. The problem is it’s just so time consuming. The ER nurse informed me that in most cases the complete process from registering to discharge takes an average of five to seven hours. In our case it took approximately five hours to get a complete check-up, x-rays and a final diagnosis for both of us.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

The Broken Wrist

At Julie Romo’s daughter fast-pitch softball game in Fullerton, Calif., it was the bottom of the ninth, two outs, one strike, and one ball! The batter is under pressure to get that last run in! The pitcher of the opposite team is under pressure to get two more outs! The victory is so, close yet so far! It’s anyone’s game. The batter hits! She runs to first! The second runner is on second; she runs to third. The running coach tells her to keep going. The fans are on their feet, going crazy, cheering and encouraging her to score! She runs home. She slides to avoid the catcher, she scores the fans go wild! They win the game! The runner is in tears, but they’re not tears of joy. She looks for her mom, she is grabbing her wrist, she is in pain, her wrist is swollen. It’s broken! The happiness of victory becomes a frustrating six-hour ordeal at the emergency room. Her vitals are taken, and she is given pain medication half an hour after she arrives. The Romo family and their daughter wait for 4.5 hours to be called in to take x-rays and finally diagnosed with a broken wrist after six hours. Unbelievable!

Got any ER horror stories to share? Send us a message at!

The Injured Knee

Basketball: the most important sport at Brea Olinda High School. The Ladycats practice 11 months of the year, that’s why they have been state champion and CIS champions for many years. The school is well known for their basketball program. One afternoon at basketball practice Laura Velez’s daughter was injured as she practiced one-on-one with another player. Her knee locked up, and she fell hard on the basketball court. Unfortunately she was not able to get back up. Her parents took her to the emergency room and waited 3.5 hours to be called in and two more hours t o get x-rays and the final diagnosis.

2013 / April


Campus Crime Map

Spring forward: Crime falls back this semester. BY Mari Nunez and Gerard Avelino


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Cychron Stay connected with

Whether you Tweet us or Facebook us, we want to make sure your voice is heard! Find us at:

Many High School Graduates go off to college every year, and unfortunately, some of them become a college campus crime statistic. Some crimes like aggravated assault, burglary, and theft are relatively common. The most common crimes on college campuses nation-wide are sexual assaults.

/TheCypressChronicle @cychron #cychron

Statistically, One in four college women report being sexually assaulted during a normal school year. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be a problem at Cypress College. In Cypress College, however, the most common crime is apparently theft. While crime, as a whole, dropped significantly from last semester, all seven committed these from January through March are theft. There was surprisingly just one bicycle theft in those three months, which happened at the SEM bike racks. The crime statistics found on this map represent alleged criminal offenses reported to campus security authorities and/or local law enforcement agencies. Therefore, the data collected do not necessarily reflect prosecutions or convictions for crimes.

2013 / April



Staff Picks Special:The Cypress Chronicle’s favorite movies.

o art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls, said classic film actress Ingrid Bergman on the art of movies. The films that strike a chord in people reflect their souls. As such, we asked the staff of The Cypress Chronicle for their favorite movies and why they made a mark.

Almost Famous

DIRECTED BY Cameron Crowe STARRING Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, Kate Hudson

This is a film that I truly believe should be watched by anybody who loves a feel good movie. Plus, it has an excellent soundtrack. Almost Famous tells the tale of William Miller, a 15 year old journalist, who is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he is asked to write a piece on the band Stillwater for Rolling Stone Magazine. Miller, who is a huge music fan, watches as his dreams become reality and he is able to go on tour with the band and live the rock and roll lifestyle.

movie, because it focuses on the era when rock music was at its prime. The movie has a great cast with familiar faces like Kate Hudson, Jason Lee, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman who plays my favorite role as the veteran music journalist helping Miller deals with the realities of touring. It is a movie that highlights what it means to be a rock star, both on stage and off. Almost Famous is Cameron Crowe at his best.

Jacob Alarcon, 19 Journalism major

He soon learns that traveling can take a toll on musicians, and that all the glory and gold is not everlasting. Anybody who has an affinity for 70’s rock will love this

50 First Dates

DIRECTED BY Peter Segal STARRING Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider

Henry Roth is a marine biologist living in Hawaii with the company of endless tourist women (aka “no strings attached.”) One day, while having breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe, he meets Lucy Whitmore. For the first time in his life, Henry feels a connection with a woman and wants to see her again. However, when he walks up to Lucy the next day, she doesn’t recognize him. This is the moment Henry discovers that Lucy actually suffers from short term memory loss after a car accident and she re-lives the same day over


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

and over again. Lucy thinks it’s Sunday, the day of the accident, every time she wakes up and her memory of the previous day is completely wiped clean. Henry won’t let this stop him so he tries making her fall in love with him, each and every day. This is my favorite movie because it’s so romantic. Who wouldn’t want the man of their dreams to make them fall in love with him every single day?

Mari Nunez, 33 Nursing major


DIRECTED BY Andrew Stanton STARRING Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard

Wall-E is not only my favorite animated film, but my favorite film period. What else can be said about the story of a little lonely robot who discovers what it is like to be loved that hasn’t been said already? It is one of the few family films that doesn’t rely on dialogue in order to tell the story, trusting the viewer to be able to fill in some of the thematic blanks on their own. Due to this faith in the audience, the film can come across as either ‘naïve and innocent’ or ‘foreboding and dark’ depending on what sort of psychology the viewer brings into it.

opposed to letting technology control us. In fact, one could argue that many of the humans in the movie are more robotic than the bots who take care of them. You don’t get a lot of entertainment aimed at families that addresses such big themes and has such ambition while still being a complete joy to watch. Oh… and the robots are all sooo cute!

Kaleb Stewart, 22 Business major

By the end of the film, it is shown that if the human race intends to thrive, we must learn to coexist with technology as

2013 / April


Faculty gets fired up for fire safety STORY AND PHOTOS BY Donna Martinez


n Tuesday, April 23, Cypress College faculty had their annual fire extinguisher safety training in the parking lot located by Gym II. In this training, Cypress College faculty learned how to use a fire extinguisher properly in case of emergencies, whether on campus or at home. The faculty also learned how to check their fire extinguishers to make sure they had not been tampered with or had expired.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Debbie Valentine, District Manager of Environmental Health and Safety, has been hosting these trainings at various campuses (Fullerton, Anaheim, and La Habra) in order to spread the knowledge of fire safety. She stets up many dates at each campus in order to get most of the faculty to attend and become classified in the use of a fire extinguisher. “We recommend that [the faculty] attend,” Valentine stated when asked if all the staff has to attend. “It is not required but we do recommend that they come out to the training.” Juan Ozuna, Regional Manager of Marx Bros. Fire Extinguisher Supplies and Service, was the instructor for the training. His company has been doing these training with the district since it started. Ozuna taught the faculty on the proper way of holding a fire extinguisher, how to use it, and where to spray the fire when it is blazing. After the session, he gave the option of checking out any of the fire extinguishers the faculty brought to see if they were tampered with or were expired. He also gave the faculty to buy fire extinguishers for their homes, cars, classrooms, offices. On top of this, each of the faculty had hands-on experience on putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. Many of the faculty members were successful at putting out the fire on their first try while others struggled. But each teacher learned the proper way of putting out the fire with the extinguisher by both a verbal lecture and hands-on experience. D

Fire Extinguishers:

7 steps for effective use


Locate where the fire is and the nearest fire extinguisher.


Remove the fire extinguisher from its location and bring it over to the fire.


When in a good location about 3-8 feet away from the fire, remove the pin from the fir extinguisher.


Hold the fire extinguisher in one hand while holding the hose the other hand.


Aim the hose towards the bottom of the flame. DO NOT aim at the top of the flame because this can cause the fire to spray across the location, catching other objects on fire.


Begin spraying the fire extinguisher by squeezing the handle and moving the hose in a side-to-side motion.


When the fire it out, watch the area in case of re-ignition. Replace the pin back into the fire extinguisher and get in serviced as soon as possible.

2013 / April


Street Buzz SOCIAL NETWORKS:The Good,The Bad,The Ugly

How do social networks affect your life? Do you think they’re good or bad?

I don’t like social networks. I think it’s too much of a hassle. I might check my Facebook once in a while but not enough to where it would be a big part of my life.

~Matthew Lopez, 18, Dance major Social networks are not a big part of my life, but I do go on Facebook sometimes to read what other people post. It’s good because it shows you how to work with a computer, and it’s bad because all people do on there is gossip.Too much drama for me.

~Courtney Ohst, 21, Dance major I think social networks are great. I spend an equal time on almost all of the networks. I think they’re very informational. It’s like my daily newspaper. I wake in the morning and check my phone for the latest.They’re very convenient.

~Salvador Fong, 23, Psychology major I spend up to four hours a day [on social networks]. It’s a good way to keep up with friends and family you don’t see often. But it’s bad when used for drama and to spy on people.

~Leanna Gohata, 21, Liberal arts major 12

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

INTERVIEWS BY ShaQuanna Washington

Social networks are a waste of time and space. Way too much drama.

~Robert Gomez, 19

How do social networks affect you? Has Facebook drama ever crept into real life? Are you addicted to all the information you get on these sites? E-mail us! 2013 / April



The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Dirt Roads ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

2013 / April


S m a rt p h o ne d a o l n w o d o t W

Apps ASAP STORY BY Jacob Alarcon

ith the emergence of so many social networks it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It seems like technology moves too fast sometimes, and that can be frustrating. No longer can you simply survive with Facebook but it’s essential that you have an Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr as well. Without these social networks it can seem impossible to keep up with your friends. The other side of that coin is that the minute you get a smartphone and start experimenting with all of these social networks it’s easy to see why people are so addicted to them. The coolest thing about technology and the social networks that intertwine with them is that they are always evolving and getting more innovative. With the social networks described here you can see that the application frenzy is well into its golden age and pretty soon there will be a iphone or droid application for everything. Cinemagram is an app that utilizes the in- Then you select which part of the picture ternet sensation of animated gifs, or cinem- or clip you want to mak e animated. In the egraphs. For cinemegraphs, most of the image area called the Draw Mask you can create is still while a small section is anim ated. The this small segment of mot ion. Anything not idea behind the site is that it gives the aver- selected will be complet ely still in the final age person, someone with no real animation product. or editing experience, the ability to create captivating cinemagraphs. Similar to Instagram there are som e filters but not quite as many. The final step The edits start with the obvious , taking a is deciding how your cinemagraph resmall recording of video. You have to make peats. sure your clip is not too long in duration or it will be cut according to Cin emagram.

Fashism is a social networking site that is based entirely around outfits. The basic concept behind the site is that you take a picture of whatever particular outfit you are wearing, submit it, and ask people to rate you. The people rating are given two very simple options, love it or hate it. Anybody familiar with shopping will know these two options as the key to deciding whether or not you will buy clothing that you’re just not sure you need. People are also able to comment on the posts.



The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence


nnect with don’t like and try to co st people those that you do. Mo common on s base their decision tor of fac a is re the interests but en tak and what picture they have medic inco many sites have done ical protyp reo terpretations of ste tch they file pictures. If you do like the ma message new exgive you then you can If you are looking for a turning lly tia en ess , ur just yo app if the or in te, them to da tant dating citing way u. yo for is your dating life into ins n nymously bored, Swoo life. Browsing is done ano le you peop and you can skip the

online The Swoon app has taken e apTh el. dating to another lev other ws allo lly plication essentia giving u yo th wi ect people to conn e them or you the option to pursu just simply pass.


a Of course this wouldn’t be are Placety is a social application you ess unl und social application that is designed entirely aro naturally can able to share this info so You discovering new places. e cool Som le. ilab ava is ion way that opt ilable find places the old fashioned ava can features that are also the on a traditional map but you on s istic stat d are audio notes, ple also use features like “Aroun peo ny ma how e (lik - restaurant t), ran Me”, which displays a descrip tau res the at ked loo r have to d tion of the place as you put you oar erb and access to a lead phone in front of it. compare followers.


rth falling off the treadmill is wo uSimilar to cinemagram, looppop er oth ani- sharing on any of the ok cam lets you create simple ebo Fac like rks d lar social netwo a mated GIFs that you can sen or Tumblr. If your looking for ind beh a ide s GIF to your friends. The ke ma sim- simple and easy way to go to it is even simplier as well. It t wan and this is your app. If you n ply takes a series of pictures into more detail and create eve . views it in your library. am agr em Cin use s, GIF better is do to e hav you After that all cat decide whether or not your

line of ape beginning in a long These are also just thsure to come about. Before we e t and plication ideas that ar are our ever y thoughtually sh to le ab be ’ll we can ac realize it ends and followers action so that our fri are experiencing. feel and taste what we u don’t quick sometimes, if yo D ty et pr es ov m gy lo it. Techno around you might miss take a second and look

r connect e designed to furthe These applications ary the many splendors of life, and jo people, to further en ain us. So do yourself a favor and rt te en e els nny GIF of above all plications. Make a fureally think ap e es th of all t ou test ing, see what people in your area your best friend danc u could ever find love of your clothes, if yo tasty, delicious food that you’re code, and share thee age we’re living in and its most eating. That’s just th ace these social network applicaenjoyed if we embr tions to their fullest. 2013 / April


The Pornographic Demographic W

hat would you do or say if a random person came up to you and started asking questions about porn? We’re sure a lot of people would probably clam up, but fortunately there are some who are braver than others and were willing to answer our questions. Sex is considered to be something natural and sometimes even a beautiful thing between two people in love (or lust). So why is it that pornography, which is basically recorded sex, frowned upon? When it comes to the topic of porn you’ll most likely get mixed reactions ranging from, “So what?” to “That’s disgusting”. Although most people would be shy about this particular subject, here at Taboo Topics, we make it our mission to bypass our shyness and delve into this naughty adventure.

Porn and Maturity 18

When asked if he watched porn, 21 year– old Business Management major Bobby confidently answered, “No, not really I grew out of it.”

However, with today’s technology getting into porn is extremely easy and children can be exposed to it before they’re “mature” enough.

Does that mean that porn is something of less importance as you begin to mature? But when exactly is someone considered mature enough to watch porn? How maturity levels are even measured in the first place? These are questions that are very difficult to answer and often blurred.

“People do have needs so I feel like there should be more restrictions,” Bobby said. “At the same time, it shouldn’t be impossible to get to.” says that boys (and even girls) begin watching porn when they hit puberty.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Art major Rudy, 18, agreed to this by saying that he actually thinks it should be more restricted because someone can type in a website to search for and by accident arrive at a porn site unknowingly.

Stephanie, 20, History major, doesn’t watch porn herself, but she disagrees. “I don’t think it should be restricted. If people have the want or need to watch, they shouldn’t have to go through a lot to watch it.” “Cultural references to porn are all around us,” says a Rutgers University sex education site. It becomes inevitable for children to be curious about what porn is.

Sexual Needs = Needs for Porn? Alfredo, 20, Psychology major, doesn’t seem to think so. When asked if he watched porn he answered, “once in a while from boredom.” Although he was flustered a bit, he continued to say that it’s natural for people to watch porn because at one point we all want to see someone naked. “I don’t even know how to phrase that,” he said, smiling.

porn genres you may have never thought existed

1 Preggo

5 Milking

These feature pregnant performers and may include erotic lactation as a fetish.

Lactating women feature in this genre of porn, in which they milk themselves.

6 Menstrual

2 Watersports This type of porn features sexual activities involving urine, such as “golden showers”.

This type of porn features sexual activities involving women who are menstruating, with a focus on the menstrual blood.

“If you do watch porn you shouldn’t be secretive about it, especially if you have a significant other,” Alfredo continued. However, there are some instances where honesty can sometimes pose a situation.

3 Tentacles

For those of you who don’t know there are many different types of porn out there from, your normal sex to the very extreme and maybe “weird” bondage. Each to do with the particular fetish or liking of the voyeur. So, are you one of those certain people who enjoys the more extreme types of pornography is being honest really a good thing? We’ll delve into more some other time but for now we leave you with this intro towards porn and college students. D

The thing with the internet is that there’s a fetish for almost everything. Porn comes in varied flavors, so if you accidentally come across something, don’t be surprised.

This features tentacled creatures, fictional or otherwise, raping or otherwise penetrating people.

4 Bukkake

Once just a term used for Japanese porn of this sort, bukkake involves a performer, on whom other performers ejaculate.

internet rule 34: if it exists, there’s porn of it

Based off of the TV show Jersey Shore and it isn’t too far off. A group of people getting drunk and having sex is what the show is all about, the movie however, is the same exact thing only it is unrated.

The original movie Pulp Fiction that was released in 1994 is about four different character’s stories that intertwine with each other. In Pulp Friction other things (if you know what we mean) intertwine.

2013 / April

Edward Penishands. Need we say more?



Ready, Set, 5 summer

destinations right in our backyards STORY AND PHOTOS BY Mari Nunez

Summer is almost here, and whether you plan on filling up on summer classes or taking the time off, there’s always time for a road trip. We live in Southern California. Here, you’re always within driving distance of the beach, the mountains, or the desert. I’ve decided to compile a list of six destinations to road trip to with friends and family that you won’t want to miss out on. Take advantage of our perfect California weather and get your road trip on.

1 20

Monterrey Just south of San Francisco, the Monterrey coastline is one of the most beautiful in the entire state of California, and the hiking and coastal views are well worth the 8 hour drive. If you’re going with little kids, or if you just want to check out a really cool playground, Dennis the Menace Playground is designed after the Dennis the Menace comics. You can rent paddle boats in El Estero Lake. In addition to the playground and the lake there is a lighted ball field, a skate park, a youth center, a dance studio, a large group picnic area, and a snack bar.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Garrapata Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in California and is never crowded. The 17-Mile Drive is a scenic route with nice views, but keep in mind it is a toll-road and you will have to pay a small fee. Also, located on historic Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see.

The Lone Cypress Tree, one of the most famous trees in the world, is over 200 years old and can only be seen during the 17mile drive in Monterey, CA.


Joshua Tree National Park

Two hours from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park is located in southeastern California. Declared a U.S. National Park in 1994 when the U.S. Congress passed the California Desert Protection Act, it had previously been a U.S. National Monument since 1936. Stop at one of Joshua Tree’s three visitor centers, where you can speak with a park ranger to find out about any road condition warnings and to find out the best course to take while in the park.

The Joshua tree is actually not a tree but a member of the Yucca family. Joshua Tree National Park is located in Twentynine Palms, Calif.

If you enjoy hiking, there are 12 nature walks and several hiking trails ranging from 3 miles to 16 miles.

One interesting site in Joshua Tree National Park is Skull Rock.You can park by the side of the road and Skull Rock is a very short easy walk south. The Cholla Cactus Garden is just a short drive into the park where the upper Mojave Desert and the lower Colorado Desert merge. This garden has a quarter-mile nature trail that takes you through the "jumping" cacti, a nickname the Cholla picked up for the way they insert their spines into your skin at the lightest touch. This is something you should keep in mind, especially if you have young children with you before you head down the path.

Skull Rock, one of the many photo opportunities within the span of Joshua Tree’s 1,234 sq. miles in Twentynine Palms, Calif.

Below: Crystal Lake, in the San Gabriel Mountains, is stocked with fish for year-round fishing in Azusa, Calif.


Yosemite is popular for outdoor adventures during the summer, while winter (inset) is popular for its photo opportunities.


Just 8 hours from Los Angeles, Yosemite National Park is best known for its waterfalls. But, within its nearly 1,200 square miles, you will also find valleys, meadows, and giant sequoias.

You can explore Yosemite by hiking or biking.You can spend some time with a park ranger learning about the history and culture of the park or get a broad overview by taking a bus tour on one of Yosemite’s clean-air buses.


Crystal Lake

The Crystal Lake Recreation Area is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, just 40 minutes from the 210 freeway in Azusa on Highway 39. The drive along Highway 39 carves into the mountain as you experience gorgeous views of the San Gabriel River and Santa Fe Dam. There are several photo opportunities and viewing areas along the highway. When you enter the Crystal Lake recreation area, make sure and stop into


While it’s mostly recommended to go to Yosemite during Spring when the snow is melting and the waterfalls are full, or during Winter when the snow is thick and skiing is great, Summertime is popular among those that enjoy water sports, camping and hot weather. During June and July, you can rent a raft to float down the Merced River, or you can even bring your own non-motorized kayak or boat. Rafting is also allowed between Stoneman Bridge (near Curry Village) and the Sentinel Beach Picnic Area.

the Crystal Lake Café, where you’ll meet Adam Samrah. Adam purchased the property from the Roosevelt family in 2006 and is the owner/operator of Crystal Lake Café as well as a few cabins that are very affordable to rent. Be sure and try one of Adam’s famous brownies or a bowl of delicious chili before you head out on your adventure. One great hike is along West Fork Road. This is a paved road which follows Bear

Creek for eight miles. It’s an easy, safe hike that also has a lot of cool shade where hikers and bicycle riders can rest. If you love camping, the Crystal Lake campground is at an elevation of 5,600 ft. Most spaces are first-come first-serve, adequately shaded, and come equipped with fire rings, running water. Picnic tables, and the bathrooms are close by. Firewood and day-passes can be purchased at the Crystal Lake Café.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Only two hours from Los Angeles, San Diego is a great place to drive to, even if just for the day. On Presidio Hill you’ll find the Mission San Diego de Alcala, the birthplace of the city and of California. Old Town showcases the state’s early settlement. Downtown, Gaslamp Quarter, a national historic district, contains examples of Victorian architecture, fine dining, shopping and nightlife. San Diego Harbor holds one of the largest naval bases in the world. The Embarcadero, a boardwalk, leads past the Maritime Museum to Seaport Village, a replica of an early California seaport. Mission Bay is 4,600 acres and 27 miles Above: Victorian architecture is showcased on Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, Calif. Below: Two Orcas show off their flipping skills during the Shamu Show at SeaWorld in San Diego, Calif.

of sandy beaches. This park offers water activities, picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis, volleyball courts, cycling/skating/jogging paths, restaurants, shops, and two huge campgrounds. But don’t forget SeaWorld, it’s an animal theme park, oceanarium, and marine mammal park. Not far from Mission Bay is Balboa Park, you’ll find the San Diego Zoo, where 3,800 animals occupy 150 acres. The park also features nine museums, three art galleries, several theaters, and a golf course.

San Diego



ith California being the third-largest state in the USA, you could spend several weeks on the road, navigating everywhere from the Pacific Coast Highway to snow-covered mountains and the rural desert.Try to get as far away from the traffic-jammed freeways and smog-filled cities as you can. These road trip routes are full of amazing scenery, and definitely worth the detour from an otherwise monotonous routine. D 2013 / April



the effects of this new recreational drug

STORY BY Mari Nunez It’s extremely illegal, and the government doesn’t want you to know about it. Do I have your attention yet? DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, is an extremely powerful psychedelic drug. Forms of DMT are used all over the world. During cultural rituals, tribes use DMT to achieve spiritual relationships with God. South American tribes ingest, and inhale the plant anadenanthera peregrina, also known as yopo. In the US, people use bongs and vaporizers to inhale DMT. The effects of DMT only last a few minutes, but the high is considered intense and completely altering, according to The strange thing about DMT is that it occurs naturally in the plant kingdom and it’s found in mammals, even humans. Our bodies produce DMT in the same place it produces Melatonin, in the pineal gland. Find out more at The pineal gland produces DMT while a person is approaching death. Some think this is the soul leaving the body. This theory is backed up by the fact that it is also produced during the 49th day of fetus development. Some believe that’s when the body receives its soul from God. Depending on how much you do or the way you do it, DMT’s effects can either cause you to be in a psychedelic state, or it will completely immerse you into a state where you have a total loss of connection to reality. Some have reported encounters with spiritual or alien realms. The worst side effect is a druginduced coma. Those who have tried smoking DMT say that it tasted like hot chemical plastic and that it felt like it was burning their throat, like a chemical burn. You can see real-life accounts of people who smoked DMT on

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All in all, it lasts only about two minutes. But, would you risk going to jail for two minutes of hallucinations that could have you jumping out of your third-story window? What about the taste of burnt chemical plastic or the throat burns? Is it worth the jail time? Divergence




How do they work?

BY Gerard Avelino

How do X-rays work?

~ Anonymous from Anaheim


hat’s right, Divergence readers, The Science Bear is back after a two-month hiatus! After my last column on how microwaves work, published in this magazine’s February issue, I got an anonymous question. Thankfully, it’s one I have an answer for:.

This is a particularly interesting question to receive as X-rays are in the same family of waves as microwaves. In fact, visible light is in that very same group: the electromagnetic spectrum. Also within that category are radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet, and gamma rays.

ergy these photons have. While radio waves and microwaves have relatively low-energy photons, X-rays and gamma rays are at the higher end of the spectrum.

While all these different rays and waves seem different, they are all fundamentally the same. These waves carry particles called photons, which travel at the speed of light—around 300,000 meters per second. NASA’s Imagine The Universe! says that the difference lies in the amount of en-

Just like in oldschool film cameras, X-ray imaging works by getting these Xrays to strike a special film. Just like with photos, the film is developed to show an image like the one on the left. Wilhelm Röntgen, a German physicist, discovered this in 1895. The first X-ray photograph was of his wife’s hand who, upon seeing the image of her bones, was reported to have said “I have seen my death!”

But how exactly do X-rays see through things? All it takes is a special camera.

But while light can’t pass through opaque objects like your skin, Xrays can, which is why an X-ray photograph of your lungs won’t show your bare chest. X-rays are at just the right wavelength and energy to image bones, which absorb X-rays more than skin, fat, or muscle tissue. In general,

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more dense objects absorb more X-rays. X-rays, however, contain a high amount of energy, which is why X-ray photos are taken extremely quickly. This is why pregnant women aren’t usually allowed to have them. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), while Xrays do have a low chance of affecting a pregnancy, they may be a cause of birth defects and other deformities. Either way, X-rays are extremely important for accurately diagnosing lots of health problems. After all, if anything can see right through you, X-rays can. I see you. OuO ~The Science Bear D

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Professor by day, musician by night!

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Morvan stated how she started playing guitar around the age of 17. From her grandmother being a church organist to her grandpa having a great voice, Morvan came from a long history of music. “I would learn Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix,” she said when asked about her inspriation. “Then my main man, Stevie Ray Vaughn. That’s what opened up my world.” Morvan was then asked how can she manage between having a school schedule and having a band schedule due to the fact that her band calendar usually plays during the


“You know I go a little bit insane,” she replied. She then state, “It can get really demanding to have two careers. And teaching is a career that demands a lot of you, and it takes a lot of time.” She then stated how when she is in the tour bus, while their bandmates are listening to their I-pods, she will be grading calculus exams. “It’s not a complaint at all cause that’s the life I’ve chosen,” she said. Morvan was then asked if she could choose between careers, and which would it be.

“I love teaching, but I have no hidden agenda. If I could be a full time musician and make plenty of money doing it, that’s what I would do. Because it is a passion,” she said. She then stated, “If I gotta have a ‘day gig,’ teaching is the perfect career for me.” She also said that she choose the math career because her bachelors degree was in electrical engineering. “I did engineering for three years, but that’s a 50-week-a-year job, of course. And so I realized, maybe I wanna teach so that I can have my summers to tour.” “I think about a lot of things,” she said when asked about her music. “In the blues there’s a lot of songs of big legged woman, and I have a good sense of humor, so I was

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like hey there are songs of big legged woman, but not any skinny chicks.” Sure enough, in her album Fire It Up!, there is a song called “Skinny Chicks.” Morvan also attracts attention from people in the Math and Science building where she teaches. One person is Richard Fee, the Dean of Science. Fee has been a dean since 2007, and one of his duties involves evaluating full time teachers. He says that Morvan is a great teacher. “I think it’s cool,” Fee says about her life as a blues guitarist. “I think it’s cool. It helps humanize it, because math is a subject students don’t always like.” He stated how students think how math teachers are like robots, but with this other part of her life it gives students something to talk about. Morvan’s students are, of course, a big part of her career. One of her students, Zain Farooquee, engineering major, says it’s “surprising” that his professor is a blues guitarist.

is really nice.” Another student is Minh Le, computer science major. “I saw the website,” he said, which is how he found out Morvan is a blues guitarist. “I’ve seen a picture and then a video. It was cool” “It’s a fun class,” he adds. Sacrifice seems to be a virtue students don’t realize their teachers adopt. But some teachers still pursue their dreams despite overwhelming schedules. Like Morvan says, “In my music career I’m chasing my own dreams, but in my math career I’m helping people chase their dreams” D

“In my music career I’m chasing my own dreams, but in my math career I’m helping people chase their dreams.”

He continued with how he likes her teaching style and says “she goes over the notes, and is always offering to help which

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