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Bookstore to be Privatized

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pring semester has started, folks! After a much needed extended winter break it is time for us to get back into the classroom and start working our butts off again.

Sleepless nights, an endless amount of work, and countless amounts of coffee will become a part of our day to day lives once again. For some of us this isn’t a new concept, but for others this will be their first semester in college (scary concept no?). The writers here at Divergence have put together a magazine that will hopefully help ease the worries of Cypress’s new students and provide some interesting reading in between classes. With the return of school comes new bus fares, returning television shows and news on the fate of Cypress College bookstore. Valentines’ Day is also coming up, and we’ve got an interesting selection of heartbreak and romance for you to peruse in Cypress Confidential. Also check out page 12 for Divergence Magazine’s Cypress College Survival Guide, full of tips and tricks on how to make your way through college life without dying. Finally, we also have a look at campus crime, with an updated crime map on the back page. We hope that you, our readers, will enjoy our content not only for this issue but for the issues to come. Our goal will be to provide you with the highest quality magazine possible, and to hope our content will spark conversations between students here at Cypress.

DIVERGENCE / Victoria Cardenas and Sam Islam

Q&A: Mark Canter


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Street Buzz “In light of the recent school shootings, do you feel safe at cypress? what do you think the campus can do to protect students?” Gun violence and school security have once again become hot topics in the wake of the recent increase of high-profile mass gun murders. Events at Aurora, Sandy Hook, and even Columbine and Virginia Tech have made gun control and Second Amendment rights a contentious issue. Divergence Magazine spoke with a few Cypress College students to get their opinions on this controversial matter. D

Silaykar Julie Sangprasit 19 / Math & Science

“Hmmm with all the stories I have been hearing, I in honesty don’t feel too safe at Cypress. With each incident occurring it doesn’t seem anything is helping to stop these violence and shootings at schools.”

Robert Whiteside 19 / Biology

Kyo Okamuro

19 / Creative Writing “‘It’s dangerous business going out your front door.’ Personally, anywhere can be dangerous, so I feel as safe at Cypress as i do anywhere else. beefing up security guards is really the only thing I can think of.”

Ian Sky


20 / Undecided “In light of the shootings that have happened at multiple schools throughout the country, I feel somewhat unsafe at our school. Our campus is a big campus, and I feel that we have little security. Anyone can walk on our campus and decide that they have had a bad day and decide to take their anger on the other people with a gun on our campus. I think our school can have a bit more security on our campus throughout the day and also during the night.”

2013 / February

“I feel safe at Cypress. I would feel just as safe at any other school. I don’t worry about my safety since there is always a chance of someone walking around with a concealed weapon at Cypress, or any other school. Either I go to school and constantly wonder if the person next to me has a gun or I go to school and not worry about it. What Cypress can do to protect their student is maybe have more guards patrol the school to discourage criminal activity. However, if someone really wants to commit a crime, they will find a way to do it.”


Bookstore to be privatized in June Rumors of bookstore closing untrue; alternatives affecting physical book sales. STORY AND PHOTOS BY Carolina Peralta


s the semester begins, students will start visiting the bookstore to buy their books. Many students buy their books through Amazon, Kindle apps, e-books, or exchange them with other students. Because of this, rumors have surfaced that the Cypress College Bookstore will be closed; these are not true. Instead, the bookstore will still be up and operated, but it will not be owned by the school. Instead, it will be owned by a private company. David Okawa, Cypress College Bookstore Director said that “In the regards to the actual operations it will not close, what is happening at this point in time is that the bookstore will be leased [or] operated out to a third party. So, we will go to a private company.”

company, but Cypress College merchandise as well. “In my understanding book sales will still be made,” said Okawa. “Cypress College apparel will be sold under the private company.”

“They are in negotiations at this point with the unions as well as with looking to see what some of guidelines are going to be for police proposal,” he continues. “We are in that process now to see if some of these companies are interested in leasing.”

Although students have found alternative ways of getting their required books. For cheaper prices, they have been able to get their books through the internet, students themselves selling books to each another, and ebooks. These alternates make a difference on how much the bookstore sells and produces.

Okawa also mentions how e-books and the like affect sales. “Online sales do make a significant difference.”

According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales have gone up 176 percent since 2008.

Not only will the books be sold by a private

Some students prefer to be savvy with this

technology, like Luis Hernandez, 24. He says, “Sign me up with the e-book. At the end I want to walk around with one e-book rather than five books.” Even so, this does not stop students from buying books from the bookstore, because they do not want to deal with technology and the problems that come with it. Yahaira Aguirre, 20, says “I would rather buy the text book from the bookstore so I could write, take notes, annotate in the text and actually have the book with me. You never know when technology might fail, and then what?” If the bookstore was to close, students would resort to many other ways to buy their

Luseane Amasio and Guadalupe Lopez help customers in line at the Cypress College Bookstore. Negotiations are currently underway as to the fate of bookstore employees once management shifts hands in June.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

books. Though, some students are the exception and are buying books online or ebooks they still stick to the old fashioned ways of carrying a textbook to every classroom, because to some students textbooks are still reliable and dependable. Ruby Rios 20, has a difficult time with ebooks because she “tried reading on [her] phone and it didn’t work out so great” she says, “I need to turn the pages physically.” Israel Campos, 21, mentions that he would prefer buying a book instead of an e-book “for [the] notes and know that I have the textbook in my hands without worrying about technical problems with an e-book.” The bookstore will remain selling course required books, college apparel, school supplies and will not be closing their doors any day soon. Sooner or later the Cypress College Bookstore will not be owned by the school, but by a third party. That will not stop the bookstore from receiving clients who would prefer a school’s textbook instead of an e-book or anything else they can buy online. D

Cris Morales and Pia Fajardo shelve books at the Cypress College Bookstore. While most students prefer physical copies like these, more and more are turning to cheaper electronic alternatives.

Cypress College Bookstore director David Okawa says that, contrary to circulating rumors, the bookstore will not be closing.

2013 / February


Transferring? Take note. ARTICLE BY Nicole Islam WITH REPORTS FROM Sam Islam


ypress College's Transfer Center boasts services, resources, and special events to educate and assist the school's transferring students. These services include individual counseling, guidance in selecting a transfer institution, individual appointments, transfer application workshops, and university application assistance. This month, the Transfer Center has eight events students should take advantage of.

For students interested in transferring to California State University of Fullerton (CSUF), there will be advisor appointments on Wednesday, February 13th and Tuesday, February 19th from 10:00am-1:00pm at the Transfer Center. Additionally on the 13th, advisor appointments for students interested in transferring to the University of Phoenix will be available from 10:00am2:00pm. There will be three great opportunities this month for students interested in transferring to DeVry. On February 19th, in addition to a common application workshop from 3:00pm-4:00pm, DeVry will have a table visit from 10:00am-2:00pm. Contrary to previous events, this will be held in front of the CC Complex. DeVry will have a second table visit on Friday, February 22nd from 10:00am-2:00pm (and will also be held in front of the CC Complex). DeVry advisor appointments will be held on Wednesday, February 27th from 10:am-2:00pm at the Transfer Center. Have absolutely no idea where you would like to transfer after your tenure at Cypress College? There will be a Transfer Fair on Thursday, Febru-


ary 28th from 10:00am-1:00pm under the Piazza (near the CC Complex and Theater Arts buildings). There will also be a number of workshops at students' disposal on the 28th. A workshop for transferring to a UC will be held 1:30pm-2:30pm at the Transfer Center; the "Next Steps for Transferring to CSUF" workshop will be held from 2:00pm-3:00pm at the CC Complex Room 414; the "Transferring to CSULB" workshop will be held 2:00pm-3:00pm at the CC Complex Room 407. In addition to all these events, students will be given the opportunity to make appointments with college representatives. Appointments for CSU San Marcos will be between 2:00pm and 5:00pm at the Transfer Center; and appointments for Chapman University will be between 2:00pm and 5:00pm at the Transfer Center. To make an appointment, contact the Transfer Center. Time is almost up for students here at Cypress College. It's time to take advantage of these opportunities. D

Planning on transferring to a UC? Make sure you have the following with you: Transcripts

Courses and grades from all the colleges you have attended. Make sure you don’t try to enter it in by memory, otherwise you might jeopardize your chances for admission. Sophomore students who are transferring need their high school records as well.

Test Scores

Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, TOEFL or IELTS exam scores are needed, and if you're a sophomore transfer student you will need ACT with Writing and/or SAT scores.

Annual Income

(Optional.) If your parents claim you as a dependent on their tax return you will need to ask them for their annual pretax income (tax records and pay stubs).

Social Security Number

(If applicable.) The schools will use it to verify idenitty and match your application to your transcripts, test score reports, financial aid, FAFSA etc. It will be confidential.

Citizenship Status

You need to enter your country of citizenship. If you select one other than the US, you’ll need to provide your immigration status and the type of visa you are currently using.

Credit Card

Account number, expiration date, cardholder’s name and billing address will be needed. (paying by check will be fine too. Sending cash is not an option)

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

The Cypress College Transfer Center offers a good amount of resources for any college student’s transfer needs. Brocures, booklets, flyers, and magazines highlight the advantages of each school, as well as outline the requirements needed to enter. / PHOTO BY Gerard Avelino

Cychron Stay connected with

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/CCMN /Cypresschronicle @cychronreports #cychron #cychron

2013 / February


Divergence Picks FEATURES BY Victoria Cardenas and Jeffrey Lopez

The Walking Dead Returns Feb 10, Sundays at 9PM, AMC Starring Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden

Some may look forward to Valentines Day in February but this year a good amount of the human population is waiting for one thing: the return of The Walking Dead. The show went on hiatus back in December when it aired its mid-season finale, making the fans wait until February 10th for its epic return. When we last saw the group, Daryl was held captive in the town where a bittersweet reunion with his brother took place. Now the Governor wants to kill them, leaving Rick and the group trying to pry their friend out of the Governor’s grasp. That’s not all: new faces are going to be showing up a lot in the continuation of season three. The first two seasons were a huge success and season three doesn’t seem to be any different. Rick, along with his fellow group members as well as a new born baby return to AMC on February 10th at 9/8c. D


Once Upon A Time Returns Feb 10, Sundays at 8PM, ABC Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison

Once Upon A Time has returned to ABC with all new episodes. Their last episode aired January 20th making the viewers wait until February 10th to see the next episode. The viewers were left off with Rumpelstiltskin trading the favor Emma owes him to go look for his son; the catch is she must go with him, leaving her family behind in Storybrooke. After a certain love interest of his was tossed over the city line, which is said to be cursed and makes you forget about your life, Rumplestillskin has given up on his love and decides to move on for now.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

That’s not all: two evil queens are reunited and more than just one character has passed through the portal from Fairytale land to StoryBrooke. To make matters even worse, someone who isn’t apart of the town see’s Rumpelstiltskin doing magic, which does not sit well with Emma Swann. See what happens to your fairy tale characters when the show returns February 10th on ABC at 8/7c. D

Evil Dead

Release Date: April 12, 2013 Directed By: Fede Alvarez Starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas Remake to the smash hit 1981 American horror film The Evil Dead, Evil Dead is anticipated to be one of this year’s best horror films. Though the idea and production of this remake has had its ups and downs since 2007, it was officially announced on July 2011 that a remake of the movie would be made. It is said that the movie will not include the character Ash from the original and that it will be about a group of teenagers who go to the cabin in the woods and find the book of the dead, but the similarities with the original will end there. In October 2012, the official trailer was released obtaining a red band status for its excessive use of gore and profanity. The storyline is five friends who go to a remote cabin in the woods where they unknowingly release dormant demons. They are each possessed until only one is left to fight for their survival. The original developed a reputation as one of the largest cult films and was cited among the greatest horror films of all time.Will the remake stand up to this reputation or fizzle out? You be the judge when it is released on April 12, 2013. D

2013 / February



The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence


( E G E TA B L E ) the lifestyle choices of vegetarians and vegans

STORY BY Victoria Cardenas

ever underestimate the reason why someone doesn’t eat meat or dairy products, you do not know their story just like they don’t know yours. Everyone has their own eating life styles and how they go about it, vegans and vegetarians included. The biggest pet peeve of those who lead that life is getting the two life styles mixed up. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a vegetarian is someone who “believes in or practices vegetarianism,” which means they do not eat meat nor fish. A vegan in the Merriam Webster dictionary is someone a “strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products” as well as “one who abstains from using animal products such as leather. “ Both life styles do require strict priorities, but people usually choose these lifestyles. Some religions do not allow their children to not eat meat. For example, Muslims cannot eat pork and in Hinduism you can not eat beef. Here in California, usually people make their own choice about their eating lifestyle though. The lifestyles are not as hard as many think it is, yes it does require someone to cut out all animal products and all the foods that contain animals in them for example steak, hamburgers, cheese, milk, and ice cream. Now if you’re vegan it goes an extra step further, you cut out all animal products which isn’t just food but certain ingredients in your shampoo’s and soap as well as clothing too. Usually Vegans will buy organic products. Mike Regalado, 34, Behavior Therapist shared on why he became a vegan and his experiences with it. “A large part is my family history, mostly consisting of diabetes and heart disease. Another reason is my wife’s family. My wife and motherin-law have been vegetarian/vegans for a long time and the longevity they currently display is something I want to match. Their families live long lives and I want too as well. So basically for health reasons but also, and equally important, are the ethical reasons. Save the whale, Hippies!” He did not start off as a vegan though, “I was a vegetarian. I started that diet four years ago and have been vegan for a year and a half. Honestly tell me you can look deep into an animal’s eyes and not want to hang out with it. Animals rock, even the really smelly ones. But seriously, what also swayed my opinion is the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses, dairy farms and nonconsumption puppy mills. You know, places that kill purebred puppies if nobody buys them while they are ‘cute’ youngsters. Disgraceful.”

When asked if life was hard when starting the diet Regalado replied, “Kind of, only because I was not use to it. I lost 15 pounds in the first two weeks, but when my body stabilized and got use to the diet, I gained about ten pounds back yet I felt lighter and healthier. Knowing what I know now, it is so not hard. Being vegan, especially in a civilized, multi cultural and conscience community like Los Angeles, it is not hard at all. No, it isn’t hard now either. To dispel another myth, it’s not expensive either.” Regalado shared where he received all his information on the lifestyles. “God bless the internet! Between blogs, twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it’s not about them

It’s not about who is the ‘most vegan.’ It’s about being healthy. It’s about preventative healthcare. It’s about helping the animals.

being hard to find, it’s now about making it to a “Grand Opening” or a “Happy Hour” or whatever creative concoction these restaurants are marketing. For some people, this maybe a fad or an actual way of life but either way, there is no denying that information is out there and readily available.” Regalado’s whole family, his wife and two daughters are vegan as well and he shared that it is not hard to deal with. “Nope, I just buy more of what I eat. With two babies, I basically finish what they don’t anyway.” “Don’t compete if you go vegetarian or ve-

2013 / February

gan. It’s not who is the ‘most vegan.’ It’s about being healthy. It’s about preventative health care. It’s about helping the animals. It’s about not letting McDonald’s and Burger King fooling you. Oh yeah and just a quick side note, go organic too. Organic basically means pesticide- free. Think about that. If you aren’t eating organic, you are eating food laced with pesticide. Yum. I’ll have corn with a side of cancer, thank you! But seriously, if the goal in life is to not be sick, why would you not eat a diet that has the maximum potential to keep you alive and healthy?” Jennifer Regalado, 28, Mathematics teacher is a vegetarian unlike her older brother. “The main reason I choose to become a vegetarian was sensitivity to animals and their treatment. If animals could be treated humanely and without pain during the entire life-eliminating process, then I would chow down on a bacon burgr right now! But sadly, the food industry worries more about turning a profit rather treating animals as with respect to the soul they inhabit.” When asked if the transition was hard she replied with,” I changed my life for the better when I was 10. I was the first person in my family of heart Mexicans to declare staving off meat. SO, yes, the transiton was very hard! My parents would always try to place meat on my plate or would forget and cook a meal with meat everywhere! Or, my mom would just brush off my decision as a ‘phase’ I was going through. Well, it’s been a pretty long phase, huh mom?” As of today she says that the hardest part is, “to always be the one people look to when choosing a place to eat. I always feel as though people are thinking. “Well lets see if the veggie is on board” with a subtle eye roll. However, if someone tries hard enough, there is great food everywhere. So, I do not really worry too much about influencing the restaurant-dicsion process. I usually go with the flow and get a great salad!” Not all Vegans and vegetarians change their lifestyles for the animals though. Sometimes it is because of health issues.

Continued on page 17



From th hronicle C Cypress Staff al Editori

lovingly stolen from N ed

rnter of lea s e m e s r othe your ck for an ce Magazine feel a b e ’r u n o y we give o Divergen here, or t e r a e ic t v e s r d e e a m h We lly, the first se at times. ! Hopefu g it’s your e in r id s e u h fu t G n e l o h a rviv get c e! W oals. ollege Su life does ss Colleg college g C e e r r g d u p e e y o ll y ifi C o s c o s o t et Decla road it that Welcom s to adm y’all out with our round the hectic a h e n o y ay a help ing, ever te your w cided to a e ig d v e a n w u o pain, s help yo high-se s would curity e g a p (a.k.a. vaults e s the

appetite? Worked uparean various vending On campus, there r difmachines scattered around that offe kboo the At ks. drin ferent snacks, food and such food of pick and go also can you store ks, gum as sandwiches’, snacks, chips, drin ies. good r othe and

teIn the Student Center, there is a cafe can you re whe Café ria called Chargers a, salads, purchase actual meals such as pizz a. fries, burgers and past se There are choices off campus to choo l. KFC is mea a for ing look are you if from g with located right acroos the street alon a Little is re The . Taco Del and w Stra Phat if you Ceasars and a Subway as well. So, es to plac of lot a have you ry hung get ever choose from.






erc 100 p

ign te s

ra accu

Parking (and the lack of it) At Cypress College it is no surprise that we have a large campus, but a large campus comes with crowded parking. Usu ally people get here early to get close parkin g to the buildings or their classes. If you do not come early enough however, you will be parkin g far from the buildings. It’ll take you about 5-10 minutes to get to your classroom. This is hassle especially if you’re running late . Nobod y got time for that! So wake up early and try to get good parking. You must aslo pay for parking no matter how far away you park. Daily parking fees ate $2 at the big yellow ma chines. There are also parking passes that are available to students when they register, at $35 for cars and $20 for motorcycles. The fine for parking violations on campus could lose you up to $275 so make sure you’ve got that permit !

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

xed ul they fi be thankf e th of the worst problems crashing

Adding and Dro

pping Classes

Adding classes had initially regisis when you add a class to yo in the Cypress tered. In order to add a classur schedule that you were ab ca le must be given an talog next to the class name. you must get the CRN code to get after you way, go to the st “add code” by the professor. If you add a class on or after which is located Click on it, chooudent tab and on the left sid When you have both of those, the first day, you At the bottom, se the current semester, ande of the screen it will say “Addlog into mygatePress “complet there are some boxes labeled it’ll then lead you to your cu/Drop Classes”. registration” bue registration” and enter the “CRN’s,”. This is where you ty rrent schedule . tton again, and ad pe in the CRN. you are done! Ju d code when needed. Push the st remember to Dropping a class pay your update “complete d fees. is quite similar. matter what th If you feel that e cir cu yo m u st an ca ce n’ t Check class you s, the process is handle a particu This is when yo want to drop in your list and easy. Go to the “Add/Drop C lar class, no lo u lasses” page . go ok to at “Action” its status that the status will say droppe , choose “Drop” and then pres. It should say “Registered”. d on and the da s te you dropped “Confirm Choices.” After the class on. The last day to ad d cla ss es or 18, while the las t day to drop clato drop classes without gettin g sses without in curring an F is a “W” grade is February May 5.

Financial Aid

t busy when surprisingly no s taken wa o ot ph this ing! also, no smok

c and somel Aid Office is hecti Usually, the Financia ob pr lem if you There isn’t really a times very rushed. head in there . u yo e filled out befor aid are found have all the papers l to apply for financia nt and go to The papers you need ou acc ur yo u sign in to go to the en under mygateway. Yo top of the page . Th the student tab at the Links” and press the “Financial ent can see your box that says “Stud ll lead to where you wi ich wh n, tto ould be able Aid” bu sh u yo tab tus. In this overall finacial aid sta nts you need to fill out and turn cume Financial Aid to download any do documents in to the in. Once you turn the have your ID!), they will usually u Office (make sure yo six to eight weeks contact you within the College ilding is located at The Financial Aid bu Complex, first floor.

Books and more at the bookstore

u talking (what are yo‘ e this , nt us about we did her article) photo in anot

k. quac uck. d a i am

The bookstore is pretty simple to figure out. The first couple weeks of ever y semester is hectic, and there is usua lly a huge line out the door where stud ents are trying to buy their books and materials for classes. To avoid theft, the employees usually only let in a certain number of customers. They then take your bags and put them on a table to make sure you can’t sneak anything in them. You will then receive a number to pick up your belongings when you are done with your purchase . Don’t forget!

Time Management

Managing your tim e seems like a “d concept to som uh” e, quantum physics but it is harder than for a lot of st Putting a paper ud off until the mor ents. ning it’s due is probably one of the mos mon stressful sit t comua students. Here’s tions for many college the thing: altho ugh procrastination tend s lar form of “tim to be the most popue also greatly hind management”, it can er you and mak life more stress ful than it shou e your ld be . Keeping a sche dule of when your work and to do budgeting your tim be an extreme lif esaver. Even bett e can er a bulletin board (for example) or , using ner to help or a plangani schedule can be ze your projects and ex thing to take no tremely efficient. One te of: some met ho studying and ge tting projects do ds of not work for ne may you despite wor king for others. So rem ember to find a method that works for yo and can alleviat u, fits your hectic life, e the endless am ount of stress that colle ge ryone’s shoulder tends to heap on eves. Stay alive!

Last but not least, ducks.

Many of you are familiar with the pond towards the middle of the school, which is located right near the library. It happens to be the home to a plethora of ducks. Yes, the cute, quacky ducks that would love more than anything to get a piece of bread from you. How is this tidbit essential to your survival at Cypress you might ask? Well they are great stress relievers. Sitting down near the pond watching all the ducks do their thing while breathing in some fresh air could be quite relaxing. And well look at them.Ab solutely adorable. 2013 / February 13


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Dirt Roads ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

2013 / February

to be continued 15

Bus Fares to increase February 10 STORY BY Gerard Avelino


iting increasing operating costs and decreasing farebox revenues, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Board of Directors approved, Nov 26, a decision to increase OCTA bus fares. Regular fares are increasing from $1.50 to $2.00 on Feb 10, with Day Passes going up in

price from $4.00 to $5.00. The OCTA website states that the decision was made to maximize sales tax funding. The Transportation Development Act (TDA) requires that passengers pay at least 20 percent of operating costs for buses. OCTA says that if this quota is not met, they may lose funding. This remaining 80 percent comes from transit subsidy programs from the state and federal governments. OCTA also says that the fare increase was not only voted on by its board of directors, but was also discussed extensively with customers, community members, and transit advocates.

Together with the new fares, OCTA is also implementing new programs to help commuters save on bus fares. One of these is the 5 Rides Pass, for sale at $9, which is $1 less than what one would normally pay at the farebox. These passes can be used anytime, and do not expire until after the 5th use. Prepaid Day Passes are also being offered at a 10 percent discount. Bus passes purchased prior to the fare increase will remain valid even after Feb 10 without any additional fees.

“Ridiculous,” says Feven Araya on the Cypress Chronicle Facebook page when asked about whether the fare is reasonable. “It’s from $1 to $1.50 here in LA.” “It’s way too much,” adds Derrick Coleman. Unreasonable or not, the OCTA decision is final, and buses began displaying fare change notices beginning the last week of January. The new rates are also being advertised inside the buses themselves. D

College Passes are also available at $115 for Quarter Passes and $185 for Semester passes.

PHOTO BY Matthew Jude Brown, Wikimedia Commons


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence



Microwaves: How do they work? COLUMN BY Gerard Avelino


elcome, readers, to the first edition of Ask The Science Bear, a monthly science column where you ask your science questions and I answer them. Being a Physics major, the sciences have always been close to my heart. Unfortunately, it may seem rather intimidating to some, which is quite unfortunate. Science and math shouldn’t be scary, so I’m here to help you understand how the universe works its magic. For this first column, I took to the internet, where one of my friends asks:

rowaves work?” “Hey, Science Bear, how exactly do mic , Bangkok, Thailand ~ Mariya

Microwaves are amazing inventions, especially for someone like me. Food is awesome, and food cooked in a short amount of time is even better! According to the Energy Information Administration, I’m far from alone: a study of theirs from 12 years ago determined that no matter what a household’s income is, at least 3 in 4 families own a microwave. Around a third of these use microwaves for more than half their cooking. This is rather unsurprising, with the current trend of getting anything as fast as possible (see also: the internet, faster trains... mostly the internet). How, exactly, do microwaves cook so fast? Does the secret lie in the stylish cuboid shape? Or perhaps the sleek metallic exterior? Oh, reader, don’t be so damn silly. Microwaves work because of, well, microwaves, which are basically just a form of electromagnetic radiation just like light waves, radio waves, and x-rays. You know how your

radio dial has all those numbers to tune into certain frequencies? It’s exactly like that, except microwaves are in a different range. Basically, microwaves range in frequency from 0.3 to 300 gigahertz (GHz). Those that are used for cooking food lie around the 2.45GHz; the wave moves at a frequency of 2.45 billion cycles per second. If you think that’s pretty fast, also remember that electromagnetic waves all travel at the speed of light. But I digress. A microwave oven works by passing this microwave radiation through the food. Microwave ovens simply transfer the electrical energy from your home’s wall socket into a magnetron, which converts that electrical energy into microwaves. Within the range of frequencies microwave ovens use, substances such as water, fat, and sugars absorb the energy and, without getting too technical, the water and fat molecules begin being agitated by this energy. The more agitated the molecules are, the more heat they produce.

2013 / February

While stuff like water absorbs this energy, substances like plastics and glass that are micowave-safe do not. Metals, however, reflect microwaves and accumulate heat very rapidly, which may lead to interesting results such as electrical sparks. (Don’t try that at home, kids.) So, next time you’re eating a microwaved TV dinner, just remember that it’s not just you that’s excited for your suspenseful movie: the molecules in your food are, too. Stay scientific! ~The Science Bear D

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Revivinoids? More like ReviviNOPE REVIEW BY Sam Islam

Fantasy. It’s one of those genres that have a habit of capturing the imaginations of audiences everywhere, whether it’s through vivid artwork, multi-layered characters, or a complex storyline that defies reality, it’s almost always something that would peak someone’s interest. Amir Yassai’s first novel, entitled The Life Squad, is yet another fantasy novel in an ever-flowing sea of novels anxiously grappling for the attention of potential readers. Despite possessing an interesting plot, the book leaves little to just that, the imagination, and serves to only bore readers with its one-dimensional characters and tired old cliches. The book opens with the main character Adam Bronn at his funeral, or so he presumes. Other than the fact that he was donning a Rolling Stones shirt, there is nothing remotely interesting about his character. One-dimensional, stereotypical John Smith who doesn’t seem to have an ounce of personality to call his own; this is what Adam is in a nutshell. Despite his rather melancholy but fascinating backstory, he gives the reader no real reason to sympathize with him

Perhaps a little more work would transform The Life Squad into something much more enjoyable.

(that is unless the reader doesn’t care much for complexity and any sort of traits that would even spark some sort of a reaction). Needless to say the protagonist nothing short of flat, with the only thing remotely interesting about him being his secret power. Adam is a “Revivinoid,” someone who can raise the dead with their hands, complete with a glowing green light that would either make the Green Lantern proud or sue for copyright infringement. Revivinoids sound like a 12 year old nerd’s rendition of a necromancer, complete with a convoluted explanation as to who they are and


how they exist and live their lives. Adam’s morbid past? Everyone close to him passing away? That is due to radiation that defies even the laws of science it seems. Perhaps Professor X would like to have a word with him and his friends in the near future? Speaking of friends, one would think they would be at least a saving grace from the severe lack of dimensions courtesty of Adam. Sadly, his circle of friends sounds like something an amateur comic book writer would come up with. The jokester male, the male that the reader probably won’t remember exists and will be surprised every time he has dialogue, the promiscuous female, the beautiful love interest of the protagonist (complete with a tragic back story) and a few others who seem to serve as merely devices in order to further the plot. Cliche plot devices? Check. Damsel in distress getting kidnapped? Also check. Although the book had a lot of promise, the writing, diction, cadence, and one-dimensional characters only served to bring the book down. It wasn’t even worth getting passed the first ten or so chapters. A perfectly intriguing plot won’t be enough to keep readers hooked from the first word to the last sentence. Perhaps a lit-

tle more work would transform The Life Squad into something much more enjoyable. If you are looking for a riveting read with complex characters, rich dialogue, and a storyline that would keep you at the edge of your seat, this book won’t provide much of that. D

“I Want The 11 V(egetable)” from page

Steven Gillespie, 24 from Calgary stated, “ I became vegan because I don’t like the smell of cooking meat and I can’t digest dairy anyway. The transition was pretty simple. I still cheat now and then. I’ve lost a lot of weight and feel healthier.” Many do see Vegetarians and Vegans as ‘hippies’ or ‘tree huggers.’ Usually when someone hears that someone else doesn’t eat meat or dairy products their first reaction is “really, why?” or “I feel sorry for you,” when in reality it is their decision to do what they want. People shouldn’t feel sorry for something that makes someone happy. Michael Aguilar, 19 and Animal Science/ Pre Vet major is a full on meat eater and was able to share how he learned about the two different lifestyles.

Regardless of the reason why someone chooses to adjust their dietary intake, it is always important to respect their decision.

“I found out last year in my introduction to agriculture class when a girl in class gave a presentation on the differences. I eat meat because I enjoy the taste but also because being raised in a traditional Mexican home most of the dishes involves some sort of meat. So growing up, I grew to love eating meat. I don’t see myself changing my lifestyle either. I enjoy having a mixed diet that includes vegetables and meat.” Everyone’s life styles are different and no one ever said it was a bad thing but people should be encouraged to try at least new things such as Vegan or Vegetarian food instead of immediately judging it from what they have heard from their friends or family who probably eat nothing but meat. “Regardless of the reason why someone chooses to adjust their dietary intake, it is always important to respect their decision. Unless they shove it in your face and make you feel guilty. That is when you shove a piece of stake in their face and laugh! No, but seriously, a person’s choice to abstain from animal products is their own. It ignites creativity to make all dietary choices work in our world today, so let’s all be open minded and try some new and interesting stuff! I swear tofu and tempeh are not that bad at all!” Jennifer Regalado stated. D

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Cypress Confidential


The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. A collection of Valentine’s Day stories from Cypress College and beyond. The history of Valentine’s Day has always been unclear. There are several different versions of the history of Saint Valentine. The first version states that Valentine was a priest in Rome; the Emperor had banned marriage for young men making Valentine see the injustice of this situation. He continued to marry young couples anyway and when the Emperor found out, he ordered that Valentine be killed.

Soldier Boy’s Surprise My senior year in high school I met a guy in the army. His name is Miguel. I met him when we went to Georgia for my brother’s graduation from boot camp. Miguel ended up being my brother’s close friend the whole time they were there. For the three days we were there, he and I barely talked. It wasn’t till I came back that we talked a lot more. At first it was just through Facebook. When Valentine’s Day came around he asked for my address so he could send me a card. I gave it to him. We always joked on how when he came here we would play soccer together and see who would win. So, for Valentine’s Day he shipped me over flowers, chocolates, and a bear with a card. It was the sweetest thing ever. His card was on our joke on him never sending me anything and on soccer. He asked me later when I talked to him about it, I was like a little girl blushing and my family kept teasing me about it. My brother was unaware of all this but he approved and just said to be careful. Although we didn’t have a relationship, we stayed friends. We still talk to each other to this day as he is overseas right now.

-Donna Martinez, Brea

Another version says that while Christians were put into harsh Roman prisons he tried to help them escape. Unfortunately, he had fallen in love with the jailer’s daughter who visited him while he was locked up. Before he was put to death, it is told that he wrote her a letter signed “from your Valentine.” For years our society has celebrated February 14th as Valentine’s Day. The holiday is portrayed as a day where significant others exchange gifts such as flowers, candy or giant stuffed animals to show how much they love each other. Most call this holiday a “Hallmark” holiday; why should you shower your significant other with gifts on only one day out of the year? While some hate this holiday, some enjoy it. Many dread this time of year, whether it be because they are single or because of a tragic incident. Others enjoy it, using it to spend time with their loved ones. Either way, everyone has their own views and experiences of this specific day.

The Cards Matter... As the years went by, I used to give my wife a 3’x4’ Valentine’s Day card. And as in any relationship or marriage, you give and take, hate and love, etc, etc. Well, my wife loved it, and still does when I sign the card, “Your Hairy Ape!” And to this day, she still hasn’t given me a Valentine’s Day card!

A few readers and friends sent in their stories. 20

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

-Tony Luevano, Los Angeles

Emotional Baggage It was Valentines Day 2010, and it was the day I would leave the Philippines behind forever to begin a new life in the United States. It was heartbreaking enough that I had to leave everything and everyone I knew behind, but even that wasn’t the worst part of it all.

Valentine’s Gay So I went to a Valentine’s Dance with my girlfriend. This was when I was trying really hard to convince myself I was straight. And we would dance but I wasn’t really feeling it. I was with the girl for 4 months and so we decided to go to the dance together; because I wasn’t feeling it she danced on her own. Her ex was feeling her up and trying to talk to her. I caught them talking to each other behind a car. Before I knew it I was being dumped for her ex boyfriend.

There I was, at the airport, phone in one hand a box in another. I was texting my friend who said she would be there to send me off, together with the guy I had the hugest crush on. Inside the box was a bunch of farewell letters to my friends. That and a red piece of paper in which I confessed that I had fallen in love with this guy. A Valentine, essentially, for the one person I had cared for that much over the past couple of years.

I was distraught because I was like “fuck, pretending to be straight is a pain.”

My flight was leaving later that night, but it had already been a few hours, and neither of them showed up. Eventually, I receive a text. My friend says she couldn’t make it. Some family friend died and they were going to his funeral. “Okay,” I texted back, asking whether my crush would still come by.

So the next day, after she got back with her ex-boyfriend. He dumped her again. So karma on her. When I saw both of them again. He was gay. And she was with another dude. She ended up being with two guys who both happened to be gay on Valentine’s Day.

“Well, he isn’t. He told me back in January. He chickened out.” I left my country that night with a box full of regret and a broken heart in two. It took me two years to muster the courage to throw the Valentines card and the box of letters away. But it’s okay, I’ll probably never go back to Manila anyway.

I thought it was hilarious looking back at it.

-G, Buena Park

-George, Pomona

Reese’s and Condoms Well when I was in high school, I had this fling with someone. It wasn’t a relationship by any means, rather, it was simply a friends with benefits kind of deal. Regardless, Valentine’s Day was around the corner and we had been “together” for about a month, so I decided to do a little something. Something not overly romantic because I have never been the kind to be a romanticist, but something thoughtful nonetheless. I always thought I was a funny person, so I had the idea of drawing a rose on a condom packet, insinuating that we would be having a good shag later that night. I taped the condom packet on a box of Reese’s Pieces (her favorite candy) and added a little red bow on it and I gave it to her after school.

Not everyone has a happy Valentine’s day story. Some might even say that it’s pointless, because if you really love someone then it shouldn’t only be shown on a specific day. Many have had experiences on this day be it good, bad, funny, or just plain weird and there are those who haven’t experienced it. In the end it is up to you to be the judge of this very complicated yet loving holiday. D

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When I presented my gift to her, she slapped me and basically ended our friends with benefits relationship. I was so disappointed because I really thought it would work, but I guess not. Later on in the school year, I found out she got pregnant by some random dude and she tried to get me to help her, so all I said was “bet you wish you took that condom I gave you like a month ago.” She was not happy and slapped me again, and I’ve never seen her since. My life in a nutshell. We would love to hear what you have to say on this topic and others on relationships, dating, sex, and feminist issues.

-Tony S., Minnesota

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QAMarc Canter &

Author of Reckless Road INTERVIEW BY Nicole Islam

Marc Canter is no stranger to hardcore Guns N’ Roses fans. Slash’s best friend since 1976 followed the legendary hard rock band, taking photograph after photograph and keeping setlists, videos, and old flyers from each of the gigs when GN’R was just a starving band trying to make it on the streets of Los Angeles. Canter has since published his impressive collection in the form of Reckless Road (the ultimate book for the diehard GN’R fan). Canter also runs Canter’s Deli, a longstanding LA hotspot.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Let’s start out with Canter’s Deli. What’s the history behind your famous deli? How long has it been established and what’s the general cuisine?


Canter’s Deli has been around since 1941. It started in east Los Angeles in 1931 and moved to Fairfax in 1948. In the ‘50s, we had Elvis; in the ‘60s, [we had] the Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, and all the hippie bands that were around from 1965 to 1970. We still get all kinds of rock stars today, but it was just a scene in the ‘60s. We are known for our corned beef, pastrami, Reuben’s matzo ball soup, potato pancakes, special burgers, and a bunch of great bakery items.


What is your relationship with Guns N’ Roses? I was friends with them before they got together. I helped them get started and was at every gig they did in Los Angeles, which was about fifty gigs.

How did you meet Slash? I met him when I was in the fifth grade in 1976. He was trying to steal my motorbike, and that’s how we became friends.

You stuck your neck out frequently for Guns N’ Roses before they got their big break. What was it that made you believe so hard in them?


I saw that they were the perfect team of songwriters at the time, and they kept coming up with songs that were ready to go. They had the image, vocals, guitar playing, sound, and songwriting. I loved what they were doing and wanted to see them take it to the next level.



What was your first impression of each member of the classic Guns N’ Roses lineup?

Slash was superhuman and had lots of talent when it came to sketching stuff and riding BMX. Axl [Rose] had a great voice and was a great friend. Izzy [Stradlin] was into bad drugs, but he fit the missing link to what the band needed to get the job done. Duff [McKagan] was a cool dude and was ready to rock; Steven [Adler] was a puppy; he would give you the shirt off his back.



What exactly is Reckless Road and how did you put it together?

Reckless Road is my book about the first fifty gigs of Guns N’ Roses. The birth of the band and even before the band. It has photos from every gig and flyers, ticket stubs, ads and listings. It took me fifteen months at five hours a day to put together the first draft. I had to get it right. I did it in 1993/1994, but didn’t get it out till 2007.


As being at one point close friends with both Axl Rose and Slash, what do you think the fundamental problems are between the two?


There is a lot of miscommunication as to why Axl is upset with Slash. Hat is the biggest thing. Most of their problems could be worked out with a good middleman.


How are your relations now with each of the former members of Guns N’ Roses?


In your opinion, will there be a new Guns N’ Roses album out within the next five years?


Hard to say. The last record took two-tothree years to make and another twelve years to come out. I hope that doesn’t happen again.


Do you have any bit of optimism left that Axl and Slash will reconcile?

I still talk to Slash, Steven, and Duff. Axl is disappointed with me for promoting anything to do with the old band. He wants to move on with the new band and forget that the old band ever existed. Until I put out my book, we were very close.

I think they will at some point, but it may take ten-to-fifteen years or even longer for that. If they tried to work things out, it would take about four months with a good middleman. The problem is Axl has no interest in talking to Slash. He thinks Slash is a liar and thinks Slash should apologize for all the lies he has said about Axl and the breakup. Slash has a different opinion about what happened. Until they talk it out, nothing will ever get done between them.


2013 / February

They were the perfect team of songwriters at the time, and they kept coming up with songs that were ready to go. I loved what they were doing and wanted to see them take it to the next level.

Reckless Road can be found in major bookstores and is available on


Spirit of Radio R

COLUMN BY Nicole Islam

adio is finally getting back to normal after flooding stations with holiday music. The dawn of 2013 has brought along a new era: the comeback song. No, not the Darius Rucker tune (“Come Back Song”). January has reintroduced radio to new records from artists have been on break. Which ones stand as successes? On January 14th, Justin Timberlake debuted “Suit & Tie” his first single since he went on hiatus six years ago. Despite R&B’s lack of popularity and dance’s overwhelming popularity, Timberlake’s song stays true to R&B, and it is already smashing up the charts, sitting in the top 15 on pop radio. “Suit & Tie” is the lead single off his new album The 20/20 Experience, which will come out some time this year. This is definitely a great comeback for Timberlake.

music videos chart. But of course, Underwood annihilating her competition is nothing new. As predicted, The Band Perry’s lead single “Better Dig Two” has stormed up the charts and is waiting at #3 for its turn at the penthouse. The edgy upbeat has become quite popular among country fans. Michelle Jayme, 18, undecided, enthused, “It’s really, really catchy,” though she did find the lyrics creepy. Though the lyrics are creepy, it’s that very aspect that is leaving the strongest impression on country fans.

Another song making a surprisingly strong showing on pop radio is Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child,” featuring Swedish vocalist John Martin. The tune is an electronic dance song with edgy rock vocals and less shallow lyrics

Coming off the heels of the #1 lead single “Hard to Love,” Lee Brice has released, “I Drive Your Truck.” Though the title the top 20 on pop radio and is showing no signs of slowing down on its trek to the top 10. Country radio is looking deliciously dark as of late. Entering the top 10 is Carrie Underwood’s smash single “Two Black Cadillacs,” a Southern Gothic tune detailing a wife and mistress getting revenge on the man who lied to them by taking his life. The song has already received lots of buzz simply by being the followup of her blockbuster hit, “Blown Away,” but now that the dark, horror movie-esque music video has been released, it’s picking up even more steam. In less than a week, the video has already wracked up a million views on YouTube and is making its move up the country

than would by norm at pop radio. The chorus is the narrator’s father reassuring him that “Heaven’s got a plan” for him. Despite the generic instrumental, the vocals and lyrics are a nice departure for pop radio. Hopefully this is a sign pop radio will be more accepting of different sounds in the future. The song is currently at #5 on pop radio and shows no signs of slowing down. Additionally on pop radio, after “Die Young” dramatically shot down the charts post-Sandy shootings, Ke$ha’s new song, “C’Mon” is making a strong presence on pop radio. The ear candy is designed to be played specifically for radio, but it’s a pretty generic tune. Nevertheless, it has reached


seems to play into the tired, generic, stereotypical male truck songs that have devoured country radio over the years, it’s no ordinary “truck” song. “I Drive Your Truck” is a ballad about the narrator mourning the loss of his brother to warfare. The powerful song is winning country listeners over left and right. “I Drive Your Truck” currently sits just outside the top 15 on the country charts, but its strong gains over the past few months almost ensure a top 10 peak at worst. Hopefully, this song will remain a classic staple on country radio. Lady Antebellum is making a triumphant return to the airwaves after their bland sound began tanking. “Downtown” is an urban

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

In other comeback single news, on January 21st, Paramore released “Now,” their first single since brand new eyes’s “Playing God” was released in late 2010. It’s also the first single from this new lineup, as brothers Josh and Zac Farro left the band in 2010. For a quasi-comeback single, “Now” is a bit of a disappointment. To its credit, it is different and catchy, but it comes off as a bunch of unconnected ideas stapled together. Still, it does sound a little promising, and rock radio will undoubtedly eat it up as Paramore’s presence is missed on that format. Paramore’s self-titled new album will be out April 9th. Alice in Chains also made their comeback with “Hollow,” which was released spin on Little Big Town’s summer smash, “Pontoon.” Though it would have been nice to hear a Lady A song with Charles Kelley singing lead (as he’s the best male vocalist on country radio), Hillary Scott’s vocal performance is definitely not disappointing. She pulls off a convincing, sultry vocal performance, though she does at times fall back on her safe, polished phrasing. Still, the song is a great improvement from the Own the Night era and the group’s best single since Need You Now’s “Hello World.” Since their lowest peaking song was still within the top 20 on country radio (with their monotonous previous single “Wanted You More”), this should have no problems climbing to the top 10. After just one week of airplay, it already broke into the top 30. on December 18th. “Hollow” is anything but disappointing. Highly melodic and yet still classically Alice in Chains, the tune is zooming up the various rock charts. “Hollow” has already topped the mainstream rock chart and is climbing the top 10 on the active rock chart.


many artists have attempt ed comeback singles and some seem as if they ’ re off to a magnifi cent start , only time will tell which artists are here to stay .

Though many artists have attempted comeback singles and some seem as if they’re off to a magnificent start, only time will tell which artists are here to stay. D

2013 / February


A Criminal Fall

Theft is still a problem at Cypress College as number of crimes increases over the Fall semester.

U ing

STORY, MAP AND ART BY Gerard Avelino

nsurprisingly, the number of reported crimes during the months of September through November show a dramatic increase compared to the numbers reported from April through August. Durthe five-month period covered by the previous Divergence crime map,

a total of 26 crimes were committed on campus. That number was exceeded only three months into the schoolyear with 10 reports in September, 7 reports in October, and 10 more in November, making a total of 27. Theft is still the top commited crime on campus, with only 7 non-theft crimes reported throughout the semester. Bicycles were stolen from racks across campus, three of which were taken from Gym I. While bicycles still top the list, other items stolen include cellphones, wallets, a backpack, a laptop, and a catalytic converter. If anything, at least someone out there’s making sure their car emits less toxins, albeit at someone else’s expense. Also of note is two vehicle versus vehicle hit and run inci-


dents. These likely involve careless drivers hitting other cars in the parking lot. Cypress is no stranger to peeping toms and campus creepers, and another prowler was arrested after an incident in the bookstore Sept 20. Another arrest was made in the Bookstore Sept 11 after an incident of burglary. Crime statistics for Cypress College are provided every month by the Cypress College Campus Safety Department, in compliance with the Jeane Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crimes Security Act. The said act requires US colleges and universities to disclose information on crimes that occur around campus. D

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence












Bicycle thefts, being the most common type of petty theft, have been denoted with a black T.




Crime Map, Fall 2012 The above map is a summary of the crimes committed on the Cypress College campus. Each dot represents one crime, color-coded according to the month in which each occurred. Each dot is also classified according to the type of crime committed, as shown in the legend on the right.




T Theft September O c to b e r N ov e m b e r

G Grand Theft B Burglary P Peeping Tom A Assault

2013 / February


Divergence Magazine, February 2013  

A Student publication from The Cypress Chronicle, Cypress College, California.

Divergence Magazine, February 2013  

A Student publication from The Cypress Chronicle, Cypress College, California.