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The story of the struggles of a Guatemalan girl and her trials of growing up.

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The Hungry Games


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ello everyone, as a new semester starts new changes are occurring. We have two new editorin-chiefs of the Cypress College Journalism program, new writers, new artists and of course new changes that are affecting all Cypress College students. This semester we are hoping to bring you all the latest news, keep all students updated with the changes and different affects that will be taking place. Not only will we be updating you guys with news but also with the latest entertainment and everything in between. This fall semester has opened up with both new opportunities and new problems for students. From tuition hikes to new upcoming events, there’s no telling what this autumn has in store for us. One can only hope that things work out in our favor, and we’re not overburdened. All in all we can expect is that this coming school semester will be quite interesting. So, yet again, we leave you with these words. To quote the ever fashionable Effie Trinket of The Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” DIVERGENCE / Victoria Cardenas and Sam Islam

Editorial Staff Sam Islam Victoria Cardenas Gerard Avelino Jessica Myers Dyana Ortiz Jeff Lopez Jessica Canales

Editor-in-Chief Editor-in-Chief Layout Editor Advertising Manager Cychron Manager C.C.M.N. Manager Copy Editor

Staff: Gilbert Acosta, Andrea Aragon, Tim Deguzman, Monique Deveau, Karissa Estela, Cesilia Gutierrez, Nicole Islam, Isaiah Mclean, Janelle Mora, Carolina Peralta Robert Mercer Faculty Adviser COVER ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez



his semester, Cypress Chronicle Media Network has three live webcasts coming back and one new show in the newsroom here at Cypress College. You can tune in to these shows on and watch each show on Each show focuses on a different topic so it’s not always the same thing. We also try to keep it local but once in awhile they will go outside of the community.

Charger Highlights

Thrifty Treats

Charger Highlights, hosted by Felix Lopez and Eric Labra, explains and gives you the different events that go on throughout the week. The sports vary from professional sports to Cypress College sports. They will fill you in on what is going on with the players and other deals that have been made through the season.

Dyana Ortiz and Emily Hartman host this yummy show about food. Every week they bring different food cooked in advance to the table. There will be videos on how the food is made and what ingredients are needed. It’s all about food on a budget for college students. Dyana and Emily are here to show you how to make delicious food on a student budget.

Table for Two

Spiels on the Deals

Table for Two is another food show but it is all about food trucks. Stacy Lenz hosts the show that travels around Orange County looking for different food trucks. She buys the food, tells us how it is, and asks other customers their own opinions. Trucks that serve restaurant quality food at a cheap price: who wouldn’t want that?

Spiels on the Deals is a brand new show hosted by Monique Mason and Andrea Aragon. The show is about small businesses showing their deals and what they have to offer. It shows the different deals varying from clothing to food, as well as the different deals that people won’t be able to see on the television.

MONDAYS 2:30pm - 3:00pm

WEDNESDAYS 11:00am - 12:00pm

TUESDAYS 3:30pm - 4:00pm

THURSDAYS 3:30pm - 4:00pm

2012 / September


The HungRY GAMES STORY BY Gerard Avelino ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez


ood is fuel for the brain, which makes accessible, affordable concessions a necessity for every school. Cypress College is no exception, with hungry students hankering for food that is both fast and filling. Luckily, students don’t

need to fight each other to the death for their lunch; Cypress has a number of options for the starvingscholar. There is a KFC across the street, a Del Taco a short drive away, and a McDonald’s a block later. Right on campus, we have our own options for food. Aside from the vending machines scattered around the campus, there also is Chargers Cafe and the Bookstore’s convenience store. With both these in-campus options available for students, Divergence magazine sought students and staff to get their opinions. After all, getting enough food to keep you going for hour after


hour of schoolwork is an important part of everyone’s day.

Chargers Cafe: Turning Breaktime Into Mealtime Chargers Cafe serves a number of freshly cooked food items, such as sandwiches and tacos. It also has a Sbarro’s franchise serving pizza and pasta, as well as Seattle’s Best Coffee. Located in the College Complex, the cafeteria is the perfect place for a student with enough time in between classes to wait for a hot meal. Maileina Calma, a Computer Science major, dines at Chargers Cafe at

least once a week. She usually orders food from Sbarro’s, and even says that the food’s quality is “almost how the mall is.” Calma is thankful for the fact that the hearty food served at the cafeteria holds her off until her evening classes. Kierney Cooper, a Theater major, recommends the pizza. “It’s the closest thing you can find to New York style,” she says, drawing from the time she used to spend in the Big Apple. As for the cost, students can get an entire meal for under $10. Calma says that the price could be better, but that she can’t complain about the value. Cooper

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Left: A Coke, Cajun chicken pita, and chocolate chip cookie from the Bookstore’s Convenience Store. PHOTO BY Andrea Aragon / Right: A 6-inch sandwich, with french fries and iced tea from Chargers Cafe. PHOTO BY Isaiah Mclean agrees, going further to say that the cafeteria’s food is even cheaper than food at the mall.

The Bookstore: For Those Who Eat On The Go Nearly everyone on campus knows where the Bookstore is. In a building of its own right next to the College Complex, the Bookstore also has its own small convenience store. With coffee, cookies, and candy, the Bookstore is best for those with shorter breaks who need food fast.

frigerated salads and sandwiches, as well as a varied stock of candies. While the space is a bit cramped, it still is very convenient for students looking for a quick bite. Also convenient is the fact that they sell testing supplies such as scantrons and sharpened pencils.

The Verdict

needs to eat on the run, the Bookstore is your best bet. For those who have a bit more time on their hands, the Cafeteria is the place to be. Whichever establishment suits your needs, you’re sure to find something to fill yourself up. May the odds ever be in your favor!

The odds, in the end, fall in favor of the Bookstore for convenience, and the Cafeteria for value. For the student who

“I don’t think there’s anything bad you can say about the bookstore,” says Mary Lou Ford, an instructional assistant for tbe Business and CIS Division. She likes the selection of snacks and the choices the bookstore offers. Ford also says that the bookstore has very reasonable prices for the quality, and praises their efficient service. Valerie Leonard, a Health Sciences major, frequents the bookstore, especially as she has little time between classes. “There was only this one time that there was a 15 minute line,” she recalls. The Bookstore sells a variety of re-

Kierney Cooper takes a break after class and enjoys a slice of Sbarro’s pizza at the Chargers Cafe. PHOTO BY Isaiah Mclean

2012 / September


A Journey Down Dirt Roads An interview with artist Cesilia Gutierrez

STORY BY Sam Islam


tories have been passed down historically through generations by use of many different media. Grandparents tell tales to their young grandchildren as they sit on their knees with ears wide open, poets and writers pen down their thoughts and stirring revelations for others to read and soak in, giving them a mouthpiece even for the tiniest of voices. Cesilia Gutierrez, 19, chose to utilize her artistic talent as her medium in order to tell the tale of a young girl named Maria who “has to go through struggles in her life growing up poor in Guatemala.” “She’s just trying to live in the literal sense, surviving to the next day”, Gutierrez said. “They were stories that my mother and people in Guatemala told me. It’s pretty colorful over there.” Her comic series is titled “Dirt Roads,” and the young artist is excited about the opportunity to publish her work in Divergence. “I always thought that the stories I’ve heard were really something and special. I always wanted to put it out there and this was my chance.” Her style has evolved over the years, starting from when she was in kindergarten. “I got my first award in art in kindergarten,” she said. “They always say ‘everyone’s a winner!’ but no, they awarded me,” she chuckled. She’s heavily influenced by the cartoons she used to watch as a young girl, including her personal favorite Teen Titans. “I was so obsessed with cartoons that I wanted to recreate them. I was always a fangirl when I was little. I always tried to copy that style. It never looked right ,but I kept on trying.” There was one particular art style, Gutierrez said, that she previously used but is now trying to distance herself from. “I hate drawing anime,” she said, “but


I can’t stop reverting back to that style. I started off drawing faces like that but really I’m trying to step back from it and creating my own style.” Gutierrez said the time it takes for her to finish one piece depends on what she’s working on. “A comic page takes me two hours. I can get lost in a drawing.” She also does work for people on the side. “People do commission me. I charge really low because I’m just starting,” she said. “But hopefully when I feel more adequate with my work I’ll be able to charge more.” Gutierrez’s artwork has generated a substantial audience online, with over 4000 views for her profile on the website DeviantArt alone. She’s greatly encouraged to continue her artwork by the support she gets from “random strangers.” She also has had no formal training, having never taken any art programs in school and is entirely self-taught. “People are always surprised when I say this” she said. “My art in general is basically raw. . .Everything I’ve been doing, people, objects, cartoons, it’s all self-taught.”

dream right? I want to be a character designer, a storyboard artist, an animator all these things. I just want to draw where I can wake up and not hate my life and I think this is it.” Gutierrez’s comic series will appear in every Fall 2012 issue of Divergence. She hopes she can impress her audience with her work. “I hope they cry,” she declared. “I just hope people read it period. I hope it won’t be ignored and be boring.” The comic series she is writing will take up two pages of the magazine on pages 14 and 15.

“Dirt Roads” is her starting point, but she says that she doesn’t have any immediate plans for a career in art. “I just want to get myself out there and see what I can do.” She said she does, however, have dreams of her own. “That’s everyone’s

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

Can, Can’t, Won’t Three Cypress students’ views on the elections INTERVIEWS BY Janelle Mora


lections are quickly approaching, and when it comes to voting in November, some can, some can’t, and some won’t. D ivergence was able to interview three Cypress students and what they plan to do when the polls open.

Brianna Rios, 23, said she skipped the last election. “I didn’t vote, I never really do, I feel like it does not really make a difference.” However, there are also some people who want to make a difference, but they cannot. Laura Manriquez, 23, would vote for Barack Obama in this coming election. The only problem is, she is not a citizen yet. “I’m going to become a citizen in two or more years.” It is also important to mention that she is from Mexico. To Manriquez, immigration is a very important issue. “Immigration is important to me because I have friends and family who are not legal immigrants and they are struggling with their situation.” She said, “I would vote for Barack Obama because he seems to be pro-immigration.” Also, according to Manriquez, if Mitt Romney were to be elected, “Immigration would go to hell…because Romney will not help the immigrants.” Becoming a citizen is very important to Manriquez “because being a U.S. citizen makes me feel more stronger, secure, and even powerful.” Mayra Flores, 23, will be voting for the first time this year in America. The former Mexican citizen said, “I was not able to vote in my own country.” One has to be 18 to vote in Mexico. At that age, Flores was in the U.S. Flores echoed Manriquez. “I feel powerful because now I can choose the future of the country, which means my future too.”

2012 / September



Divergence Picks

FEATURES BY Isaiah Mclean

The Triplets of Belleville

Directed By Silvain Chomet Starring Béatrice Bonifassi, Lina Boudreault

Allegro Non Troppo Directed By Bruno Bozzetto Starring Maurizio Micheli, Néstor Garay

Much more than just a clever rip off of Prisny’s I mean, Disney’s Fantasia... or is it? That seems to be the issue at hand in Bruno Bozzetto’s Allegro Non Troppo, either way it is brilliantly presented! The amazing animations cover topics such as: Genesis, Evolution, Human Conformity, and many more. Joined by a live action mob of bickering elderly women corralled onto a stage with instruments to be transformed into an orchestra of beautiful harmony Bruno Bozzetto’s Allegro Non Troppo is on a plateau of its own when it comes to animation set to music.


The jazzy soundtrack and visual storytelling carry you along so smoothly that you hardly even notice the plot is almost completely without dialog in The Triplets of Belleville. A saggy eyed cyclist competing in the Tour De France, joined by his grandmother and lazy hound, are just a few of the main ingredients that makes this slow marinated animated film so dang amazing! The plot thickens when the cyclist is kidnapped during the race by the mafia. When Madame Souza (Grandma) and Bruno (Dog) realize what has happened to their peddling superstar (Champion) they search just about everywhere when they run into the triplets. The Triplets of Belleville is full of unexpected creativity with every scene. Whether you like cycling, cute old ladies that can carry jazzy tunes, lazy dogs, or like to have a super cool movie that you know she has never seen up your sleeve for that first date, you will enjoy this film.

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

The Beach Boys Holland

L’Orange Old Soul

Label: Brother Records Produced By The Beach Boys

Produced By L’Orange Productions If you are into raw hip-hop straight out of the producer’s cassette tape you’re going to dig L’Orange’s new album Old Soul. Old Soul is an almost entirely instrumental album inspired and dedicated to Billie Holliday. If that doesn’t already sound like a classic, this will: it’s entirely free off of L’Orange’s website! Stuffed with jazzy horn samples and classic drum patterns with samples of Billie Holliday over the top every now and then, this album is one of the best free downloads out there. You can find this album at

If you have heard of The Beach Boys you probably think of a harmonious group of young boys singing about summertime, California girls, and their daddy’s t-birds getting taken away. This was how they sounded until there 19th album Holland. The Beach Boys went to the Netherlands in the summer of 1972 to record the album in hope of inspiring creativity. This resulted in Holland bein their most respected and most unique sounding album to date. Some say the reason is because of the boys’ homestuckness. Holland is a great album front to back, packed with a three part ode to California, “California Saga/Bigsur,” “California Saga / The Beaks of Eagles,” and “California Saga/California”. It even has a nice song to play for that special someone: “Only With You.”

Got a favorite show you want us to feature on Divergence Picks? Need to share that song that’s been stuck in your head for days? Think you’ve seen the next Hollywood blockbuster?

E-mail us at! 2012 / September


Run For Your Lives: Zombie Run! STORY BY Monique Deveau


ould you survive a world infested with zombies?” Every year Run For Your Lives hosts a “zombie-infested” event that travels across the United States. The event is a 5-kilometer obstacle course filled with zombies walking and running after “alive individuals” towards a finish line. The course is complete with a safe zone and Emergency Medical Technicians, in case anyone gets hurt. The “Zombie Run” only happens in a few states across the country. Southern California was given not one, but two event dates because of the Zombie Run’s popularity with Californians. The first date, Oct. 20, sold out. The second date, Oct. 21, still has room for participants to register this week. The event has enough zombies. It just lacks “live” people to run. It will cost $87 to register. The cost includes: a ”warwear” performance shirt for the event, one free beer (if one is 21-plus), access to the safe zone and Apocalypse Live Music Festival. It will be held in South Temecula. This event means serious business. Participants must not have any health-related issues. They will be signing an agreement reading they are aware of the intensity of the course. Similar to flag football, participants will be wearing visible flags


and the zombies will be reaching for those throughout the course. Upon grabbing and removing the last flag, an alive individual will not be. All runners must be at least 14 years of age to register. This is a chance to experience a world of zombies roaming around and to see if one really has what it takes to survive. The website to sign up for this event is at www.runforyourlives. com. It also includes a Frequently Asked Questions section with what to bring and directions to the course. One can even register as part of a team, and have a team name. If one desires to come to the event—but not as a meal—the event allows spectators as well. Spectators are charged $32 pre-sale for Saturday, Oct. 20, and $40 on race day. Spectators wanting to watch on the second day, Sunday Oct. 21, will be paying $20 on race day. No presale tickets available for this date. Spectators will have access to the Apocalypse Music Festival where over 12 bands will be performing for “Walking Dead” fans.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Face Your Fears

STORY BY Victoria Cardenas

Theme park features, mazes, and scares this Halloween season. It’s that time again this year when all the monsters and ghouls come out to play. Returning this year is Knott’s Berry Farm’s 4th annual Halloween Haunt and Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Every year the amusement parks hold these events to celebrate Halloween. Both events kick off September 21st and go until October 31st. The tickets range from $30- $80 depending on what day people choose to go. This year at Halloween Haunt there are 13 mazes: • •

Delirium End Games: Warrior of the

• • • • • • • • • • •

Apocalypse Trick or Treat Pinnochio Unstrung Virus Z Evil Dead Terror of London Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre in 3d Dominion of the Dead Fall out Shelter in 3d Trapped Uncle Willy’s Slaughter House Dia De Los Muertos

All 13 mazes have different monsters, ghouls and some of people’s most scariest fears.

2012 / September

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is hosting seven mazes including the terror tram where it is said to leave you in the middle of a scare zone to fend for yourself. The 7 mazes are: • • • • • • •

The Walking Dead: Dead Inside The Chainsaw Massacre Silent Hill La llorna Alice Cooper Universal Monsters Remix The Terror Tram


QARobert Simpson C &

Cypress College President

INTERVIEW BY Carolina Peralta

ypress College saw Michael Kassler’s last term as College President last semester. Now, Robert Simpson, formerly Vice President, takes the reins of the school administration. D ivergence caught up with Simpson and asked a few questions about his new position. How do you feel as Cypress College’s 11th

Q President? A

I am honored beyond any ability that I have to express my appreciation. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that I would be president of a college, let alone a college that is outstanding as Cypress College is. I went into education with the intention of teaching. Over the years my involvement prepared me to take on opportunities when they came, it led me to administration for Fullerton College then here at Cypress College, but never with a specific goal in becoming a College President, I was always trying to do the best that I could. When I was dean of a division I tried to be the best dean. When I came over to Cypress College as the executive vice president I learned a new culture, new place and new atmosphere environment, and I was always trying to help students to the best of my ability. Unexpectedly Dr. Kasler announced his retirement, and I just felt it was a good opportunity, and I applied for the position not expecting that I would have any better chance than anyone else. At the end of the process I was offered the position, and it was exciting just beyond my ability to express, it is just such an honor.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

What are your plans for Cy-

Q press College?

One of the things that I really appreciate about Cypress is the culture that has been established here. That is the culture of cooperation and collaboration you see that everywhere across the college. We really can’t do our job to the best of our abilities unless we are working together. And that is part of the atmosphere, climate and culture of the college. And it is my intention to do everything that I can to make sure that the culture continues. It is a legacy that was established long before I got here, I think its something that really contributes to the effectiveness of the college


Secondly Cypress College has benefited greatly from community support. Our Previous presidents specifically Dr. Michael Kasler really emphasized the need of college personnel, college representatives to be participant out there in the community, to be active and involved and to find the opportunity for us to give back what we can. And this something I really will emphasize on. It is important for us to be good neighbors, to make sure the community that supports us so incredibly knows that we will give back whatever we can, that it can be a true partnership, With respect to academics and primary mission of the college, student success is always the top agenda item. One of the issues that I am really going to emphasize during my presidency is finding a way that we can address the achievement gap. Students of all different types are coming to college and they all want to have an equal opportunity and to succeed in whatever their academic or vocational pursuits are. We will be focusing a lot of attention and energy on that over the year. So that we can make improvements and so that we are an open inviting diverse college but also so the students that come all have an equal opportunity at succeeding.


Who is the most influential person in your life?

I think over all if I was to say what person has had the most influence to respect of how I were to live my life it would be former UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, who was just such know for his athletic achievements a national champions, all-American, just an incredible record. What he focused on, he always considered himself not a basketball coach but a teacher. His success was tied to the success of his athletes not on the basketball court but in their lives. But if we look at the achievement of UCLA basketball players during the Wooden era, they are teachers, doctors and lawyers and community servers we can go on and on. His positive influence on his students and athletes beyond the basketball court were the lessons that he taught about life that he provided for his athletes, was just an amazing philosophy to live by. One simple example, Coach Wooden was asked a lot about success and what is success. Most people consider success as A’s in the classroom or a winning National Championships.

by and that is ‘success is nothing more but peace of mind’ and that piece of mind comes from self satisfaction and knowing that you have really done your best to become the best that you are capable of. It’s also knowing that you have done everything as an individual to be the best in whatever walk of life: the best student reporter, that best friend, that best family member and the best student in the classroom. If you have done your best and used your talent and ability, and you know that for a fact, regardless of the outcome, you are a success. That simple philosophy translated and was responsible for all those incredible successes because the desired outcome was not a win, the desired outcome in the class wasn’t an A, the desired outcome on the court was to compete to your highest level and play the game to the best of your ability. In the classroom is to challenge yourself to excel at the highest level. And if you do that, regardless of the outcome, how can that be considered anything else but a success.

Coach Wooden’s definition of success is something that I try to live

Q Anything you would like to say to Cypress College students? A

I think Cypress College students have chosen absolutely the finest community college in the state of California. I hope that is reflected in everything we do from the beauty of the grounds that you can see when you look out the window to the support

2012 / September

that is provided here in student services. In every aspect of student life, I hope what students see is reflected in our values: collaboration, commitment to success. Also, know that we are supporting students in every way that we can. Without you how would the college excel?


Dirt Roads ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

Cypress C

Thoughts on the


ave you heard of The Yeti? How about The Loch Ness Monster? Or maybe Slender Man? Perhaps these are merely legends, myths that have been passed on throughout time. Of course, each myth usually has a grain of truth.The same can be said of this one particular issue, recently coming into the spotlight. From teenage love to adult passion, this issue can and will wind its tentacles around its prey. It doesn’t discern between the sex or age of its quory so don’t expect it to show mercy. But what exactly is this thing that crushes hearts and breaks relationships? It’s none other than, “The Friend Zone”.

Can We Just Be Friends? No, the friend zone is not a parallel universe you can be transported to. It is right here on Earth, when a boy or girl who loves someone so dearly they will do anything for that person, is put into a place dubbed the friend zone. What is the friend zone? It’s the place where you are put after being told by the one you love, that to them you are merely a good friend and nothing more.

ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez


This so called friend zone gets confused by both sexes. Sometimes females or males want nothing but a friendship with the other. Friendships are sometimes the strongest bonds, but some do not appreciate or wish to be put into the friend zone. In that case, they often desire a romantic relationship. Some males

or females become persistant on trying to come out of the friend zone. In some, but very rare, cases, either can come out of the friend zone and have a relationship with the person they are passionate about. More likely than not, someone is kept in the zone because the person they care about does not want anything more than a friend. What makes it hard is when the someone keeps trying and trying for that special someone that does not want anything from them. This tends to lead into huge problems between the two. At this point, this is where this relationship between the two should be stopped. If the man or woman cannot accept being friends and the other person for sure does not want anything, the friendship should be ended in order for the man or woman to get over their feelings for the other. This is the only way either can move on with their life. Being put into this friend zone is not always the best and most fun way to live. It is not fun knowing how much someone can care for someone else but cannot have the relationship with the one person they want the most. But if someone wants

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

ss Confidential

ghts on the Friend Zone from the Cypress Chronicle editorial staff to keep this person in their life, they must learn to accept the fact that friendship is all that they can get and be happy about it.

Nice Guys Finish Last--Not! A Feminist View On The Friend Zone As the saying goes, “nice guys finish last.” Unfortunately, whoever first spoke that undying sentence failed to take the girls into account. The underlying concept of “nice guys” and the friend zone goes hand-in-hand with the realities of institutionalized misogyny and the perpetuation of the western patriarchy. For the self-described nice guy, being relegated to the friend zone might just be the ultimate slap in the face. Undoubtedly, sexual intimacy is on the forefront of the hormonal young adult male mind. Perhaps, for heterosexual males, they think that doing all those nice things for a girl would be a surefire way for them to gain her trust, be her boyfriend, and eventually, have sex. However, this oftperpetuated misconception is all based around the idea that the woman herself desires sexual intimacy, and would give in easily to someone who was simply nice. “In reality, all you really have is a woman who has chosen, for her own perfectly acceptable reasons, that she does not want to enter into a relationship with you, or have sex with you. If that makes her a ‘pricktease,” you need to reconsid-

er the way you view women,” says Tilly Jean of The friend zone issue delves into the complications of female oppression, specifically the ability of a woman to freely choose for herself. Once a woman explicitly says that she would rather be friends with a guy, it’s high time for him to back off, move on, and look for someone else. If a woman says no, she usually has a good enough reason for not wanting a romantic relationship with a man. Friendship is, in itself, not a bad thing at all, but when males take it upon themselves to feel offended, it takes on a different meaning. For men to speak out against being in the friend zone means disregarding the woman’s choice, minimizing it to something that takes less precedence over the male’s. If that sounds familiar, you’re probably right: this is exactly what the West was before women’s suffrage. Male superiority is a social norm that is stuck in the 1800s: it needs to change with the times. Says Alisse Desrosiers on, “We are living, thinking creatures who maybe—just maybe—want to date and sex people we’re attracted to. And that doesn’t make any of us bitches. It makes us human.” When a woman rejects a man, the problem lies in the end result, in which the man makes the woman his enemy. It turns his quest for a romantic relationship into a war that must end in his conquest being the woman’s

2012 / September

suppression. For some men, being put into the friend zone is taken as a challenge. They would change themselves to manipulate the woman’s decision, trying to make her change her mind. If that doesn’t work, the woman is degraded and called numerous demeaning terms— the least of which being “bitch”. In more extreme cases, there may even be more physical consequences for a woman’s refusal. With the internet’s ubiquity in recent years, it has even become easier for disgruntled men to spout hatred, often anonymously, for the girls who put them in the friend zone. When you combine disgruntled men with the freedom of the internet, there is sure to be unwarranted vitriol. When directed at women, not only is there name-calling but also threats of sexual abuse, among other appalling acts. In the end, the nice guy becomes nothing but a sexist beast because of one woman’s scorn. The concept of the friend zone, in the end, is not only incredibly sexist, but also potentially harmful. It not only turns a woman’s choice into nothing, but also has the effect of leading men to think and act in a harmful manner.

E-mail us your thoughts on the friend zone, or other issues you might have on love, romance, and sex. Send all queries to 17

Bookstore Crisis Textbook price increases force students to switch to e-books. STORY BY Gilbert Acosta


ewer students this semester shop for textbooks in the campus bookstore. According to Cypress College Freshman Jonathan Bennett, the prices have become too much of a hassle to deal with. “Books are very expensive for students. What I do is just borrow books or look online for cheaper books. The prices for textbooks in the bookstore are outrageous.”

Students blame the bookstore; the bookstore blames the publishers and ebooks. Bookstore Director David Okawa, said, “The pricing from the publisher has increased tremendously, especially over the past five to six years.” The publishers may not be the only ones to blame for the recent rise in prices. Students get part of the blame. Okawa said, “You’ve got your Amazon and which are in direct competition with us (bookstore) as well.” The use of e-books and online shopping has directly affected the pricing according to Okawa. Freshman Deema Aljibeh said she avoids the bookstore. “I have been checking online to see if I could find other alternatives. Some of the books are $75 in the bookstore, but on, the price is only $20. It’s not fair. This just shows that they (the textbooks) are overpriced.” Many of the students are beginning to realize how


much cheaper it really is to go online for books. Students all over campus are beginning to bring laptops, e-books and iPads to class. If many of the students are finding other ways to get the materials they need for class, this cuts bookstore sales. “We have seen about a 15 percent to 20 percent decline in sales in the textbook area itself. That is just over the past two years,” Okawa said. “Say we were

a three-million-dollar store, we are now finding us to be a two-point-two-milliondollar store. Because of the prices, students are not buying at all. They start sharing or doing anything else they can.” Students tend to feel as if education has become far too expensive. Should education have a price? Aljibeh has her own opinion. “People blame students for not wanting to get an education. Well I’m sorry, education is expensive.”

A number of textbooks, such as Journalism Next by Mark Briggs, come in a more affordable e-book format. PHOTO BY Isaiah Mclean

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

As the years pass education seems to become more and more expensive. writes median income has hovered around $33,000 since 1988. Meanwhile, average college tuition and fees have more than doubled from $2,500 to $6,500. Some say textbooks are no longer necessary. According to Aljibeh, her textbooks seem to be outdated every year. “Textbooks seem to be changing every year. And they only have slight changes, nothing too dramatic. It is not fair for students to have to buy new editions every year. Maybe every five or ten years we could buy a new edition. I just do not think it is right.� Aljibeh said she believes students should not have to repurchase a book they bought the previous year. Some ebooks are automatically updated. Just three weeks into the school year, there was just one student in the bookstore. That student purchased pencils. Is it possible to sell enough $3 packs of pencils to make up for not selling a $75 textbook?

2012 / September


More Than Just Photos on a Wall

Conceptual Photography Exhibition in the Technical Education I Building FEATURE BY Isaiah Mclean


lizabeth DiGiovanni’s Conceptual Photography Exhibition goes much deeper than visually appealing images on a wall. Showcased on the second floor of the Technical Education I Building, the works will be on display until

September 20. The opening reception was held May 17. The whole purpose of the Conceptual photography show is to have an idea or concept and to use the photographic medium as a way of expressing that idea. There are a variety of concepts embedded into the photographs at this show. Some of them are abstract others shout in your face what they are saying. Ocean of Recollection by Luis Najar-Munoz is a photographic diary containing 1500 images in a span of two months documenting intimate life about memory, and relationships. Using today’s version of the snapshot (mobile phone). As the artist said, “Connecting with people through technology has become easier and at the same time we continue to feel disconnected. Ocean of Recollection is a wave of memory, which I fear I will forget.” Right: Luis Najar-Munoz - Ocean of Recollection – the wave of recollection grows bigger and bigger.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Left: Stefani Lin – Injustice - This Controversial piece caused a lot of ruckus. Viewers were worried for the subjects in the photos not sure if the shots were staged or real. Below: Jeannette Donahue – Shades –This piece is a reflection of yourself as you look into the mirrors with a play on words with the different shades of colors in each photograph.

Above: Taylor Catherine – Pieces of Richard This piece was created out of only four images, with a three dimensional effect, with the center of the piece being a mosaic portrait of the subjects face using only the four outer images of his life. Right: Isaiah Mclean & Taylor Catherine – You Are Here A collaborative piece that shouts out that there are still places to go skateboarding around town!

2012 / September


Predicting the next smash hits of the season

Spirit Of Radio STORY BY Nicole Islam


ith summer songs coming and going, a question is left hanging in the air: what will be the next smash hits of the season? Each radio genre is starting to present its picks for the songs you’ll hate hearing so much, you’ll love them.

On pop radio, a song that’s making a surprisingly large splash is Justin Bieber’s song “As Long As You Love Me (feat. Big Sean).” Usually, Bieber doesn’t fare too well on the radio (only “Boyfriend”

sounding exactly like Train’s previous hit, “Drive By.” Regardless of the similarities, “50 Ways” is undeniably catchy. For country fans, the song making the biggest impact is the adventurous and epic Carrie Underwood tune “Blown Away.” It’s easy to see why. This dark tune details a (presumably sexually) abused girl getting revenge on her father by allowing a tornado to blow him away. Sonically, “Blown Away” draws from the likes of U2 and Coldplay while still maintaining a twang. Andrew Byfield, 23, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Writing/Literature major, boasts that the tune has “captivating lyrics and stellar production.” This sinister tune is quintessential for the season -- for country fans and pop

managed a good peak, peaking at #9 on the Billboard CHR/Pop chart). This is also shockingly a very good song, though if you hated dubstep before, you probably won’t care for this tune. Another song presenting a strong showing on pop is Train’s fresh tune “50 Ways to Say Goodbye,” with a popular music video, great iTunes sales, and strong pop airplay (already currently in the top 20 on both the Billboard CHR/Pop chart and the iTunes all-genre chart just a month and a half after its release). Despite its strength, “50 Ways” has proven to be a polarizing song among listeners. Though some love the smooth Spanish guitar and humorous lyrics, others dismiss it as


fans alike. Additionally, with his recent streak on radio, his impressive album sales, and

his looks and charm, Luke Bryan looks to take over radio with his latest single, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.” Though the song is about breakup sex, it certainly

marks a lyrical improvement from “Girl, you make my speakers go boom boom” (from his previous hit,”Drunk On You”). Also, don’t expect Eric Church’s latest single “Creepin’” to creep up the charts. The CMA nominee is the format’s new golden boy. If this song wasn’t hit-worthy before, radio will make it a hit. Modern mainstream rock has been notoriously dead. However, there are a handful of standouts that may or may not catch on. With Slash’s latest single “Standing In The Sun” already peaking with almost no airplay, classic rock artists appear to be getting the shaft. All except for two bands: Aerosmith and Rush. Aerosmith’s past three singles from their new album Music From Another Dimension! (set to

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

drop November 6th) have enjoyed some success already. “Legendary Child” and “Lover Alot” sound straight from a ‘90s Aerosmith album (and indeed, the former was written during the session for 1991’s Get a Grip). They’re the most rock n’ rollsounding songs on the radio. “What Could Have Been Love” is only being played on pop radio, but rock fans should check it out, too. It’s a gripping ballad, perhaps their best ballad since “Hole in My Soul” from Nine Lives. Adrian Martin, 18, Fullerton College, software engineer, praised the tune’s “powerful lyrics” and vocalist Steven Tyler’s delivery. “The chorus is especially

my favorite part.” Rush has managed to stay strong despite not being a very commercial band. Their latest album Clockwork Angels sold 103,000 copies in its opening week, outselling its successful predecessor Snakes & Arrows by 10,000 copies. The poignant concept album is classic Rush. Any rock fan will want to check out “Headlong Flight” and “The Garden.” The production is a bit muddy, but the craftsmanship is top notch. Among newer bands, the most promising song is The Black Keys’s latest single “Little Black Submarines.” This song has everything one could want:

ence, blasted the song for being “unoriginal” and “the same thing over and over again,” adding that she was “over the whole Taylor Swift thing.” One thing’s for certain: if you enjoy bopping your head mindlessly to pop music, this song is right for you. Otherwise, it may be wiser to change the channel.

a gorgeous acoustic section, rockin’ electric section, poignant lyrics, and emotional vocals. Red Hot Chili Peppers fans definitely will not want to pass this tune up. There is actually a lot of great music to look forward to this coming season; however, there is also a lot of music to avoid like the plague. Perhaps the most polarizing song on radio right now is Taylor Swift’s new song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Despite strong sales and a strong debut on radio, its airplay is already starting to go downhill. Country radio disc jockeys are receiving the most complaints of any Swift song. Some people feel that while it’s a very good song, it’s not country. Others say that the song is awful regardless of genre. Stephanie Sanchez, 18, political sci-

Equally atrocious is Tim McGraw’s first single with Swift’s label “Truck Yeah.” Country radio goes through fads -- a couple months ago, every song was about beer; now every song is about trucks. This tune can certainly compete with Kip Moore’s “Somethin ‘Bout a Truck” for worst truck song ever. While

it has undeniably infectious guitars, the lyrics make Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” look genius. Pop music isn’t in the clear either. Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back” is starting to falter in airplay -- probably because too many people complained that the song gave them an ear infection. Its sounds exactly like every song on the pop charts right now (barring Demi Lovato’s recent #1 “Give Your Heart a Break”), except Lloyd’s vocals are painful, and the lyrics are even worse if possible. The song has maintained stable sales, though, so perhaps it appeals to some people.

2012 / September


End of the Line

“Professional students” at risk of losing priority enrollment. STORY BY Tim Deguzman


ypress Community College students on the “ seven- year plan” are being sent to the bottom of the enrollment priority list. These professional students who have over 100 units will no longer be at the top of the enrollment list beginning Fall 2014.

Priority will go to new students that have declared a formal academic plan and to returning students with no more than 100 units. First priority within these groups will go to active-duty military, veterans, and those who are or were in the foster youth program. According to these new rules, students looking for re-entry will basically

be shut out for having too many units after Fall 2014. Currently, Cypress College has 15,479 students attending during this academic school year for 2012-2013. According to Cypress Enrollment records for the Fall Semester of 2011, there were 15,889 students attending; 410 students more than this current year.

“We have exceeded the target of 10,515 Full Time Equivalent Students (FTES), established by the California Community College System”, said the Interim Executive Vice President, Dr. Steven Donley. “Since Fall of 2008, student enrollment efficiency has gone from 91 percent of seats filled to 104 percent of student seats filled...carrying a higher demand that equates to higher success.”



The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

A Full Time Equivalent Student (FTES) can range from one student taking 12 units to 12 students taking one unit each. There is a projected enrollment 12,743 of FTES for the 2013 school year, which is 2,228 over the expected target amount for which Cypress College is paid to educate. In other words, over 2,000 students will not get seats in 2013. The budget cuts have created larger classes. Over the 2011-2012 school year, Cypress saw a reduction of 63 sections of classes. The 63 sections represented 3-unit classes that were typically nonenrichment classes: classes that do not promote students towards a certificate or transfer degree. Professor Peter Matthews of the Political Science Department expressed his concerns for the students and the budget cuts as he himself had proposed the Severance Tax on Oil Initiative. The tax sets a fee to be paid by oil and mining companies on every barrel or oil, thousand cubic feet of natural gas, or ton of minerals.

Over the 2011-2012 school year, Cypress saw a reduction of 63 sections of classes

“A 15-percent severance tax would bring in $4 billion a year for kindergarten through university,” said Matthews. “$1.5 million would go to community colleges, about $1.3 million to K-12, and

$500 million for CSU’s, and $400 million to UC’s which is a tremendous amount of resource that could have been brought in.”

to cover this 2012-2013 semester.” After that, more cuts will have to be made; more students put at the back of the line.

Matthews said, “Corporate tax loopholes could be closed to bring in additional revenue,” but a lack of voter support within California has led to a failure to fund state income.

‘The door is closing, but it is not yet shut,’ Donley said, for students who have accumulated 100 units or more.

The Vice President for the Fiscal Plant and Administrative Services for Cypress College, Karen Cant, said, “ We have been relying on the state’s allocation for the 4th year.” The issue is “hard as there is no access, and student services are high in demand”. “Revenue has shrunk,” she said, as there is also a reliance on three factors within California’s economic climate. This includes “a property (value) decline, a reliance on income tax, and, thirdly, an increase in unemployment rates.” Matthews, Cant and Donley, among others, say, “It is important for voters to vote for Prop 30.” The November campaign to pass Proposition 30, led by Governor Jerry Brown, would “allocate 89 percent of increased tax revenues to K-12, and 11 percent to community colleges, according to Sales tax will be increased a quarter percent for four years. Plus, a personal income tax for annual earnings over $250,000 is proposed in Prop 30. Due to a snowball effect of California’s repeated failure to fund education, the money is no longer there. Divergence asked Donley whether Cypress College has already ‘hit the wall’ in terms of this semester’s fiscal budget. He said, “We have already hit the wall for 20122013….The district has enough reserves

2012 / September

The primary reason for the shift in priority registration from professional students is to “allow an opportunity for a new student to pursue a degree, a certificate, or transfer,” said Donley. “The door is closing, but it is not yet shut,” Donley said for students who have accumulated 100 units or more. They have three semesters to transfer before going to the end of the list. In addition to the priority demotion, students’ pockets are now lighter as classes are priced at $66 per unit. Some professors on the Cypress College campus, under the reorganization of community colleges under Governor Pat Brown in 1960, received two years of education for free. Administrators say they have done what they can to educate as many community college students as possible. Now, any improvements are up to the voters, or more students will have to go to the back of the line.


Crime Map

No Summer Break for Campus Crime


STORY AND MAP BY Karissa Estela and Gerard Avelino

chool has alw ays be e n c onside r e d a sa nc tua r y f or the stu d e n ts in it. U nfortunately, he r e a t Cypr e ss, wha t should be sa f e a nd so u n d h a s b e e n turned upside down.

Campus crime is still a pervasive problem at Cypress College. In the months of April, May, June, July, and August, there were twenty-six crime reports, compared to a total of twentythree over the months of February and March. This was in the middle of the Summer Session, and with less people on campus, there was also less crime compared to the previous months. Theft is on the rise, as 18 of the 26 crime reports are theft; eleven of these were petty theft and two were

classified as grand theft. The petty thefts range from bikes to books to iPhones. Bikes are still a popular item for thieves, with seven stolen in the last four months. Three were stolen from the Student Center bike racks, two were stolen Gym 1, and the others from Gym 2, the SEM Building, and the Humanities building. In the month of July alone there were two grand thefts – grand theft is committed when the value of stolen property exceeds $400. One grand theft was a computer in the Library and the other was a vehicle from Lot 1.

Surprisingly there was a battery case in or near the Humanities Building this past July – battery is any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another. Police were called and an arrest was made. On the flip side, in the month of June, only two crimes were committed, both thefts. Also notably, In April, there was an “attempted robbery” of headphones. Crime does not always pay, however, as an arrest was made in the case of the bicycle stolen from the SEM building.

ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence





















Crime Map, April-August 2012


The above map is a summary of the crimes committed on the Cypress College campus. Each dot represents one crime, color-coded according to the month in which each occurred. Each dot is also classified according to the type of crime committed, as shown in the legend on the right. Bicycle thefts, being the most common type of petty theft, have been denoted with a white T.


April M ay June J u ly August

2012 / September

T Petty Theft R Robbery X Trespassing H Hit and Run V Vandalism G Grand Theft 27


Divergence Magazine, September 2012  

A Student publication from The Cypress Chronicle, Cypress College, California.

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