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October 2012

The Strange and the Spooky P19

Divergence takes a look at one of Cypress College’s ghostly hotspots.

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There’s Always Hope


Hospital from Hell

Disappearance of the “Wheelies”


Dirt Roads


The Strange and the Spooky

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Horror Night on the Carpet

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ll Hallow’s Eve is creeping up on us this year, and we have dedicated this issue to spooky and supernatural articles that may blow your mind. Halloween is coming up real fast so hopefully everyone knows what they are going to dress up as! If not take a look at our article that gives you ideas and places to go shopping for a new costume. If you’re someone who just likes listening to ghost stories we also have articles on the ‘ghost stories’ here at Cypress College as well as a haunted hospital. As much fun as we had making this article it is time you the users give us your input and tell us what you want to see in the next issue. Watch out for our Cypress Chronicle booth by the pond where a couple of us editors will be out there ready and waiting to here what you have to say. You will be able to add in your input and tell us here at Cypress Chronicle what kind of news, events, music, etc. you may want to see in the next issue. Stay away from the spooks kids, and Happy Halloween! DIVERGENCE / Victoria Cardenas and Sam Islam

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Staff: Carolyn Daugherty, Tim Deguzman, Monique Deveau, Katrina Gary, Cesilia Gutierrez, Nicole Islam, Isaiah Mclean, Carolina Peralta, Mary Ramos Robert Mercer Faculty Adviser COVER PHOTO BY Isaiah Mclean RIGHT: ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

College newspapers disappear one by one A STORY BY Carolyn Daugherty

ccording to Rich Cameron, the secretary for the Journalism Association of Community Colleges, there have been at least 10 colleges that have closed their journalism programs in the past few years. A few schools were able to save their online publications this year, but nonetheless, it is safe to say that college newspapers are dwindling away right in front of our very eyes. College of San Mateo, San Diego Miramar College and Antelope Valley College are just a few schools that have had to stop printing their school newspapers as of this year. San Jose City College was one of the lucky schools that were able to save their school newspaper this semester. The City College Times has been around for over fifty years and is the only source for campus news and information. On September 5, San Jose City College Times released an article on their website stating that they may cease to exist if 20 students were not enrolled by this semester. Fortunately for

them, 20 students were enrolled by the deadline, allowing them to continue producing their newspaper for at least one more semester. The burning question everyone wants to know is, why? According to Cameron, “There are a lot of reasons, but probably the most powerful is a combination of declining budgets and programs that have not been able, for whatever reason, to boost enrollments.” Farideh Dada, the Adviser for the San Jose City College Times, said that “many believe that this profession doesn’t need much training and skills, and anyone can be a journalist. It’s a dangerous thought, especially considering the fact that everyone has access to the Internet and can spread rumors and call them news.” Aside from the colleges losing their school newspapers, this has a major effect on anybody who is involved in the journalism programs. There have been many journalism students who have had to delay graduation because their schools have cut the

2012 / October

required courses needed to receive their diplomas. The professors teaching these courses have so much to lose as well. “I think once the publication stops, my career at SJCC will be ended,” said Dada. This is incredibly unfortunate for everybody if these programs disappear completely. The Santa Barbara City College newspaper, The Channels, had to stop publishing their printed edition this semester, but was able to save their online publication. The Channels are taking full advantage of this opportunity with lots of interactivity on their website and publishing news stories every couple days. Amara Aguilar, the Adviser of Student Media at Saddleback College, thinks that online publications have so much more to offer because it is “convenient and timely.” Aguilar added, “I think this is an amazing time in media history. We see a transformation of the industry occurring right before our eyes and there is incredible opportunity for innovation and engagement.” As for journalism programs, it seems that nobody is safe anymore. “I can identify nearly 20 publications of the remaining 45 or so that could be in jeopardy in the next few years,” said Cameron, “it could get real ugly real soon.”


There’s Always Hope Hirsch Mental Health Center marks two years serving OC residents STORY BY Monique Deveau


ach year in Orange County, it is estimated that 2,700 people intentionally harm themselves. Some 260 of those individuals die from their self-inflicted injuries. Although the county’s suicide rate is lower than the state and national statistics, it’s still increasing in devastating numbers, according to 2005-2009 Orange County Health Records cited in a Hirsch Mental Health Center press release.

As preventive measures towards this issue, Hirsch Mental Health Center has been providing Orange County with a 24/7 suicide toll-free hotline: (877) 727-4747. The hotline has been serving Orange County area for two years. It is designed to give victims help and moral support. The Suicide Prevention Center is equipped with trained counselors, fluent in multiple languages, available at all hours, every day.

I felt this small group was a place where I could talk, and what others had to share also made me feel better

Its popularity has grown by 14 percent in the last couple of years from 5,114 callers in 2011 to 5,918 callers in ending June 2012. Sandri Kramer, the Crisis Line Director, said in an interview these numbers “indicate more people are reaching out for help.” The Hirsch Mental Health Center has



The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

been around for over 50 years. Since its opening, an estimated 60,000 people from all age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds have benefited from

The death of Marilyn Monroe brought about an awareness of suicide to the public in a different perspective.

the center’s extensive outreach programs. This center also helps family members grieving over a loved one’s suicide and assists them with coping

in their daily life. The Hirsch Mental Health Center provides community outreach programs to educate the community on mental health issues as well. “The eight group sessions helped tremendously. I felt this small group was a place where I could talk, and what others had to share also made me feel better,” said E.A. (one family member grieving over a loved one’s death) “Every week, I gain understanding and some peace. I learned that a person can have a side of happiness even after this devastating loss. After completing the eight-week sessions, I look forward to the monthly meetings…” Celebrity deaths have raised awareness of the need for suicide counseling.

2012 / October

“The death of Marilyn Monroe brought about an awareness of suicide to the public in a different perspective..,” Kramer said. “It’s in human nature to question your life and existence. And our programs are there to show others that they aren’t alone at their darkest hour. People can call in to the suicide phone number to learn how to even talk to someone they know that may be going through the thought of it. It’s hard talking about something society deems inappropriate to speak about, until it’s too late.” The Center also provides substance abuse services in the community where poverty restricts assistance. To learn more information about Hirsch Mental Health Services: http://


Endeavour takes to California skies Space Shuttle goes on its final Californian Tour


STORY BY Mary Ramos

ndeavor headed into the sky as it left the high desert at Edwards Air Force Base in Palmdale, CA. It was Friday morning, and it was a go for the shuttle to mark its final California flight. The shuttle was accompanied by two NASEAU F-18s and hoards of photographers who eagerly wait to catch a glimpse of this historic shuttle. One of these lucky spectators was Brian Horsman of Apple Valley, CA. A former student of the Cypress College Auto Department, Brian Horsman had heard about the shuttle and wanted to come out and view Endeavour first hand, especially since he was so near the take off point. Horsman mentioned he was very excited because this was his very first time that he was able to view Endeavor. He saw it getting ready for takeoff with his friends and he said it made him “feel all tingly inside” and gave him “much pride to be able to witness this piece of history.”

PHOTO BY Brian Horsman

PHOTO BY Juan Guevara

PHOTO BY Crystal Gochnauer Worley


Some 80 miles away from Edwards Air Force Base, in the Hollywood Hills, Juan Guevara, was towering above the crowd on one of the power line towers his company was maintaining. Guevara is currently enrolled at Cypress College and is working towards his AA in Photography, and like any

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

true photographer, he always has a camera ready in hand. Guevara felt much pride as an American that he was able to witness this piece of history in the making. He was also very sad because he knew that this was going to be the last of the space shuttle trips. He was able to recall the great accomplishments the space shuttle had given to science. Triumph Aero structures Vought Aircraft Division in Hawthorne, CA. was another flyby on the shuttle’s final Californian tour. Sal Ramos has followed the shuttles, with his group of associates on their ham radio, giving the location of the shuttle and when they could to view it. Ramos was able to set his camera up to capture a video of this event. He had said that it flew by twice and everyone on the ground was cheering when they saw it

PHOTO BY Brian Horsman

PHOTO BY Juan Guarrea

PHOTO BY Crystal Worley

Leaving Hawthorne, Endeavour headed for the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland. The spectators at the Magic Kingdom were no different from other people along the shuttle’s route. Crystal Gochnauer Worley, a student from Cypress College Photo Department, was able to hit the shutter and catch some Endeavour as the shuttle passed over the Magic Kingdom. She also said she felt much excitement and pride as it flew by. The shuttle finally landed at LAX Airport where it was placed inside a hanger until Endeavour is ready to embark on its final destination this Oct 30. The Endeavour was a replacement for the Shuttle Challenger, and had orbited the Earth some 4,671 times during the 25 missions it went on. The shuttle’s flight took it past San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Hollywood and Anaheim. The shuttle will be displayed at the Samuel Oscine Space Shuttle Endeavor Display Pavilion at the Los Angeles Science Museum. Millions of visitors will be able to view Endeavour, thus educating, and inspiring future generations of Americans, to come and explore their imagination.

PHOTO BY Miriam Airhart

PHOTO BY Miriam Airhart

2012 / October


Divergence Picks FEATURES BY Victoria Cardenas and Jeff Lopez

Paranormal Activity 4

Directed By Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman Written By Christopher Langdon Starring Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton

American Horror Story: Asylum Schedule: Wednesdays, 10PM on FX Starring Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto Last year, American Horror Story, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk was a horror masterpiece many did not expect. The sexual yet deviant and terrifying TV show that took many by surprise has been announced to continue, but with a twist. This year the traumatizing series is returning with a completely new story dubbing it American Horror Story Asylum. This season, returning cast member Jessica Lange seems to operate a mental asylum which much like the house in season one has its own dark and twisted secrets. The season premeires this October 17 at 10 pm on FX.


The movie takes place in 2011 which is five years after Katie killed her boyfriend Micah, sister Kristi, her husband Daniel and took their baby, Hunter (now named Robbie). In the past movies we have taken a look into the family’s history and what exactly happened. Now the series is back with their fourth installment. The story starts off with a suburban family who starts encountering weird and unnatural events after Katie and Robbie move next door. The movie premieres in theaters October 19th.

Got a favorite show you want us to feature on Divergence Picks? Need to share that song that’s been stuck in your head for days? Think you’ve seen the next Hollywood blockbuster?

E-mail us at!

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Directed and Written By Michael J. Bassett Starring Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell Six years ago, we were introduced to a town with a horrifying past. This Halloween, the mysterious town of Silent Hill returns with Silent Hill Revelation 3D. In Silent Hill Revelation 3D when a girls father has gone missing and Heather Mason is brought into a frightening reality that contains answers to her horrific nightmares that have haunted her since she was a child. Now the revelation of finding out she isn’t who she thought she was is threatening to trap her forever in this demonic world. In theatres October 26th.

2012 / October



Hospital From



inda Vista Hospital has so many stories of hauntings, the stories have made their way into many movies. People have come to love the legendary place. It’s sad to say, then, that in 2013 these 4.2 acres will be no more. Plans to revamp the hospital into senior citizen housing have been announced by the new owners. But be warned; the hauntings won’t go away just because of the renovation.

It was a place where gang bangers were brought barely alive or DOA. It was a place where a little girl was brought after chasing her ball into the street. Today, some say, she still plays with her ball. Now, take a further step back in time to the year 1904. A Moorish-style building named Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital was built to serve the Santa Fe Railroad employees and their families. The building was remodeled to it’s current Mission Revival style, and renamed Linda Vista, in 1937. This was a short-term-care facility, having 150 beds serving the Los Angeles Community of Boyle Heights. The chief of surgery treated Howard Hughes, an American business magnate, aviator, and filmmaker for his obsessive, disarrayed life. Hughes hired the doctor to be his personal physician. During this time, it was rumored that Hughes occupied


an entire upper floor. This turned out to be a hoax. However, it generated publicity for the hospital for decades, which gave it recognition as a historical place in 2006. Back in the day, doctors were hurrying about their rounds, calling out to nurses for patients’ records. This bustle of doctors and nurses running about has been replaced with shouts of “Quiet on the set!” and “Lights, Camera, Action!” Between 100 to 150 movies, TV shows and music videos were made at the hospital; the majority of those being horror films with vampires, etc. One of the more famous films produced on location was “Pearl Harbor” in 2001. California’s previous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made “End of Days” in 1999. James Bond had a chance in 1995 to “Live and Let Die.” Linda Vista was known as “The Hospital from Hell,” according to the California Health Law Report following an

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Photo Student Amanda Beard was excited to visit. Remembering the stories she had heard made the building even more enticing, a place just waiting for her to capture it. Anna Walters, former University of California Santa Cruz student , said she felt the presence, too. But she continued on, excited just to be able to create her ghost-like images. April Dawn Aliaga said it was fun to research before actually going to the hospital. “It is so still and quiet, it’s creepy. Your mind wanders, and you think how it used to be full of life, and now, leaving a dead cold creepy feeling about it.” Aliaga said there were red-smeared hand prints on the walls and fake blood splattered on floors. “While I knew it wasn’t real, it was still fun to capture the creepy scenes.” increased death rate in the facility between 1970 and 1980. South Central street gang members were arriving regularly with wounds from gunshots to stabbings. For many, this hospital was the last stop on their way to the morgue, and these uninsured patients’ unpaid bills forced the hospital to close its emergency services in 1989.

In 2013, these 4.2 acres will be no more; plans to revamp the hospital into senior citizen housing have been announced. But will the hauntings go away?

In 1990, Linda Vista finally closed its doors. Many rumors surfaced about numerous lawsuits over patient abuse and malpractice. It was then that the hauntings began. The caretaker for the hospital encountered two different sightings. Lights flashing from underneath a door proved to be a printer in operation; in an abandoned office. A second encounter in the surgical suite found a faucet turned on by itself, which was impossible as it was fused tight from the rust. The paranormal investigators from the show, Ghost Adventures, locked themselves inside for the night and experienced an encounter with a little girl playing ball in a corridor. It’s said that she had been playing at the park when her ball rolled onto the street, where she followed it and was hit by a car. She was then taken to the hospital where she died. Cypress Photo Department Professor Clifford Lester and his Available Light Class had one last chance to return to Linda Vista Oct. 4. On this visit, more doors had padlocks. Slowly, going onward with each step, one took notice of the temperature rising.

2012 / October


Disappearance of the “Wheelies”

Wheelchair basketball class cut due to lack of funds.


STORY BY Nicole Islam

erhaps one of the most inspiring sights to witness firsthand is watching students in wheelchairs playing basketball, and Cypress College has encouraged the wheelchair basketball program for nearly half a century. For new students, this must seem rather surprising.

It would appear the wheelchair basketball players have vanished into thin air. Where have they gone? Did they merely start practicing elsewhere?

a very obtuse rule subject to all kinds of interpretation, and unfortunately for them, Cypress’s interpretation does not favor wheelchair basketball players.

As it turns out, wheelchair basketball has been cut. It will no longer be available at the community college, much to the outrage of the disabled.

With money being so scarce lately, it’s only natural that Cypress College would want to save money. However, Cypress was losing money by providing the sport. For the most part, the students on the basketball team were not really students at all. They had no career plan, and the disability program was the only reason they even showed up at Cypress.

The issue really starts with the state. According to Admissions & Records manager Regina Ford, “We are governed by the California Code of Regulations, specifically Title V.” The California Code of Regulations, title v, § 55040, permits disabled students “to repeat a special class... any number of times based on individualized determination that such repetition is required as a disability-related accommodation for that particular student.” This is


So, taking advantage of the programs repeatability (at the time), they would just take wheelchair basketball over and over (“Those kids and I were growing old together,” Dean Diane Henry noted with a chuckle), and they would pay little-to-no

money for the course as the BOGG waiver covered most of the cost. There was hardly any money to fund the sport. In consequence, Cypress decided to bump the class to become a non-credit, fee-based class in their adult education program. In a way, this was to force the disabled students to either come up with a career plan and then play wheelchair basketball, or simply leave the school. Whether it be because the students were uninterested in taking on a career course or because the students simply could not afford it, the class flopped, and wheelchair basketball has been effectively cut from both the main Cypress Community College and the continuation college. As an alternative, students could bring back wheelchair basketball but as a club

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

CYPRESS CHRONICLE ARCHIVE PHOTO rather than as a class. However, the requirement would be that they must be taking half a unit at Cypress in order to create or participate in a club. And though the basketball program has been cut, other disability activities are still active and have yet to change. There are still six hours’ worth of activity per week for the disabled up for grabs. It is only the wheelchair basketball class that is being affected. Discrimination does not appear to be the core issue. The core issue is funding or lack thereof. It would appear the wheelchair basketball cut is only the beginning, a mere glimpse of what is to come in the school’s future. By next year, many more classes will be cut for the sake of saving money, and some classes will no longer be repeatable; that is to say that once an individual, for instance, takes tennis once, that is the one and only time that student can take tennis. Many athletics and fine arts will be in jeopardy come the new year. “The institutions are making decisions,” declared Dean Henry. “As we read the law, we look the programs and we say, ‘Okay, how are we gonna navigate?’ “ Unfortunately for students, limiting classes is how Cypress intends to navigate. Students are encouraged to select classes wisely from now on.


The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Dirt Roads ART BY Cesilia Gutierrez

2012 / October


Cypress Creepers Strike Again

Former Cypress College student arrested for child pornography, drugs. STORY BY Carolina Peralta

A Peeping Tom is not to be taken lightly, even in the safest place that you call home. These prowlers have no shame climbing your rooftop and recording you in the intimacy of your room. According to the City of Cypress Police Department “On September 15 at approximately 12:59 am, Cypress Police Officers were dispatched to the 9800 block of Newcastle Lane in regards to a prowler investigation”

P.I.O Sergeant Pinvidic assures us that Cypress does not often have these prowlers, he says that “A young lady heard something outside, her father came out and saw the subject fleeing from the scene” Soon the police were contacted to conduct an investigation. Kyle Scott, 21, and a former student of Cypress College, was found hiding between two parked vehicles and taken into arrest for prowling and peeping. Yet,

this led to a further investigation where with a search warrant they fond numerous digital photographs of young women from outside their homes, 46.4 grams of cocaine, $8,000 in cash and 2.5 pound of marijuana. Kyle Scott was later charged with possession and manufacturing of child pornography, possession of narcotics, sale of marijuana, illegal videotaping while prowling and peeping. He was



The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

taken to the Orange County jail where his bail was at a set amount of $200,000. The Cypress Police Department was unable to give information about Kyle Scott’s release and if he is currently out on bail, since it is still an ongoing investigation. Though Sergeant Penvic was able to provide a website address that lets Cypress citizens know if Kyle Scott or any other criminal is out from jail. This site is called Nixlie where you make an account with the Cypress Police Department and you will be able to receive text messages direct to your cell phone about criminals and if they are out in bail. This incident has come to the knowledge of many Cypress Community students since Kyle Scott did attend Cypress Community College for a time. Cypress College student and Kyle Scott’s former classmate from Cypress High school, Adam Clease 21, says “ He seemed a bit out there, I never quite knew what he was thinking…I didn’t ever think he would do something like that but I’m not a hundred percent surprised he went to jail for something” Kyle Scott was scheduled to be at West Justice Center Court on Monday September 17, 2012. The investigation is still under process and Detectives are still trying to find possible victims from the recordings found at Scott’s residence. Peeping toms and prowlers are out there and it is always safe to be cautious. Make sure to lock the door and close the blinds because you never know when a prowler can be around

2012 / October


Blood Drive Saves Lives STORY BY Tim Deguzman and Katrina Gary PHOTO BY Isaiah Mclean


n Oct 3 and 4, the blood drive event occurred at Cypress, many people were willing to donate blood. Blood donors Dyllan Franks, Jenny Carranza, and Christopher Nowak share dtheir thoughts on the Blood Drive. “It’s for a really good cause... it doesn’t cost me anything except a little bit of my time and pain,” Nowak said.

Jenny Carranza stated, “I try to do a good deed everyday and donating was my good deed for the day.” Carranza and Franks were veteran donors as they had already donated three times before. Both shared, “I have given blood before, so I don’t mind needles.” Others have had life changing experiences thanks to blood donors. Franks, for example, said that “someone gave blood for me when I was still a baby and it saved my life.” You don’t need to be a superhero to save a life, all it took was an organization like Cedars-Sinai to organize the October 3rd and 4th event to sponsor these kind of actions. It’s thanks to Associated Students, club meetings, and signs advertising the Blood Drive that had students hooked into coming in to donate. “I heard about it from the Honors Club which I am a part of”, Nowak said. “I felt a bit nervous at first, but the idea of helping people gave me the strength to overcome the minor obstacle, that is the pain of a needle going into my arm”, he said.


“I was walking by when saw the school advertising the blood drive,” Franks said, then made his way into the Associated Students building to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before donating.

as well as some information about some of the blood types. The amount needed for a transfusion is around 3 to 4 pints of blood, and the time it takes for blood to be used for a transfusion is 3 days.

Carranza had found out about the Blood Drive through fliers posted on bulletin boards around the campus. Blood donors were accommodated with bottled water, Ocean Spray juices, make-your-own PB&Js. Snacks like Oreos, Fig Newtons, and Lorna Doone cookies were available for donors after they finished giving blood.

All blood types were accepted; however the universal blood type is O negative. According to Cedars –Sinai, this blood type is in very short supply and in great demand. A person can donate every 56 days or every other month. Before the blood is donated, there are four tests taken: blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and iron count level. If someone has a deficiency in iron, they would not be able to donate.

“A pint of ice cream sounds pretty enticing,” said Nowak. Donors had the choice of a Cedars-Sinai sponsored T-shirt or a coupon for a pint of ice cream from Baskin Robbins as a reward for donating blood. These people had to fulfill the minimum requirements. The 3 main requirements were that they had to be healthy, have had something to eat before, and have not traveled to a country that carries the disease malaria.

Berlow stated that there will be another event happening in the spring. According to Cedars-Sinai only 2 percent of the population donates blood . The importance of these events are significant, there will always be a need for blood.

Cheryl Berlow, person in charge of the event gave us the answers to these questions

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

e h T

Strange e h t and Spooky at Cypress STORY BY Sam Islam PHOTOS BY Sam Islam and Isaiah Mclean


ll Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween as it is now called, has evolved from a day of simply celebrating the welcoming of the spirits of the dead to knocking on strangers’ doors dressed as a beloved character asking for small pieces of dollar store candy. Along with the costumes and the sweets, people young and old relay tales of spooks and scares that may or may not 2012 / October


hold any truth to them. Cypress College has a few stories of its own to tell, and a spirit causing mischief on campus. The photo department, located in the Tech Ed building, is rumored to be haunted by a benign spirit, dubbed “Photy” by students and staff. It occupies the northwest corner of the main darkroom.

I couldn’t explain what was going on, and what I’ve been told it was probably Photy.

Raul Gonzales, 29 and a photography major, recounted numerous happenings that he experienced that he believed were linked to the rumored ghost. “When I started coming here about six years ago, I was in the film processing room and for some reason this reel of film was shoved in a corner,” he said. “So of course what happens is that the whole tray of reels


just comes down for some reason.” Gonzales was by himself when it happened, and when he talked about it with fellow students he learned about their resident spirit. “I couldn’t explain what was going on, and what I’ve been told it was probably Photy.”

major, has yet to experience Photy, but she is well aware of these stories. “Electrical things sometimes won’t work if they’re plugged in anywhere where he’s supposed to haunt,” she explained, “or you’ll just get really creeped out just being in the back darkroom.”

Grace Suphamark, instructional assistant and lab technician, has had more than a few students come up to her and ask her about the strange happenings in the department. “About once or twice a semester someone would say ‘Hey you know I think there’s a ghost back there’ and I’m like ‘Really?’” she said. She usually doesn’t tell the students about Photy until they’ve experienced it themselves, and that’s when they ask her about it. “They’ll usually mention it to us first. We’ll just confirm it.”

Photy also likes to occupy other

Photy has been said to be responsible for numerous unexplainable events in the department; from electrical devices not working to doors rattling to objects being moved around, the ghost has made itself known to students and staff. Jessica Lopez, 27 and undecided about her

You’ll just get really creeped out just being in the back darkroom.

rooms in the department. Suphamark has had a few experiences with that. “Before they did the remodel for the building the women’s restroom used to have two doors to it and they’re really loud. I went inside and there’s two stalls and the door was shut,” she recounted. The stall that she usually used was occupied, so she chose the stall next to it and started

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

to hear strange noises coming from it. “I’m just thinking it’s someone else and they’re having some really bad bowel movements or something I don’t know it was just some ruckus in there,” she said. “I pretty much knew everyone that was kind of in the department at that point, so I was trying to look under the doors to see if I can recognize the shoes and no one was in there.” After she came out, according to her, the door to the stall was unlocked. “You can hear people come in,” she said. “There’s two doors you can hear when someone’s coming in and out no one did.”

many staff members and students alike. “A student brought in a human skull to photograph in one of the darkrooms,” Lopez stated. “And that the spirit that was attached to that skull stayed here.” Suphamark explained that problems with electrical equipment would happen in one of these dark rooms as well. “Equipment used to misbehave in this

I think ever yone that’s worked here has had some sort of experience

The mere mention of a supernatural being residing in any sort of room or building may strike fear in people, but Photy is not a harmful spirit. “I think he’s just chillin’,” Lopez said. Suphamark shared a similar view, and stated that “None of us ever gotten hurt and none of us have ever been freaked out. It just kind of happens”

particular studio all the time,” she said, “So we used to check it out. We checked the electrical and we checked everything and it’s that studio we assume Photy first came to the department at.”

The actual story behind Photy’s appearance is unknown, but there is one idea that has been agreed upon by

Many students and instructors have experienced Photy on some sort of level, according to Suphamark. “I think every-

2012 / October

one that’s worked here has had some sort of experience,” she said. “It takes being alone here when no one else is in the building to notice things because when someone’s here you can always attribute it to that person but I’ve been here alone enough where I’m like ‘Wait a minute that’s not possible.’” Ironically, around the month of October is when most of these events occur. “Usually it’s at night right after closing right around 10 o clock,” Suphamark said. Everything from shadows on the wall to doors rattling to equipment malfunctioning has occurred in those room, but most of the students aren’t frightened by Photy. “A couple of students get freaked out but generally they’re ok,” Suphamark stated. Gonzales agreed, and stated that he wasn’t scared of the mischievous spirit. “No I was pretty chill.” Lopez never had any personal experience with Photy, but she’s looking forward to it. “I’d be totally cool with it,” she said. “I’ll have my own story.”


Predicting the next smash hits of the season

Spirit Of Radio STORY BY Nicole Islam

Halloween has made it, and all the delicious treats that come with it. Unfortunately, with treats come tricks, too. Ke$ha new ear candy has already made a huge splash on pop radio. Though it is well documented that the girl with rock in her soul has gone out of her way to push guitar away from her own music, guitar is quite prominently used in her new lead single, “Die Young.” The subject matter is predictably shallow, and Ke$ha’s voice is predictably autotuned,

but the song is a small departure from her previous efforts. There are actually a few different ideas stapled together with crisp production, and the chorus is undeniably anthemic. A treat for pop fans, and indeed, the song peaked at #6 on iTunes and is already in the top 15 on the pop charts after two weeks. Another treat blowing the pop competition out of the water is Adele’s latest treat “Skyfall.” Written for the new James Bond movie,Skyfall (in theaters October 23rd), the song is a classic Adele song with a bit of a dramatic twist.


The song is incredibly bombastic, even including a lush 77-piece orchestra accompaniment. Adele’s vocals are delivered the way she delivers vocals on every song she’s ever sung. “Skyfall” is already well-received thus far, shooting straight to #1 on iTunes and staying there only until Taylor Swift’s new song dethroned her, but with Swift’s song dropping, “Skyfall” is looking to be one of the best-selling songs of the year. Speaking of Swift, her song could be considered a trick or a treat. If you were looking for a remotely country-sounding song, you were definitely tricked. Swift’s newest song “I Knew You Were Trou-

ble.” (yes, with a period at the end of the song) is, in essence, a dubstep song. Yes, Taylor Swift is doing dubstep now. As a dubstep song, it isn’t a bad song at all, although her lyric-writing has really gone downhill. It’s got a nice solid hook. However, this is yet another relationship song, and undoubtedly, this is another John Mayer song. The pair dated for less than a year. For the dubstep fan, the melody is a treat, but for everybody else, the song is a trick, and it is the scariest new release of a major artist by a landslide.

Hide your kids. On country radio, as predicted in the previous issue of Divergence, Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” is smashing on country radio, and it will likely be the #1 country song for the remainder of the month. Andrew Byfield, 23, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Writing/Literature major, wasn’t surprised, asserting, “If any song deserves to score so many weeks at number one, it’s Carrie’s.” Who will be Underwood’s successor, though? Look no further than Lee Brice’s “Hard to Love,” and deservedly

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

so. Though Brice’s song isn’t sonically groundbreaking, the lyrics are incredibly relatable, and the mood is an uplifting savior from Underwood’s dark tune. Another great release rising on the charts is Kenny Chesney’s “El Cerrito Place.” Originally recorded by Charlie Robison, Chesney’s cover of the tune is haunting. The midtempo depicts a longing for a lost lover in El Cerrito, California. The vocal delivery may very well be the most emotional in Chesney’s entire career. In a small time, the song has already climbed to #20 on country radio and will undoubtedly reach the top. It’s remarkable, but indeed, Chesney’s material has actually seen a marked improvement over the course of the last few years. On the opposite end of the spectrum, country superstar Brad Paisley has actually released some disappointing material in the last few years with the exception of the smash #1 duet with Carrie Underwood “Remind Me.” It had appeared Paisley had reached his comfort zone and was not willing to experiment or make more interesting music... or make music the country audience has not already heard trillions of times. Surprisingly, though, Paisley has made a move to touch outside his southern comfort zone. Paisley’s new single “South-

ern Comfort Zone” appears to have influences from Underwood’s “Blown Away” with the bombastic production, and his lyrics are a stinging criticism of the current state of country radio. The song encourages country artists to that there are more things in life than drinking beer and driving a truck (which is what the majority of country songs seem to be about nowadays) while also expressing sentiments of missing those little things about home. And it certainly hits home for Michael Palacios, 19, flight attendant. He commented, “It shows that he misses his home, his hometown in Tennessee. It reminds me of missing home, too. It also says to enjoy life when you’re on your own.” This adventurous tune looks to annihilate beer and truck songs from the radio, about to push into the top 20 on radio. And here’s a treat for country fans; there really are no tricks this season now that Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Gone Together” has completely fallen off the chart (effectively ending her top 10 streak on country radio). Michael palacios, 19, flight attendant shows that he misses his home, his hometown in Tennessee. It reminds me of missing home, too. It also says to enjoy life when you’re on your own On the mainstream front, there actually really aren’t many scary songs to look out for either. Unfortunately, there aren’t many treats to look forward to. As predicted, Aerosmith’s “Lover Alot” is nearing the top of the rock chart, reaching a new peak at #2. On Triple A, the Wallflowers are enjoying quite a bit of success with their latest single “Reboot the Mission ft. Mick Jones” is sitting comfortably at #2, and once Mumford & Sons’s “I Will Wait” drops, the Wallflowers will probably take that #1 spot. The Wallflowers are fronted by Jakob

2012 / October

Dylan, the son of Bob Dylan, though you wouldn’t know it if you heard the tune. Though there’s nothing folky about this music, Jakob certainly adopted his father’s vague presentation of lyrics. Elaine Troy, 18, was taken aback by the unfocused lyrics. “They were all over the place. I was so confused.” The Wallflowers’s new album Glad All Over dropped October 9th. Muse’s latest single could conceivably been seen as a little scary. Present all over their new album The 2nd Law is a heavy dubstep influence. Dubstep is polarizing, and the rock audience is not generally receptive to it. However, at its base, the album is really well-written. The new sounds just need some getting used to. It would appear radio has gotten used to Muse’s new sound as well, as “Madness” has just pierced into the top 5 on radio. Though lead singer Matthew Bellamy does sound like he’s shivering in the song (“M-m-m-m-m-m-m-mmad-madness”), the rest of the tune is really solid, and hopefully The 2nd Law will in time be treated well by radio and fans alike. This Halloween, it would appear there are a lot more treats to enjoy and look forward to than tricks. Enjoy this while it lasts.


Where to shop in time for Halloween

STORY BY Tim Deguzman


alloween is just around the corner and specialty stores are preparing their shelves with costumes, make-up equipment, and decorations to suit the October 31st anticipated holiday. College students may be wondering what costume character they want to dress up as this Halloween and stores like Party City and Halloween Club have been busy gearing up for their needs. Other students may be taking the economic route and choosing to make their own costumes from household items, to Do-It-Yourself tutorials, and creating a final product that will suit them up in time for Halloween and other costume-related events that may occur during Halloween.

and strength.

Cypress College junior-- Eugene Paek said, “I am a big fan of ‘The Batman’ series”, and has taken the ‘Do-ItYourself’ inspiration to a whole new light. “I plan to make my costume modeled after Bane,” he said.

If you aren’t the type to buy your costume in store, going online to purchase one may be convenient. Just take Cypress College student--Sterling Applebum for example. Sterling is a fan of Marvel Comics and wants to cosplay as Deadpool, the katana-wielding, gun-totting Weapon X experiment, and comedic “troll” of the Marvel Universe.

Bane is the antagonist to Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of The Batman’s Dark Knight Rises who sports a breathing mask and is a powerhouse of pure muscle

PHOTO BY Isaiah Mclean


“I plan to make the mask using cloud clay, some pipes and wire to create a similar look of Bane’s breathing apparatus, and foam papers for his straps,” Paek said.

After browsing through numerous

websites, Sterling has found that eBay. com delivers the best quality in his costume shopping needs. He accredits eBay for having great Customer Reviews and feedback, which would help him finalize his shopping needs. He found that by purchasing the costume for fifty dollars from eBay’s services, he will receive the item in two weeks, free of shipping charges. Sterling said, “it’s exactly $50 on eBay, or $28.99 on some sketchy site. Not my place”. After browsing other sites and comparing the prices, Sterling said “some are thirty dollars plus a fifteen dollars shipping fee, or there is a sixty dollar costume, but the lame non-latex version.” Quality is definitely a factor when searching for the right costume to wear this Halloween. You would not want to purchase from a shoddy site in hopes of receiving something you just didn’t expect it would be. You might not even receive your item, or even worse, no money back. On the other hand, Party City offers both an online and instore shopping experience for its customers, with costumes packaged securely and offer a return if defective. Party City is located at 7401 Carson St., Long Beach inside the Long Beach

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

Towne Center. Sales Associate--Megan Dymek said, “We started to stock Halloween wares since the first of September.” Along the costume aisle, you can find movie horror costumes from Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers, to Jason Vorhees. They also sell generic suits like policemen, firemen, ninjas, knights, vikings, and many more. Girls can shop for career-themed outfits such as officers, astronauts, pirates, to nuns. There are also storybook costumes based on Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, to Little Red Riding Hood.

lar... some only come in to buy masks”, while the women coming in to purchase “police officers or swans”. She said that “We sell out, but we have a good stock”, making it easy for customers to come in and get exactly what they want. “The Cerritos Halloween Club opened up its’ doors, September 5th, and will remain open until November 1st”, said Cruz. “Be on the lookout in the L.A. Times newspaper as we have coupons sent in the mail... or by signing up on”, stated Cruz.

some trick-or-treating fun as October 31st is coming around. Whether you are looking to dress up as something funny or spooky, or just cosplay for fun, you are going to need somewhere to shop. Party City and Halloween Club are just the places to visit. If you prefer to shop online, eBay. com and are websites worth checking out since they have sellers who have great feedback and affordable shipping and handling fees. You don’t want to end up being scammed out of your money by choosing a shady, untrusted site.

Halloween enthusiasts, be ready for

When asked what costumes the college men are coming in to buy, Megan said “I have seen a lot of people buy ninja costumes and morph suits.” Morph suits are a colored full body, spandex suit, and it is a mystery as to what exactly the men plan to dress up as. If you are concerned about a certain costume selling out, you can always call in to place a hold, but Megan stated, “Costumes will sell out two weeks prior to Halloween.” Halloween Club is another competitor in the costume selling business and there are two branches close to Cypress College. You can visit the Halloween Club located in Buena Park Downtown Mall. There is also one across the street from Cerritos Towne Center, along the cross streets of Artesia Blvd. and Bloomfield St. Store Manager--Lupe Cruz of the Halloween Club in Cerritos, shared her thoughts on what college students were coming in to purchase. Among the men “morph suits and full body suits are popu-

PHOTO FROM Wikimedia Commons

2012 / October


Horror Night On The Carpet

Univeral Studios Hollywood Horror Nights begins with a bang

STORY BY Victoria Cardenas / INTERVIEWS BY Jeff Lopez


o kick off the opening night of Universal Studios Hollywood Horror nights, Universal Studios hosted the Annual Eyegore Awards show at the Globe Theatre. Mckenzie Westmore, host of Syfy’s Face Off hosted the show.

The honorees included Oscar Guillermo del Toro, known for the Hellboy films and Pan’s Labyrinth. Chad Michael Murray was recognized for his role in the movie House of Wax and the upcoming film The Haunting in Georgia. Stars Silas Weir Mitchell and Bitsie Tullock from the NBC’s hit series Grim accepted an award for the cult favorite TV show. Anglica Maria and Angelica Vale accepted the Eyeg o r e


Award for their role in the series Mujeres Asesinas (“Female Assassins”). Among the honorees were other talents such as last years Eyegore Award recipient and Rock and Roll hall of famer Alice Cooper, Adelaide Clemens, star of the upcoming Silent Hill 3D film, Katie Featherston who is the star of the Paranormal Activity series and of course Halloween Horror Nights creative director John Murdy. Cypress Chronicle was able to have a word with some of the special

Eyegore Awards Talent such as James Dumont from Treme. He gave his own opinion of the awards and what he was excited to see. “I like to see who’s winning. I went online and looked at all my little favorites. I don’t consider myself a competitive person, but I am quietly competitive. I’m not going to overtly go ‘oh, yeah they are going to

The Cypress Chronicle / Divergence

win!’ No, I’ll just say it quietly to myself.” Dumont shared with us that he was going into Hollywood Horror Nights after the awards and what freaked him out the most out when it came to horror. “I like the psychological story telling. There is a little bit of blood and gore, which is great, and then there’s a little bit of run and chase, but I think it’s the psychological relationships that are most interesting to me.” The creative director of Halloween Horror Nights, John Murdy, shared what his thought process was when coming up with ideas for the amusement park. “We look for three things; awareness, which means do our fans know the property? Do they want to see it? The second is environments; we put a whole lot of energy into the sets and props and costumes, so we want to create great iconic horror movie environments. The last thing

is characters we can replicate with live actors that we can bring to life for our guests.” Erik Valdez from General Hospital was able to give a minute of his time to explain what he was most excited for in the awards show. “Just the people in general. It’s amazing to see this many people out here for this. It’s kind of like the true kick-off to the Halloween season. You’ve got the ghosts and the zombies.” “The type of stuff here is more to me about having fun and the categories are so different from your typical, traditional award show. I see a new award every year, something more exciting or more gruesome. “ When asked what attraction he was most excited for this year after the awards, Valdez replied that he had no idea what was at the park. “I’m kind of just not wanting to know t o o

much because then I’ll get freaked out before I even start checking it out so I’m just going to go into it blind and see what happens.” It wasn’t just your regular horror talent that stopped by the awards: NBA player from the Los Angeles Clippers Trey Thompkins shared what he was most excited for. “I’m looking forward to the Chainsaw Massacre maze. I heard that it’s supposed to be pretty scary.” Thompkins shared that this was his first night coming to an amusement park like this. “I’m pretty scared. I love scary movies, anything scary I’m into it. I like the Paranormal Activity series. I can’t wait for the fourth one to come out. I was a fan right off the bat, I was spooked. “ After the awards were given out, many of the stars headed out to Halloween Horror Nights’ terror-filled mazes which included: The Walking Dead: Dead Inside, Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead, Welcome to Silent Hill, Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3D, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, La Llorona: Cazadora de Ninos (Weeping Woman: The Child Hunter), and Universal Monsters Remix, an all-new terrifying experience. This event dates vary from October 18 to 21, 25 to 28, and the 31st. The event begins at 8:00pm and the closing hour varies by night. Tickets can be purchased at


2012 / October


PHOTO BY Isaiah Mclean

Divergence Magazine, October 2012  
Divergence Magazine, October 2012  

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