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ON THE COVER John Ethan Baldwin (’18) is an Academic All-State track and field and football athlete and five-time individual track and field state champion, who will be attending Hillsdale College in the fall with academic and track and field scholarships.


Austin Henry (’18) is an Academic All-State football and track and field athlete who will be attending Taylor University in the fall with academic and football scholarships. JT Mounce (’19) is an Academic All-State baseball and football athlete who is committed to play baseball for Oklahoma State University.

2017-2018 was a record year for athletics at Cypress Christian School with State Championships in football, boys track and field and baseball. Even more important than success and excellence in athletics is the school’s commitment to excellence in the classroom. Carefully selected curriculum academically challenges elementary and secondary students and upholds the Christian standards we seek to develop. Scriptural truths are taught in daily Bible classes and are woven into the fabric of each academic discipline in a very practical, life changing way. • 100% of graduates earn: • Distinguished diploma • Humanities endorsement • Multi-disciplinary endorsement • 100% of graduates accepted into colleges and universities • 93% of graduates accepted into college of first choice

11123 Cypress N. Houston Rd. • Houston, TX 77065 The CONNECTION is published annually. Correspondence may be directed to Thanks to our graphic artist and to our photographers: G. Michael Photography, Jack Potts Photography, Photography Teacher Rachael Lechman, CCS employees, students and volunteers.

National Merit Commended Student

AMPIONS! CYPRESS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COLLEGE BOARD AP CAPSTONE DIPLOMA PROGRAM The College Board AP Capstone Diploma Program Focuses on College-Level Independent Research, Collaborative Teamwork and Communication and Writing Skills Crucial for College and Career Success CCS is one of approximately 1,500 high schools worldwide to implement the AP Capstone Program, an innovative program that allows students to develop skills that matter most for college success such as research, collaboration and communication. Developed in direct response to feedback from higher education faculty and college admission officers, AP Capstone complements the in-depth, subject-specific study of other Advanced Placement courses and exams. The program consists of two courses taken in sequence: AP Seminar and AP Research. Under the instruction of Mr. Patrick Leonard and Dr. Christopher Witschonke, Cypress Christian School will start AP Seminar in the fall of 2018. Mr. Jeff Mudrow, CCS High School Principal says, “This innovative program provides an even greater opportunity for our students to prepare for college and beyond. The program gives our teachers more flexibility with curriculum choices so their students can access more challenging coursework and sharpen their reading and writing skills.” The AP Seminar course, typically taken in 11th grade, equips students to look at real-world issues from multiple perspectives. Through a variety of materials; articles; research studies and foundational and philosophical texts, students tackle complex questions; understand and evaluate opposing viewpoints; interpret and synthesize information; and construct, communicate and defend evidence-based arguments. Students are assessed through a team project and presentation, an individual project and presentation and an end-of-course written exam. In the subsequent AP Research course, students design, plan and conduct a year-long research-based investigation on a topic of individual interest, documenting their process with a portfolio. Students build on skills developed in the AP Seminar course by learning how to understand research methodology; employ ethical research practices; and collect, analyze and synthesize information to build, present and defend an argument. “We’re proud to offer AP Capstone, which enables students and teachers to focus on topics of their choice in great depth,” said Trevor Packer, senior vice president for AP and Instruction at the College Board. He adds, “This provides terrific opportunities for students to develop the ability to write and present their work effectively, individually and in groups—the very skills college professors want their students to possess.”

"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." Galatians 6:9

Resiliency, Grit and Determination Mr. Stephen Novotny | Executive Director

A common theme in literature and cinema is the come-from-behind win, the snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat and the success that comes after what seems to be irreversible failure. People never seem to tire of this theme, and I think one of the reasons is that history and our own experience are full of difficulty, reversals of fortune, defeat and failure. At the same time, history and our own experience also record spectacular successes, victories and achievements that have come after great pain, hardship and seemingly unrewarded effort. Often what makes the difference between whether someone is ultimately a failure or a success is not their talent or abilities, but just their willingness to keep trying. The ability to get back up after falling down. Resiliency. Grit. Determination. These qualities are of great importance. Winston Churchill, facing insurmountable odds, told his countrymen to "never, never, never give up." His refusal to give up in the face of what appeared to be all but a lost cause was eventually followed by the victory of the Allies, the defeat of the Axis powers and the return of peace and freedom to the world. Thomas Edison and his team experimented with countless materials trying to invent a light bulb that had a filament that could last long enough to make it commercially viable. They did not just go through hundreds of failed attempts, but many sources state that well over a thousand attempts with different materials were met with failure before Edison found a filament that would last long enough to make a lightbulb of practical use. This success that came as a result of sheer tenacity still lights our world today. In the biblical record, whether it was Joseph being sold into slavery, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace or the Apostle Paul going through a series of imprisonments, shipwrecks, beatings and rejection, these heroes of the Christian faith went through



great difficulty and hardship as part of their journey. Their examples are powerful, because of the setbacks and difficulties they went through and they have served to inspire the faithful for generations. Those who learn that a failure or a setback is only temporary, provided one is willing to get up and try over and over, again and again, are well on their way to preparing their way for success in the future. A low grade on a test, loss in a sporting event or being passed over for a sought-after position is not the last word on eventual success or achievement. Rather, whether or not one tries again or tries something different will more likely be the determining factor on eventual victory or defeat. In addition to the many different curricular endeavors and academic subjects we teach at Cypress Christian School, one of our key efforts is to teach and develop, in this generation of students, resiliency, grit and the determination to get back up after falling down and to never give up. Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. Galatians 6:9



Academic Excellence | Biblical Values | Cultural Impact

JOSH HOLL CLASS OF 2018 In His Own Words... “I have been at Cypress Christian School since kindergarten. CCS has been huge in my life and staying here through my senior year is truly a blessing that I would not trade for anything.”

“At CCS I have had the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities which include football, basketball and the school musical.”

“The academics at CCS have prepared me to be successful as a student and to take on this next challenge.”

“One of my favorite aspects of this school is being a student athlete. I love our football program! Playing football has taught me so many valuable life lessons and given me relationships with great guys that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life.”

Coach Spenn has invested in me and allowed me to achieve things both on and off the field. He gave me all the resources to grow as a leader. The program produces Christ-like men, and great football teams.

“I have been blessed to be able to chase my athletic and academic dreams at Tulane University, where I will be studying physics and playing football this upcoming year.”

“Cypress Christian School has shown me how to be a positive light for God's kingdom. ”



"I will forever be a Warrior."

K-12 PREVIEWS Tuesday, November 6, 2018 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 12, 2019 7 p.m.


Monday, April 8, 2019 7 p.m. SIXTH GRADE PREVIEW Thursday, January 17, 2019 7 p.m. KINDERGARTEN PREVIEWS Thursday, January 24, 2019 7 p.m. Thursday, May 2, 2019 7 p.m. STUDENT VISITOR DAYS Tuesday, November 13, 2018 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Tuesday, February 26, 2019 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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18 middle school students made up the first class of Cypress Community Christian School with classes held at Cypress Bible Church

ACSI Accreditation, classes held on three campuses, first high school graduating class


2001-2002 Elementary building completed, K-12 on one campus, Alumni Association formed

Land at 11123 Cypress N. Houston Rd purchased JONES R D

Multi-Use Facility (now referred to as the West Gym) completed


1978 Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart.




2006-2007 CCCS becomes Cypress Christian School (CCS)

2013-2015 Expansion of schoolwide technology, security, athletics and fine arts programs

2017-2018 East Gym & K-12 Library completed, Campus comprised of 22 acres and 13 buildings

CCS celebrates 40 years of Academic Excellence & Biblical Values!

13,200 sq. ft. classroom building (now referred to as Secondary Building A) was added

For consider what great things He has done for you. ~ 1 Samuel 12:24













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2018-2019 GOAL $400,000 HOW

To Give

Online: Mail: Cypress Christian School, Advancement Office 11123 Cypress N. Houston Rd., Houston, TX 77065 Email or Call: 281.469.8829 Heritage Circle: This partnership was created to build a stronger foundation for expanding school programs and to provide a stable future for Cypress Christian. Your five-year pledge to the Warrior Fund will go toward the unrestricted operational funds of Cypress Christian School.




POSSIBLE... Academic Enhancements Facility Improvements Faculty Development Technology Upgrades Tuition Assistance

Scholar ($1,000/year) Educator ($10,000/year) Master ($25,000/year)

Cypress Christian School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which operates without financial support from a church or government entity. Donations to CCS are tax deductible as allowed by law.



The Warrior Fund supplements tuition dollars and provides resources for improvements to school programs and facilities. Gifts from school families, grandparents, alumni, employees and friends are vital to ensuring educational excellence for K-12 students.

For more information on these giving opportunities:



"I couldn’t be happier, and will not be sending my kids anywhere else!"

BUILDING WARRIORS FOR CHRIST Mr. Robert White | Elementary School Principal


od is at work at CCS! As I was walking through afternoon carpool one day this semester, I spoke with a mother who shared with me a wonderful example of how God is using our Christian school to impart biblical values to our students. Evidently, God



was working through a kindergarten teacher to plant seeds of His Word that resulted in the parent leading the kindergarten student to Christ. Here is the parent’s testimony below: “This [our son’s salvation] is just one of the many

ways that [our son] has shown us what an amazing journey he is having at CCS. He is constantly telling us about new Bible stories he has learned or reciting new Bible verses. He leads us in prayer on a regular basis and comes to me to tell me the things he has prayed for with no one asking him to do this. He corrects his brother when he has been disrespectful and tells him that isn’t the way Jesus would want him to act towards his mother. He has become such a warrior for Christ in the last seven months since he began attending CCS. I couldn’t be happier, and will not be sending my kids

anywhere else!” Wow! I am so grateful for this place in northwest Houston where children, during the most formative years of their lives, may be given a biblical worldview that will guide them for the rest of their lives. This is only one story from a parent during carpool. There are many more stories that could be shared by our families proclaiming the impact of biblical values in the lives of our students. God is using our school to change our society, and you have a part in this amazing work! All praise to God for the great things He has done.

PLEASE EXTEND A WARM WELCOME TO MRS. JOY BEZNER Thanks for the last eight years! This summer, I will be moving from Elementary Principal to Director of Advancement and Development. The past eight years have been some of the best years of my professional career. I am simply amazed at the quality of people that God has brought to CCS. This truly is an amazing, caring Christian community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. While my office will be moving to another building on campus, I will still be visiting with you and the students often.

Every principal, when leaving a place they love, desires that excellent leadership is in place to continue the mission and vision. I cannot be more pleased for Mrs. Joy Bezner to step into the principal role in our elementary school. She has been an amazing help to me these past two years as our elementary curriculum coordinator, and I am confident that she will do a super job in this new role. Please extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Bezner, our new Elemertary Principal!



Academic Highlights


of High School Students

PARTICIPATE in Co-Curricular


1:13 16



1978 Established


of Grads Earn




Academic & College Advising

Standardized Testing K-8



of Schools in the Region

60% of 6th Graders

Qualify for The DUKE Talent Identification Program


Capstone School



in the State of Texas CONNECTION


Personal, Vibrant, Active Faith Mrs. Iva Nell Rhea | Middle School Principal



"What an awesome witness Mr. Frankio, Bible teacher, is for the kids and a great example for letting GOD dictate our JOY, and not our circumstances."


hildren change remarkably between ages 11-14. Certainly, the most obvious change is physical, but there is important growth that is not so easily ascertained. One aspect that is particularly challenging to measure and quantify is spiritual growth. As boys and girls move through the middle school years, they move from holding to the values and beliefs of their parents to either accepting or rejecting those faith systems on a personal level. CCS teachers, and particularly Bible teachers, have the mission of making God’s Word and the Christian faith alive and enticing to students, many of whom have been hearing Bible stories since infancy and attending CCS since kindergarten. How does a Bible teacher help move a young student to a personal faith, a vibrant faith, an active faith? Lubega Frankio, currently teaching eighth graders, has been teaching Bible at CCS for 12 years. These 14-year-olds are not an easy audience: they can quickly sense a fake or hypocrite, and they can point out inconsistencies and illogical conclusions from across a football field. Yet Mr. Frankio uses his vast knowledge of the Bible and apologetics to move his students from a rudimentary understanding of how faith impacts choices to evaluating worldviews presented in current culture, diverse populations and academia. Mr. Frankio sees his eighth graders nearly every day. On days when his roof leaks, they are watching. When he gets only four hours sleep, students are asking, “Are you for real?” When a family member is sick, and the medicine is not covered by insurance, students are waiting to see cracks in the armor of his Christian faith. Even through difficult times, Mr. Frankio consistently ministers to his students. An eighth-grade mother writes about Mr. Frankio’s impact on her children, “Regardless of the trials and tribulations he was experiencing, my child noted that he was always smiling and giving God glory. My child was impressed that even though bad things were happening, Mr. Frankio was still happy. I asked, "Why do you think that is true?" which led to a discussion about how even during bad times, GOD can be our

source of JOY if we let Him. What an awesome witness Mr. Frankio is for the kids and a great example for letting GOD dictate our JOY, and not our circumstances.” Another CCS family reflects on the impact that Mr. Frankio has made on their family, “Just like many CCS families, we appreciate the integration of biblical values into each course our children take, but it is the advanced biblical learning on the secondary level that has truly made a lasting impression on our family. We have enjoyed having family conversations based on our child’s lessons from Mr. Frankio’s Bible class. Teaching our children to understand and defend their Christian faith on a deeper level is one of the primary reasons our children attend CCS.” Eighth graders describe their teacher as wise, a good listener, smart and a deep thinker. Andrew Bezner says, “Mr. Frankio has expanded my knowledge about what goes on in the world.” Jacob Moran comments, “He gives me different points of view about how to look at a situation.” Cody Andrus adds, “Mr. Frankio prepares us to combat ideas that attack Christianity.” God is faithful to surround our middle school students with godly role models who invest their lives in partnering with Christian families to rear a new generation of Warriors for the Kingdom.



Biblical Values Highlights Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.


The mission of Cypress Christian School is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values.



Faculty, Staff, Administration & Coaches

100% are committed Christians who promote the biblical character we strive to build in students.

Biblical Worldview

Education at CCS is approached from a biblical perspective that recognizes the sovereignty and authority of God and integrates biblical principles throughout the curriculum. Students learn to live with meaning, purpose and honor.

Partnership with Christian Families

CCS partners with Christian families to provide a quality Christian education that supports the morals and beliefs of the home.



“They (the teachers) push me to be my best.”

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Mr. Jeff Mudrow | High School Principal | Managing Athletic Director


ecently, I was speaking with a local business owner, and I asked him what skills he hoped to see in each of his employees. I found his response interesting. “I need employees with a basic set of knowledge but, more importantly, I need employees who know how to independently solve problems.” He went on to say, “If a standard screwdriver is not working, what other tools might work?” At Cypress Christian School, we understand how important it is to memorize facts, figures and formulas, but we also understand that the expectations of universities and the workforce have changed. Problem-solving, teamwork and the ability to think “outside the box” are now requirements for success.



Consider the work of the greatest teacher of all time. In Matthew 6, Jesus is teaching a lesson on worry and anxiety. It would have been easy to offer a list of instructions to be memorized but, instead, He engaged the listeners with the use of analogy and challenged them with a series of questions. “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” Matthew 6:26-29

“As a student, what do you most enjoy about CCS?”

“The teachers take the time to listen.” “My coaches believe in me.” “CCS feels like a second home.” “They (the teachers) push me to be my best.” “We learn a lot of things, but we have fun at the same time.”

In speaking with a student enrolled in Computer Science, I asked what he felt was the most valuable lesson learned from this Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) course. He said, “What was most important was how the course was taught, not what was taught in the class.” The young programmer went on to say, “In Computer Science, we were given a problem to solve or a goal to accomplish, and then Dr. Witschonke would help us along the way, but encouraged us to reach a solution on our own based on what we had learned earlier in the year.” During the 2017-18 school year, CCS students had the opportunity to take STEM classes in biomedical science, engineering and computer programming, in addition to ten AP classes. In the

fall of 2018, these course offerings will expand with new options in AP Computer Science, AP Physics, AP Calculus BC and the prestigious AP Capstone Seminar course. What determines Academic Excellence? Is it the wide variety of AP, Honors and STEM classes that are offered, CCS students scoring in the top 15% in the state of Texas on the SAT or the fact that 93% of our seniors have been accepted into their college or university of first choice? All of these statistics are incredible, but they only tell part of the story. At Cypress Christian School, our education is not solely focused on what we teach, but how we teach, and most importantly, who teaches it.




After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, our students, families, co-curricular teams and other CCS groups worked diligently to help friends, neighbors and strangers (now new friends) in our community. Whether it was removing wet carpets, sheet rock and other debris; providing shelter or a meal; or working in area shelters–we are proud that Warriors were living out the biblical values they are taught in their churches, homes and school.



Each year, individual students, Warrior Tribes, co-curricular organizations and athletic teams take time to serve in the community. Whether helping neighbors, local churches, food banks or in hospitals and care facilities, our students enjoy the chance to help others and to make a positive impact in the lives of others through servant leadership.


Ambasador Council Bayou City Fellowship Community of Faith Church Cy-Fair Christian Church Elim Christian School Feed My Starving Children Foundry Church Grace Care Centers Cypress & Northpointe Houston Food Bank Kids Meals The MET Church Northwest Assistance Ministries Operation Christmas Child Project Linus Elementary Tribal Wars at CCS Vision: to positively impact culture by promoting truth, advancing the Christian faith, and equipping students to serve and lead with excellence. CONNECTION




The 2018 graduating class had 42% of its members earn the President's Volunteer Service Award for 200 hours of service. In many cases, our graduates served significantly more than those hours in their time at CCS.




CCS Faculty Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Tori Davies earned the title of Salutatorian for achieving the second highest grade point average among her peers. Tori will attend LeTourneau University. Her life verse is Matthew 28:19-20 – Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Julia Williams earned the distinguished honor of being named Valedictorian for achieving the highest grade point average in her class, and was awarded the Faculty Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Julia will attend Baylor University. Her life verse is Romans 15:13 – Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you believe in Him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Fine Arts

Spirit of Paul

The Fine Arts Scholarship, which reflects an overall excellence in the arts, was awarded to Julia Williams, who was named top alto in the state of Texas.

In honor of CCS supporters Sherwood Beckley, Jerry Van Beek and Edith Van Beek, Jacob Curtis was awarded this scholarship for exhibiting the driving spirit and perseverance of the Apostle Paul who accomplished much for the early church. Jacob will attend Baylor University.



Will Rhodes

Athletic Scholarship

In memory of former CCS student William David Rhodes, Avery Gwyn and Tyler Landua were chosen to receive this athletic scholarship. These graduates have made public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ, demonstrated Christ-like behavior to fellow students and athletes, and were living witnesses to others as they led their teams and followed their coaches. Avery will attend Texas A&M University. Tyler will attend Oklahoma State University.


Andrew Gladney ('05)

Heart of Gold Memorial Scholarship

In memory of alumnus Andrew Gladney ('05), Matthew Mudrows was awarded this scholarship which recognizes a senior who loves and accepts all, both inside and outside the CCS community; endears others without favoritism; participates wholeheartedly in activities to reflect Christian character and sportsmanship; and diligently pursues and excels academically according to his/her ability. Matthew will attend Grand Canyon University.





Angel Astaria, Elizabeth McCary, Shannah Hannahs, Lily Nguyen, Gracie Garza, Ashley Newell, Halle Hudson, Brooklyn Bretz, Isabel Pogson, Gabrielle Tarantino, Wenyue (Wendy) Zhang


Mallorie Kostak, Tessa Bodukoglu, Emily Ellisor, Avery Gwyn, Allison Thompson, Braden Barbisch, William Swan, Ian Jones, Madeline Castello


Josh Holl, John Ethan Baldwin, Foster Paulsen, George Fereg, Matthew Mudrow, Will Young, Tyler Landua, Zach Sanders, Ryan Cotter, Noah Lee, Austin Henry

SECOND ROW L-R: Jacob Curtis, Gracen Fisk, Cara Hettiger, Samantha Galbreath, Tori Davies, Julia Williams, Manuel Ochoa, Madison Kostak, Taylor Mohr, Madelynn Beckman

FOURTH ROW L-R: Elliot Ranson, Nathan Frye, Gary Bittick, Paul Carpenter, Logan Lacaze, Nathaniel Richardson, Jacob Harper, Adam Carr, Daniel Moore, Caroline Wax


Phuong (Amy) Hoang

“Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be brave and strong.” I CORINTHIANS 16:13




Students who attended CCS from kindergarten through their senior year were recognized for the footprints they have left on the hearts of those at CCS throughout their K-12 educational career. These students are:



Thank You from the Class of Coaches:

Isabel Pogson Madison Kostak Samantha Galbreath Mallorie Kostak

(SECOND ROW L-R) Braden Barbisch Jacob Curtis Will Young Josh Holl Paul Carpenter

We appreciate you for being our mentors and keeping us accountable; you have taught us much more about life than just a game. You have given us standards to live up to and helped us to achieve bigger goals for ourselves.

Teachers: Thank

you for your dedication to our education that will carry us through the rest of our lives. We cannot begin to thank you for the countless hours you have poured into furthering our minds.


Thank you for providing us with every opportunity, investing in us and making sacrifices for our benefit.




7 All-District Athletes 2 All-State Athletes 2 All-Tournament Team Athletes


STATE CHAMPIONS 19 All-District Athletes 9 All-State Athletes





DISTRICT RUNNER-UP 12 All-District Athletes 1 All-State Athlete


TAPPS DIV III ELITE EIGHT 7 All-District Athletes 3 All-State Athletes


TAPPS 4A STATE PLAYOFFS 3 All-District Athletes

BOYS BASKETBALL 3 All-District Athletes




14 All-District Athletes 10 All-Region Athletes 7 All-State Athletes Top 4A Male Athlete of the Regional Meet Top 4A Male Athlete of the State Meet




TAPPS 4A STATE FINALISTS 5TH PLACE 12 All-District Athletes 10 All-Region Athletes 4 All-State Athletes







Mens 100 Yard Backstroke Setting TAPPS State Record 8 All-Region Athletes 1 All-State Athlete


STATE CHAMPIONS 10 All-District Athletes 6 All-State Athletes 4 All-Tournament Team Athletes


DISTRICT RUNNER-UP TAPPS Div III Elite Eight 8 All-District Athletes 1 All-State Athletes


LADY WARRIORS 5TH PLACE TAPPS 4A STATE 3 All-District Athletes 2 All-Region Athletes

















VALIANT WARRIOR Each year, two seniors are recognized for excellence in athletics through their leadership, determination, sportsmanship, Christian character, academic achievements and integrity. JOHN ETHAN BALDWIN

John Ethan has earned All-District, All-Region and All-State honors throughout his high school career. He has been recognized both his junior and senior year as a member of the TAPPS Academic All-State team due to his work in the classroom. He has led a student Bible study on a weekly basis this year and he was a member of the State Champion football and track and field teams. He is a 5-time State Champion in individual events in track and field. He was recognized this year as the TAPPS South Region Top Male Track and Field Athlete for 4A and the TAPPS 4A Top Male Track and Field Athlete. He will be taking his athletic abilities to Hillsdale College in Michigan in the fall, where he will continue his track and field career. He has earned the Timothy Award in both football and track and field. This award honors an athlete for going above and beyond to show their Christian faith while competing. He has set a great example for all to follow and he is gifted beyond measure.



Allison has earned fourteen varsity letters over the past four years participating in cross country, basketball, swim, softball and track and field. She was voted by district coaches to receive All-District honors on five occasions and has earned Academic All-State both her junior and senior years and earned All-State honors. She has always been a capable athlete and every coach wanted her on their team, but this year as a senior, there was something different, even better, about her. She made the decision not to pursue college athletics and yet still poured everything into the teams she was on this year. She had fun while being a fierce competitor who helped pull her teammates along with her, no matter the sport. She took on a new leadership position on the teams and her competitive spirit was a motivation to younger teammates. She has left an example to her teammates to work hard, be a good team player, accept new challenges and rise to the occasion.





GRACE MACUNE and ANDREW SMITH have shown excellence in athletics through their leadership, determination, sportsmanship, Christian character, academic achievements and integrity. They have represented middle school athletics well for three years, especially stepping up and demonstrating leadership as eighth graders.



ALL-STATE The highest TAPPS award that an individual athlete can earn is to be named to the All-State Team. This is an incredible honor that is earned by very few athletes. Not only are these athletes given an award, they also sign a special ball that is kept in the CCS trophy case to permanently display this accomplishment.

This year’s recipients are: VOLLEYBALL – Melanie Alvarez (1st team) and Tessa Bodukoglu (2nd team); FOOTBALL –John Ethan Baldwin (1st team defense), Joseph Carbone (1st team offense), Christian Fleischhauer (1st team defense, 1st team athlete), Austin Henry (2nd team defense), Wesley Hong (2nd team defense), Josh Holl (1st team offense), Jackson Landrum (2nd team offense) and Foster Paulsen (1st team offense); SOCCER–Abigail Davis (2nd team), Jackson Landrum (2nd team), Rachel Smith (Honorable Mention) and Lauren Storey (Honorable Mention); SWIM–Elliott Jones (1st team); GOLF–Kara Otts; SOFTBALL–Sam Grabowski (Honorable Mention); BASEBALL–Joseph Carbone (2nd team), Cory Chapman (2nd team), Clayton Dean (1st team), Drue Hirth (Honorable Mention), JT Mounce (1st team) and Elliot Ranson (1st team); TRACK AND FIELD–John Ethan Baldwin (1st team), Amanda Boyd (2nd team), Christian Fleischhauer (Honorable Mention), Delaney Heath (2nd team), Austin Henry (2nd team), Jacob Hotchkiss (Honorable Mention), Jackson Landrum (Honorable Mention), Tyler Landua (2nd team), Emma Muehlenbrock (2nd team), Foster Paulsen (2nd team) and Rachel Smith (2nd team).

ACADEMIC ALL-STATE This award is given to junior and senior athletes who have not only shown tremendous ability on the field, but have also shown themselves to be dedicated students in the classroom. These athletes were named to the All-District team and maintained an academic average of 90% or better.

This year’s recipients are: VOLLEYBALL–Melanie Alvarez, Avery Gwyn and Dani Moreira; FOOTBALL–John Ethan Baldwin, Joseph Carbone, Nathan Frye, Austin Henry, Wesley Hong, Josh Holl, JT Mounce, Foster Paulsen and Collin Tate; CROSS COUNTRY–Sophia Slabic; BASKETBALL–Braden Barbisch, Sophia Slabic and Allison Thompson; SOCCER–Amanda Boyd, Tyler Landua, Emma Muehlenbrock and Lauren Storey; SWIM–Molly Mitton, Collin Tate and Allison Thompson; GOLF–Charlotte Achterkirch, Emily Nicholson and Kara Otts; SOFTBALL–Emily Ellisor, Sam Grabowski , Cara Hettiger and Allison Thompson; BASEBALL–Joseph Carbone, Cory Chapman, Tucker Fredrickson, JT Mounce and Elliot Ranson; TRACK AND FIELD–John Ethan Baldwin, Gary Bittick, Amanda Boyd, Delaney Heath, Austin Henry, Jacob Hotchkiss, Susannah Hotchkiss, Tyler Landua, Emma Muehlenbrock, Foster Paulsen, Sophia Slabic and Lauren Storey.

SCHOOL RECORD SETTERS SWIM Elliott Jones: 51.91, 100-meter backstroke–State Champion (TAPPS State Record); 1:57.42, 200-meter individual medley Libby Mitton: 3:04.26, 200-meter freestyle Alexandria Vinson: 1:13.26, 100-meter backstroke Preston Witschonke: 1:19.53, 100-meter breaststroke 36


Campbell Fox, Molly Mitton, Allison Thompson and Alexandria Vinson: 1:55.61, 200-meter free relay Halle Bittick, Campbell Fox, Libby Mitton and Koedi Nealy: 5:12.06, 400-meter free relay TRACK AND FIELD Boys Team: State Champions John Ethan Baldwin: 45’1.75”, triple jump; 14.48, 110-meter hurdles; 39.23, 300-meter hurdles

Katherine Echols: 97’7”, Discus Austin Foster: 10’0”, pole vault Sophia Slabic: 5:52.62, 1600-meter run; 12:36.78, 3200-meter run Allison Thompson: 8’0”, pole vault FOOTBALL Team: State Champions

COLLEGE SIGNINGS The NCAA reports that just under 8% of high school athletes will participate in college athletics. In total, seven CCS athletes out of the 2018 graduating class of 52 students will play at the next level in football, soccer, baseball and softball for the 2018-2019 season. John Ethan Baldwin–Track and Field, Hillsdale College

Austin Henry–Football, Taylor University

Josh Holl–Football, Tulane University

Cara Hettiger–Softball, Odessa College

Ian Jones–Football, Southwestern University

Matthew Mudrow–Soccer, Grand Canyon University

Elliot Ranson–Baseball, Western Texas College CONNECTION


“Give thanks to the Lord with the lyre; Sing praises to Him with a harp of ten strings. Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfully with a shout of joy.” – Psalm 33:2-3



Fine Arts




The Fine Arts program is alive and thriving at Cypress Christian School with over two-thirds of our secondary students actively participating in DRAMA, CHOIR, PHOTOGRAPHY, ART, YEARBOOK and DRUMLINE. Across the board, our programs have experienced great success this year from group competitions as well as numerous individual accomplishments. From a first chair in the UIL Solo to second in the annual State Drumline Contest, CCS has made its presence known while building a love for the arts and performance.



"I like ART class because of the freedom to be creative and being able to do something I love." ~ Emma Hicks, Sophomore “I enjoyed CHOIR so much! It was my first year to take the class and I learned so much in a short period of time.” ~ Tori Namanny, Sophomore I love that DRAMA gives me a place to express the talents I have been given by God and it allows me to make my friends laugh. ~ Ben Bezner, Junior Being a part of the CCS Warrior DRUMLINE is undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of attending Cypress Christian. My favorite memory from last football season was the state championship game. As a drumline, we brought such life and excitement to the stands and really changed the overall atmosphere of the game. This past year, through my participation in Warrior Drumline, I was able to grow as a leader, and learn what it means to lead humbly. ~ Sam Beckmeier, Junior “PHOTOGRAPHY is my favorite way to be creative because it gives me the opportunity to interact with elementary students, capture the excitement at athletic events along with everyday activities in student life. This elective is one that I will continue to enjoy throughout my next two years at CCS and I plan to continue this hobby into my future.” ~Caroline Petru, Sophomore




ART Rodeo Art Competition: HS – 1 Gold Medal, 2 First Place, 5 Second Place Rodeo Art Competition: MS – 3 Second Place Rodeo Art Competition: Elementary – 2 Finalists, 4 Blue Ribbons, 4 Red Ribbons ACSI Competition: HS – 4 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 2 Superior Ratings, 7 Excellent Ratings ACSI Competition: MS – 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 1 Bronze Medal, 1 Excellent Rating ACSI Competition: Elementary – 3 First Place, 2 Third Place, 5 Superior Ribbons, 10 Excellent Ribbons Artsonia: 2,439 artworks published, 81 student awards, 35,799 visitors to the site TAPPS State Art: 14 State Finalists, 7 Medals National Art Honor Society: published in National online newsletter AP Studio Art: 11 portfolios submitted with 24 works per student MUSIC TAPPS State Drumline: 2nd Place TAPPS State Drumline: Most Outstanding Tenor Line Heritage Festival: Silver Rating for Drumline TMEA: All-State Vocal Selection TMEA: Top Alto, State of Texas DRAMA TAPPS State Speech Meet: 3 State Finalists and 4 Semi-Finalists JOURNALISM TAPPS Yearbook: State Finalist 42




Chase Heller (’02) and Rachel Jasper Heller (’02)

Proud Warrior Alumni and Proud Warrior Parents of CCS Kindergarten Graduate Camryn and Future Warrior Hayley Chase, Rachel and their parents, Jeff and Janet Heller and Robin and Lauri Jasper, (who were active volunteers at CCS when Chase and Rachel attended CCS), were asked to describe Camryn’s first year at CCS. Chase and Rachel began by saying, “We had always hoped that our children would attend our alma



mater. After attending a CCS Kindergarten Preview, we left in full agreement that Cypress Christian was the right place for our children. Since then, we have been so impressed with the school. We are 150% positive that CCS was the right choice, and we are so happy that our dream has become a reality.”

Alumni Spotlight ~ The Heller Family

Q: How has Camryn’s life been impacted by

another in reinforcing shared values such as loving the Lord, respecting our country and her elders, and teaching her how to get along with others.

the mission of CCS? Chase and Rachel: Camryn has the opportunity to learn in a nurturing environment where she is loved and prayed for. She is excited every morning to go to school and can’t wait to get to her “glorious CCS.” Grandparents: CCS offers a loving, Christian, grace-filled, safe environment for Camryn to grow academically, socially and spiritually. We love that Camryn is learning all that kindergarteners learn at other schools, along with important biblical truth. She is learning about Jesus and how to share Him and live in a way that would please Him. Camryn said that the biggest number she can think of is comparable to God’s love. She understands that God is infinite. She says, “Jesus died for our sins. He loves you and me.” This is basic, fundamental, impactful truth from a kindergartener.

her life? Chase and Rachel: Mrs. Roberts is an amazing kindergarten teacher. We communicated frequently, and she strategized with us to create ways to help Camryn succeed. She is very loving and it shows. Camryn also loves her special teachers who help her learn in the library, computer class, art and music. Grandparents: Camryn loves her teacher and is loved dearly by Mrs. Roberts, who has her best interest at heart. Mrs. Roberts encourages, teaches, loves and disciples Camryn. We are thankful to report that Camryn’s prayer life has continued to grow through this academic year.

attending CCS? Chase and Rachel: 1) So much learning! The small class size allows for a lot of one-on-one time with the teacher, and students have the opportunity to learn at a much faster pace. 2) Biblical values are taught in the classroom and in chapel, and are exemplified throughout the school; 3) Camryn is in a safe and loving environment; 4) Co-curricular activities are offered which focus on values and fun. Grandparents: We are thankful Camryn is learning in a college preparatory setting. With a strong partnership between home and school, both her parents and her teachers are able to support one

life on campus this year? Chase and Rachel: We have enjoyed participating in the fun elementary activities offered including Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Run-4-Fun, sporting and holiday events, field trips, parties and more. Also, as alumni, we have enjoyed visiting with former classmates, their parents and former teachers. Grandparents: We loved Grandparents Day as it was a wonderful display of the God-given talents of CCS elementary children, and we were so blessed to support Run-4-Fun. As Mystery Readers, it was so much fun to dress up and read enthusiastically to eager and respectful children.

Q: How have Camryn’s teachers impacted


Q: What are the advantages of Camryn

Q: How have you been involved in student

“Chase, Rachel and the girls are definitely Warriors,” says grandparent Lauri Jasper. “They bleed blue!” Go, Warriors! CONNECTION


Warrior Alumni News

WARRIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES 3 CCS Kindergarten Graduation o 3 CCS High School Graduation o 3 University of Texas Graduation o 3 Operation Optimization Engineer o

Evan McClintock (’12) is a graduate of Texas A&M’s Mays Business School with an M.S. in management information systems. Since Aug. ‘14, Evan has worked for The Association of Former Students as a student assistant on their web team overseeing the hosting program, which provides websites to over 100 Aggie organizations. Evan is excited about his new position as an Applications Developer.

Katie Moore (’14) graduated with honors from The University of Texas with a B.S. in chemical engineering. She will begin her career as an operations optimization (O2) engineer with 3M this summer. Her two year O2 training program will take her to three locations and begins in Menomonie, WI. During her time at UT, Katie and her closest friends founded Mount Nebo Austin, a nonprofit ministry dedicated to resourcing the children and youth living in Austin’s government housing with gospelcentered mentorship, programming and discipleship. To learn more about Mt. Nebo, and hear about its expansion to Houston, visit

Dillon Barbisch (’13) graduated cum laude from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in ‘17 with a degree in history. This fall, he will begin teaching Advanced World History and Economics at Temple High School in Temple, TX. Dillon attends Ocker Brethren Church and serves as the high school Sunday school teacher. Dillon is shown with his grandparents Charles and Deborah Stevens.

Timothy Starbuck (’13) graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in aerospace engineering and a minor in math. Before his graduation, he completed an internship with the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India, where he researched turbulent boundary layers in the Aerospace Engineering Department.

Michael Boyd (’14) was a member of the Corp of Cadets at Texas A&M University for four years and graduated with a B.S. in construction science. He recently accepted a job offer from Whiting-Turner in Tulsa, OK. “I could not be happier with the opportunities God has given me on this journey, and I look forward to this next chapter of life with the strong support of friends and family,” says Michael.

Regan Kelsey (’14) graduated in ‘17 from Northeastern State University (OK) with a degree in special education. She has been teaching in the Special Education Department of a school in Tulsa, OK, and attending Mercyview Church. Regan will soon move to Thailand to teach at the International Community School, a large Christian international school in Bangkok. She plans to start a life skills program for elementary-aged students with special needs. Regan says, “The Lord has been faithful to lead me to such an incredible opportunity.”

Ashley Milstead (’14) graduated from Texas A&M University, and will continue her education at Sam Houston State University. She was accepted into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Arts program with plans to become a counselor for children and adolescents. Ashley says, “God definitely had a plan for me to attend SHSU as it is one of the best in the state.”

Amanda Swanton (’14) graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in nutritional sciences. She will continue her education through a dietetic internship with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, TX. Then, she will sit for the exam to become a registered dietitian. Amanda's ultimate career goal is to become a physician assistant. Amanda is grateful for her experiences at both CCS and TAMU. She feels blessed to be surrounded by supportive family and friends who always keep her grounded and remind her of God's boundless love.

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Sarah Jahnke Cantrell (‘98), husband Jonathan and children Caroline (11) and Caldwell (9) live in Cleveland, TN. After graduating from Lee University in ‘02 with a B.A. in communications, Sarah worked for the late U.S. Senator Fred Thompson as well as for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Sarah is the CEO/Owner of Caldwell Paving and Excavating and sits on several boards including those for the Zion Project and Project Free to Fly. She is the co-founder of Willowbend Farm which recovers and houses women who have been rescued from human trafficking. Sarah enjoys speaking around the country at churches, schools and universities and attending Redemption to the Nations Church with her family.

Joshua Clark (’01) and his wife Amanda are relocating to Houston from New York City. They own and operate an event entertainment company called Neverland Balloons and Facepainting. They are currently the number one ranked event entertainment company in NYC. They have been active members of their church, leading a small group, serving in the pre-teen ministry and on the A/V team. More info:

Roxy Wisdom Van Winkle (‘03), husband Calvin and children Audrey (5), Peter (3) and Kate (3) moved to Casper, WY, from Gillette, WY, after Calvin accepted a promotion with Baker Hughes. Roxy loves raising her children and says one of her top goals is to reinforce love between them by emphasizing compassion, communication and forgiveness. She and Calvin have been active volunteers in their church and community, and they look forward to finding ways to represent and uphold Christian values in their new city.

Kat Barnett Lopez (’07) graduated from The University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston with an M.S. in nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She also completed her postmaster’s in emergency/trauma medicine. She is a full-time nurse practitioner at an urgent care in northwest Houston and will soon start a position in the emergency department. Before earning her master’s, Kat held the position of registered charge nurse in the emergency room in the North Cypress Medical Center. She and her husband Chris live in Tomball, TX.

William Medendorp (’07) graduated from Calvin College in ‘11 with a degree in psychology, then earned his master’s in neuroscience, and is currently working toward earning his Ph.D. in neuroscience at Central Michigan University. William is a co-investigator conducting research into the effectiveness of treatment programs for mental illness, substance abuse and prisoner reentry populations at Research and Evaluation Associates. Lindsay is a supervisor and the autism coordinator for the county of Allegan. They purchased a new house recently and are expecting their first child, Gemma Louise, in July ‘18.

Anne Yalamanchili (’11), a graduate of Baylor University, has authored and photographed a cookbook entitled, “The Traveler’s Table,” which details her travels abroad. The cover and interior design of the book was created by Anne’s fellow alumna Hannah Blume Rogers (’11). To learn more about the cookbook, visit TheTravelersTable Anne also loves sharing the gospel and recently participated in a mission trip to France with her church, Bayou City Fellowship. When Anne is not traveling, she teaches ESL classes.

Kit Rhea Sloan (’12) and her husband, Weldon, are moving from Richardson, TX, to Austin, TX, as Weldon has been accepted into The University of Texas School of Law. Kit recently completed two years as an eighth grade teacher in Richardson ISD. She says, “It’s been such a blessing to disciple my students. This experience has changed my heart in a wonderful way, and I am forever grateful.” Kit plans to teach in the Austin area and says, “We are so in awe of the doors God has opened for our family in Austin.”

Julian Logan (’15) was elected to be the Outreach Coordinator for the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Oklahoma and is interning for CITI Technology (aka CITI Bank/ CITI Group) as a summer technology analyst in Dallas,TX/ New York City, NY.




Kenneth Nelson (’05) is stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland where he serves in the U.S. Navy as a Logistics Specialist 1st Class (E-6). He provides logistical support to 13 different aircraft squadrons, each with their own type of aircraft. Kenneth has served his country for the last 12 years which has included traveling to many countries around the Mediterranean and Arabian seas. He and his wife, Julie, live in Lexington Park, MD.

Taylor Brown (‘11) completed an intense program to become a U.S. Navy diver. He is thankful for the strong foundation CCS laid in academics and study skills, and is thankful for his teachers and coaches instilling the love of God, country and duty in him in preparation for his career. To obtain diver status, he studied hard and graduated from several naval programs. He then received ships husbandry orders to San Diego, CA, and was placed on a dive team, where he works on carriers, smaller surface ships and submarines. Taylor says, “I love what I do, and am happy to be serving our country.”

Nick Hanson (’11) and his wife Stephanie are missionaries on college campuses through the Chi Alpha organization. They believe that the college campus is one of the most strategic mission fields in the world. They will be moving from San Antonio to New York City in the summer of ‘19. After seeing many students come to know the Lord in Texas, they are ready to share the gospel in New York. In addition to their busy missionary schedule, they own a photography company. Two of the weddings featured in this publication were photographed by Stephanie. More info: or

Clayton Novotny ('16) at left and Calvin Novotny ('14) at right are Army Airborne Rangers. Both of the brothers have specialized combat airborne infantry training and have been deployed around the world. Currently, Calvin and Clayton are on active duty serving in the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. The 75th Ranger Regiment is a lethal, agile and flexible force. Today's Ranger Regiment is the Army's premier direct-action raid force.


Troy Mason (‘12) and Nicole Hickey were married in Dec. ‘17. Troy holds a degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas and Nicole is a graduate from The University of Texas in San Antonio with a degree in elementary education. The couple resides in San Antonio with Troy working at DBR Engineering Consultants, Inc. as a Mechanical Engineering Designer. Nicole is focusing on earning her M.A. in ministry studies from Grace Theological Seminary. Photo by Stephanie Hanson Photo


Cody Chaffin (’13) and Lauren Echols Chaffin (’13) were married in May ‘18 and will reside in Springfield, MO. Cody recently graduated from Ozark Christian College with a B.A. in Christian ministries with a focus on preaching and will continue working as the Youth Minister for Center Point Church in Carthage, MO. Lauren completed her dietetic internship through a distance program at The University of Delaware and passed her registration exam to become a registered dietitian. She is employed by Mercy Hospital in Lebanon, MO. Photo by Stephanie Hanson Photo


Grayson Dansby (’13) and Makayla Stowell Dansby (’15) were married in Jan. ’18 with alumna Quin Roberts (’15) in their wedding party. They live in Vance, AL, where Grayson works as a paramedic after completing the paramedic program at Herzing University and earning his certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Makayla is completing work toward her degree from the University of Alabama in metallurgical and materials engineering with plans to graduate in ‘19. They attend Church of the Highlands. Photo by Amy Johnston Photography

Olivia Roberts Steinhauser (’14) and John Steinhauser (’14) were married in Dec. 2017 with alumnus John McCary (’14) and Regan Kelsey (’14) as part of their wedding party. John is a summer intern at SM Energy in Denver, CO, as part of his petroleum engineering degree plan at Texas A&M University, while Olivia finishes her last semester of nursing school at TAMU. They look forward to starting their careers and are making plans to move overseas to do mission work. They attend New Life Baptist Church. Photo by Layne Little.


Jennifer West Nelson (’00) and husband Jeff welcomed their second child when he was born in March ‘17. Big sister Kyla (6) was thrilled to have a little brother in the family, and was so excited for him to be formally adopted in Sept. ‘17. They recently celebrated Grant's first birthday and are so thankful for the blessing of family.

Jessica Van Rieg Gates (’06), husband Rusty and son Oliver (2), welcomed Matthew Allen in March ‘18. Rusty is a realtor with Keller Williams Realty and Jessica is a ninth-grade Algebra 1 teacher at Cypress Park High School. Their family attends Ecclesia Church. Photo by Samantha Ridder Finley (’08)

Devin Powers (’06), wife Brittany Metrin Powers (’06), twin daughters Paige (10) and Jade (10) and daughter Bradlie (1 ½) welcomed baby brother Kannon Ray Powers in April ‘18. Devin is stationed at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO, where he will serve another four years in the army. Their family attends Southeast Christian Church where Devin and Brittany are small group leaders for middle schoolers.

Genesis Devine Luna (’08), husband Ryan and children Marguerite (4) and William (2) welcomed younger brother Beau Ryan Luna in March ‘17. Genesis treasures being a homemaker, and her husband, Ryan, is an attorney for the Carlson Law Firm. They live in Waco, and attend First Woodway Baptist Church/ Mission Waco.

Michelle Van Rieg Stanton (’08), husband Brett and son Hudson (3) welcomed Mason John-Marshall Stanton in Jan. ‘18. Michelle loves staying at home with her little boys and attending Faithbridge Church with her family. Photo by Samantha Ridder Finley (’08)

Kelsey McGrath Razmandi (’09), husband Michael and daughter Aden Elizabeth (2) welcomed Eiley Elizabeth Razmandi in Aug. ‘17. Kelsey enjoys raising her daughters, volunteering in the church nursery and supporting her husband who is the worship producer for Second Baptist Church.


Ryan Gibbs (’15) is studying accounting at LeTourneau University with plans to earn an MBA and his CPA license. Academically, he has been named to both the president's list and dean's list of the university. In baseball, he continues playing catcher, and has earned academic all-conference honors. In addition, he has served on the student senate where he was elected Chairman of the Financial Appropriations Committee; has worked at Frontier Camp where he was pleased to meet current CCS students; serves at New Beginnings Baptist Church; and will intern this summer at Sweet Shop USA–the largest handmade chocolate and dessert distributor in the U.S.

Matthew Kooiman (’17) attends Olivet Nazarene University (IL) and is a member of the Tigers football team. He enjoyed his first year as the sixth lineman for the first four games and as tight end starter for the final seven games. He looks forward to a competition for the starting left tackle position next year. Matthew also excelled on the academic front as he earned a place on the dean’s list working toward a degree in sports management with a minor in business. In addition, he attends OneSeven Church and is a part of the campus outreach program. He recently served on a mission trip to Guatemala with his teammates, and he is on staff at a Christian summer camp in Marble Falls, TX. CONNECTION


Join us for Homecoming October 19, 2018

After a week-long K-12 celebration that will include dress-up days, contests, a parade, pep rally and more, come join us for the homecoming football game with homecoming court presentation, drumline and cheerleaders as alumni come home to CCS.

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SERVICES INCLUDE: • TAX PREPARATION Individuals, Small Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations • TAX CONSULTING AND PLANNING Up-to-date advice tailored to each client's tax profile • SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING Assistance with selecting entity type, strategy and financial planning • FREE WORKSHOPS Email and request to be notified of upcoming dates and times! • CCS PARENT AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROFESSOR

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The specialists at Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are honored to serve the growing Northwest Houston community. Specialists in Northwest Houston (pictured above, left to right): Gregory M. Seelhoefer, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine John Seaberg, MD, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Christian Schupp, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine Travis Hanson, MD, Foot and Ankle Daniel Le, MD, Joint Replacement Olusanjo Adeoye, MD, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Scott Rand, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine HoSun Hwang, MD, Neck and Spine Alan Rosen, MD, Hand and Upper Extremity M. Nameer Sidiquee, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine Plinio Caldera, MD, General Orthopedics

Visit or call 281.737.0999 to learn more about our specialists or to schedule an appointment.

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