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HTC announced the HTC one mini, a compact version of its flagship smart phone, the HTC One. It was launched on July 27.HTC One created much interest with the new look and sleek design. Indian e-commerce sites with prices ranging well over Rs.35000/-.


HardWare The phone’s front and side sport polycarbonate/ plastic. While its back is made of aluminum, unlike the HTC one which is made entirely from aluminum barring the glass display & some inserts.It contains capacitive and multi-touch.

BATTERY LIFE HTC One Mini has been ranked in terms of battery size to 1800 mAh.We can run a 90 minute no-HD video from full power,with the one mini on flight mode and the brightness at arround 67%. After the video was done , the HTC One Mini was left with 78% battery life.


SOUND SYSTEM HTC One Mini come with dual frontal stereo speakers project.Built - in amps enhance everything so we will experience louder, richer, fuller sound for a more immersive experience. There various apps for sound system like a BOOM-BASS so we can set a normal , higher ,classic etc sounds.



“On October 1, 2013, AT&T and HTC released a software update for the HTC One mini (PO58220). This software package updates the software number to 1.32.502.3, and includes device performance enhancements�. The new release is available for download for the HTC One mini as a 269 MB file, and can only be downloaded when connected to a Wi-Fi network.


Weight : 122gms Dimensions : 132 mm (5.2 in) H 063.2mm (2.49) W 9.25mm (0.364) D Processor : Dual core 1400 MHz CPU : Adreno 305 Operating System : 4.2.2 ( Jelly Bean) Memory Storage

: 1 GB RAM : 16 GB (Internal memory)

CAMERA Front Camera : 1.6 mega pixel (720p for recording and video chat) Rear Camera : 1080p HD video recording, ultra Pixel rare camera with LED flash, BSI Sensor. HTC One Mini contains namely a 4 megapixel backlight CMOS sensor and f/2.0 28 mm wide angle lenses, designed to give better low light perfomance than other higher resolution sensor. Display : 4.3 inch 720p screen with a pixel Density of 341 ppi.


Google Chrome Cast BY:-JINALI SHAH

After various success in Andriod , YouTube , Music , Netflix Google has launched a new device called Google Chrome Cast. Google's Chrome Cast currently doesn’t have a whole lot of options other than its four officially supported apps YouTube, Netflix, Google Music and Google Video. To get a lot more out of the device we need to have Chrome and Cast extension installed in our PC or Mac.


What is Google Chrome Cast? Chrome cast is a digital media streaming adapter developed by Google. It is a device which has a 2.83-inch (72 mm) dongle and plays audio/video content on a high-definition television by streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet or local network. Users select the media to play on their television from the Google Chrome web browser on a personal computer or from a supported app on their mobile device. The device was announced on July 24, 2013 and was made available for purchase on the same day for US$35, along with a Netflix promotion that provided free access for three months. Chrome cast is available only in the United States but will be released in other countries as on July 28, 2013.

It Includes More Features Like....

Chrome cast plugs into a television’s HDMI port, while the power is supplied by connecting the device’s microUSB port to an external power supply or a USB port. This device works using Chrome cast-on mobile apps running on Android and iOS as well as using the Google Chrome browser—on Windows, OS X and Chrome OS—through an extension.


This device controls the selection, playback and volume and the content itself is streamed directly by Chrome cast. This scheme enables the device to do other tasks, such as answering a call, without disrupting programming.

The quality of the image depends on the processing power of the computer and the minimum system requirements apply to video streaming. Google lists the feature, dubbed "screen casting", as Beta.

Chrome cast contains the Marvell 88DE3005 system on a chip. This integrated circuit includes hardware decoding of VP8 and H.264 codes. Radio communication is handled by Azure Wave NH–387 Wi-Fi which supports 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz). The device has 512 MB of Micron DDR3L RAM and 2 GB of flash storage. 10

Chrome cast uses the DIAL (Discovery And Launch) protocol, co-developed by Netflix and YouTube search for available devices on a Wi-Fi network. Once a device is discovered, the protocol synchronizes information on how to connect to the device.

Google released a beta "Google Cast SDK (Software Development Kit)" to allow developers to make their applications compatible with Chrome cast. Developers must create a "sender" app for Google Chrome, Android, or iOS to send the media, along with a "receiver" page that appears on the Chrome cast device to play the content. As of 22 August 2013, Google has released preview version 1.0.1, which will only be supported short term and is intended only for app development and testing. Chrome cast does not currently support apps that stream video or audio stored locally on a mobile device and an internal software "broke" support for All Cast, an Android application that provided this function.



Why should we use Google Chrome Cast ? The chrome cast is basically an impulse purchase that just happens to be the simplest, cheapest, and best solution for getting a browser window on our TV. With Chrome cast, we can easily enjoy our favorite online entertainment on our HDTV—movies, TV shows, music, and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music and Chrome.


Surface 2 Tablet


Microsoft launched the next generation surface 2 at event in New York City on Sept 23, pairing them with a number of new covers and other accessories designed to enhance the functionality of the basic surface experience.

Surface 2 It is faster,lighter and thinner and 10.6 inch which comes in black and silver colour. It has Qualcomn snapdragon 800 chip. 14

This tablet is still not available in market but it will very soon. So it’s availability dates are: •

Surface 2 of 32GB will be released on October 25 and will have US$449.

Surface 2 of 64GB will be released on October 21 and will have US$549.

Features: It has 1080p full HD display as well as an NVIDIA TEGRA 4ARM- based processor. We will get up to 10 hours of video playback out of the battery. There is 3.5MP front-mounted snapper and a 5MP lens on the back. It’s also USB 3.0 ports. It also gives free skype calling to landlines in more than 60 countries, as well as unlimited access to skype wifi hotspots for one year. It will also give benefit of 200GB of free Skydrive. It’s stored for two years.


Accessories The new addition of surface 2 means both devices can power two monitors at a time and connect to a range of other PC peripherals. There is show cased for surface 2 is available, which feachers an in-built 30wh battery and is compatible with the original pro, as well as Microsoft’s next generation devices.

Features as well as Advantages


• • • • • • • •

Better and wider availability. Wider range of kick stand angles. Ditch the touch cover. Smaller devices Intel Haswell must be included. Lower Price. Better battery life. Wider rang of chips for the surface RT. Better support for Peripherals.

This Tablet is more useful than other tablets because it has more features and advantages compare to other tablets. And exclusively this tablet will be available in market soon.


iOS 7


Since the I-Phone first launched in 2007, the

look and feel of Apple's mobile operating system has remained largely unaltered. Although iOS has seen significant functional expansion and iterative design updates over the last six years, the user interface has been a constant. But now, in face of increasing competition and leadership changes, Apple is making its first substantial leap into a new, more modern design with iOS 7. But has Apple updated the OS for the better, and what, if anything, could still use improvement??



iOS 7, along with the iPhone 5C, represents the return of Apple's embrace for colour. Bright, saturated hues are pervasive throughout the new design, most notably in its new revised "flat" app icons. The glossy, bubble-like app launchers have been replaced with 2D variations that draw from the same iconography, save for a few exceptions. In many cases, the changes have been for the better. Instead of a somewhat ambiguous lens image for the camera app, the icon is now, well, just a camera. Other choices are less intuitive. Game Centre, for example, is now represented by an unusual assortment of multicoloured bubbles, while the Photos app is now a colour wheel that, at first glance, fails to conjure up an immediate association. The most useful change to the primary interface, however, has been the implementation of multi-page folders. While the first introduction of folders with iOS 6 helped minimize clutter and limit your home screen from spilling into several pages, iOS 7 makes it possible to consolidate all of your apps and folders to a single screen. Previously limited to 16 apps, folders in iOS 7 can now hold an infinite number of games and apps. Apps are arranged in pages of nine with the ability to scroll through numerous subpages by swiping left and right. In iOS 6,the game collection spanned several folders and multiple pages, making the process of finding specific titles more challenging. Now, they're all in one easy to navigate folder. Apple has also applied the flat design language to all of its core apps, which has made significant strides in its overall usability. By favouring solid colours and simplified iconography, navigating menus and making selections is more streamlined. Sharp lines and colourful text pop amidst the white backgrounds that extends to most OS-level apps, highlighting important information.


Another purely superficial element of iOS 7 is the parallax effect on the home screen. Using the iPhone's motion sensors, iOS 7 creates the illusion of depth by moving your wallpaper based on the tilt and angle of the device. The effect is somewhat distracting and seems like an unnecessary use of processing resources, but fortunately, can be disabled from your device's accessibility settings. Hundreds of these small design choices amass for a notably more arresting and practical user experience. While certainly not as bold as Windows Phone or as free form as android, iOS 7 carries a potent blend of stylization and utility.


Control Centre:One of the biggest feature additions to iOS 7 is Control Centre — a new dropdown interface that provides quick access to many of the most critical features of your device. Instead of having to exit the current app and launch the settings interface, users can now enable AirPlay mode, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and the screen orientation lock from Control Centre by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. It also provides a shortcut to screen brightness, music playback controls, and volume levels. On the iPhone, Control Centre also provides a flashlight toggle that engages the rear LED flash, as well as shortcuts to the calculator and photo apps. Sadly, the selection of shortcuts cannot be personalized. So if you have more use for Twitter than, say, the Calculator app, you're out of luck. Control Centre has quickly become my most used feature in iOS 7. As someone who is obsessive about battery efficiency and maximizing connection speeds, can activate and deactivate Wi-Fi throughout the day. Control Centre makes it effortless to manage. I often like to change tracks on the fly when listening to music, and while there was already quick access with a double tap of the home button or from the lock screen, Control Centre provides a more consolidated view.




Siri:In addition to taking on a new look as part of the sweeping design changes, Apple's voice assistant software, Siri, has received new functionality with iOS 7. Siri can now pull information from Wikipedia and display the most recent tweets from a specific account with simplified commands like "Tell me about CYBO-INSECT”. It can even quickly survey nearby restaurants with open tables for a specific number of people at a set time so you can make a reservation directly from within the Siri interface. Performance has been improved in some areas, with Siri detecting inquiries faster and more accurately, but there are still times when it can be slow or produce erroneous results. Siri is more useful and precise with iOS 7, but it's still somewhat of a novelty function and its lack of third-party app integration remains one of its biggest limiting factors.

Multitasking:A double tap of the home button brings up a redesigned app switching view. In the past, the interface was limited to a small, expanded row of icons on the bottom of the screen. Now, the multitasking view takes over the entire screen and presents not only the icon, but a snapshot of the app’s interface. The change makes for not only a more appealing visual experience, but actually allows for quick reference. For example, if you’re drafting an email and need to refer to information on a website, you can make quick reference of the Safari window from within the multitasking view. It may seem like a small change, but the impact on day-to-day efficiency is significant.


i r i S


Apple has also brought its wireless peer-to-peer file sharing feature, AirDrop, to iOS. Originally introduced on Mac OS X 10.7, AirDrop allows users to directly connect with other devices and transfer files wirelessly. On Mac, AirDrop was a simple drag-and-drop solution, but on iOS, the system is a bit more complex. Photos, videos, contacts, and any other sharable data from a first or thirdparty app can be shared to another iOS 7 enabled devices via AirDrop. Users can make their device detectable to any nearby user, restrict visibility to only those in their contacts list, or disable the feature entirely. AirDrop can be managed easily from within Control Center. When you want to transfer a file, nearby users will appear as icons within the share interface. Multiple users can be selected as recipients, though users must approve a file transfer before the process can begin. Transfers of images and contacts are near-instantaneous and I never experienced a failed transfer attempt. Unfortunately, due to the lack of other iOS 7-enabled devices at launch, I was unable to get a sense of how truly useful the tool can be during dayto-day use, but at least in theory, it could be a handy tool with wider adoption.


iOS 7 also heralds the introduction of iTunes Radio, Apple's Pandora alternative. Just like Pandora, users can play "stations" of music based on a specific artist, genre, or song. The service is completely free but features the occasional ad and users can only skip a select number of songs. iTunes Match users can forego the ads as part of their monthly paid subscription. Its automatically generated playlists improve over time as users rate and skip songs, and any track can be purchased from iTunes from directly within the app. Audio quality and station generation are exceptional, and while it lacks some of the other bells and whistles offered by Pandora, iTunes Radio is a fairly high-quality product for Apple's first foray into "radio" streaming.


The Camera:While the iPhone 5S will be the only device to offer Apple's new slow-motion video and burst photography features, older devices will be getting other upgrades to the camera app. With iOS 7, the viewfinder UI has been simplified. Now with a simple swipe to the left or right anywhere on the screen, users can switch between the photo, video, and panorama modes. The rise of Instagram has influenced iOS 7, prompting Apple to add a new square photo mode and live photo filters. Overall, the camera app is not just easier to use, but faster to operate.

Performance and Battery Life:-


iOS 7 is available for all devices iPhone 4, iPad 2, and iPod touch (5th generation) and above, though older devices may lack some features. Performance and battery life will also vary between generations of devices, but of those I was able to test — the iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), and iPhone 4 — the impact was minimal. At first, iOS 7 may seem slower, but the issue is twofold: the added heft of the OS, but also the wider use and duration of animations. The number of unique animations in iOS 7 — substantial or minor — has gone of up drastically. On a recent device like iPhone 5 or the 4th generation iPad, iOS 7 is snappy and responsive, whereas the iPhone 4 was expectedly slower. While I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's unusable, the lag between gestures on the screen and the corresponding action makes loading apps and typing challenging. Battery life, on the other hand, remained largely unaffected on the iPhone 5.

The Verdict iOS 7 doesn't reinvent the wheel, but with the widespread adoption of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It feels familiar, building upon the core UI concepts that popularized the platform, but abandoning the dated, sometimes cumbersome skeuomorphic design. New features like Control Center, iTunes Radio, and AirDrop add new utility, while improvements to Siri, the camera app, and others make existing tools more efficient and easier to use. iOS 7 is a notable leap forward for the platform not just in terms of form, but function. Even with the significant design and feature improvements, however, there's still room to grow. Apple still lags behind Google's deep integration of unified cloud services on Android, and iOS remains somewhat of a tightly regulated ecosystem. With Apple's recent leadership shakeups, hopefully future iterations will see more drastic expansions. Nonetheless, iOS remains an exceptional mobile platform made even better by a new, more modern design and useful feature additions.


Live Project Training Program

Ahmedabd Computer Education along with Web 3.0 India(web development company) have launched a Live Project Training Program.

Quick Office BY:-HIMA KERALIA As of September 19, 2013, Quick office has released a free and universal app for all Android and iOS devices, accessible to users with a Google Account. As with previous versions of the app, we can open and edit Microsoft Office files and store these files in Google Drive. For chrome book users, we can now open and view our files right in Google Chrome, as well as edit .doc and .xls files

What is Quick Office? Quickoffice is an application available for iOS and Android tablets and phones that lets us view, create, and edit Microsoft Office, as well as view and annotate PDF files. Connect Google Drive to Quickoffice for cloud storage so that we can easily access and edit files from our tablet, phone, or computer and know that our files are always up-to-date. To access files when we're offline, store files in our Google Drive account, where we can set a file to be viewable offline on both Android and iOS devices when we have no data connections. It supports Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document creation and editing. Peerless PowerPoint support. It also opens six documents at once. Quick Office has excellent navigation and complete formatting tools.


Uses On June 5, 2012, Google announced on its official blog that it had acquired Quickoffice. Google re-released Quickoffice as a free app on September 19, 2013.Quick Office is a freeware productivity suite for mobile devices which allows users to view, create and edit text files, presentations and spreadsheets. It consists of Quickword, Quicksheet and QuickPoint. Quickoffice is commonly used in smartphones and tabs.


Disadvantages Disadvantages of quickoffice that viewers do not really like about the basic Quickoffice app, is that we cannot create documents in the specific programs as we would in a normal Office program. we cannot create power point presentations either, although we can insert images to the software which can be used in the document setting and we can upload and view presentations that have been created in Power Point on a computer. The Quickoffice Suite is easy to use and it lets us do a lot more with our iPhone than we might have previously thought. . It provides business people with a top quality app to enable them to do their job more effectively and efficiently and it is being worked on and upgraded all the time to include more and more features and support more file formats.This app is excellent as it will give us the capability of typing notes on site.


Advantages The main advantage of Quickoffice over Documents To Go is that we can view and edit both Word 2003 and Excel 2003 files.In Documents To Go, we can only edit Word 2007 files and Excel 2007 editing support soon. The trade-off with Quickoffice is that we can only edit the older Office 2003 format, not the newer Office 2007 format. For Word and Excel files, Quickoffice's editing features are rich and deep. When we open an Excel file, we can format the cells and add a background color or cell border and adjust font size and style. We can even edit cells in-line--meaning, when we double-tap we can edit the cell directly, not in a separate field above the spreadsheet. Quickoffice uses a more intuitive, Mac-like interface for common functions than Documents To Go. When you want to justify text, you drag and release sample text in a small preview box that shows how your document will look. Quickoffice Files, you can upload files to a public folder in Mobile and view them from your iPhone. Or, you can use a Quickoffice e-mail address ( to send attachments.



The existence of Grand Theft Auto V was first acknowledged


by Rockstar Games on 25 October 2011, through an annoument on their official website and their Twitter page. The acknowledgement of the game’s existence caused a ripple effect for the publisher’s parent company Take-Two Interactive, as shares in the company increased by seven percent following the announcement. Journalists noted that the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V ignited significant anticipation within the gaming industry, which they owed to the cultural significance of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the fact that Grand Theft Auto V would be one of the last titles to be released exclusively for the seventh generation of video game consoles. As part of the promotional effort, the game was extensively marketed through video trailers and press demos. The debut trailer released on 2 November 2011, accompanied by a press release which confirmed the setting of the game. Almost a year later, the staff at Game Informer ran a cover story on Grand Theft Auto V for their December 2012 issue of the magazine. Along with the cover story, Rockstar intended to release the second promotional trailer on 2 November 2012, marking a one-year anniversary since the debut trailer’s release. However, these plans were hampered by Hurricane Sandy, which severed power in Rockstar’s New York offices. The trailer eventually released on 14 November 2012, introducing its viewers to the backstories of the lead protagonists.

Grand Theft Auto V is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. As one of the last titles to be released for the seventh generation of video game consoles, Grand Theft Auto V was highly anticipated preceding its release. Rockstar North began work on Grand Theft Auto V shortly following the release of its predecessor Grand Theft Auto in April 2008. While both games were developed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the team were able to render the world of Grand Theft Auto V with greater detail than in Grand Theft Auto 5 because they had become familiar with the hardware over time. Grand Theft Auto V is played from a third-person perspective in an open world environment, allowing the player to interact with the game world at their leisure. The single-player story is told through three playercontrolled protagonists whom the player switches between, and it follows their efforts to plan and execute six large heists to accrue wealth for themselves. An online multiplayer mode is included with the game, allowing up to 16 players to engage in both co-operative and competitive gameplay in a recreation of the single-player setting.


To encourage pre-order sales for the game, Rockstar Games collaborated with several retail outlets to provide special edition versions of the game. The "Special Edition", for example, includes a unique case packaging for the game, a game map and unlock codes for additional content for use in the single-player and multiplayer modes of the game. The publisher also collaborated with Sony to release a 500 GB PlayStation 3 console which includes a copy of the game and a 30-day trial membership for the PlayStation Plus service, as well as set of Grand Theft Auto V branded headphones. Rockstar hired Shelby Welinder, an English model and actress who was portrayed as a blonde beach babe on a promotional artwork for Grand Theft Auto V.


Grand Theft Auto


Developed in tandem with the single-player mode, the online multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online was conceived as a separate experience, which would be played in a continually evolving world. In it, up to 16 players are given free roam over a recreation of the single-player setting;the plot is set two months prior to the events of single-player. Within the world, players enter lobbies to complete jobs, which are story-driven competitive and cooperative modes. The Content Creator toolset allows players to create their own parameters for custom jobs; examples include creating tracks for races and specifying spawn points for weapons in deathmatches. Players can band together in crews, which are organised teams of players who complete jobs together. Crews from the multiplayer mode of Max Payne 3 can carry over to Grand Theft Auto Online, since the Rockstar Games Social Club connects the multiplayer experiences together. A player can be a member of up to five crews or create their own, and success in multiplayer matches earns the player experience points for their crew, allowing them to progress in online leaderboards. Grand Theft Auto Online launched on 1 October 2013, two weeks after the initial release of Grand Theft Auto V. Upon launch, users reported difficulties connecting the game's servers and the Social Club service, or freezes during load screens for early missions. A technical patch was released on 5 October for consoles in response, resolving the issues; content micro-transactions were also suspended as a fail-safe. Problems persisted during the second week of launch, as some players reported progress for their characters disappearing. In response, another technical patch was released on 10 October combating the issues, with advice administered to players experiencing the issues to not create their multiplayer avatars again. As compensation to players for the technical issues, a stimulus of GTA$500,000, an in-game currency, will be funded to the accounts of all players connected to the mode since launch.


A commercial success, Grand Theft Auto V broke industry sales records by earning US $800 million in the first 24 hours of its release, and $1 billion within its first three days, making it the fastest selling entertainment product in history.


Now Game is ONLY Available on PS3 and Xbox In 2014 start PC version is available.


by Tanmay Raval 9 Million pieces of iPhone 5S and 5C were sold in one week. World is now waiting for another great product ‘Nexus 5’.Until now,one of the most demanded phones was LG G2. Every day more than 1.5 million new Android devices are activated. Together with iOS devices and Windows Phones, the smart phone market is growing with each passing day.But soon technologies becomes obselete as a newer and better one arrives.


According to a report by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) titled, “Recycling - from E-Waste to Resources,” the amount of Electronic-waste being produced - including mobile phones and computers - could rise by as much as 500 percent over the next decade in some countries, such as Our Country India. The United States is the world leader in producing electronic waste, tossing away about 3 million tons each year. China already produces about 2.3 million tons (2010 estimate) domestically. But the need of the hour is to find a solution. Dutch designer Hakkens, who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, has ome up with his revolutionary idea of ‘PHONEBLOKS’, tag lined as “A Phone worth keeping”.


As the name suggests,the phone is made up of different swapable components.The blocks are arranged on to the base board that combines all the parts together.2 screws lock every component all toghether. Because of this structure the phone might get a little slower.However we can upgrade the block that is associated with the speed.A conventional phone is integrated into one solid block.So if any part of it breaks or gets damaged,we have no option but to throw it off. The phoneBlock concept gives us a better option. We can simply replace the damaged/broken bloc with a new one. (ex- Broken screen or block). Another interesting feature of this technology is that we can customize our phone as per our wish. If you need a phone with a better camera,you can upgrade it.Or if you store everything on cloud,you can replace the battery with a larger storage battery block.Readers can see the video of phone bloks on and on our website. In this video.


We can associate the concept of PhoneBloks with Lego phone. Lego is a popular line of construction HYPERLINK " toy"toys manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways to construct vehicles, buildings, missiles and working robot etc.Lego blocks are also used as mobile cover.



pda U w


After approaching many companies,Dave’s ‘Phonebloks’ is finally accepted by Motorola.Dave has joined the company to work for Motorola’s project Ara. 45

According to Hacckens,the technology is not made to last and phones are discarded after a couple of years.But this one is made to last.Lego phones (like modular phones) means you never have to throw away an obsolete phone again. Users can buy these blocks from nearby block stores or even develop their own modules,if this idea transforms into a product.

But to do so,Hakkens needs your voice. They gathered people, on 29th October to spread the voice of the supporters and to show that the world is in need of thios technology to reduce the e-watse. Dave‘s project is supported by Thunder clap- crowd speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together, by the help of mass-shared message or flash mob-style. Want to help Dave then join his cause at https://

(DaveHakkens Together with some experts in the mobile industry, lawyers, strategist, developers and directorstheysat around the table to discuss the best next step for Phone blocks, Source: Face Book.)

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