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Hazard Communication Course Description: The course is designed to provide participants with necessary knowledge and skill on basic understanding HAZCOM Safety. Trainees shall be able to learn basic inspection techniques and safety practices, as well as how to use HAZCOM Safety Procedure.

Who Should Attend? All personnel involved in HAZCOM Operations.

Benefits of the Course: At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:    

Identify and describe the hazards at workplace. Describe the reducing procedure Describe the proper use of Monitor or related equipment Demonstrate proper way of emergency evacuation.

Course Content Section Number 1

Section & Lesson Title Hazmat Regulation & Statistics 1. OSHA -29 CFR (1920-1200)


Hazmat Overview 1. Hazardous Material Information System

2. Classification of the Hazardous Material 3. Hazardous Material Control Procedure 3

Basic Requirements of Hazmat 1. Marking & Label 2. Packaging 3.


4. Training 5. PPE 4

Emergency & Evacuation 1. Policy & Scope 2. Emergency & Warning 3. Investigation



Course Assessment 

Paper Assessment


Practical Assessment

Course Duration

: 1 day


: Successful completion of the course shall be awarded an approved course from IADC-USA completion certificate.

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