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Course Description: First aid is the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill person. First aid does not take the place of proper medical treatment. It consists only of furnishing temporary assistance until competent medical medical care, if needed, is obtained or until the chance for recovery without medical care is assured. For most injuries and illnesses require only first aid care.

Who Should Attend? This course is designed for individuals, workers, employers and the general public who wish to gain practical knowledge and skills on basic emergency response i.e. first aid and CPR & AED.

Benefits of the Course: At the end of the course, participant is expected to: 1. Obtain practical knowledge and skills in First-Aid, CPR & AED; and 2. Demonstrate the ability to apply First-Aid, CPR & AED in various incidents.

Course Content: Lesson 1: Scene Survey Lesson 2: Victim Assessment Lesson 3: CPR & AED

Lesson 4: Shock & Painting Lesson 5: Bleeding Injuries Lesson 6: Bones, Joint & Muscles Injuries Lesson 7: Head & Spinal Injuries Lesson 8: Heat & Cold Related Injuries Lesson 9: Medical Emergencies

Course Assessment: ďż˝

Paper Assessment


Practical Assessment

Course Duration

: 1 day


: Successful completion of the course shall be awarded ECSI-USA and/or

AREMT-Malaysia completion certification valid for 2-3 years

First aid  
First aid