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Good Friday of the Lord's Passion Whom, are you looking for?

I told you that I AM.

What charge do you bring against this man?

Are you the King of the Jews?

Crucify him, crucify him!

Jesus the Nazorean, the King of the Jews


Our sufferings he endured

He gives his life as an offering for sin

He shall take away the sins of many

He was pierced for our offences

Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.

It is finished

Bowing his head, he handed over the spirit.

He became the source of eternal salvation

After the video is published - Add this as the 1st Response to Animoto and YouTube: Good Friday of the Lord's Passion This reflection is based on the readings from the Good Friday liturgy. Before or after watching the video, you may want to read and reflect on the readings - . The photo's are from a mission trip with college students to San Antonio, TX and McAllen, TX in 2005. We had the opportunity to participate in a Downtown Way of the Cross where participants took turns carrying a large cross, depicting the sufferings of Jesus Christ from his trial to his burial. For those who are interested in doing a Scripture Digital Storytelling Prayer Experience with their students, young adults, or adults, you may wish to visit ACyberPilgrim blog ( Here you will find a suggested project to involve your participants in Scripture reflection and prayer, as well as to engage them in Digital Storytelling. YouTube link - Animoto link -

Good Friday of the Lord - Script  
Good Friday of the Lord - Script  

Here is a script example that is prepared before creating the video.