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All about Fan less medical computers and all in One Medical PC After the innovation of medical aided pc, the field of technology has materialized in to a more efficient design of the medical pc. The new design of the medical pc has a “fanless� feature in it. You can shop this new design medical computer at any trusted and certified medical store. Shop fanless all in one pc which has 22-inch edge to edge wide screen. The new design of the product is well supported by Intel core i5. In this new design the user can work simultaneously at two different tasks. The user can run an X-ray and any medical application. All thanks to the powerful Intel CPU. The fanless design has been ushered in order to reduce the noise created by the product. Also if the pc is taken in dusty environment, the new fanless design helps the product to adjust itself in the harsh environment. Along with this, the pc comes with an anti-microbial germ protection in order to curb the spread of bacteria, if any. Even if the case of blackout occurs, the pc has a twenty minutes standby battery so that the data is not abruptly lost and an orderly shutdown process is carried out. Along with this, proper care has been taken regarding the video and graphics section of the new design. The pc has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator of 3000 HD which offers a rich media exposure to the user. To make the product more users friendly and to make it more understandable, the product supports 3D technology. So now, the user can have a better view. In this new design, you also have the option to configure the device as per your requirement and environment. To insure the safety of the patients and the users, the product is medically certified. So, the product is completely reliable and efficient. You can also request for a demo of the product at the store. This product also comes with a warranty period. At any medical store or trusted website related with medical solutions, you can easily shop fanless medical computer. An online payment mode is to be followed to avail the product. After the payment, the product is delivered as fast as feasible within a few trading hours anywhere around the world.

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All about fan less medical computers and all in one medical pc