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FaciliWorks Desktop CMMS Software

Making Maintenance Manageable

Why Your Facility Needs CMMS Software • Improve productivity • Control operations and maintenance costs

Scalable Whether used by management, engineers or technicians, FaciliWorks can be scaled to fit your needs and your budget and is designed to grow with your organization, from a single

• Maximize asset uptime

user on one PC to several users on a local area network.

• Prevent mistakes

When the time comes to upgrade to FaciliWorks 8i

• Become proactive

Web-based CMMS because of your growing needs,

• Avoid legal obligations and liability

migrating your data to the new format is quick and easy.

• Reduce insurance premiums • Assure standards compliance • Mobilize your maintenance department

FaciliWorks Desktop CMMS Over 12,000 facilities worldwide choose our software solutions to maximize productivity and asset uptime, optimize inventory, minimize costs and assure standards compliance. FaciliWorks CMMS software helps you track, analyze and report on everything from assets and PM schedules to work orders, procedures, staff and purchasing. • View your operations and asset status in real time with dashboard analytics • Maintain detailed records on all assets, tasks, procedures, suppliers, personnel, inventory, purchasing, budgets, tools, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and much more • Easily submit, queue and manage work orders and service requests • Ensure accountability of personnel • Analyze equipment breakdown information • Optimize spare parts inventory • Assure standards compliance

Customizable The customizable dashboard interface displays a summary of the items that need your attention for the day, allows you to easily navigate to any feature of the software and


lets you create your own shortcuts to get quick access

Automatic email alerts and a workload calendar assure that

to the features you use most often. Even the language is

no asset will be forgotten, which means longer equipment

customizable to each user; FaciliWorks Desktop can be

life, fewer repairs and reduced expenditure.

viewed in English or Spanish.

Extended Asset Life Any item that requires maintenance or tracking, such as a piece of equipment, vehicle, system, project or facility can be recorded as an asset in FaciliWorks. • Maintain detailed records on all assets and restrict asset usage • Track work instructions, repair procedures and task checklists • Track asset downtime • Track warranties, service contracts and leases

Service Requests & Work Orders • Service requests can be created, edited or approved and converted into work orders automatically; FaciliWorks also has the option of incorporating Web Service Requests to allow users in various locations to quickly and easily create and submit service requests over the Internet • Automatic task scheduling and seasonal maintenance refine your work schedule, helping you to balance the workload among your resources • Track and compare employee performance

• Duplicate records with all associated tasks, parts and tools using the Clone function

• Track parts used during maintenance; automatically create purchase orders when the quantity falls to the reorder point

• Track costs incurred over time for assets and their components through asset hierarchies

• Track scheduled versus unscheduled maintenance

Interface & Data Entry • The user interface is easy to learn and use and can be customized to fit your needs • User-definable fields provide extra room to enter data, allowing more flexibility • The tabbed data entry forms are organized logically for easy data entry and retrieval • Self-building drop-down lists ensure data consistency • Attach files to asset, part and procedure records, such as PDFs, Word Documents, photos, etc.

Attach photos and other documents to your records.

Self-building drop-down lists ensure data consistency.

Reports & Analysis • Utilize hundreds of integrated reports and graphs to better understand your business • Filter to retrieve the needed information, export as Excel, Word or PDF files and then print, fax or email • Format reports with a company logo, colors, fonts, page numbering and record separator lines • Monitor Key Performance Indicators


Product Options

With FaciliWorks security enabled, a user’s access to forms

Web Service Requests

and fields within forms can be limited; for instance, a user can be allowed to view the Labor form under Work Orders but the Cost field in that form can be hidden from that user. To make security easier to implement, you can create groups with standardized access privileges and assign users to groups as needed.

Electronic Signatures and Approvals

The seamless, fast and secure FaciliWorks Web Service Request module allows users in various locations to quickly and easily create and submit service requests over the Internet and automatically routes them to a central maintenance department, eliminating time-consuming phone calls and written requests while providing centralized documentation of every service request and its outcome.

FaciliWorks can record signatures and approval signatures

• Seamless integration with FaciliWorks

upon the completion of maintenance and checklists and

• Convenient access using a Web browser

the creation of purchase orders. Once a record has been

• Unlimited concurrent users

signed, it cannot be modified unless the original signer

• Quick and easy - no training needed

unsigns it.

• Secure and password protected

Audit Log The Advanced Audit Log maintains a comprehensive history of all user actions such as record modifications, additions and deletions along with the date and time of each action and name of the user who performed the action.

Once a request is submitted, it is automatically routed to FaciliWorks to be viewed by the maintenance manager who can then delete or approve the request and convert it into a work order. FaciliWorks can be configured to send automatic email notifications at each step of the process, informing the original requestor and need-to-know personnel of the progress of the request and the maintenance manager can monitor the status of the requests and work orders from the FaciliWorks Dashboard.

TaskPro and SafetyPro

Professional Services

TaskPro is a fully customizable, comprehensive database

Whether FaciliWorks is your first maintenance management software solution or you’re upgrading to FaciliWorks from another application, our comprehensive suite of professional services will minimize your downtime and make the transition seamless.

of maintenance procedures covering 250 different topics related to facility and equipment maintenance and easily installs directly into your FaciliWorks database. SafetyPro is a database of step-by-step safety checklists to assist with OSHA compliance. It covers 40 different topics

• Consultation

including fire protection, stairs and stairways, hand tools and just about anything else you might need.

• Data Import

Maintenance Label Kit

• On-site Training

Create durable, bar-coded, laminated maintenance labels

• Regional Training

directly out of FaciliWorks with the Maintenance Label Kit.

• Web Training

• On-site Implementation

The harsh-environment adhesive labels are resistant to oil, water, temperature extremes and abrasion. Labels can be printed in a variety of sizes from 0.25” to 1.5” and are available in a variety of colors. The compact Brother® printer (PT-9700PC desktop or PT-9800PCN network) comes with cables, design software and everything else you’ll need to get started.

Our team of in-house Client Solutions Managers will advise you on the ideal setup and use of our products for your company’s unique infrastructure and get FaciliWorks up and running quickly so you can focus on what you do best.

Invest in Stability When you invest time and money in a software solution, it’s important to choose a provider with a solid, long-standing reputation. CyberMetrics has been in business since 1988, so rest assured that our team of professionals will be available to you, providing on-going support, education and consultation services, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

Free Software Trial Find out why over 12,000 facilities worldwide rely on our software solutions to manage their assets, improve efficiency and minimize costs. Contact us today for a free

Total Maintenance Solution (TMS) The FaciliWorks Total Maintenance Solution includes all the tools you need to automate your maintenance department at a special package price. FaciliWorks TMS includes: • FaciliWorks Desktop CMMS Software • Maintenance Label Kit • SafetyPro

trial or a personalized web demonstration and we’ll show you how FaciliWorks will work for you.



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CyberMetrics Corporation For over 25 years, CyberMetrics Corporation has been developing world-class calibration and quality management, maintenance management and supplier QA software solutions that are scalable to meet the demands of the largest and smallest of companies and are easy to implement, manage and use. Over 12,000 facilities worldwide, in virtually every type of industry, use our products to manage their assets, calibrations, preventative maintenance and supplier quality while maintaining standards compliance.

Invest in Stability When you invest time and money in a software solution, it’s important to choose a provider with a solid, long-standing reputation. CyberMetrics has been in business since 1988, so rest assured that our team of professionals will be available to you, providing on-going support, education and consultation services, making sure you get the most out of your investment.




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