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Benefits of Remote Desktop Services for Businesses As the new market begins to evolve its way toward the dependence and demand for integrated solutions and more resource sensitive applications, the benefits of remote desktop services, like the dedicated hosting available at Cyberlink ASP, are beginning to become more relevant. Cloud technologies, for example, have continuously proven their market-performance worth in maximizing overall management, security, and ease of use. Desktop Visualization Remote desktop services utilize cloud-based technology to decrease risks otherwise presented with traditional systems. These innovative cloud solutions are attractive to many small to midsize businesses, simply because they provide mobile advantages where they need them most, while still emphasizing infrastructure. In fact, many businesses have turned to utilizing virtual desktops as a means of keeping costs down, while increasing security and streamlining workflow. Let’s take a quick look a few of the benefits: Enhanced Flexibility Increased flexibility describes how remote desktops operate in all aspects. One popular example is in the provision of employee workstations. Desktop visualization allows businesses to reduce the labor and costs involved with individual configurations. Through remote solutions, quick and simple provisioning is possible, allowing both workforce and management to centralize productivity, and eliminating the delay of setup, software installation, or patching. Reduced Cost It’s true that ultimately all the advantages associated with cloud hosting and virtual automation lead to the reduction of business cost. The major reduction from software licensing and application use alone helps decrease operative costs significantly. Moreover, IT support can also be minimized for both facilitative management and software support, since virtual workstations can be standardized through a central server. Improved Security Security threats are still a serious problem for any business infrastructure. This is because, as technology evolves, so do software risks and their effects within applicable networks. Luckily, remote desktop servers utilize central data, which is protected by administrative firewalls and permissions, thereby preventing unauthorized access to all shared systems and data. Ease of Maintenance Many of the security benefits presented by remote desktops are related to the maintenance benefits involved. Aside from individual provisioning, another maintenance benefit is the elimination of individual patching. This is particularly useful when updating patches, since all hosted machines share the same server, which can troubleshoot as well as patch all connected users easily.

Remote Accessibility A well-known benefit of virtual hosting is the advantage offered by remote use. Desktop visualization eliminates the security risks and provisional costs involved with setting up separate remote servers, because all data accessed by virtual workstations is isolated from personal devices. This means that your employees can work from any device at any location using data that is secured and stored remotely 24/7. Overview There are many advantages to using remote desktops for your business. As outlined, no matter the size of your facility or operation, virtual hosting can accommodate a high level of security and flexibility not available in other traditional infrastructures. Virtual hosting provides secured access to your data at any location or time.

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Benefits of Remote Desktop Services for Businesses  
Benefits of Remote Desktop Services for Businesses | CyberlinkASP walks through a few of the many advantages of utilizing remote deskt...