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Demonta Prather

Devante Bryant

Tavoris Altman

Breon Steed

Demien Turner

Quintavious Martin

Devante Davis

Jermaine Williams

Clentaevias Smith

Quinterious Prather

Demonta Copeland

Jecori Terry

Carderrious Favors

Lakevis Martin

Travier Bryant

Demetris Marshall

Lataves Weaver

Delltre Gamble

Deondre Mitchell

Aaron Turner

Shawn Jackson (27)

Keon Thompson

Darius Alford

Keeanu Whitehead

Warcorian Maddox

Javarex Moore

Dejonte Fitzpatrick

Denzel Jackson

La’Zerick Lovett

Jaquez Williams

Neiman Favors

Nicholas Kerr

Fernando Prescott

Torrence White

Justin Wingard

Griffin Gibson

Chance Gooch

Shoneric Carter

Nokevius Henley (70)

Tyler McGill

Kelvion Jackson (84)

Hozell Campbell

Johnny Kuykendal 

We donate back to the Schools!!!

Go Wingard #65!

Computer Repair 

Website Hos ng and Design 

Custom Cell Phone Apps 

SMS Broadcast text systems 

And more 706-656-6191 Manchester PC would like to say a word of thanks to all the first responders and members of the community that helped their neighbors after the April tornado.

Manchester High School Football Program 2011  

2011 MHS Football Program

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