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MemberConnex Exploration Workshop

Many associations understand that the internet can offer them real benefits when it comes to connecting with their members – often they just don’t know how to get the most from it.

PURPOSE Enjoyable and thought-provoking discussion of your association’s goals, objectives, direction, current needs, operational & member issues..

The Workshop is held at Cyberglue’s central


Auckland offices, is facilitated by several key

Key stakeholders in the association

Cyberglue experts and is designed to be an enjoyable and thought-provoking discussion of your association’s goals, objectives, direction, evaluating current needs, operational & member engagement In the Workshop, key stakeholders from your Association can work with Cyberglue’s eBusiness team to assess your market, operations, and membership needs. This is an in-depth session, and provides these stakeholders with a valuable forum for discussing

should attend: Executive Director / CEO, Operations Manager, Membership Manager, Board Members, Events and Promotions managers.

PROCESS This Workshop will take you through a clearly defined process to ensure that you receive valuable insight, and clearly documented outcomes to move forward with.

Before You will receive initial papers to review & prepare for the workshop.

issues facing your association, and reviewing

Cyberglue will analyse your current online

how they could be solved using the integrated

offerings and see where you can improve.

MemberConnex software as a service The MemberConnex Exploration Workshop

During To assist associations in determining how

is designed to help you understand how to use

best to embrace the internet, to see in action

MemberConnex technologies to maximise the

how the most advanced software can help, how

value you bring to your members, streamline your internal processes, and increase revenue. Prior to the Workshop, Cyberglue will conduct a review of your current online presence, and will send preparation papers for you and your stakeholders to review so they come in ready to exchange ideas Following the Workshop, the Cyberglue team will deliver a report outlining how you can use our technology to meet your association’s specific needs, and a go-forward plan to get you online—better than ever before!

they can use a Software as a Service model, and what the ideal workflows are to be on line better than ever before.

After Cyberglue will send you a report detailing the key outcomes of the workshop, our recommendations for implementing, and a go-forward plan for making it happen.

COSTS This ½ day Workshop is FREE! Morning or afternoon tea provided, along with some great coffee!

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