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Memberconnex implementation What happens from here?: The ease of adoption will likely be the biggest concern so I have detailed typical a timeline here of hours that would be required by your organisation to implement the solution

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Sign Agreement System up and running within a day or two Export your current database to a spreadsheet ( see data transfer below) : Your current database provider can export it to CSV for you, a staff member who can use excel can manipulate it into our spreadsheet, we train them first around 1hour if you want to organise it to our spread sheet yourselves or we can send our Project manager/analyst in for a cost to do it for you.

We then upload your data to your Live Parallel system where it can be double checked by someone there who knows the data before final upload

Your time to this point could be nil unless you want to do the spread sheet your self then likely around 2-6 hours of spread sheet refining depending on the quality of your data

Configuration meeting – our project manager meets with you and spends a half day (2-4 hours) analysing the ideal configuration and options for us to implement – he may then spend up to two full days or more analysing staff workflows, reports and old system functions if require his services to do the full process for you if you prefer it

Reviewing the data before final upload needs to be done by one of you who knows it 1-6 hours dependant on faults in data

The system is easy to use and the staff can edit a record from day one easily in parallel until you turn off the old database having gone live to the membership

Training is 2 or 4 half days (Group version 2 half days/Professional version 4 half days) nd up to 6 people can attend each section you would likely attend 1 – 4 half day sessions as they are based on the staff roles and listed in the quick start set up package.

Copy in and groom the rest of your website can be from 2 – 6 hours once trained and I or the project manager can help with this if you are using one of our base templates as it will be your responsibility once trained to add all web content like navigation and logo’s etc. The system is an application and we are not web designers so if you would like a design added we can recommend designers

Testing ensuring the team here has gotten all the configuration – templates and workflows right for you (we will have refined whilst training the staff) is a couple of hours perhaps but generally done in training or pre going live to the membership

KEY optional – costs – you do the spreadsheet nil, your current provider exports 1 hour, We export AND arranging the data in the spread 1-6 hours typically charged at $155 per hour plus travel cost if required KEY administration time

OPTIONS We can have the live database running in days We can leave the site until the administration system is bedded in and that will purely depend on your resources We can have the new website up and running very quickly and do this first if required (can do in a week if nesc) Data transfer We give you our standard excel spread sheet to populate with your data – you simply export your data from your current database as a CSV file and copy it in next to the worksheet – then move columns to the right headings or if there are no matching headings leave them in the user defined columns We give you a training session to do this yourselves or if you are not confident to export your data from your current system then your current provider or a consultant can do it – we can recommend a good one and it shouldn’t take much time at all with the number of members you have – or we can do it for you as a consult We then extract to the system and get you to check it in the migration pen and process it as ready – we try and do this as quickly as possible as then you don’t have to make many member record changes from when you give it to us until it is live to edit, it can typically be a live and parallel system to your current system in as little as 72 hours ( then we configure and train over the next few weeks before going live to the membership when you are comfortable Attached is a spread sheet sample – our fixed headings on the left and add your own headings on the right Pricing The two systems that will be of most interest will be Group and Professional depending on the features you want I would think that the group version for three staff may be the logical choice initially and you can always upgrade some time if required The set up cost is the same for both – the professional The Group edition is $150 per staff per month so this would mean a monthly cost of $450 – annual $5400 to run the whole system + GST The costs you will save in web sites, hosting, time, efficiency, accuracy, print costs, post costs, additional staff costs, I.T support, storage, backups, website support, and etc need to be considered – and the advances would be like spending a lot on event software, email software, financial software and all the components of it provided as a single integrated system. It will give you total anywhere anytime access and remove the risks of PC failures and lost laptops or discs etc The one time set up fee is $12500 for full configuration to your needs, training, support, datacenter setup, licensing, aid in going live etc And I have attached a quick start set up package one page above

There are no surprises and a totally fixed cost approach as all support is free as are all the development upgrades into the future You can pick up the phone and not get a bill There are only a few third party costs – a one time set up fee from the payment gateway people usually $150 Normal gateway Credit card transaction fees ( which are usually lower than a stamp cost ). A merchant number if you don’t have one costs I think about $20 a month from the bank. The international security license that protects your payment gateway and the whole membership system data costs around $320 per annum US and is included in the initial set up fee for the first year so is required additional year two onward There is a lot of configuration done for you behind the scenes and we usually make a loss on the set up fee which is amortized over a three year subscription – so the subscription monthly fee for a two or one year subscription is slightly higher We find as this will be the principle system for the organization that most organizations want a longer term relationship and we price it accordingly I hope that provides a little more clarity for you, please let me know if verbal referees on the customer services level and support by Cyberglue are required earlier rather than later Kind regards

Mark Statham CYBERGLUE SOFTWARE LIMITED Member Relationship Management – on demand! DDI: +64-9 909-1469 Mob 021 2429237 Communicate Collaborate Transact Educate Advocate CYBERGLUE SOFTWARE LIMITED Memberconnex Memberconnex - Member Relationship Management software FRST Technology Commendation Award Winner

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