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A proven “single system on the web� Effective management and development backbone

From the leading New Zealand provider of Association and Society management software

Software as a Service provision by Cyberglue New Zealand with a growing reputation. Efficiency, a known and low “fixed cost” model, and great support. Some 40+ New Zealand Society organisations are already using…

A Region or Branch on the National website

Managers run their region on the national public website (logged in view)

They can manage members and donors, take payments, list events, do bulk and targeted communications (to their sector of the database) They can enter news or blog items that automatically update their social media, view members or donors live preferences and data

Live Donations report

You can configure a regions webpages to show upcoming events, news, new members, galleries. Right through to fully unique regional websites in the one system

My own dashboard as a regional member and administrator

Regional staff, or volunteer staff dashboard Access for these staff is through the secure website 24/7 (rather than the national administration “back end”)

They manage their own personal engagement The regional “web presence” for their organisation/region, with deep and simple to use administration tools for their Chapter, or Society, Region, Branch, Special interest group, or Client list This staff member or consultant may also have “client lists” with mapping, data filters, communication, notes and reporting (From basic client notes to full case management integration options*) Every individual may have their own personal blog if desired

*Please note: Some features noted in this document will have service or set up fees (or conditional license fee’s)

Dynamic Data Filters for Administrators

This is a typical filter for the Regional manager to review people or company live data (Highly secure, and only their own regional data)

National administrators can edit this or any screen view of data “on the fly”, set owners and users , removing report writer costs all “self service dynamic data filters” are effectively ‘live report writers’ to manage or export data from screen views created

Communicate 1,2,3 go !

Send from a list of live and “editable” templates (yours) like newsletters or reminders

View individual profiles Make live lists on characteristics and data No limit to volumes of email (no cost)

Easily “personalized” to the individual in bulk

Edit communication

A message is building Edit the live list of recipients (added or removed using filters), Upload an attachment like a member pack or PDF Edit the template freely Send in bulk (personalized)

Live data = relevant for the individual

SEND Ready to check and test Send in volume to live opted in groups or built lists Send at a time preferred Send snail mail to PDF if required (or export to your print house for glossy publications with distribution export)

Campaigns and click through

See the results The opening rates, the click through, report to advertisers, add to activities tracking (as part of a donor campaign or similar )

Live reporting

A dashboard view for a ‘Society’ manager might have the regions reports accessible in “real time”, with access to private executive forums and approvals processes All configurable and secure, a very personal dashboard as you need it. Any interface view can be achieved

Configure Branch or region management lists and actions

Configure the view to add functions or data filters for managers as desired. Some customisation may be required, review the needs of the users

Corporate or Individual “Efficiency and ease” All can join, donate, purchase

and subscribe on line with live on line accounts and instant receipts , payment and history

This is a typical corporate profile (advanced public directories) with self service for the corporate key people to edit themselves , and manage staff lists , account, advertising, membership You will note the staff profile’s in this view of a corporate or company (who allowed in their personal privacy settings to be seen by the public)

Ease of Renewals, Donor requests and subscriptions

The semi automated renewal console simplifies bulk invoicing or reminders , subscriptions and SIG’s

Offering bulk “personalised” processes for live payment & receivables Memberconnex can generate to print or email, and the system knows how they want to receive Handle any variation in services options (region by region pricing) accommodated with the enterprise level products and receivables system (fully audit trailed GL separation and transparent funds dispersement to regions)

Events, management and tracking removes event website costs

From one button name badges to event gateway reports, the system can manage from a free meeting registration, to a full “streamed� conference (live registration and payment on line) Regional managers or organizers or affiliates can list all events themselves (for review & publish) National office can easily set product pricing if required (for intuitive pricing on registration from early bird to post event resources).

The system provides attendance tracking, automated CPD tracking on attendance, and a full training platform. *The full education system will track records of learning and certifications, access courseware on line, give purchase or permission access to web classroom software (3rd party systems like Moodle and etc)

Multiple ticketing and intuitive pricing

Professional Development tracking and self service

Automatic credits from CPD event attendance

Add a new CPD record request myself

Transact Full ecommerce : Client example: GetNZmade

Intuitive member – non member class pricing, instant orders, receipts and receivables Donations, Memberships Download products, Insurances, Research, Courses , Training Paid access to live resources (like services, web classrooms, other systems, web tools) Market easily 3rd party products and services with distribution notifications

Regional/National on line products tracked with full audit trail , ledgers and funds distribution Supplier, Sponsor, corporate pricing Internal regional accounts to national office

(The Transact options are almost unlimited)

Full surveys capability to the individual inclusive :

On Line voting

Event feedback

Member surveys

Courseware on line

Analysis and reporting

Comments and moderation from columns, blogs, polls, surveys, private forums, submissions, on line editorial, voting and numerous Advocate tools are available in system

Intuitive knowledge base – virtual intranet

A single elegant permission system from a document or file entered in the knowledge base - to a pixel on the website in one system A fully intuitive environment means both your internal knowledge base (intranet) and your public and member knowledge base are fully secure and intuitive to user permissions and status

Integration to other systems and optional web services integration Cyberglue are NZ leaders in web native enterprise systems, the team can integrate on demand: • • • • • •

Text message notifications Education on line systems General ledgers of any kind Direct Debit gateways for regular giving (Banking direct or service gateway) Integration to any Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc Health sector secure case management

Call center integration (live public self service dashboards)

A fully engineered , robust and proven enterprise platform that is constantly improving for organisations by itself, without investment, risk and development cost

Communicate Collaborate Transact Educate Advocate Email us or call 0800 Cyberglue FRST Technology Commendation Award Winner

Memberconnex for National Bodies  

overview for doantions based not for profits

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