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Empathy map costumer CraftVictoria There has been made an empathy map about the customer of CraftVictoria (picture 2) to create a better visual about the customers. Who is she? What does she like in live? Who are important for her?

Picture 1

The story of the customer She is a very honest and energetic woman. She is around the age of thirty. A couple of months ago she has bought her first house with her husband / boyfriend and now she is dreaming of having a family in this house and become old with her loved one at this place. She is a very social person who likes to be around friends and share stories with them. Idea generation At the 29th of July I have visited the Melbourne design market and I was inspired by all the traditional crafts, like crochet, knitting and more. The main focus of the elective is exploring modern technology which gave me the idea to reproduce the traditional crafts with modern technology. But then still there was the question what can we make as product? If we look to the story of the customer the best sellable product will be household products. She is decorating her house and tries to find products with a story. There has been done a small idea generation (picture 1) to find out what kind of product will sell well at craft Victoria. But if you look to which products already are made with crochet are often table mats.

Tessa Essers - s3389156


Picture 2


CyberCraftt 10

Granny’s crochet table mats The idea for the product is reproduce traditional crochet tablemats with modern technology. So a real tablemat will be scanned and reproduced with 3D printing or another technology. Before the 3D scanning could start the table mats had to be made. First I tried it myself and learned again how to crochet. I used some patterns from the web and make several table mats (picture 3). There have been made a thick table mat and thin ones. There has been chosen to make the table mats which fit a cup.

Picture 3

To increase the story of my product and to improve the quality of the crocheted table mats my grandma from the Netherlands has crocheted several table mats and sends them to Australia. She loves to hook. When I was a little girl she always made clothes for me so when I asked her to make some table mats she did it with lot of enthusiasm. The only requirement was that the table mat had to fit a cup, she could use all her creativity. Eventually she has made thirteen table mats all different patterns and shapes, but they all could fit a cup (picture 4).

Tessa Essers - s3389156


Picture 4


CyberCraftt 10

Business model There has been made two business models about CraftVictoria. The first one which has been made was more focused on the craft people instead of the customers (pictures 5 – 8) so the business model has been redone and specially made for the product (picture 9).

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

The business helps to see the values of the customers and what characteristics are important to add to my product. Another aspect of the business model is the price aspect, you can find out how much the users are willing to pay and how much profit you can make. The production of the plastic doilies with the 3D printing is very cheap, it was cost around $2,- to produce one. The customers of CraftVictoria are willing to pay more money if it is a valuable product; the product has a story and has a limited collection. So I can sell two for $25,- and four for $40,-. The doilies will be produced in several colors to increase the percentage of selling them. Every person has its own personal favorite color so when there are more colors available there is something for every person. The idea is that people can choose their own colors and buy them per two or four. So the doilies will be packed at the market itself.

Tessa Essers - s3389156

Picture 8


Picture 9


CyberCraftt 10

First iteration Doilie The first doilies which had been produced were not the best ones, but like every product it has to be redesigned lot and produced several times before you have a good sellable product.

Picture 10

With the first 3D scan I did not focus well on the detail of the crocheted doilies, but instead I scanned lot of areas around it. The crocheted details were not visible that well in the stl file which had as result that the 3D printed one was not a replica of the crocheted one. But it was a nice practice to learn how to 3D scan and change files, just to get familiar with the technology. Pictures 10 and 11 show the 3D scanning. There have been done two prints of the first version of the doilies to see which print shows a better result; one with 3D printer and one with the zcorp. The doilies of the zcorp showed better the details of the product, but the disadvantage of the powder print is that it is very fragile. When the doilie was already hardened I was still too afraid that it would break. The zcorp was also very expensive. It cost $19,- to print one. Then I have to sell the doilies for lot of money to get some profit. The doilies of the 3D printer are made out of ABS which is really steady and you don’t have to be afraid that it will break down. Pictures 12 shows the difference between the two doilies, the left one is the one which is made with the zcorp and the right one has been made with the ABS. Picture 13 shows the picture which has been made to show as example for the Craft hatch market.

Tessa Essers - s3389156

Picture 11


Picture 12


CyberCraftt 10

Picture 13

Tessa Essers - s3389156


Packaging The first packagings were simple boxes made out of cardboard (see pictures 14 – 19). There were ones with a handle and some squares. The handles were unnecessary, because the handle was too small to hold so the customer will put it in a bag instead of holding it with the handle. The other disadvantage of the handle is that it is more difficult to ship the packaging with damaging the handle. Customers are very picky with packagings; they only will take the nice and clean ones. There was one packaging in the form of an octagon (picture 15); the problem with this packaging was that the doilie would not fit in. The cardboard boxes were very abstract and did not combine very well with the craft of the doilie so the final packaging have to be more in the style of the doilie. The idea is to take a piece of fabric and wrap the doilies in it and tight it with a hooked string of wool. This wrapping will fit more in the style of the hooked doilie (picture 20).


Picture 14

Picture 15

CyberCraftt 10

Picture 16

Picture 18

Tessa Essers - s3389156

Picture 17

Picture 19


Picture 20


CyberCraftt 10

Final product The 3D scanning has been done another time and this time the details of the crocheting have been captured very well. Once the stl file was well I could start. This time I was more experienced with editing the file and I have made it as perfect as possible. The first 3D print was very well; it really looked like the crocheted doilies (picture 23). The only problem with the 3d printing is that the foundation of the 3D print is hard to get off the doilies. This causes ugly scars at the back. First the founding was cut of the back, but eventually there has been chosen to sander the back to make it smoother. But still it did not looked very well. There has been chosen to add an extra layer at the back of the doilies to hide the ugly scars (picture 21 and 22), to make the doilies more worth for the money the customer spend. This extra layer is made out of cork and has been laser cut to have the exact size as the 3D print. The only problem of the laser cut is that it gives the cork an awful smell. The cork has been put on wet green tea leaves to mask the burned smell. It worked very well.

Tessa Essers - s3389156

Picture 21

Picture 22


Picture 23


CyberCraftt 10

The story When I was a little girl my grandma always made the most beautiful clothes for me and my dolls. My dolls had the same outfit as me; we just had a whole collection of clothes. She made it with lot of love, she just loves to knit, sew and crochet. She is my big hero when it is about craft. She just can make the most amazing creations.

Picture 24

My grandma was my main inspiration for my doilies. Two generations creating the same product. So when I asked her if she wanted to create some doilies for me she did it with lot of enthusiasm. My lovely grandma had lot of fun with crocheting my doilies which she had sent afterwards from The Netherlands to Australia so I could work with it. I have scanned the doilies and reproduced them on the modern way: 3D printing. Thanks to my lovely grandma Tiny Niedenfuhr!

Tessa Essers - s3389156


Folio of Tessa Essers  

This is the folio of Tessa Essers for the elective CyberCraft.

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