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clutch bag

Swathi Madike Sem5 Industrial Design

a sm

its not a wallet. its not a handbag. its a clutch. clutch bag

noun [C]

mall flat bag usually without a handle, carried by women, especially on formal occasions

generating ideas

generating ideas

weaving concept constrasting aesthetic

weaving concept constrasting processes

concept I: topographic forms layers of the land creating various density and angles with woven structure

concept II

taking a traditional 2

links well to the them

II: woven beads

2d pattern and turning t into a 3d form

me of new olds

concept I creates a sense of

III: meshed coin purse depth

exploring finishes acetone vapour chamber

cad designing around the technology

pattern for lining

costing table taking the design into market? Stage of Design Process/Production Designing on CAD Printing using Ordbot

Time 1 - 2 hours Side piece: 10 x 18minutes = 3 hours Base piece: 5 x 7 minutes = 35 minutes

Finishing prints

Weaving Leather

Too long! The holes to weave through didnt turn out, so at le 3 hours went into cleaning this ordbot wasn;t printing at its optimum during this time. 4 hours

Sewing Lining

2 hours

1 hour to sort out the pattern lining

30 minutes - magnetic button Attaching lining to the 3d Printed Frame 30 minutes TOTAL

15.5 hours

Cost Unsure of the exact weight, I would say no more than $10


$2 for sandpaper

I would not expect this stage to be required with a working printer. Perhaps half an hour to give a light sand

1mm Leather Cord 15m x $1.7 = $25.5

I expect it would be much quicker if the prints turned out as expected

Raw Silk Fabric - from Clegs 0.5m x $48.5per/m Used only half of the fabric = approximately $13

I have bought raw silk sarees in India for $100 (6 meters). That would halve the costs by outsourcing,


This is a process which would not need to be completed everytime.

east s. My



$4 for Magnetic Clip Scavenged wooden frame $2 transparent thread $56.5

reflection what next? The costing table has been a very insightful task. Taking into account that the design is very flat I could potentially get them done by Shapeways. The price of printing would increase, however I think this would be made up by taking away the extra labour time for finishing. I feel it was also be more reliable and more complex forms could be explored. Cyberspoke has been an enjoyable elective. This class has shown me that craft can go beyond being purely a hobby. As a student it also seems like a very risk free and viable method of beginning/ trialling a business idea. I hope to develop this design further to a stage where I could possibly hold a christmas stall. This would require looking at wholesaler/ outsourcing materials and learning how to finishing lining off more professionally.


Swathi Madike RMIT Industrial Design CYBERSPOKE

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