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Natural Treatment for Gallstones

Gallstones have a tendency of being too painful but they sometimes pass through the body unnoticed. Treating gallstones at home aim in preventing inflammations associated with them while at the same time reducing pain which can even become unbearable at times. Even though there is no treatment option that is known to cure or prevent gallstones 100%, adjusting your lifestyle and diet is crucial in fighting gallstones. All in all, some of the most viable options on how to treat gallstones at home fast are among: i.

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Lifestyle changes: medical practitioners agree on the fact that prevention of gallstones is by far very important and easy than treatment. Lifestyle changes can be used in prevention and treatment of gallstones as a healthy body is essential even in fighting other illnesses and health conditions. Rapid loss of weight must be avoided at all costs as they might trigger and worsen the gallstones. Diet: the effects of gallstones can be countered by taking a diet low in cholesterol and bad fat but rich in fiber. Juice lemon: it is widely believed and suggested by medical practitioners that taking some lemon juice together with olive oil and garlic helps in a major way when it comes to flushing the gallbladder. Another equally important dietary supplement is back seed oil which has been widely said to prevent sludge from building up in the gallbladder. It should be added in a cup of hot water together with honey and consumed when the stomach is empty particularly in the morning. Lecithin: if you want to dissolve gallstones at home and easily, Lecithin granules is the herb to use. Even though this liquid has a horrible taste, you can rest assured that it will help in fighting gallstones and you can always sweeten it with dairy product chaser or some molasses. Turmeric: cur cumin is essentially the major ingredient found in turmeric. This ingredient doubles up as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Homotherapy practitioners believe that it enhances bile solubility making it pretty easy to dissolve compounds that form gallstones. Milk thistle: gallstones have for long been cured by milk thistle as the seed has silymarin which has flavonoid properties that heals gallstones. It enhances production of bile which that breaks compounds that can lead to the formation of gallstones. These substances found in the milk thistle also promote the functions of the liver which impacts directly to the functions of gallbladder.

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Natural Treatment for Gallstones